NBA / Sep 4, 2008 / 11:06 am

Pacers Remove Jamaal Tinsley’s Nameplate From His Locker

Indiana Pacers

Jamaal Tinsley is still officially on the Pacers’ roster. And he might continue to have a spot there come media day, September 29th. But all summer long, the organization has made no bones about telling the world that they want to get rid of Tinsley. And now, they’re sending a loud and clear message to the team to that effect: word is that they’ve taken Jamaal Tinsley’s nameplate off his locker.

The Pacers are maintaining their stance of not wanting to buy out the remaining three years of Tinsley’s contract, which is about $21 million. I hear Tinsley’s nameplate has been taken down inside the lockerroom at Conseco Fieldhouse.

There’s a chance, albeit a very slight one, that they could change their thoughts on the situation if they can’t find a team to trade Tinsley to and he decides he’ll agree to a buyout that’s less than the $21 million he’s owed.

It’s almost like the Pacers are terrified that Tinsley’s mere presence is enough to spoil the new blood in the organization.

If you’re Larry Bird, do you give Tinsley $21 million to go away, or do you make him sit on the bench behind T.J. Ford and Jarrett Jack all season long?

Source: Indy Star

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  • that’s whats up

    I thought this happened back in 2006

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    You forgot 1st…

    Jamal Tinsley has been on the DL for so long it’s like when he comes back after that time he forgets how to play. His attitude is just horrable. I would want him and that monster contract gone.

  • fallinup

    What’s this? About 5 years too late.

  • RENO

    I know this is off the topic but wouldn’t it be great if NBA teams were allowed to make trades with any team across the globe!?! Don’t you think that’ll globalize the game?????

  • S.K

    They’re only going to get shit in return for him. Mark Blount comes to mind.

  • RENO

    At this point…. I think the Pacers would be happy with a free meal in return for Tinsley. Bout to start up an office pool on who’ll play more games…. Jamaal Tinsley or Darius Miles.. HA!

  • JDish

    From what I have heard the guy should just take what he can and get out. I mean what team wants a player with such great playing ability, but with a bad attitude and getting into trouble off the court. And its so amazing when a team is so desperate to get rid of a player. That speaks volumes about Tinsley’s situation with the pacers. He really must be a disturbance for the team. If he were a different type of guy where he is humble, taking care of his position as an NBA guard, working hard for the organization, this would not be happening. I believe Tinsley brought this on himself, I say the team should trade or do whatever to move the guy out.

  • James Dolan

    Jamal Tinsley is still in the League ?!?!?

  • Diego

    Tinsley, will not suit up again for the Pacers but should still have a place in the league.

    Look at a guy like Jeff McGinnis. Wasn’t he pushed out of Cleveland and then sent home packing by N.J. for attitude? Next thing you know, he is starting for Charlotte!

    Tinsley has game and is he really that bad an apple? Give me examples. (I know about that car shoot-up at the hotel, and I don’t really blame Tinsley re. that.)

    Maybe a bar altercation or 2. Hell, Charles Barkley threw a guy through a window back in his day.

  • the rocket cat

    I’m a huge fan of personal responsibility, but I’m kind of sick of teams and the media throwing players under the bus. I don’t want to make too many excuses for guys, and maybe Tinsley just is a jerk, but I think a lot of players come into the league kind of emotionally underdeveloped and without a lot of life skills and in certain organizations, it’s clear that not enough has been done to help them develop off the court. I don’t think it’s coincidence that half the “bad” players in the league have some connection to Isiah Thomas, or that whole teams will sort of go bad all at once (Portland & Indiana a few years ago). If you throw young and impressionable guys into a shitty environment, things aren’t going to work out well, whether they’re basketball players or not. Jamaal Tinsley may be irreparably fucked up at this point in his career, but the Pacers management has to at least take some responsibility for fucking him up.

  • Taj

    I agree with rocket cat! if they dont want the guy on their team, get rid of him for whatever the cost instead of sending messages like taking his name off the locker and sh*t!!! Grow some nutz Larry and quit acting like a b*tch!!

  • chaos

    larry bird should lure tinsley to a strip club with promises of korbel and discount lap dances from midget dancers then black bag him and send him to moscow with a wad of cash as a bribe to play ball for cska…..this will guarantee that foreign countries won’t want to take anymore US players

  • T Dubbs

    Better keep Tinsley as a back up… Ford’s more injury prone than McGrady.

  • Brown

    If the Pacers want to move on and get this circus over with, they have to buy him out. Nobody’s trading anything of value for Tinsley. All I can see them getting is another bad contract, which doesn’t help them at all. The only way a team is going to want Tinsley is to sign him to a 1-year deal for cheap.

  • DellCurryFan

    I think Tinsley can still ball if he can ever stay healthy. Although I think the Pacers organization is still a mess. Maybe they have to take a page from the Trailblazers and get rid of all their bad image/locker room cancers. They have already gotten rid of Ron-Ron, S Jax, and Jermaine. They should buy out Tinsley and let their younger guys get burn and build chemistry and keep building through the draft.


    I think it would be hilarious if NBA teams were allowed to trade with teams across the globe. Imagine if the Suns traded Shaq to some team in Moscow or Rasheed gets shipped to Italy.

  • AY

    i don’t understand why it’s so hard to take care of this tinsley situation; they’ve been wanting to get rid of him for a while, why don’t they just do what every management i’ve ever known would do: promote tinsley to a non-playing vp type position, a pay raise and let him do nothing. vp of international hardwood convergence and send him to missions in east europe, he gets off the cap and they don’t have to worry about him being a bad influence. After he does this for a year, you can cut him for downsizing and just offshore his job, what’s so hard about this?

  • kevin k

    If i was tinsley, i would just sit out for 3 years and make 21 mil without doing nothing. how awesome is that for your average folks

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QueSt???

    @ diego um yea that happened to jeff mcginnis but where is he now?

  • Diego

    Jeff is almost 34 years old, put in 11 years in the league, and made around $20 mil. or so. Not bad for a second round pick. He’s probably either sipping a cocktail at a vacation home right now or prepping to bank some more $ in Europe (or both).

  • karizmatic

    Didn’t Tinsley have a pretty good 1st half of the season last year? I’d sit him 3rd string if they really don’t want to use him, I don’t like buy outs especially because some team will pick him up for cheap. Namely the Golden State Warriors.

  • it aint easy being green

    remind me why he had a locker in the first place


    pay that cat to bounce! he’ll kill what little chance they have of rebuilding, if he stays.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Gotta love the nicknames of different types of weed!

    Gotta keep dude if they smart. Between injuries and no telling what else, it would be good to have dude available if nothing else.

    Real question is Tinsley vs. Crunchbury? Who would you take there?

    LOL so is taking the nameplate off is suppose to be like a “hard move” or something?

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    wow next time mob bosses should add the “taking of the nameplate” in the list of messages like sending a black rose or something…

  • paningit

    i didn’t know tinsley and the pacers still matter.

  • Stepper

    These teams are full of shit. They can easily trade him for something “even a few kicks”. Why come out with none sense like this, we are taking off his name tag! really!