Bounce, NBA, Playground, Video / Sep 22, 2008 / 6:31 pm

Dunk Contest In The ATL

With a headline like this, you probably thought we’d be talking about Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb or Josh Smith. Although those three represented A-Town more than adequately in past dunk contests, they would have their hands full this weekend. Word out of the ATL is that Sprite and the NBA are holding a dunk contest this coming Saturday afternoon at the Lenox Mall featuring streetball legends Werm, HighRizer, Special FX, TDub and JFK. In our eyes, this group would arguably make this the best collection of dunkers ever in a dunk contest. Check below for the visual evidence.

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  • http://dimemag.com Dirie


  • http://dimemag.com Dirie

    hahahahaha first!!!!!!!

  • chronically_ill

    Yo, those dunks were NICE, but no discussion on dunking would be complete without Kadour Zianni!

  • deeds

    agree with kadour zianni, that dude is just insane

  • Dagomar

    wow . . . reminds me of Vince in his prime, cat’s wild man

  • Quest is a Queer

    Quest is a queer!

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life Quest???

    damn these dudes can dunk, how tall are they??

  • sosa


  • iain.

    t dubs like 5’9, Special FX (Ryan Williams) is the tallest i think, hes 6’4.

  • lee

    T Dubs looks the most creative. I think they all need to go watch some Shaw kemp dunks for how to act after they’ve dunked it !!! We need some hanging on the rims more !!!

  • Oak

    Where in the mall?

  • that’s whats up

    they’re going to use the rim that’s always up in Foot Locker.

    It should be pretty easy

  • bliz289

    i heard from my boy in Atl that it’s out in the parking lot of the mall all day Saturday

  • maddskizzle

    Dime better have some exclusive footage!

  • Arek

    for those of you saying how Kadour Ziani should be in there.. LOl that dude cant hang with any of these dunkers.. the most overrated dunker ever