NBA / Sep 30, 2008 / 6:50 pm

Gilbert Arenas strikes back: Dime #44 on sale now

Gilbert Arenascover photo. Mannion

When we sat down to plan Dime #44, slated to hit newsstands just as NBA training camps were getting underway but NOT the issue pegged as our ’08-09 NBA season preview, we had a number of options. After throwing around the usual host of superstar and up-and-coming names for the cover, in the end we decided to go with Gilbert Arenas.

Going into his eighth year in the League, Arenas is on the verge of becoming more of an entertainer than a basketball star. To wit, when you type his name into Google, the first thing that pops up isn’t his NBA.com player profile, but his NBA.com blog. This is as much a testament to Arenas’ media- and fan-friendly personality and eccentricity as it is a sign of a very specific marketing plan that “Agent Zero” has mapped out for himself since he first became a pro, which he details in Austin Burton’s cover story, “The Mad Real World.” In a lengthy Q&A, Gil also addresses LeBron James and his rival Cleveland Cavaliers, all of the media critics who say he’s a ball-hog, and tells the real story behind why he left $16 million on the table in this summer’s free-agent negotiations.

We actually got up with Gilbert for this issue a couple of weeks before he found out he would need another surgery on his knee — his third procedure since the Spring of 2007 — that will cost him at least the first month of the Washington Wizards’ upcoming season. At the time, Gil was looking forward to being ready for Opening Night, where he has a brand-new set of expectations to go along with his brand-new $111 million contract. When Arenas does get healthy and back on the court, the pressure will be on to produce more W’s than entertainment value.

Also in Dime #44 we’ve got features on Monta Ellis — who is in many ways in a similar position to Arenas in that he’s sporting a new big-money contract and dealing with his own untimely injury and pressure to carry his franchise — and Class of ’09 high school superstar John Wall; previews of NBA Live 09 and NBA 2K9; a hot-as-usual Dime fashion feature with J.R. Smith; Elton Brand talking about his new team and new signature kicks; our “Baller’s Blueprint” how-to feature with Baron Davis and Kevin Love, and a lot more.

You can pick up Dime #44 on newsstands and at retailers nationwide.

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  • Blue

    Hey Dime…
    i’ve always been more partial to NBA Live, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about NBA 2K…which is better?

  • Mr. Freeze

    That’s a nice cover! Yo Dime, you guys should sell posters of your covers, I can see a bunch of walls in D.C. rocking this one.

  • Jay26th

    NBA 2k hands down

  • Kevin

    Good work fellas! Gilbert, Monta, Baron, Elton, JR…this was Dime’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems” issue, lol.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    “I get Dime for the covers, the covers are crazy’
    Hope its in my mail box today!

  • Prof. TX

    @post 1:
    It depends what you’re looking for. The 2K series is about realism. You have to deal with salary caps, practice schedules, nba rules (3seconds, 5seconds, etc) and contract negotiation. Live, I’m told, is a little more arcade-y. Not quite on the NBA Jam level, but looking a little more flashy with the slam dunk contests and such.
    Of course, with new versions of each series, things could always change from how they’ve done in the past. I’m a 2K buyer these days.

  • http://www.highschoolhoop.com O.B.

    I’m a 2K dude myself, but Live looked like they stepped their game up this year.

    Oh, and Dime the cover is the sh*t! Arenas is gonna murder cats when he get back out there.

  • http://www.nba.com/warriors Captain Jack

    Love the cover! Cali product Gilbert Arenas, UCLA product K-Love, and my Warriors get rep with Monta and (kinda) Baron Davis.

  • iain08.

    that cover is NICE. only have to wait til like mid-november for it to hit my local (U.K) store! lol..

  • http://www.nba.com/warriors Captain Jack

    @iain08 — Maybe by then Gilbert will be playing again. But probably not.

  • Elliot


  • rean pogi

    does anyone know where can we get an issue of dime here in the Philippines?!

    yo dime you rock!

  • Blue

    damnit!! i still don’t know which to buy! i have three versions of NBA Live, and the one time i played NBA 2K i didn’t like it. maybe i’m just used to Live…hmmmm

  • c$money

    if i subscribe now, does this new issue come in the mail?

  • Tha Boddy

    Agent Zero DMV hero is gonna come back and make anyone guarding him look like a fool of the highest caliber…I can’t wait to hit the green line up to Verizon Center and rock my R.Wallace Bullets jersey (Thanx DIMEmag I Got It)and enjoy watching some opposing guard get F’d in the A (no homo)

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/prcasey Pete Casey

    Unfortunately, Gil’s knee struck back… Still looking forward to reading the issue though.

  • NYK fan

    NBA 2K8 was the best basketball video game I have ever played…I hope they dont fuck it up with 2K9, but I am really optimistic about it..(hoping for the best!)

  • Craig

    does it suck that both the big names on the cover got injured and are out?

  • solomon

    madden curse, anyone?

    or should i say, dime cu… nevermind :lol:

  • king ralf

    played live for about 5 years, then played 2k once and fell in love with it.

  • Jo

    I hope Arenas will be the same after the knee surgery…


  • Broken Ankles 09′

    NBA Live was Booboo the last couple of years….NBA 2K surpassed them….I agree that Live is arcade like…and 2K is more realistic…..Hoooowwwwever…..I’m buying both this year….

  • Al

    Agent 0 gets paid too damn much

  • Luigi

    thankkk you dime. never knew Agent zero was gonna be on the cover. man i cant wait 2 read this.

  • gil