High School, NBA, Video / Sep 30, 2008 / 5:06 pm

Allen Iverson and Kevin Garnett Kill it at the 1993 Nike All-American Camp

Allen IversonA.I. (photo: Gary Lan)

The 1993 Nike All-America Camp was a true classic. Allen Iverson came out dicing defenders up like Shinobi, while KG was busy being…KG. Swing over to highschoolhoop.com to check out the all-star game footage that featured AI, KG, Ron Mercer and Toby Bailey, yes Toby Bailey. Check out the 1:04 mark where Samaki Walker puts AI‘s shot on the glass. Kind of makes you realize what the Mavericks were thinking when they selected him ninth in the 1996 NBA Draft.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE of the 1993 Nike Camp All-Star Game

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  • Al


  • mike

    isn’t that Samaki Walker blocking AI?

  • kermit the washington

    Oh my gosh…it warrants me saying this again:

    And yeah mike…that’s samaki walker blocking AI. Just like the article just said. Who knew? LOL

  • Sweet English

    @Kermit the Washington

    I was tryin to think of where i heard that name before (i clearly aint as mad old as you) and then i just watched this video of Kermit Washington straight up SUCKER punching some fools lights out.

    Apparently the dude had to have reconstructive surgery on his face and the dude was lights out. Nice name, kermit.

  • dapro

    He sucker punched Rudy T (not a good look for Kermit)

    Dime you know Ron Mercer was the #1 rated High School Bball player that year

    KG was #2

  • kermit the washington

    haha…yeah, dude was straight WRONG for that punch, man…I remember reading an article about it, and they said that Kermit Washington went to the hospital where Rudy T was that night, and Rudy was like, “Kermit, why’d you hit me?”

    Another gem from that article:

    Rudy T: “Doc, I have this funny bitter taste in the back of my throat.”

    Doctor: “Uh, that’s brain fluid.”

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    I thought Toby Bailey was good until I realized it was just a great TEAM the Bruins had. None of them did squat in the pros (obannons, Bailey, Edney etc) But they did cut down the nets!

  • sans

    Kermit was getting ready to fight some other dude, but Kareem bearhugged the other guy to separate him from Kermit. Kareem said in one of his (many, many, many) memoirs that Rudy tried to do the same thing, hold back a guy from hurting his friend, while they talked it out. Kermit just reacted when he felt someone behind him.

    Forget Toby Bailey–who the fuck is Johnny Miller? And did y’all see Jahidi White wrecking on the rim? Sinister stuff.

  • http://aol Congress Heights Finest

    Yo….johnny miller was the truth in high school…thats why he was at the camp…..I played AAU with him one summer….dude had all the top D-1s callin the room….then he made a mistake signing with Temple….Chaney dont let no one loose…Miller was sick with it!