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The Cavs’ idea of helping LeBron, Monta Ellis may not be in trouble, and the NBA’s silliest tattoo

LeBronLeBron James (photo. Mannion)

Exactly whose job is it within the Cleveland Cavaliers’ organization to continually try and convince LeBron that the team really is doing what they feel is right to build a championship contender around him? And how is that person going to spin the reports we’re hearing that two of the Cavs’ primary free-agent targets right now are Lorenzen Wright and Juwan Howard? And owner Dan Gilbert really wonders why so many people are writing stories about LeBron’s potential departure in 2010? If this were 1996 and we were talking about Lorenzen and Juwan, cool; that was back when Lorenzen was a Top-10 pick coming off a beastly run at Memphis, and Juwan was ballin’ hard enough that teams were throwing $100 million offers his way. A dozen years later, Wright is 32 years old, Howard is 35, and both are end-of-the-bench guys at best who wouldn’t shock anyone is they lost to Big Z in a 94-foot dash. At least J.J. Hickson looks like he could be a player for Cleveland in the paint … Yesterday’s news that the Warriors were sending their own trainer down to Jackson, Miss., to investigate the cause of Monta Ellis‘ ankle injury — originally reported by the Contra Costa Times — is being disputed by the San Francisco Chronicle. They’re saying that since Golden State’s trainer is actually in South Africa right now as part of the NBA’s “Basketball Without Borders” outreach program (along with Caron Butler, Dikembe Mutombo, Nick Collison, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Thabo Sefolosha and Juwan Howard), the other paper got the story wrong. It brings up the question, though: If you were running the Warriors or any other team, would you do a little more digging to find out how your players get hurt off the court? Or would you take them at their word if they claimed it was simply a workout/basketball injury? … BTW, none of this Monta stuff is as hilarious as Vlad Radmanovic trying to hide that he hurt his shoulder skiing or snowboarding or whatever it was … If you thought Stephon Marbury‘s “Starbury” logo tat on the side of his head was bad, J.R. Giddens supposedly has a green shamrock tatted behind his ear that he got after the NBA Draft. We haven’t seen it, but we’d imagine it’s something J.R. can cover up with a headband. Otherwise, it’ll be real awkward for him if he gets traded … Just in case the Redeem Team didn’t win the gold, Dwight Howard would’ve had a ready-made excuse: Their video-game hookup broke not long after the squad landed in Beijing. And you know how that can mess up a trip. “We had to play like Scrabble and lot of board and card games,” Dwight told the Orlando Sentinel. “I thought it was good, though. We had a little player lounge and it kept us out of our rooms. I started to do that and we bonded not only with the guys on the men’s team, but also the women’s team.” … Not sure if we mentioned this during the Olympics, but did you see the segment on when Chris Bosh and Tayshaun Prince went to the Great Wall and Bosh asked, “Do we have to walk the whole thing?” … Why is Chris Quinn slow-walking on accepting Miami’s one-year, $1 million qualifying offer? If he doesn’t watch out, Shaun Livingston might snap up his job. Some of us in the Dime office are pulling for Quinn to succeed, if only because the longer he’s in the NBA, it drives the Syracuse fans in the office crazy that Gerry McNamara isn’t in the League … Patrick Ewing Sr. said that Pat Jr. can have #33 for the Knicks if he wants it. If you were in Big Pat’s shoes, would you let your kid have your retired number? And if you were Little Pat, would you even want that? … Nikolai Valuev (the huge 7-footer) and John Ruiz (the most boring boxer ever) fought for a major heavyweight belt over the weekend. Why are those two — especially Ruiz, who must be knocking on 40 years old — still even in the championship picture? Between Valuev’s back hair and Ruiz’s style, it very well may have been the most visually unappealing sporting event to ever take place … We’re out like Juwan’s prime …

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  • yo

    no way would I wear a retired number – especially if it were my pops.

  • Magnifico

    Jeez, Juwan and Wright? If it was Joe Smith probably, but those two… I’d rather play Hickson straight up so he could develop.

    Cavs are firing blanks…

  • deeds

    I had almost forgot about Gerry McNamara already, haha

  • D.I. Dollar

    The Cavs suck.


    Pat did the right thing letting his boy wear his number and yes the Cavs suck.

    And Yes since i’m at work on the Holiday heres another list.

    1.) Kim Kardasian
    2.) Jessica Alba
    3.) Coco
    4.) Halle
    5.) Lola (Yall know, that video chick)

    Honorable Mention: SuperHead

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon

    wassup wid da lists thang yo?

    anyway, i think lorenzen wright can be a better add than juwan right now, just for the fact that ‘zen is younger, and was/always been a bruiser – ben wallace & z are almost fossils anyways…

    we’re out like lists…

  • richard from cleveland

    yea the cavs are pissin people off with the rumors of tryin 2 waste their money on losers that should be retired., i think wright amd howard should only be playin pick up games with d leaguers they dont even deserve 2 be in training camp with lbj. … i think the cavs are sittin on they hands 2 make a trade around december when they are able 2 trade that wreckless bum andy verajao. i still got faith that they will do the rite thing 2 keep lebron happy but rite now like dude said the cavs are shootin blanks……… amd i 4got abt gerry mcnamera already 2 he should have left with carmello he mite have got drafted but then again maybe not.

  • richard from cleveland

    yea the cavs are pissin people off with the rumors of tryin 2 waste their money on losers that should be retired., i think wright amd howard should only be playin pick up games with d leaguers they dont even deserve 2 be in training camp with lbj. … i think the cavs are sittin on they hands 2 make a trade around december when they are able 2 trade that wreckless bum andy verajao. i still got faith that they will do the rite thing 2 keep lebron happy but rite now like dude said the cavs are shootin blanks……… amd i 4got abt gerry mcnamera already 2 he should have left with carmello he mite have got drafted but then again maybe not…… amd i hope that the celtics trade giddens jus 4 gettin that fruity tattoo behind the ear come on now no man should ever get a tat there 4 any reason thats cite on girls but y a dude would get it is was over my head……. im out like girly tattoos

  • that’s whats up

    hey FED, nice list…
    but you’ve always had Eminem in your top 5, haven’t you…
    …it’s that Detroit Love Thang…
    …and before you fire back…its juuuustt cooommmmedyyy!!

    sorry you have to work bruh…

    I don’t really keep up with any of the celebrity-I’m-famous crap, but I sure hope someone named SUPERHEAD is a woman. …for your sake – lol

  • that’s whats up

    …and Pat Ewing jr. is better off just up ripping up some duct tape to make a 33 on his practice jersey.
    He won’t be around NY that long.

  • Luigi

    dude. Cavs. once LeBron leaves. itl hit u so hard that the cavs will have to move to seattle. Dan Gil. i think u shud conserve ur money. trade away cap money players. sign kobe next year lmao.

  • Ashlov

    There’s no way Lebron stays in Cleveland. Right now, he knows he’s the next Kevin Garnet, pre-Boston. For whatever reason, Danny Ferry can’t pull off the moves to get him a good cast. Mo Williams is ok and all, but not the answer.

    I’m a Heat homer, so I keep saying he’ll be paired up with Wade in 2010. Honestly, there’s more of a chance of that happening than Lebron staying in Cleveland. Sorry Cavs fan, but either way, Lebron is out in 2010, period.


    @that’s whats up

    “its juuuustt cooommmmedyyy!!”
    Thats my saying bro, i got that ish copy written back in 98. lmao

  • Luigi

    nawwww. LBJ wont be with Wade. he’ll be in memphis working with OJ n Rudy. haha i doubt it though. but what are some destinations LBJ can go to without saying NYK/NJN. im thinkn OKC. hahaha. imagine that

  • loot

    how about this for an offcourt injury?

    Dutch striker Eldridge Rojer is fighting to save his career – and overcome his deep embarrassment.

    The Excelsior star suffered torn cruciate knee ligaments – making love to his girlfriend in the shower at their home.
    Ambulance crew found the player in the embarrassing position.
    His girlfriend had called the emergency number. She feared he’d broken his knee.

  • goonther

    My favourite team and my alma mater all in one smack – nice work dime although it is sad not seeing G-Mac in the L last I heard he left Greece and was hoppin around the Dleague

    And to the cavs haters. Lebron will not be leaving for the fact that Cleveland can pay him the most cash – and jay owns like what 2 percent of the nets ….. I’m sure that’s really gonna sway his decision

    Were out like a porch light in the ghetto….

  • http://www.insidehoops.com InsideHoops.com


  • Ansonious

    Man I wish they would start a game show called “What the fuck is Dikembe saying”

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn (mccain in ’08)

    just want to say GOOD JOB to the people who got out of New Orleans and the rest of the state. and good job to the repubs for canceling things to let the storm take precidence.

    and there is nothing the cavs could do to keep labron short of bringing in 1/2 of team usa

  • Ian the statboy

    lebron already went to the finals kg is a first round loser

    kim k really????? your dick will fall off

  • johnny

    The Cavs coulda done something (don’t ask me what) with Damon/Eric/Wally/Joe expirings and the #19 pick.
    And Varejao/Ilgauskas/Ben have some market value too. Re-sign Delonte and Boobie along with some ill trades. I think Danny Ainge woulda helped Lebron a lot more if he were the Cavs GM.

  • Dagomar

    Say what you want about the Cavs, but there isn’t a team in the East that wants to play them in the playoffs, and that includes Boston this year. They’re my darkhorse East champs.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QueSt???

    john ruiz sucks, who won though?? we were more interested in the ivan calderon vs hugo cazares fight, which ivan won.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Maybe JR Giddens is actually Irish and THAT’S why he got the tat!
    That would also explain the luck he had staying in the 1st round…

  • BxBaller

    SMH at Cleveland. Juwan Howard really? I mean there has to be some all-star level guys out there that would love to play on the same team as the BronBot. I guess that they’re content with getting to the Finals 2 years ago.

  • http://n/a Heaven Is A Playground

    The silly tattoo I ever seen was a guy with a basketball tattoo on his FACE. Seroiusly, is that dumb or what?

  • lee

    Lebron doesn’t really need the money from his Bball contract .. he could sign for the league minimum and his grandkids’ grandkids will still not have to work ever (unless he goes on a shawn Kemp “shootin” spree)!!

  • Jojo the Retarded Dunce Boy

    I like banana waffles wif chocolate syruppy.. it make me so so happy. Phi Phi Phi pho foo!

  • http://www.myspace.com/verbose1 sans

    that’s cold Jojo.

    Smooth over at Cavalier Attitude hit me with some facts that most are ignorant of. 1. The Cavs have no pending contracts after 2010, except for Boobie, Bron (if he doesn’t opt), and JJ Hickson. Big Ben becomes an expiring contract, Z will have to sign for vet minimum, but everyone will be off the books. They’ll have more cash around than anyone in the L and are the only ones with enough cake to piece off another high end free agent. Also, Wally World, Big Ben, and Eric Snow will be way more attractive to a team that starts to suck midseason and wants to cut some cash to rebuild. I’m looking at Marvin Williams in ATL, Jeff Green in OKC, and maybe even Kyle Lowry in MEM, otherwise known as cheap, effective players looking for a contract and don’t need to be stars.

    Does anyone else ever wonder why the Clippers didn’t exercise their Bird Rights and re-sign Elton Brand? Donald Sterling is one cheap mothertucker…hopefully the Cavs wont be.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn (mccain in ’08)

    bird rights are player options not team options. the clips have nothing in brand, in any way shape or form.

  • Tha Boddy

    Has any1 ever thought ove LBJ+AI…remember AI’s contract is over after this season and I Dan Gilbert would play millions over the cap to get Iverson…wouldn’t he???

  • fear of the truth

    in regards to lebron i think were all forgttin thafact that there will be a lot of interest from european teams in 2010 to scoop up the superstar in an attempt to further the popularity of an already rising sport all ova europe..especially wit the lucrative contracts bein offered by teams wit no salary cap nd very deep pockets..2010 could be tha end of lebrons reign in the NBA at least for several yrs..

    im out like kobe tasting tha sheriffs a$$..

  • Tha Boddy

    Shaq got his badge taken for the “Tell Me How My Ass Tastes” Bs…The person who took it must have been a Kobe lover…what a douche

  • bsteezy3

    Pat Ewing Jr. shouldn’t take his Pop’s jersey. Too much pressure on the young guy anyway–coming to New York, being named Pat Ewing… It would be kinda cool to see though…

  • Special K

    If the Cavs are serious about keeping Lebron, then their dumbass for a GM sure has a funny way of showing it. His trades seemingly were just to appease LBJ’s short-term desires to get some kind of upgrade to his team (adding Wally Z isnt my idea of an upgrade but I digress) If theirs anyone to blame IF the King decides to fly the nest, I would put that ish on the king of fairies, Danny Ferry. (He came from Duke which pretty much explains everything!)