NBA, Video / Sep 16, 2008 / 11:18 am

Josh Howard Doesn’t Celebrate the National Anthem

Josh Howard is capping off a four-month firestorm with some more controversy. After admitting to smoking weed, throwing a party on the night before a playoff game, getting arrested for going 94 mph in a 55 mph zone, and then complaining about getting negative press at a charity softball game, Howard figured he’d seal his status as an official NBA villain at Allen Iverson‘s Celebrity Flag Football game.

Check the video below around the 1:40 mark when the camera pans to Howard and he, unprovoked, says, “The Star Spangled Banner’s going on right now, and I don’t celebrate that shit. I’m black.”

Source: Deadspin

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  • smity far away

    here we go…

  • Prof. TX

    Did he make a bet with someone about how much bad press he could generate in a year?

    They cut the parts where he kept asking the other players if they had any cookies, when he spent ten minutes laughing at nothing, and then insisted that the game be paused while he ordered a pizza.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    …..Cue the meltdown.

  • igp

    What an idiot

  • Coop

    Black? I thought he was some kind of outer-space potato man!

    (that’s a Futurama quote before anyone gets bent)

  • P_Dizzle


    What a d-bag. When the Mavs were in the Finals I thought Howard was pretty cool. Wow, he has self-imploded.

    And what does being black have to do with “celebrating” the star-spangled banner? There is a whole patriotic route we could take this, so I am going to stop right here and focus on this d-bag.

  • RENO


  • ERIC

    What happened to him? He seemed well on his way to perennial all-star and a top 2-way player (offense and defense).

    It’s just another case of a player letting down his guard and doing stupid ish once the mega contract is signed.

    fall from grace isnt pretty.

  • fallinup

    @ jackass.

    The only one dumb enough to say a statement like that would be an idiot, period. Can you blame Howard for a stupid comment like that when idiots like you post crap like that??? Two wrongs never make a right.

    But back on topic. Howard is a moron.

  • http://mikenaretta.wordpress.com Mike

    You forgot to include his most famous villain moment:

    Completely falling apart in pressure situations (i.e. the Finals against Miami) and then having all the blame laid on Dirk Nowitski’s lap.

  • RENO

    @ jackass… You feel better now???? Couldn’t wait to get that off your chest huh!?! Hope your girl has a her period for the next 3 months.

  • Ashlov

    Jackass, stfu and gtfo. Ignorant asshole.

    As for Howard, if the Mavs can find value, he’s gone. This is too much already.

  • Tyrone

    This shit ain’t right y’all – Josh oughta be punished by Commish Stern for them comments. Cat’s in mad trouble now.

    True thugz never lie.

  • Scott

    Its almost kinda ironic that he did it at AI’s event, considering AI was always cast in a similar light, but where most realized AI was a good guy with some problems here and there, these 4 months Howard has acted like he’s an idiot who does dumb stuff as a habit.

  • hatinonmanu

    This type of behavior still doesn’t make him as bad a villain as Manu! The USA sucks anyways, they are always trying to hold black people down while idiot slave owners like Manu run around flaunting their shit.

  • shake&bake

    Someone should tell him that the Star Spangled Banner is about the country, not about race. What an idiot, he’s just capping off a great couple of months for him.

  • justice

    phuuuuuck don’t put that b.s. on the whole race be an ass by yourself white people ignore this d-bag he speaks for himself we do not stand behind him…i am officially against the mavs now!

  • iain.

    Regardless of their true feelings, how can one player (Howard) be so damn stupid and constantly portray himself in a bad light while others (e.g. Lebron) know exactly what to say.. and when to keep it shut.

    I don’t get this dude, maybe hes trying to create a media persona, because i doubt anyone can be as downright dumb as he has this year.

  • fallinup

    Stern won’t have to punish Howard. The fans will do it for him. Once this gets out, Howard will be public enemy #1 during every away game for Dallas. Just ask Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf how well that went for him.

  • http://www.barackobama.com Jim

    justice I think (hope?) everyone can see that AI put this on and the crowd is being respectful, he’s just a moron.

  • marcus the great


    can you block dumb mofo’s like jackass from commenting so that the intelligent people dont have to read ignorance like that?

  • Celts Fan

    That MIGHT make sense if he was a disaffected black youth, stuck in the ghetto, unable to get a job because of the stigma that’s applied to “those neighborhoods” from people on the outside (see post 9 for a perfect example of that crap.) BUT, he makes tens of millions of dollars to play a game in this great country. You don’t have to love it, but man, why say anything?

  • justice


    i hope ur black dude, and if ur not me knowing that u probably dont have the balls to say that around anyone with a tan, makes me feel better…

    dude is an ass never the less

  • fallinup

    One of the joys of the internet is that even spineless morons like jackass can post pretty much anonymously and get away with it. So all we can do is let it go, or wait for Dime to give us his email, (and hopefully an IP address)…so we can see how big his balls are in front of a real black man.

    And I doubt the latter would happen. But here’s to wishing.

  • GarethChantler

    Man doesn’t want to celebrate an anthem, its his right, and its disrespectful to say a man shouldn’t exercise his rights if his conscience tells him to do so. Not saying his reasons make sense. But just because he isn’t a disaffected black youth doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about all the disaffected black youth in America, and doesn’t feel their struggle merits his disavowal of the anthem’s merits.

  • justice

    im still more mad at howard than jackass, i didn’t even get mad at jackass really hey see u in november lmao..

    it’s a guarantee as soon as this guys skills start to decline he will be out of the league

  • loganlight


    I’ve lost ALL respect for Josh Howard.

  • loganlight

    And Jackass is just that.

  • justice


    i agree, but there’s just better ways to go about things..u don’t celebrate the anthem cool but when ur in another man’s house u respect his rules.im not religious but when i go to church with one of my girl’s i kneel and do everthing they do because it was my choice to be there.

    so to josh if u don’t celebrate it just shut the f up…don’t be disrespectful about it..was he high that’s where the cookies came in?

  • Bron42 aka Your Moms Best Friend

    I’ll just agree to disagree….someone havin their own beliefs is one thing. I mean if dude doesn’t believe in what the anthem stands for, thats his own thing. As a black athlete myself I can say I’m not all THAT patriotic when it comes to dying for my country over some shit bush gets us into etc Kanye West put it best for most blk peoples feelings… That aside, howard still should be smart enough to a) fake it b)no do that shit on camera c)hate on the anthem but do it smarter than “I’m black I dont do that shit” specially since 90% of the NBA is black and they do it before every game. I mean you cant always agree with something but at least be smart and professional about it.

    P.s: As long as dudes like Jackass (who would never be that ballsy offline) exist, no matter if he was jokin or serious, things like what howard said are gonna be said.

  • the rocket cat

    Why should slave-descended African Americans have to respect the National anthem or behave in a patriotic manner? If your family chose to immigrate to a country and you don’t respect your country, you’re an idiot, but if your family was brought here against your will, I don’t see how you bear any obligation towards your country. African Americans have been brutally fucked over in the United States, have never received appropriate compensation, are often still living in terrible conditions, and generally being ignored by the government (see Katrina). Hopefully that will start to change with the next election, but until it does, until the United States mans up and starts making things right, why should Josh Howard or anyone else in his position feel any sort of obligation towards the United States or its anthem? I’m sure many African Americans have good reason to respect the country and its anthem, and there’s nothing wrong with that (I’m not going to disrespect guys who choose to be patriotic), but I don’t see how they have any obligation to do so.

  • dagwaller

    Is it just me, or were there a LOT of people at that game not celebrating the National Anthem? I don’t really care one way or another whether or not someone wants to do it, but he could have been a little smarter about it.

  • Big V

    What a moron. At least keep Obama out of this, he’s got enough shyt to deal with right now as it is……

  • Big V

    And someone over at Dime needs to get Jackass an IP ban on the double.

  • Michorizo

    He is just saying his thoughts out loud … kinda like Tim Hardaway.

  • fallinup

    As a teenager in Highschool, I got called into the principal’s office because someone reported that I did not stand during national anthems as a fan, in the bleachers at basketball games. My reasons were similar to that of Howard’s (not that I’m black) but because the injustices of this country had me not really liking my country at the time. I sum it up to teen angst.

    My principal told me the same thing as #26 stated. It is my right to not stand. But it can also be seen as disrespectful to display such a stance in a public place…and people do take offense to that. So instead of coming down on me, he simply stated that I should go outside of the gym and come back in afterward. Which was understandable, because some folks (say, veterans) would take offense.

    Point being, Josh shoulda just kept his mouth shut. The idiot still stands during the anthem before every game and he’s been in the league for a little while now. So his blubbering now is hypocritical at best.

    That’s fine, hate the country, blah blah blah. But realize that when you’re under a microscope, saying dumb things like what Josh said will no doubt make it around…and it will offend someone.

    Point being, he shouldn’t have been dumb and said something like that on camera. It just gives folks reason to be offended.

  • Curtis G

    While I would not have said what he said the way he said it if I were a high profile athlete, I definitely understand where he is coming form. I don’t celebrate the 4th of July nor do I care for the Star Spangled Banner simply because neither of those two things apply to black people. Think about it, what are those two things about? Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner while imprisoned on a British ship as he watched an American fort being bombed. He was so depressed by his state of captivity that when he look through a window and noticed that the American flag flying above the fort had not been captured, he was moved to tears and to write what would become our current national anthem to celebrate and honor America’s unwilligness to lie down in front of the British troops and, instead, to fight for freedom. The battle which Key observed was won a few days later and the war for which it was fought was won later on as well which led to the annual celebration of Independence Day which was in memory of the signing of the Declartaion of Independence… the document the solidified America’s seperation from Great Britain and ensured the Revulotionary War would ensue. But I say all of that to say this; both of those things were created and written with the sole purpose of declaring, upholding, and/or guaranteeing freedom for America and its poeple, yet, at the time both were written, slavery was a staple of American society. So both the Star Spangled Banner and July 4th are about as hyporcritical as American traditions get and, no, they were not written with black peole in mind… at least not mostly. It is a well known historical fact that most of the signers (this country’s forefathers) were slave owners. There was a whole demographic of American society being subjugated while American fought for “freedom”. It is also known that of those signers, Thomas Jefferson was one of the few (and first) that recognized the inherent hypocrisy of drafting such a document while owning slaves and subsequently freed his. The Revolutionary War would start in 1775 and the first Civil Rights Act freeing slaves would not be passed until almost 100 years later in 1866. It would then be almost another 100 years before the pivotal and definitive Civil Rights Act of 1964 would legally (although not effectively) end most segregation and discrimination against blacks and other minorities. So, with regards to that, I am in total agreeance that the Star Spangled Banner did not apply to black people and, likewise, neither does July 4th. However, I harbor no animosity towards this country or against white people; our history is what it is and it has grown and learned from it. Heck, if America had not gone to war with Great Britain, black people in this country may have never gotten freedom or it probably would have taken longer to the Civil Rights acts enacted! It is almost as certain that Thomas Jefferson would not have had the revelation that he had regarding slavery and, subsequently, would not have become the proponent for abiliton that he became. In any case, what I do have a problem with is people pretending to not see or turning a blind eye towards things of this nature and it actually impresses me that Josh howard would understand things of this nature. Millons of people (including school children) sing the national anthem everyday and celebrate July 4th every year without giving as much as a a single thought to why they are doing it. Most people view the anthem as a required tradition while many simply view July 4th as a free “holiday” from work. So while Josh Howard was, let’s say, less than eloquent in his refusal to recognize the anthem, at least he has a reason for doing so. I would advise more people to understand (and not just know) the history of this great country. There is plenty to be proud of in our past just as there has been plenty to be ashamed of, and not everything has been perfect. But that;s okay. WEB Dubois once said that knowledge was the key… and it is. Research topics like this when you hear about it… understanb what the other person is thinking. Don’t just bash it because it isn’t the same thing you believe. Just like this country is perfect, neither are you or me… and neither is Josh Howard. But hey, that’s what being American is all about!

  • DJ Go Go Gomez

    “Why should slave-descended African Americans have to respect the National anthem or behave in a patriotic manner?”

    Because he spends US dollars. If he hates America so much why does he stay here?? Because he knows there is no where else in the world where he can make as much money as he does. IF our money is good enough the least he can do is be respectful of the country that gave him the opportunity to be a multi-millionaire. What a douche bag.

  • WrightWasn’tRight

    RocketCat: It’s important to understand that Bush does NOT represent our nat’l anthem, nor does any other American. The anthem represents the ideals we aim for; what we ASPIRE to be like. It doesn’t represent the mistakes our ancestors made. It is a message of hope and commitment. Regardless, no country is perfect, but the USA is the best chance for equality of any nation. If you don’t agree, you need to go live somewhere else to understand. No country provides the opportunity to succeed like ours.

    Josh is a multimillionaire with little in common with working folk, and he’s spoiled into thinking he’s ALL THAT. The average Dairy Queen employee works harder than Josh, so he should be grateful for what he has.

  • TJ

    I don’t know what Jackass said since it’s been taken off, but I’m not for censorship, even if it is an offensive comment.

  • Blue

    I don’t understand the feeling of dismay toward your own country. how many black athletes were thrilled at the opportunity to play for their country just about a month ago…and the satisfaction they felt when the stars and stripes were hoisted up and the national anthem played on the speakers. why should josh howard be complaining…he just sounds spoiled. he’s a millionaire for god’s sake.

    i’m mexican and native american so my people got fucked just as much as anyone else (yes, we have…how many native americans do you know…we’ve gone the way of the dinosaurs). but as americans we can’t be divided like this…blaming others for our problems. if someone of a minority group can be this close to being the president, then our excuses are done. we can’t blame other for being ignorant. we can’t blame a rough childhood for our shortcomings…we’ve all had it rough.

    freedom of speech…yeah, i know. but you can’t disrespect what gave you that freedom. for god’s sake i would hate to be living in mexico, and i’m sure any one of you all wouldn’t like to be living wherever you all descended from.

    anyway, i hope nothin i said offended anyone. peace & love!

  • Mad Max

    Seriously? Are we gonna talk about slavery? The slavery that happened over 300 years ago?
    Wow. No one alive today was a slave or a slave owner- get over it!
    I say love it or leave it. If you’re pissed about your descendants being forced to come to america then feel free to go back. No one is keeping you here! Fucking Moron .

  • http://ifux.alumnah.com/ Farouq Obama

    So Fucking dope…..

  • jackass

    damn boyz, chill out. i was referring to howard, not y’all.
    every one is like taking personal and shit.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Oh, you were talking about Howard? Ok, its all good!

  • Blue

    @ Curtis G…
    that was very well said man…props out for real.

    but it’s people like josh howard and his ‘harboring animosity’ that keeps this country from moving forward from it’s dark past. i’m not saying it’s just a problem for black people. i’m sure there are just as many white people who are keeping this country down, but in my experience that is more due to ignorance. that’s not easily curable.

    but anger and animosity are a flame that can be fanned out. and when this anger comes from a public figure, other people who feel this become justified in their feelings, and it just spreads. ignorance isn’t contagious…it’s more hereditary. but the flames of anger can be started by a small spark.

  • fallinup

    Let me get personal one more time. I was quite the anarchist in my younger days. Hated the establishment, cops were corrupt pigs, and yeah, fuck the system. One time, I was so pissed off that i did a bad thing that ended up with me in jail. And I quickly realized that what I was soooo pissed off about, isn’t so bad compared to the simple freedoms that were taken away from me when I was in jail.

    I took for granted the freedoms that even let me feel that way about my government. And sitting in jail, I got smartened up real quick that having anger at the establishment for past transgressions will only keep you down.

    To say, “Why should slave-descended African Americans have to respect the National anthem or behave in a patriotic manner?”…is understandable. But keeping ahold of that chip on your shoulder does nothing to progress this great nation beyond that.

    Don’t get me wrong. Our country has done some bad things (I’m native american, goddamit!). But as a citizen of this country, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. And all I can do is teach my children not to focus on the downfalls of our history, but the overlying progress we made since then. That’s not forgetting our past mistakes…that’s learning from them.

    This country hasn’t been fair to everyone, all the time. Yes, even you, middle aged white males. But it’s still the most free country in the world. We have things that we still have to change, and there are things that are better off the way they are now.

    But our power to change it, like it or not, is in our hands. We shouldn’t take it for granted.

  • Curtis G

    I agree with you. It is hatred and the lack of understanding that has feuled the flames of racism worldwide. And blacks were not the only demographic that was royally screwed by this country. Wmen didn’t get equal rights until 1969 (a full five years after blacks did!) and American indians? Well, were still waiting on that! As I said before, Josh probably should have thought of a more insightful way to express his unappreciation of the national anthem because people can and WILL misinterpret why he said what he said… and that much has been demonstrated here in this forum. But personally, I don’t think he is angry… stupid maybe, but not angry.

  • T Dubbs

    @Mad Max

    Agreed 100%. It’s like me complaining that my Irish ancestors were slaves to the British, so I want compensation. Even though, I had absolutely nothing to do with that era in time.

    It’s just a crutch for people to lean on.

  • Blue

    ha…like the great philosopher forrest gump said…
    ‘stupid is as stupid does’

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    @ Rocket Cat–
    You ask why you should respect “Why should slave-descended African Americans have to respect the National anthem or behave in a patriotic manner?” I will tell you that the Civil War ended a long time ago. So as far as being ” slave descended” all of our ancestors at one time or another were slaves. The reason you should show some MOTHER FUCKIN RESPECT TO THIS GREAT COUNTRY IS because of those in the US MILITARY or VETS OF THE ARMED SERVICE FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS! SO you could say stupid shit like that. I have a suggestion you and anybody else thinks that they should be compensated because they are of a different color should get off that bullshit and If you have a problem with this country then GET THE FUCK OUT.


  • Curtis G

    For those that may wonder, there is no chip on my shoulder… although there certainly appears to be one on Josh’s shoulder. My unwillingness to sing the national anthem or recognize July 4th as my or my ancestor’s freedom stems solely from an understanding that those things were not written for me. It is no different from a me understanding that milk is not good for me since I am lactose intolerant; I am neither angry with the dairy industry or upset with them for making milk that i can’t drink. I simply move on to another product that I can tolerate. Neither do I argue for or with people to accept what think and do as there are plenty of people in my family (black, white , and hispanic) that celebrate July 4th and I attend there parties if I am invited. They understand and accept my position and I understand and accept there’s. Understanding (even more than tolerance) is what we all need to get past many of the things that ail America. Unfortunately, if the postings here are a random sample of what I can expect from American society as whole, then, unfortunately we are in for at least a few more decades of silly fighting that will eventually lead to nowhere.

  • Jah

    Response to CURTIS G:

    Very well written. I admit when I saw the length of your post I considered not reading it, but I read it indeed and I’m glad I did.

    Response to JOSH HOWARD:

    I don’t think that Josh Howard is a “bad” nor “evil” man for what he said. I think he could stand to be more emotionally intelligent with the release and circumstances of his comments for the sake of his own image because despite his personal opinions, he still is a US Citizen that makes his (compared the billions of others in the world) AWESOME LIFESTYLE!

    If he’s got a clear reason for following his beliefs, then bravo. Like it or not, he has the right to speak his mind.

  • smity far away

    @ Blue

    “and i’m sure any one of you all wouldn’t like to be living wherever you all descended from.”

    don’t be too sure Blue, i’m going back (again) in 6 days…

    @curtis G- thank you

    @mad max- interesting

    @josh howard- i guess saying what you feel is something that you feel needs to be done. but caring enough to stand behind what you say and do is incredibly taxing (or can be when you are a normal/non millionare type person) and can lead to your destruction. so good luck with that Josh Howard….

    lol at Josh Smith and Dwight Howard (and other players named Josh or Howard catching drama from being confused for josh howard)…

  • dukesman2000

    I agree with Howard. Why would you want to honor a symbol of a country that has been and still is brutally racist towards you? And hear all the white people and Uncle Toms saying, “Oh look how far we’ve come as a country” How far? If someone stabbed me in my back with a 9 inch blade and pulls out 6 inches and I supposed to be grateful?

    Fuck that, if black men had half the heart like Howard has we would not be in the situation.

  • N B

    This is very interesting coming from J-Ho, considering the fact that the whole Mavericks team cover their hearts with their hand during the national anthem at every game. Including Dirk and he’s not even American! I’m not sure what’s in that stuff he’s smoking, but Josh Howard is not setting himself up well for the upcoming season.

  • GarethChantler

    @Mad Max. “The slavery that happened over 300 years ago?” Check Curtis G’s post on the date, 1866. Not to mention 1963.

    @ DJ “If he hates America so much why does he stay here?” Maybe Josh, or someone who criticizes their own country, thinks its the best country to live in, but not the country he wants it to be, i.e. things could be better. They might have reason to believe this, things have gotten better since say 1963.

    Props to Curtis G and fallinup. We can be critical of our country though and still feel grateful we live in it. It was being critical of our country in the first place that made it what it is today.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I know plenty of people who don’t stand up, don’t fully “salute,” or will turn their back on the flag during the anthem. Hell, I’m related to some of those people. And yeah, their reasons have to do with how Black people have been/are treated in this country.

    And really, if you’re not Black then there’s no way Black people can explain what it’s like to be Black to you. It’s just like how men and women are so different that you can’t ever truly explain to a woman how certain things are just “man things.”

  • GarethChantler

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention. OF COURSE this is a terrible PR move for Josh Howard. What looks good for PR is a totally different thing.

  • Blue

    @ smitty

    i just really tryin’ to say that this country affords so much more promise than most others…even in our trying times. especially if you’re an american born in america. of course, that’s depending on where you came from of course. i shouldn’t have made it a blanket statement to everyone. but i do believe MOST people wouldn’t want to go back.

  • justice

    he can feel however he wants, but he should be smarter about how he goes about it, one good reason is because his boss doesn’t like it,and i can guarantee it will lose him a ton of money, for god’s sake man u play in texas the most patriotic state known to man…so shut the f up get money retire and move if u want josh..

    Countdown till josh get traded 5,4,3,2

    trade him to NY the most hostile place on the planet we like that type of attitude

  • T Dubbs

    @ Whoever is justifying this behavior.

    Aw, poor black people (rolls eyes). Racism will always exist, just like religious tension will always exist – it’ll never die. In case anyone forgot, we didn’t invade Africa and kidnap a bunch of people, then throw their ass on a ship. It didn’t go down that way…

    I get tired of hearing the typical, “you don’t know what it’s like to be black”. Someone please explain it to me… what is it like to be “black”?

    I couldn’t get any grants, and couldn’t apply for the majority of scholarships available in college because I was white. So, being black or hispanic must have *some* perks?

    I was a white boy in a predominately black and hispanic neighborhood, when I lived in Southern California. You didn’t hear me bitch about racism when I got verbally badgered every day for being white. I didn’t need to play the “poor me” card because I’m not a coward like that… I don’t need to make excuses and use the color of my skin as a crutch for my behavior. But apparently some people use their race to justify their actions, since they aren’t man enough to take responsibility for their own shit.

  • JC

    @ T dubbs and Mad Max

    I understand your opinion, but understand that everything carries a ripple effect. Yes, I think the WRONG people throw out the race card and pretend thats the reason for their troubles, but there is no denying that 300 years ago some people were buying land and property and setting up their family for generations, while black folks were not allowed to do the same. And Jim Crow and the civ rights movement wasnt that long ago — I got fam that was around for that crap…

    so yes wrong place for a discussion like this, but it needs to be said — dont brush over something because it happened a long time ago. think about the effect.

    Anyhow Howard — WTF is he doing? I just dont get athletes and their PR gaffs. Where are his people telling him to say NOTHING on camera inflammatory and just be quiet!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @TDubbs — Like I said, no one can explain to you what it’s like to be Black. Just like you couldn’t fully explain to a woman what it’s like to be a man. You don’t get it, you’re never going to get it, and the more you talk the more ignorant you sound.

  • Blue

    @ AB…

    I’ve always wanted to know…i’m not tryin’ to start anything. just honest dialogue. being mexican…growing up in a ‘hood in East Los Angeles that was no better than the poorest ‘hoods in South Central LA. There seems to be a different dynamic between the two groups of people. i’ve always felt that my experience has really been no different than the ‘black experience’. the stereotypes and injustices may be different, and the history may be different, but the overall experience today, should be quite similar.

    i don’t know…i just want to know what the differences are. why, if i’ve experienced injustice and prejudice, i can’t understand what it’s like to be black. i’ve always been curious to know why we don’t have each other’s backs more often…ya know. again…just want open dialogue man…not looking to start shit.

  • Diego

    For those of you bitching about the U.S., I suggest you visit a few other countries, e.g, India or a country in Africa, and look around a bit. (Fyi, I have in recent years.) You want to see real poverty? Take a look first hand around there. (It is very doable to travel to India or Africa if you save a bit of $–and once you are there, your $ goes a lot further than in Europe.)

    Believe me, the U.S. is still very much viewed as the land of opportunity by recent immigrants from Latin America, India and Africa, and the U.S. legal immigration process is a very serious and difficult process for immigrants.

    Howard is a dipshit who hasn’t proved squat in the NBA–except he is not clutch. Dallas should have unloaded him earlier; his market is dropping like a rock (or like the Wall Street market).


  • smity far away

    @ Diego

    “You want to see real poverty? Take a look first hand around there.”

    Ok, so after i’ve taken a look around, what do i do now? Oh, wait, i’m actually in chicago (“aint a city, its a nation”)…or is this new york? no, i must be in mississippi…or…

    how does looking at “real poverty” tie in to this? “real poverty” is truly everywhere.


    the difference is (as Austin said already) a difference too difficult to explain, but as you are suggesting, that difference doesn’t (and shouldn’t) make it impossible for us to be together and share pain and hardships and whatnot…by the way…

    @everyone (should hopefully serve only as a reminder to the more informed and intelligent of you)

    there’s only one true “race”…google it, and read about yourselves. you humans. (i’m one too…)

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Blue — To be honest, where I grew up there aren’t a lot of Hispanic/Latino people, so I can’t really speak from experience on the whole Black-Brown dynamic. The differences between our histories are numerous and would take an entire book or three to explain, but you have to consider issues involving everything from class citizenship to sex to law enforcement that have created the Black-White dynamic. It’s not as simple as injustice and prejudice. But I will say that some other minorities (such as Mexicans) can have a better idea of what it’s like to be Black than White people can.

  • http://www.deepellumsullie.blogspot.com Richie Sullivan

    Not a big deal.

  • Blue

    @AB & Smitty…

    yeah, i’ve always found it a bit strange. one of my best friends (also happens to be my daughter’s godfather) is black and even though we have a lot of the same opinions, we kinda clash on our attitude about things.

    i’m glad that a black man has made it this close to being president…it opens up a lot of discussion.


  • Diego

    @ smitty: NO. In third world countries, there is much more death, disease (AIDS (much, much, much more in Africa than in the U.S.), tuburculosis, etc.), suffering, and poor living conditions than in the U.S. I don’t really care what neighborhood in what U.S. city you are focusing on. This is not debatable–truly open your eyes to the globe. Wake up! Save 2-3 grand (you can swing a flight for about 1.5 grand) and go see for yourself.

  • smity far away

    @ diego

    i have…

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    I agree with Asthon. I know a lot of people who do not stand up at basketball games and turn their back, etc.

    I’ve seen many a White person at the game give them “the glare”, they never bend or waiver for what they believe in. Just keep sitting down. Once I saw them talking to the cop at the game and pointing at my boy like they wanted to remove him or something. Pretty funny scene.

    If it’s America like you all say then Josh Howard, regardless of who employs him and how much money he makes, is entitled to his opinion.

    PS..it’s always funny to me to hear a white dude tell you to “get over it” and then bring up how many college scholarships and grants you qualify for just for being Black….double score for Ashton today,100% true.. if you arent’ Black you can’t realize what it is to be Black.

  • Mad Max

    Fine, I agree with Ashton too. Ashton, you had good points, ill never know what its like to be black. Nice job, Ashton.

  • TJ

    Austin –

    I think hiding behind “other people can’t understand” is a cop out. If you think somebody who isn’t black can’t understand, why do you think you can understand other races?

    “But I will say that some other minorities (such as Mexicans) can have a better idea of what it’s like to be Black than White people can.”

    If you aren’t hispanic or white, then by your logic you don’t (and never will be able) to understand where either race is coming from.

    My personal opinion is that being black, white, brown, etc doesn’t mean shit by itself. Black people aren’t all from underprivileged neighborhoods and white people aren’t all going to rich prep schools. I think a person’s experiences define their background (and yes, those experiences can, but don’t have to, be influenced by color of skin). This is the only way to truly not be racist and judge people by superfluous things like skin color.

  • T Dubbs

    @ Austin

    Wow, I’m ignorant? You went from comparing color to comparing genders – makes sense.

    Again my question to you is: What is it like to be black? What additional hardships do black people experience on a day-by-day basis that aren’t experienced by other races in the United States?

    My guess is you watched the BET channel for 12 hours and suddenly figured you were an expert on black culture, relative to the United States.

  • T Dubbs


    Well said.

  • kermit the washington


  • dukesman2000

    @T Dubbs,

    Listen! The fact of the matter is you are white so you do not share the same sensitivities as a black person. You probably will never understand how a black person thinks or you’ll never understand our actions. I am a black man and I find Jew jokes funny, especially this one: Why did Hitler commit suicide? Because he saw the gas bill.” Hahaha…

    However, if I Jew person hears that joke and gets offended, who am I to berate him for it? I don’t share his/her sensitivities. So quit trying to tell black people how to feel when it comes to issues of this country – mostly the relationship between blacks and whites. Frankly, just stay in your lane, buddy.

  • Blue

    @ TJ & T Dubbs…

    relax guys…
    it’s the subtle prejudice that’s the real difference. i’m a college educated man. you’d have to go as far back as my grandparents to find someone who actually came from mexico, but i still sometimes get that look when people hear me speak. that look like ‘wow, he speaks english, and he speaks it well.’ unless you’re mexican you don’t really know that look.

    i’ll never know what it is to be white. i’ll never know what it is to be black.

    bringing up race or understanding that there is still bias against people based on skin color does not make you a racist…but ignoring and making like we can all be shiny happy people won’t make it go away.

  • smity far away

    @ Blue

    ‘wow, he speaks english, and he speaks it well.’

    lol. i wish i could get that look…

  • Blue

    haha…it’s actually pretty funny!!!

  • Not White

    Forget black people and their problems. Quit whining. Other minorities have issues too. Slavery is dead and gone. Get over it.

  • Not White

    All J-Ho does is look at his bank account

  • smity far away

    @ everyone

    when “Not White” says to “get over it” he/she means this post…not whatever issues there are…so…

  • dukesman2000

    Smity far away…

    Who are you Not White’s lawyer? I know exactly what he means. He, like all whites in America hates to be reminded of this country’s shameful history. They want us to forget it but many of them still harbor those philosophies which hold one race inferior and another inferior. And I hate to use the Jews as an example, but which other afflicted, race, ethnic or religious group exploit their trials and tribulations like the Jews? Name one. Steven Spielberg a Jewish director made “Schindler’s List” and broke box office records and received countless awards. Spike Lee made “Malcolm X” and was basically ignored. I remember “Babe” a movie about a fucking talking pig won an Academy Award the same year “Malcolm X” came out and “Malcolm X” wasn’t even nominated. But you want black people to forget about it. Have you lost your rabbit ass mind?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    It’s all about the factors in society which affect a race. While true that not every Black family in America is low-income or that every White family has money, even then, Black families who have money still get treated differently than White people with the same amount of money. Again, it’s something you can’t really understand if you haven’t grown up with it.

    @TDubbs — That “12 hours of BET” comment is the kind of thing you’d never, ever say to my or any other Black man’s face, so I’m not even gonna waste time arguing that one.

  • NYCBalla

    I blame Obama for not wearing a flag pin…JK

    I don’t give a damn about someone not being passionate about their country, but don’t make it reflect upon something you represent. What a dousch!

  • bballinca

    to rocket cat @ 31, I will gladly pay for a one-way ticket back to Africa and see how much better off your life will be there. Appreciate what you have.

  • dukesman2000

    @ Austin

    These white boys like T Dubbs are all “internet gangster.” They are so big and bold on the blogs. They come on all the blogs to get off their chest all the hate they have bottled up inside them. But when you see them face to face they give you that fake plastic smile and wouldn’t dare utter those sentiments. Me on the other hand, wish one would.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @dukesman2000 — It’s like when you get into that debate where they wanna know why they can’t say the N-word. Like they’re looking for an excuse to say it and not feel bad.

  • dukesman2000

    @ bballinca
    If you think that’s an insult you are dumber than I think. Plus, black people can argue the point that the white man have already looted and plundered the African continent, so what’s there to go back to?

  • Not White

    No white means exactly that. I am not white. Let me clarify the post: I got my own problems, I couldn’t give a flying flip about the problems of black americans.

  • dukesman2000

    @ Not White

    Well stay the hell out of the conversation

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @bballinca — You should be able to appreciate what you have but still be able to point out problems and have the right to express how you feel about conditions. Personally, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere but America right now, but that doesn’t mean I have to ignore American problems or pretend this country is perfect.

  • yessir

    listen yall, it’s really not that big a deal. It’s the media and our crazy infatuation with celebrities that make it a big deal. Dude smokes weed and doesn’t care about the anthem. I smoke weed and don’t care about the anthem either. That’s common everyday talk in many black and other communities. In the grand scheme of things, why do we care? We care because the media tells us to.

    The man is paid to play basketball. Yes, he’s a public figure, and yes, he needs to be aware that as a public figure, he has to be smarter about what he says on camera. Duly noted. Still, again, in the grand scheme of things, he’s a grown ass man who smokes weed and isn’t the most patriotic person in the world.

    Stop being sheep.

  • Not White

    J-HO doesn’t care what any of you has to say. He doesn’t care about the “plight” of the black man. He only cares that he gets paid.

  • smity far away

    @ dukesman2000

    not his lawyer, but there have been a whole bunch of ignorant sounding (in my opinion) comments like “not white”‘s comment so i said, “forget about this post…don;t forget about the issue at hand (everything discussed here today). i think everybody has said all that has needed to be said at this point. ignorant people don’t have nothing more to add, intelligent people not gon convince/educate the ignorant people (not in this type of forum, anyway) and don;t have anymore to add so…its funny though when i read a comment of somebody on this issue and am like “wow, i’m impressed” and then read something that was said in the Marbury joint and be like, “oh, that person seemed cool…” lol.

    @ Dime, start sponsoring some back to africa trips (cause that’s where Everybody’s from)(i see you, ignorant humans)…

    @ Austin/Dime, haven’t seen a Baldwin reference on the site in a while…what good with that?

  • really not white


    J-HO doesn’t care what you have to say. He doesn’t care about the “plight” of the black man. He just wants to get paid.

  • dukesman2000

    If I were president I would pass a “Slap the Shit out of a White Person Day” Every black person gets to slap one white person on that day. It could be anybody, bosses, co-workers, neighbors, random dude on the street. Since they reneged on our “40 acres and a mule,” we should get something.

  • smity far away

    @ dukesman2000/everyone

    there is much to go back to. ask anyone that has gone and come back here (and not kissed the USA ground upon their arrival)

  • Diego

    96 posts so far! (Can you imagine how many we would have if rangerjohn were active today? Lol.)

  • Jason

    This is stupid- if you don’t respect your country maybe you should leave. You know find a new country that you respect. Or even better take responsibility and try to make a positive difference.

    Anything is better then arrogance, selfishness and entitlement that Howard’s actions imply.

  • smity far away

    @ dukesman2000

    and then the next president after you would pass a “smack back the “black person that smacked you that day” day. now you are just being silly…

    i agree (as do many) about the “internet gangster” thing. at least they feel empowered (as if many of them are not already)…the world is a crazy place and the internet is even crazier…and we are all even crazier than that…

  • smity far away

    @ dukesman2000

    “if i was the president i’d stay phat/leave it up to me i paint the white house black”– e. sermon’s remake of breed’s classic

  • T Dubbs


    Do you even know what a ‘gangster’ is and what it represents? Hanging chinos half way off your ass, sportin timberlands, and wearing a bandana doesn’t make you a gangster. It makes you a joke.


    Why wouldn’t I say it to your face… because you’re black? Let me guess… because I’m supposed to be “scared” to say it to your face because your “thugs” might “beat me down”. Give me a break, lol.

    This entire thread is getting ridiculous because it’s turning into a pissing contest. I wouldn’t be surprised to see dukesman reply with, “What’s your address because I’m flying out there right now to kick your ass?” Seems like his kind of mentality…

  • TBA


    Well after Spike Lee made “Jungle Fever” about the magical powers that a black man has over our white women we lost interest in his movies.

  • bballinca

    dukesman etc it wasn’t an insult. If you think that your life is not that good here and as reparations why not take you back? And there are places in Africa I would have no problem living in.

    And please stop qouting Eric Sermons and MC Breed when they both stole it from George CLinton. (At least I think so.) LOL

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Yeah, and ‘Babe’ was an awesome movie!

  • smity far away

    Also, Malcolm X (spike lee’s joint) – one of the greatest movies of all time about one of the greatest men (not “leaders”, men) of all time.

  • dukesman2000

    Bbalinca you seem to know more about Eric Sermona and MC Breed than I do. I could not identify a song either one of them sings.

    T Dubbs, if this was a pissing contest you’d definitely be out of your league. The longer the hose the more water it holds. And I wouldn’t put hands and feet on anyone because we’re debating a topic.

  • Rodney King

    Can’t we all just….shut the fuck up.

  • bballinca

    Seriously though I think the Native American/Indians and Hawaiians got more screwed than anyone else.

  • bballinca

    Dukesman you want an education on hip-hop go look up some tracks from EPMD.

    “Ain’t no future in yo frontin'” I thought everyone knew that MC BReed and the DFC song. However, I don’t think thats the name of the song.

  • dukesman2000

    @ z

    Ok tough guy

  • SteveNash

    i’m canadian… i don’t celebrate the star bangle banner ish

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    @ Austin– I am white and I coach basketball and a lot of players I coach use the “N” word… And I mean a lot. I find it to be disrespectful to the elders (like parents or grandparents). The reason I find it disrespectful isn’t cause I wish I could say it, but rather it’s putting each other down. I can’t stand racism in any form, no matter what.

    I know that I will never know what it’s like to be a minority, I have a great deal of respect for those who don’t use it as a crutch and rise in the field of work.

    Also, because of the men and women who fight for the great rights of our country the least some of the assholes could do is show some respect when in front of others. You wanna be disrespectful, then fine, but when you disrespect the flag then you disrespect the vets and current armed forces members that protect your right to be a dumb ass.

  • Joe

    @dukes…post 86

    First of all, yes I am white. I didn’t really want to post, but after reading all of these posts I thought I needed to say something.

    Yes, racism is horrible. Yes, I will never know what it is like to be black. Yes, some of our country’s history is absolutely awful.

    I just want to know how you can be posting against racism, while being racist at the same time?

    “He, like all whites in America hates to be reminded of this country’s shameful history. ”

    All whites? Isn’t that racist? How do you know what all whites hate?

  • Joe

    Sorry, one more thought then I’m done.

    AB – You are right, I will never understand what it is like to be black. Of course, on the flip side, you’ll never understand what it’s like to be white.

    There are some black people out there who simply dislike/hate white people because of the history of our country. Guess what, I wasn’t around back then, but that doesn’t matter to this select group of people. I can’t change the past no matter how much I would like to. Yet I still get the hatred from this group of people, and it sucks.

    So just remember, it goes both ways

  • Stepper

    @ T Dubbs
    wearing chinos! its a whole lot better than most people’s hobby of molesting their own kids.

  • Stepper

    @ T Dubbs
    wearing chinos! its a whole lot better than most white people’s hobby of molesting their own kids.

  • Big North

    Just another IDIOT move. Why the hell would I wanna jump off the gravy train? THIS AINT WINSTON SALEM NO MORE. This guy just don’t get the fact that he’s too visible to be doing dumb ish like this. Messin with his own money. I’d say we’re in line for another Rauf/Hodges scenario where cats get blackballed but at least you know these cats had beliefs they fought for. Maybe Howard does have some beliefs behind his statements but he just looked like he was muggin for the camera.

  • vinny

    Gentlemen refer back to post 37-Curtis G
    but remember this country is way more than black and white! this comparsion of negative experiences and who had it worse get us nowhere! we are at this point all getting fucked by the same group of rich white males- and that includes a whole lot of white people. The only difference is people of color are judged by just that -the color of there skin-whether it be black,brown,red or yellow. While white people are judged by the size of there wallet(class) Joe wake up and help to change the past!

  • vinny

    and as far as standing for the flag- becasue it respects the vets who protect our freedom- how is going into other countries and imposing our will to eventually exploit there resources protecting my freedom- the last time any army of the US protected any freedom was world war 2!! I’LL STAND FOR THE FLAG WHEN IT STANDS FOR JUSTICE FOR ALL!

  • Joe

    “wake up and help to change the past!”? The past can never be changed, it is what it is, all we can do is learn from it and try to keep from making the same mistakes again

  • tell it like it is

    What a stupid nigger!

    And by nigger, I mean “Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.”


  • tell it like it is

    What a stupid nigger! I mean a REAL nigger!

    And by nigger, I mean “Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.”


  • tell it like it is

    Please tell this nigger to shut the hell up! I hope Mark Cuban releases this pathetic piece of sh*t. In any other country, this stupid nigger would be NOWHERE! But here, in this great nation, he is a millionaire. What a crock of sh*t.

  • Joe

    Oh, and by the way, we aren’t all being fu*ked by the same group of rich white males, we’re all being fu*ked by the same group of rich people. It doesn’t matter if they are white, black, male or female. Rich people run the world, and they want to keep the rich…..well rich. They also want to keep the poor….poor. How do they do this? They do it by pitting races against each other, when the truth is we should be banding together against the rich folks, no matter what race or sex they may be.

  • a black guy

    Go ahead, Josh!

    You angry white males are hilarious! You think Bush and Paulson and the rest of the rich guys care about your silly flag?


    Howard is just not as stupid as you suckas. Back to work, don’t forget to use that new TPS report format.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    I am a Vet, many of my friends have fought in this current war. You may not agree with the purpose of the war, but you should support our troops. You say that the last time US Vet’s or US Military fought for your rights was world war II. I beg to differ, try every MOTHER FUCKIN DAY! Thats when they fight for our freedoms. Or better yet your freedom to say some BS about how they haven’t protected your rights since WWII. It’s obvious you never served for this great nation, it isn’t for everyone, but let’s think back to 9/11 when the Military and Police and Fire Fighters responded to that disaster. Or how about with out the military you can bank on the fact the we’d all be speaking Russian by now. It is because of the Armed Forces we are safe and not drag off to die by ignorant comments like yours.


  • really not white

    ain’t no masters, ain’t no slaves neither

  • bballinca

    LOL @ #129. I doubt Howard did because he thought it was intelligent. I doubt he has an IQ above 70. He should thank the Lord he can play ball.

  • brilliant

    It has to be disappointing for black people to see a successful black person act like that…It has to be disappointing for all people to see a successful person, regardless of race, living in this country and disrespect it in such a way. Seriously, why doesn’t he just leave if he doesn’t like it here? He’s certainly doing better then myself or anybody I’ve ever known for that matter…nobody has it easy unless you’re born into money, he needs to come off it or get the hell out. This thug-wanna be, down for life crap has got to quit because it only hurts, never helps…not everybody is meant to be rich, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try hard to at least give your kids a better life then you had so they may have a chance…dude needs to grow up.

  • JaVon Summers

    Man all yall can stop hattin on my Cuzin J-Ho he is a winston-salem NC balla and he can do what he want so holla atcha boy cuz dis a free nation and he have the right to say what he want to say(freedom of speech)yall dum that do not have nothing to do with his basketball game people he still a good player and plays well on offense and defense

  • really not white

    You sure look like a master to me

  • Jashawn Summers

    Big cuz dis yo lil cuz from winston-salem NC you ok i understand how you feel you can have yo freedom of speech and people say what they want to say about you so forget what they say and jus have a great up coming season and all the critics will leave you alone

  • really not white

    Both JaVon and Jashawn just want a loan. Hook em up J-Ho

  • really not white

    They be smoking the same weed

  • we should all be white

    Is Winston-salem NC full of a s.hit throwing apes or is it just your family running the monkey business out there?

  • bballinca

    Jashawn your right you do have freedom of speech but there was a price to be paid for that freedom. And you can say whatever you want but doesn’t mean you yourself won’t pay a price for it.

    AHHH to be young and ignorant.


    we should all be white:

    No disrespect, but leave Winston out of this mess! I’m black, Im from the TRE and I support the national anthem. I mean the country has been hard on black people but life is what you make it.

    Josh is becoming the new age Stephon Marbury! Hey keep the camera and mic on them at all times!

  • Mark

    JHo’s not disrespecting the country because he’s black, it’s because he’s ignorant. Until Mark Cuban (and co.) do something about him, I’ve given up on my home team.

  • Max S

    F*ck Josh Howard and Obama!

  • Barry

    How about….wait for it….who the fck cares?! It’s his constitutional right to do as he pleases. Is he a dweeb? Yes. But not because of this nonsense. People need to start thinking outside of nationalist terms. Yeah! Go USA! Let’s blow up anyone who fecks with us, maaaaaaaaan! Yeah! Put him in a body baaaaaaaaaag!

  • Perry


    What an idiot. You will never be an all-star again! You will never have any commercial endorsements. You need help brother. I hope you never play for the Mavs again. If you do, I will be leading the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSS!!!!
    I am sure that Cuban would trade you away, but unfortunately your value is about equal to a bag of shit.

  • Jason

    This country is about to elect a black president. And this country is predominantly white. This should prove that the majority of white people in this country are not racist. And if one were to argue that Republicans are racist I would respectfully disagree.

    Take a moment to read about Barack Obama’s upbringing. You’ll discover that he went through some pretty tough times. Yet he just might have grown up to be president of the United States. How is he different from any other young black American today? Most people who come from a racist America are either dead or old. Today’s Americans are better than that. And whites shouldn’t have to apologize for anything because they shouldn’t be held responsible for their ancestor’s actions.

    It’s a new America, and we’re all just trying to get by these days no matter what color you are. It might be tough, but it’s still better than 99% of the rest of the world.

  • winky

    Racism is a two way street. What Howard said is no less racist than I were to say that I can’t respect Martin Luther King JR. because I’m white. And if I did say something that stupid, I would totally expect everyone to hate me. Howard had better be ready for all the boos and cat-calls this year, because he earned every one of them he will get by disrespecting his entire country- black, white, hispanic, asian, middle-eastern- he insulted all of us.

  • the Magic

    All you who basically side with Josh Howard (especially blacks) need to get the hell out of this country, if you don’t like it…

    I’m Black but I recognize that without the 4th of July (what it represents), without the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ (what it represents) and ALL that comes with it (including the civil war, etc),

    You wouldn’t even be in position to play a “GAME” for millions of dollars.

    You wouldn’t even have the FREEDOM to talk ‘idiotically’ about these ‘freedoms’ you have.

    Black, Yellow, Brown, and even White people many places all over the world ARE in much worse shape than the US.

    Josh Howard as a millionare should visit AFRICA and the Carribean one of these days (and visit NON Tourist areas).

    Instead of taking your ‘freedoms’ for granted, think about what would have happened if you were ‘unlucky’ enough to have been borne/raised in the sudan??

  • Big Shun

    As a black man who has served in Iraq, I cannot beleive that black people in here dont care abou the anthem and smack a white man day (even though it was kinda funny). Seriously, I have had friends get killed over our flag and our freedom so people like Josh Howard can get paid millions of dollars to smoke weed and play basketball. Its ridiculous. I have lost all respect for him. People like him are the reason why white america wont vote for Barack Obama. It makes me sick. Big ups to dimemag I love it! CP3 for MVP next season.

  • Three Stacks

    I think the only thing missing from this comment space is an unprovoked and inexplicable “U-S-A!” chant.

    Why are some people so offended by this? It’s not his job to love and acknowledge his country, it’s his job to play ball. As long as he’s not conspiring to bring down the country, no one can say shit. He didn’t do anything wrong.

    Josh Howard, doing things like this is only helping the gov’t you refuse to acknowledge. Putting the public’s eye on a black man and his semi-militant comments, all it does is draw attention away from the real problems America faces. You’re not helping anyone but yourself, so put that ignorant shit on check.

    All I’ll say about racism is, if a white man was filmed saying this kinda shit, the rest of America would not be thinking, “Damn, a lotta white people got a problem with America.” But I guarantee, ABSOLUTELY guarantee there will be more than a handful of white folk around the country who will remember these comments the very moment they see the next black man.

  • Burg

    This is ridiculous. He obviously wasn’t trying to make some kind of social remark. He was at a flag football game, and made a slightly questionable joke in front of the camera. Every single person who has cried their hearts out on this blog claiming that this is ignorant needs to watch the clip again and look at how he said it. He wasn’t serious. Come on. Relax. Additionally, the man is paid to play basketball…so what if he doesn’t say the right thing all the time? If all of us ordinary people had cameras on us all the time, I’m SURE that it would capture a moment we all might be embarrassed by. RELAX!!

  • bandola59

    Perhaps he someone told him that the US National Anthem which was written in 1814 was not for BLACKS especial since we weren’t “theoretically” emancipated until 1862 and were not allowed to read nor write.

    This anthem which was first incorporated by the US Navy around 1889, the same US Navy in which only had it’s first AFRICAN AMERICAN promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in 1971. The same Star-Spangled Banner which was eventually deemed the US national anthem by President Herbert Hoover in 1931. While in 1964 the Twenty-fourth Amendment was passed, prohibiting poll taxes a measure to prevent AFRICAN AMERICANS from voting.

    Perhaps one of his uncles or grand uncles told him how in the Vietnam War and World War II AFRICAN AMERICANS were shot from BEHIND while they were on the front line and they don’t feel that The Star-Spangled Banner was ever for them.

    How The Star-Spangled Banner could it be for them if they were enslaved from 1607, until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865….

  • bballinca

    …..blame the past on your failures. Maybe instead of looking up to people like Josh Howard (yeah, man he’s keeping it real, real thug like!) you should look at what a guy like Obama has done.

  • KD

    Whether anyone accepts it or not racism still exists.
    Not too long ago someone (WHITE) said ‘black people don’t have the intelligence to play quarterback’. Not too long ago Joe Morgan (Hall of Fame baseball player) was strip searched at a Los Angeles airport by white rent a cops. Not too long ago (2002) Tiger Woods wasn’t allowed to play on certain Golf courses!!!! Have you ever tried to get a cab in Manhattan? Ever been denied housing (even though you make way more money than the white manager/real estate agent)? This is what a few people here have meant when they said ‘you’re not black and can’t understand what it’s like being black’. Anyone who is not black, will never ‘see’ stuff like this. Because hispanics (which I am part) can ‘pass’ for white, so they also for the most part, won’t see these issues. Because I am ‘light skinned’ and often white people THINK I’m white, I hear and see many ‘prejudices’ and ‘biases’.

    But unfortunately Neo, no one can be ‘told’ what the matrix is…

  • Josh

    what? he’s clearly joking. who gives a sh*t? you guys are such sensationalist reactionaries. just dying to jump on people’s words and make judgments. go outside.

  • kobe mvp

    I think Josh Howard is about to be chastised for these remarks. He needs to learn to shut his mouth if he doesn’t have anything good to say. He’s a multi-millionaire, so he should realize that every negative comment that he makes will be publicized and the media will have a field day. It’s one thing if he truly doesn’t give a crap about the Star-Spangled Banner and he is willing to have people dislike him or perceive him in a negative light, but if you want to be respected by your peers, your coaches, your fans, and every other citizen of this country, then you should really look yourself in the mirror and begin conducting yourself in an appropriate manner. If you genuinely feel that way, then that’s fine. Just don’t say it. You’re an NBA star…you have millions of dollars. If it wasn’t for the U.S. then you wouldn’t have the opportunities you had in the past nor the ones that you have today. Fans love you and admire what you do, so you should be a little wiser about what you say and do. You’ve been given the opportunity to play a game you love for TONS of money, and you’re saying that you don’t celebrate the Star-Spangled Banner, because of your race. Why? You got to where you are today regardless of your race, and you were allowed to pursue your dreams on this country’s soil. Be grateful.

  • Ray

    Hey ya’ll if you haven’t realized yet, that weed ain’t for everybody! Leave that shi…. oops leave that stuff alone because it obviously causes ‘drain bamage’ (DJ Quik reference). That brother needs to shut up collect his millions and stay the hell out of a microphone/camera’s way. If he doesn’t he’ll catch hell he ain’t really ready for!

  • another one

    You really want to know how black people feel, go listen to Nas new cd.

    An excerpt: Nas – Testify

    “I just burnt my American flag
    And sent three cracker Nazi’s to hell and I’m sad
    Uh, I’m loading tefs in my mag
    To send these red neck bigots some death in a bag
    Choke him out with his confederate flag; I know these devils are mad
    Little rap fans that live way out in safe suburbia
    Would you stand with me, a United States murderer?

    Would you testify?
    You buy my songs
    You buy my songs
    But would you ride with me?
    You understand my struggle
    That’s what you claim, right?
    Well get your aim right
    And get your game tight

    Don’t buy my songs, ya’ll don’t roll with it
    Come into concerts, singing hoe and shit
    F**k ya’ll little little hoe b!tches,
    I don’t need ya’ll, I’ll go gold with it
    I heard ya’ll was downloading it (huh,)
    Like I’m ya man who be exposing shit (hehe,)
    Like uh, William Cooper, who told you the pale horse is the future

    Would you testify with some realness like that?
    I think you scared (hehe)
    I don’t think you prepared
    You know what I’m asking you?
    Do we know what I’m asking you? Hahaha”

    Nah none of you white people have any idea what he is asking ya do you?

  • KD

    Denying that racism doesn’t exist means there’s no reason to make any progress. sure Obama being elected (and yes white votes would be needed for him to be elected- Electoral College) is a step in the right direction.
    But many posts on this blog and others (Google Sarah Palin and a waitress named Lucille in Alaska) and you’ll see that racism is FAR from dead. In fact it’s not even dying (it’s in denial)…

    And yes, Jho is an idiot and doesn’t speak for ALL black people.

  • we should all be white


    I was just trying to get a rise out of some people in a racially charged debate. Didn’t work, as you countered my classless post with class. I’m just a Mavericks fan that can’t wait for Josh Howard to be traded so he can bring another team down.

  • yo yo yo

    A Milli is more real to me than that weak Nas track.


    Now that real and something us black folk can relate to. Not some fa/.ggot bullshit that Nas spit. I wish death on that n,igga and curse him to Hades, ya dig?

  • jeremy

    please erase the last two posts

  • fvk_dat_josh_h

    LOL you don’t celebrate that becuase you’re black??? lolol. Why are you here? A black that’s not american? uhh, sounds like you should go the hell back to africa, black.

  • what_a_DufuS

    if he has a problem with celebrating this great country’s national anthem, he can get the hell out of here and see how things are in other countries. i’ve lived out of the country. and when i came back, hearing the national anthem almost made me cry. this is a great country, and the national anthem is a great tribute to our country. if he has a problem with America, he should get the f*** out and go play in europe. we don’t need him.

  • dagwaller

    Bunch of racists, going both ways, on this site.

  • soul

    Josh..do you!!! Your stance isn’t hurting anyone…if anyone chooses not to watch Dallas games..so what? Fuck em’…You don’t owe anyone anything…your skills, training, are being compensated for…

  • solomon

    damn, j-ho, that’s being racist, that’s being stupid, that’s being insensitive, that’s not respective american history, that’s being an overblown self centered fuckhead athlete that you are…

    we’re out like any form of respect for j-ho… i hope you get a shaun livingston type of injury for both your knees, asshole..


  • Phileus

    Let Howard say what he wants. It’s funny when you say, “This country has freedom of speech, so… this country sucks” but freedom of speech exists precisely so you can say that.

    America is a great country, and all you who say “love it or leave it” understand that in a way but you also probably don’t understand the dark side at all, and it’s not about economics. There is a lot of cultural backwardness, including racism against minorities by ignorant whites, but yeah, it also does go the other way; for example, by blacks against whites – like assuming that you have a “master” mentality against blacks just because you’re not one of them.

    To Austin’s comment – well I am not black or white, I will never understand what it means to be either, but I will never understand what it means to be my own brother either. I think group victimization is a dangerous philosophy, but I know the high road’s hard to take too. That’s why I pray every day that Obama will lead us somewhere better.

    A few individuals don’t make up a country and so I wish that people, despite negative experiences with ignorant folk of whatever state, would still respect the US as an idea. But it’s hard to say that to someone who grew up in an area where they feel like they have nothing to be thankful for, and where no “idea” or government ever gave them anything.

    Such places are everywhere in the US. How can you blame their people for not giving a damn about the idea of the US?

  • solomon

    well, if you aint got a damn idea at all, don’t diss… for all we know, thousands have died, senseless or worth, for US to be U…

    anyway, cockiness ain’t got excuses… moreso bitching about “celebrating shit” when life ain’t been going to your favor…

    and speaking of race, hell, im the real non-black or white here… im a latino… and even if im in a position to not celebrate shit coz im barely american, i give due respect to legacy and history…

    and i retract… j-ho, you need that slamball injury to knock some humility into that overinflated weed smokin’ overspeedin’ arrogant worthless shit that you call life…

  • eric henderson

    Perhaps he someone told him that the US National Anthem which was
    written in 1814 was not for BLACKS especial since we weren’t
    “theoretically” emancipated until 1862 and were not allowed to read
    nor write.

    This anthem which was first incorporated by the US Navy around 1889,
    the same US Navy in which only had it’s first AFRICAN AMERICAN
    promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in 1971. The same Star-Spangled
    Banner which was eventually deemed the US national anthem by President
    Herbert Hoover in 1931. While in 1964 the Twenty-fourth Amendment was
    passed, prohibiting poll taxes a measure to prevent AFRICAN AMERICANS
    from voting.

    Perhaps one of his uncles or grand uncles told him how in the Vietnam
    War and World War II AFRICAN AMERICANS were shot from BEHIND while
    they were on the front line and they don’t feel that The Star-Spangled
    Banner was ever for them.

    How could The Star-Spangled Banner be for them if they were
    enslaved from 1607, until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to
    the United States Constitution in 1865….

  • O.G.Kush

    I feel you Josh, but you have to use better discretion! You have to get the masses behind you first, then you drop knowledge and wisdom on them a la Arthur Ashe!

  • garhem

    who cares, I am white an I don’t care about the national anthem. What is there to be patriotic about in this ‘great country’ that uses tazers on elementary school kids, poor people are getting poorer, and yet still always have money to kill more people in more wars. God bless america?

  • reallynotwhite

    Forget black people and their problems. Quit whining. Other minorities have issues too. Slavery is dead and gone. Get over it.

  • reallynotwhite

    Forget black people and their problems. Quit whining. Other minorities have issues too. Slavery is dead and gone. Get over it.

    Blacks are some of the most racist alive.

  • Alan

    Why doesn’t he take his money and time out on the streets to make this country a better place? He’s so lucky to be able to do what he does and make enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life. That’s all most people want and what most people regardless of race never get.

    But really it doesn’t bother me at all that he says that. It makes me wonder what is going wrong here. I think eventually he’ll figure out that he is now part of the problem.

  • Austin

    For those of you that think the anthem does not apply to you: please do not forget which army marched under that star spangled banner from 1861-1865.

    Rather than allow the atrocities of slavery continue, the union army fought and died for the freedom of all men in this country. While I am not saying that they established true equality, almost 400,000 peopled died for those freedoms. Did they have to? No. The sought “the land of the free” for all and epitomized “the home of the brave.” So at least tip your hat to them when you hear our country’s anthem.

  • JR

    I agree with Howard, not a bad comment. Back when that anthem was written, blacks were treated like crap, dont forget this…f*ck the star spangled banner…

  • Dave Chappelle

    Just another example of ‘when keeping it real goes wrong’.

    Diversify yo bonds nigga!!!

  • MarcCuban

    I think he was he high when he said this – I mean, if he was asking for cookies and pizza…

  • Ray

    In Josh Howard’s Case:
    Salute or respect the National Anthem is an individual’s choice but who’s to say if Josh is right or wrong. From a traditional White perspective, it’s a disgrace not to honor the anthem. From many Black perspectives it’s not a disgrace. White Americans must admit to themselves why a group a people would acknowledge the National Anthem that was (and still is to a degree) did not include the freedom of Black people. Why should we celebrate the fact that the leaders of our country and the mindset of our nation at that time did not include the liberty and freedom of Blacks. This whole ordeal demonstrates that the conscience of America is not totally sensitive or inclusive to all the people that make up this melting pot. American for the most part has treated Blacks as a second class citizen but in fact WE are just as much the back bone in building this country as any other people who lives here rather we came on a cruise ship or slave ship. Granted now in the 21st century the National Anthem is more in light of our troops giving their lives for our freedoms but in Black Reality the history and what it original stood for is hypocritical in the sense that WE as Blacks were not included as equals in establishing this great country. With tyranny, with terrorists, with disregard of human rights- the respect of human life- that’s what we should hold true to our hearts.

    In Conscience Case:
    I don’t celebrate or attend same sex marriages. I don’t attend KKK rallies. I don’t embrace July 4 as Independence Day because Blacks were still enslaved. I am not down with the activities or messages from gang-bangers. The reason being is because of what they stand for. It’s not only my opinion but the ultimate standard is God’s position on the matter. Is it what’s right and what’s wrong? Is it justified or unjustified? Let your conscience be your guide if you have one.

  • bballinca

    #177 all you use is were, was, back than etc for your excuses. What about NOW? What excuses can you can up with NOW that people shouldn’t be proud to live here or correct whats wrong. I jsut love it when people bad mouth stuff but than don’t offer solutions to the perceived problems.

    Yeah Howard is going to speak out ala Arthur Ash. (Whatever) He’s going to take his money and don’t do anything with it but help himself.

  • lecheg

    If Half-White Half-Black man is still considered as a black man (Obama).
    Then we have a problem. Why do white men can’t consider Obama as a white man, and blacks do ?
    Imagine if black men were doing the same as whites (rejecting what is not 100% pure race).
    Nothing logical…
    Jason Kidd, Kevin Johnson, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Anthony Parker, Jo Noah… Thoses guys ain’t black. The same for Obama.
    Once this problem of non acceptation will be solved, I think that many things will find easy answers.

    Also, you are not forced to love your family, but it is still your family. Same for your country !

  • Jay

    “Who are you Not White’s lawyer? I know exactly what he means. He, like all whites in America hates to be reminded of this country’s shameful history.”

    My family didn’t come over till 1910…we never owned slaves. We are scotch-irish.

    “They want us to forget it but many of them still harbor those philosophies which hold one race inferior and another inferior.”

    ? I don’t understand. J-ho say’s “I’m black…I don’t do that..” and that’s considered (by some) as ok. He’s even forgiven by some black men on here because we can’t see what it is to be black…then WHO is pointing out the differences? (See your statement above).

    And I hate to use the Jews as an example, but which other afflicted, race, ethnic or religious group exploit their trials and tribulations like the Jews?”

    You just wrote a paragraph that we should be reminded of the wrong’s we brought upon the black man…then rail at the jews? Blacks were slaves…back then a valuable commodity. Jew’s were treated as freakin’ heating fuel. Are you saying they had LESS perils than you? (OBTW..6 million ‘cleansed’ in less than 7 years…is a little more radical than ‘several’ million killed over a 108 year span)…are you actually trying to make things worse?

    “Spike Lee made “Malcolm X” and was basically ignored. I remember “Babe” a movie about a fucking talking pig won an Academy Award the same year “Malcolm X” came out and “Malcolm X” wasn’t even nominated. But you want black people to forget about it. Have you lost your rabbit ass mind?”

    Yeah…I hated both movies…so what? Does your freedom and personal self worth come down who won an academy award..oh..wait…Yeah, I see where you’re going. It’s those JEWS in Hollywood…

    I don’t get what it is to be black…I will give you that. On the other hand, when someone spouts off about ‘the black man being held down’…I just look around to see who he’s talking about. You’re right…I don’t get it…

    Free the Scotch-Irish Brothers…wer have been held down by whiskey and potatoes for too long. Be aware my kinsmen.



  • http://dime kev

    Just happy to say I’m not a Dallas Mavrick fan. Outside distactions caused by players that think there better then the game is ruining it for the real fans of the game.

  • TBone

    Last I checked, slavery became illegal in this country with the end of the Civil War. It’s doubtful that any of the bloggers on this site remember being enslaved, or have any real concept of the word. Yeah, I know — some people THINK they know what hard times are or what oppression is but they truth is, they don’t. The United States is as close to a meritocracy as is possible on this earth. Those who think that they’re owed anything for injustices done to their ancertors are simply delusional.

  • Bystander

    Can someone translate this trash for me? What do you expect from ignorant trash? Can any of them form a complete sentence?

  • Jay

    vinny says:

    and as far as standing for the flag- becasue it respects the vets who protect our freedom- how is going into other countries and imposing our will to eventually exploit there resources protecting my freedom- the last time any army of the US protected any freedom was world war 2!! I’LL STAND FOR THE FLAG WHEN IT STANDS FOR JUSTICE FOR ALL!

    What are you smoking?

    Korea and Vietnam were off-shoots of the cold war. You rememember? The ‘ruskies’ who were gonna nuke us.
    Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Restore Hope were about stabilizing some really scary situations. If you think it’s all about oil..then you need to find another conspiracy site.
    The current middle east also has roots in that event…hmm..when was it…oh yeah…September 11th. Gee, does that ring a bell?
    Are there other agenda’s too? Yeah..you betcha. We walk a fine line on servicing our targets AND keeping our ‘allies’ happy. Israel has nukes and we are scared shitless they will use them. (1967 and 1971 invasions were only stopped by the Israelies taking massive casualties and throwing everything they had into the fight.) Then you have the Kurds, Turks, and let’s not forget some of our better allies like Poland, Japan, and South Korea. They actually sent, albiet small, fighting forces and stood by us. (Insert rage against certain European countries here).

    As I stated earlier, my family came AFTER the civil war. We never owned slaves. We have proudly served in the armed forces. As far as I know, no one in my family has ever said “I don’t like that guy cause he is _____”. So why are you trying to foist your opinions on us…for something we weren’t even here for? or for a bigotry we don’t practice?

    If J-ho doesn’t like it here…then he can take his millions and move somewhere he feels has more freedoms. Where a black man can drive a car, buy a house, rent a movie, become president (maybe)…oh..wait…that IS here. He, and some others like him, seem to want to PUNISH white people…not change the world to be a more equal place.


  • Ray

    In Response to TBone

    In your statement that Blacks are not owed anything- why did Bush push for reparations in Kuwait? Why has many other ethnicities been given reparations for articities against them? Why is this land filled with lawyers seeking reparations for individuals and groups? Why was Blacks promised reparations but the US government never delivered? You are the delusional. Take the blinders off your eyes. Are you are too racist to see or just insensitive to injustice?

  • http://dime kev

    I bet Mark Cuban is wishing he had one more foreign born player that could play forward for his team right now. Being a good business man is all about being able to handled all the risks involved in owning your own businss but if you can eliminate a risk, well let’s just say that would be “priceless”.

  • Jay

    Oh..and one more observation.

    Several Native Americans have posted on here about how they are left out of these discussion….THEY have a serious point.

    What race has had segments virtually wiped from the face of the eart by invasion and sickness. I am NOT talking millions killed but several entire civilizations wiped off the face of the planet?
    South American natives…look it up. Damn Spanish. Hey..maybe we can pursecute them next? Oh wait…THEY are minority too.

    Let’s try to make a better world instead of this BS !


  • Jay

    Ray says:

    In Response to TBone

    In your statement that Blacks are not owed anything- why did Bush push for reparations in Kuwait? Why has many other ethnicities been given reparations for articities against them? Why is this land filled with lawyers seeking reparations for individuals and groups? Why was Blacks promised reparations but the US government never delivered? You are the delusional. Take the blinders off your eyes. Are you are too racist to see or just insensitive to injustice?

    The Brits wanted the money because they, unlike the US, could barely afford the war. They are also tight bastards but that’s just my opinion.

    The reason there are so many lawyers in the US is because we have such a high regard for personal freedom that WE LET THEM. Go to almost any other country…do they have lawyers that literally chase ambulances? Right. Go to Zimbabwe or Germany. “What..you fell in your bathroom? You want to sue the tile company? HAHAHAHAHA…Goodbye”

    Now, I notice you say that ‘reparations’ are owed. By who? My family? Sorry..we didn’t get here till way after the civil war. What about people like Obama? He’s half white…does he get or pay a discount? What about any blacks who came AFTER slavery…should they get ‘reparations’ also? And I really want to know…when you say reparations…you don’t mean a formal written apology…you mean cash..right?

    If you want more attention to the black cause..we have black history month, we have the black caucus, we have the american negro college fund…Jeez, you even have Samual L. Jackson…the most bad-assed dude there is. Who by the way is playing a black cop terrorizing a mixed race couple in a new movie. What up with that?

    I don’t promote the ‘white cause’…I don’t push for white history month (cause I realize most history books have enough that we don’t need to push for more). I don’t push for the White People College Fund (it’s called savings and applying for the grants we can)…I don’t push for the ‘white caucus’ cause basically most politicians ain’t worth that kind of loyalty.

    PS. I just leaned over to my cubicle mate Mike (who’s been reading some of this) and told him “I was really sorry because he’s black and I am white”.
    Mike says “For what?..I like being black” Ok..he’s laughing too.

  • Mav HAter

    His boys need to get him some weed that isnt laced :P

  • TBone

    In response to Ray:

    What point is it to demand reparations for hardships you yourself have never suffered? Are you telling me that you or someone you know is currently a slave? If so, get off this blog and call the police — slavery has been illegal in this country for a long time. If Josh Howard is going to renounce his his duty to his country (he was born in North Carolina, and therefore an American citizen), then he also has no right to the benefits of American citizenship. Perhaps he should refuse to cash his next NBA check?

  • Thomas

    another one says:

    You really want to know how black people feel, go listen to Nas new cd.

    An excerpt: Nas – Testify

    “I just burnt my American flag
    And sent three cracker Nazi’s to hell and I’m sad
    Uh, I’m loading tefs in my mag
    To send these red neck bigots some death in a bag
    Choke him out with his confederate flag; I know these devils are mad
    Little rap fans that live way out in safe suburbia
    Would you stand with me, a United States murderer?

    Would you testify?
    You buy my songs
    You buy my songs
    But would you ride with me?
    You understand my struggle
    That’s what you claim, right?
    Well get your aim right
    And get your game tight

    Don’t buy my songs, ya’ll don’t roll with it
    Come into concerts, singing hoe and shit
    F**k ya’ll little little hoe b!tches,
    I don’t need ya’ll, I’ll go gold with it
    I heard ya’ll was downloading it (huh,)
    Like I’m ya man who be exposing shit (hehe,)
    Like uh, William Cooper, who told you the pale horse is the future

    Would you testify with some realness like that?
    I think you scared (hehe)
    I don’t think you prepared
    You know what I’m asking you?
    Do we know what I’m asking you? Hahaha”

    Nah none of you white people have any idea what he is asking ya do you?

    I don’t anyone understand what the fuck he’s saying…you’re holding up the racist shit as ‘proof’ we are keeping the black man down…you’re kidding…right?

    Thomas the White Guy

  • TBone

    In response to Ray’s second blog:

    Once again, you’ve brought up unjust events that happened in the distant past. Not that time makes any of them right, but is it right to expect payment from the decendants of persecutors (who themselves are innocent) to the decendants of the persecuted (who themselves never suffered)?

  • Ray

    In response to TBone

    If you work you expect to get paid. If someone violates your human rights, you expect justice rather monetary or someone doing time for the crime. Can you imagine for hundreds of years White America and the US government profited from slave labor and gained financial dividends, acquired real estate and received taxes. Blacks could not acquire land nor received income. Not to mention the countless hideous human rights violations. If your forefathers were abducted and forced to work for free, your women were used as sex slaves, and your children were beaten and hung for generations do you not see the long-term effect this has had on a people socially, emotionally, and financially? If you don’t see this either’ you are just as wicked-minded or ignorant as the slave owners were. I don’t have an answer of what the US should do because it is beyond my mental comprehension how to address it. But all I saying is White America doesn’t feel they are responsible for what their forefathers did but Whites own and possess “old money” because the free labor from the back of slaves. But this debate will go on until the Kingdom comes. That’s why Sunday morning is still the most segregated hour in our country because just like back in the day when the misguided government and church leaders to the present, many Whites still are in darkness and refuse to grasp how this domino affect has caused some many different disparities. That’s why I can truly rest and know that the God I serve will repay and execute judgment in due season. It’s funny how the Holocaust is viewed in terms of injustices but when it comes to slavery in America it’s something that is pushed under a rug. WE as Blacks in the 21st century may not have suffered the torment of working in the cotton fields, or seeing our family tortured, hung and killed, or our women used and abused, or family ripped apart but WE do suffer to this day with a nation that doesn’t recognize the plight our history and the disdain of struggle. So in reality you are just another deaf ear and blind eye they can’t hear or see.

    So in light of this Josh Howard thing, yeah I agree he could have been more tactful in how he expressed his position but it is what it is. But even this blog is an avenue that people can use to confront issues and challenge one’s position and hopefully ascertain a righteous view.

  • jamesagee

    seriously WHO CARES what Josh Howard says at a flag football game where the camera is running around filming people drink gatorade. DIME you’re just creating a stir, you’re wondering why there isn’t a controversy while trying to create the controversy. the government is giving 80 billion to some bank who made a bunch of mistakes and now they’re protecting them from bankruptcy by bailing them out with OUR money and you’re concerned about what some athlete with a towel over his head says on a field he’s about to play FLAG FOOTBALL on. where’s my bailout, I made a some dumb mistakes with my money. Who’s going to bail me out on my purchase of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. That shit was a mistake.

  • jamesagee

    AIG is an Insurance firm not a bank.

  • TBone

    In response to Ray:

    If someone violates your human rights, that person should do “time for the crime”, as you say. The U.S. government profited from the work of slaves for much of this country’s early history. While not a “crime” at the time (slavery didn’t become unlawful in America until after the Civil War), it was still a an abomination to the human condition. No man should own another man. Period.
    The question I pose to you, Ray, and to any other interested readers is this: Who, in this day & age do you expect incarcerate for these crimes — given that the original criminals died close to two centuries ago?
    Stuff happens, Ray. The monsters who did this got away with it & no amount of revenge on their decendents in the twenty first century will ever make it right. Quit complaining or move to a country whose gonverment will better appreciate your “plight”.

  • Ray

    If man’s law is not inline with God’s law no matter the time period it’s an injustice. You must have an absolute truth to live by no matter the day or time or century. Rape is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Incest is wrong. Murder is woring. Right is right and wrong is wrong! Just because slavery wasn’t againt the law pre-Civil War doesn’t have credence. When the world at one time was believed to be flat doesn’t make it right at the time- it was a wrong premise to begin with. So when the world was finally found to be round exposed the ignorance of man.

  • TBone

    I see your point. So who among the white people who’ve never owned a slave to you propose we punish first?

  • J 694

    More importantly, why is Iverson wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey? Philly still loves Iverson, why are you trying to alienate us? I really don’t appreciate the slap in the face.

  • Ray


    I am not advocating punishing any White person. I love, honor and respect my White brothers and sisters like I would my own. I don’t believe love, trust, or kindness is based on color. I know some Black people I would not trust with a dime. All I am saying is that it’s no way anyone can totally right that wrong, I am just asking the government to acknowledge it and be creative in addressing issues like fair housing, education, the poverty gap, health care and even revamping the justice system. I can’t blame present White America for the past mistakes of their forefathers but I am just asking for compassion, understanding and for a healing process to take place for all. Just like the recent hurricanes that altered some many lives, it is refreshing to see all people come together to address needs of a few beyond their scope, ability and means.

  • http://www.theverticalsummit.com VERTMAN

    Stearn will X him out soon like he did to Chris Jackson! And btw, Jackson was one hell of a ball player!

  • Butch

    Hey Josh If you don’t like it here in the USA Take your unggreatful POS self and go play for China. maybe then you’ll realize just how freakin good you have it. You’re like a spoiled rotten little kid. You’re a hell of a role model for our young people. Always remember. What goes around comes around. With your stinking attitude you won’t last long.

  • Hate_Niggers

    Stupid fucking niggers need to be sent back to the OL’country! No more NBA/NFL contracts – their attitude is “fuck America” – well say byebye to that $$$ Million contract and say HELLO to living in the fucking huts you tar babies came from!

  • Brasky

    Please don’t over-analyze this by saying the guy is consciously trying to create a badboy persona, you can look at him and his past screwups and realize HE REALLY IS THAT IGNORANT.

    This guy doesn’t speak for all black people. Only the ignorant wouldn’t understand that the anthem, like the flag, is meant to represent all that is truly great about this country.

    But a brief memo to all you OF ANY RACE that hate America but enjoy all the freedoms and benefits it provides: We don’t want you here, get the f**k out!!!

  • z

    over 90% of blacks are voting for obama. What do you think would happen if 90% of white people voted for mccain? Blacks would be screaming racism from every rooftop. $harpton and Je$$e would have a stroke from all the ignorant bullshit they’d be spewing. and black people wonder why they never get equal respect. gimme a break. oh and since 30 million black people can’t seem to figure it out….OBAMA IS JUST AS WHITE AS HE IS BLACK.

  • http://nowaintthatsomeshit.wordpress.com nicky

    at z:

    mathematically you may be correct in saying that obama is just as white as he is black but historically that hasnt been the case

    throughout US history, theres always been mixed-race kids, but for the longest time if you had one little drip drop of black blood in your heritage, you was Black. your great great grandmother could be the only black person in you family tree and you still black.

    but yeah, obama’s mama is as white as i am, and i am real white.

    as far as j-ho, if he hadda just kept it short and said i dont really celebrate that shit cause i’m black, i could almost get down with it like he was trying to be funny on some chappelle type unPC vibe, but then he went there with the “all that ‘Obama’ and all that shit”. Ignant ass motherfucker.

  • TBone

    In response to Ray:

    It looks like you & I are closer in our opinions than I had originally thought. We both agree that black people have been wronged by white people — beyond slavery, that is (as if that weren’t enough). I don’t know any white people with the brains God gave a turnip who would argue that. If you look at the last 50 years, there have been huge steps in racial equality. Long overdue steps & steps that never should have needed to have been taken, but steps nonetheless. I guess one way we’ll know we’re all equal in America is when artificial assistance (EOE, scholarships based on race, etc.) are no longer necessary. What do you think?

  • Whiteguy whohates racists!

    “Hate niggers”…you are an asshole who will (and should) die a horrible death, and no one will show at your funeral. Josh Howard, how can you say you are black when you make the millions you do. You are so disconnected with the poor black man that you want to connect with that you dont even realize that you are in a country that gives you the opportunity to make all of this money, and say these things. And Z, if you were wronged daily because of the color of your skin, you’d vote for the guy that may have a hand in changing the situation. there is reverse racism in this world, but black people voting for a “black” candidate is not racist. Living in a state (Florida) where I live where people promise not to vote for the nigger, that’s racist.

  • Can’t wait

    For David Stern to black ball this piece of shit anti-American racist. How can he act this way when history will be made when/if Obama wins the election. I’ll bet you anything that Josh Howard doesnt even vote which is the main problem with people his age (not just black people). They all talk a big game about change this/change that, but the majority arent even registered to vote. I can’t stand guys like him who have no clue how lucky he has it in this great country of ours. He makes millions of dollars playing a sport and if there was no such thing as this sport, I doubt he’d 1. have a college degree and 2. would not be living the lifestyle he lives. Ask anyone outside of this country and they will tell you that only in America can someone come for any race, background or gender and make a great life for themselves through hard work. All of the opportunity is here and this guy just takes a shit on it. I think Howard’s one of those dorky black dudes who tries to be cool around the other brothas saying shit like this and the weed thing. At the end of the day, he’s a total moron who gets no respect from any race/gender/background. He’s a clown. Maybe the weed was talking?

  • Ray


    Just as we are able to reason together my hope is that our country can achieve the same thing. Unfortunately ignorance and racism resides on both sides of the issue as we can tell by some of the other responses on the blog. I think your ideas are good and are at least a starting point in addressing the many issues that face us. Post slavery, post Civil-War, post Civil Rights movement, WE still live in a country where racism is still very much alive and the Josh Howard disposition only stirs up the mess and the funk of our problem reminds us that the issues still remain hundreds of years later. It is sad but it is reality. I just believe that two people at a time like us can make a difference starting with ourselves and imparting that same philosophy in our homes. WE are all human beings created in God’s image and that is enough for me.

  • http://netscape sean

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