NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Sep 30, 2008 / 9:55 am

We Need This

Kobe Bryant

Easily one of the best photos ever posted on this site.

It was taken the other day by a good friend of the Dime Family at Austin City Limits. We need this.

And just to start your Tuesday off right, in honor of this dude’s shirt, GO HERE.

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  • it aint easy being green

    never gets old

  • Michorizo

    Is the Bud Light the chaser?

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Let it go fellas….
    where did you find this loser??
    he looks like Jared from subway before Jared found subway…

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Or is that Booger from Revenge of the Nerds?

  • rlf

    i get it know, you’re not unbiased “reporters” because you are not journalists.

    hopefully kobe will not do another cover for you guys.

    do you think, kobe is the only guy a non-fan has made a shirt with some ‘bad’ comment on it? of course not. but you love just trashing kobe.

    let it go, GROW UP

  • rlf

    it is now, sorry…but reading this one becomes ignorant.

  • Blue

    wow, it sounds like rif know what kobe’s ass tastes like…and his ball sweat for that matter!

  • iain.

    Rlf, i appreciate your rather delicate grasp on the English language will cause things to be lost in translation, but you completely and totally missing the point of why this is funny still astounds me.

  • bballinca

    is it funny because the guy in the picture is an overweight slob and probably can’t even get a bball to hit a backboard let alone see his own feet?

  • doug

    dime is so hypocritical, I see why athletes despise you guys, Kobe should never do another interview for you guys. That fat guy is imbisilc and sophmoric along with fat shaq. Kobes in his prime, Shaq is on his way out and that’s just a dieing mans last punch before he kicks the can. That fat guy looks like an out of shap Celtics fan you guys might have won a championship for the first time since dudes were rocking mullets but your starting quarter back is out for the season, you guys got beat by the dolphins,the best redsox now plays in Cali and most
    importantly you live in Boston.

  • Big Sia

    ^ SONNED

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Damn, the K.O.B.E. Special Ops squad was all over this one. Sorry we offended y’all.

  • Big V

    I find this funny, but can see how others wouldn’t. Whatever.

  • Pskila

    If the Lakers don’t get some major help this year. Kobe is going to be pouting the same way he was last season….lol..Kobe is good, but no way he can do it by himself…Props on the shirt..it never gets old…lmao…

  • Blue

    K.O.B.E. Special Ops…nice!!!
    if those people were to really read the articles they would see that a majority of your staff is up on Kobe’s nuts anyway. and the humor is not in that it’s making fun of Kobe, but that they turned it into a shirt!!!

  • dukesman2000

    Shaq is a bum. He balames Kobe for his divorce. If I am not mistaking Shaq’s wife was banging her gym instructor. Don’t blame Kobe for your ineptness to please your wife. Maybe if you weren’t so big, worthless and hung like field mouse, your wife wouldn’t cheat on you.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Kobe did do Shaq dirty in that police interview, though, you have to admit.

  • doug

    you guys kobe was like 23 at the time he told cops that about shaq. The cat was young and scared, we’re years removed from that situation. The funny thing about that situation is per an interview of Kobe I was watching a couple of weeks ago, Kobe said Shaq was calling him all throughout the finals telling him he was rooting for him and how proud he was of him than after the Lakers lost he did that freestlye about Kobe. Sounds real phony and fake…Sound like Shaq.

  • Blue

    don’t matter if dude was 23…you just don’t do that!!! you don’t rat out your boy…no matter if you’re 15 or 50!!!

  • doug

    yeah but it’s more understandable when your younger. Rats are never acceptable but I have a feeling you would have done the same thing if you were in his position but it’s easy to say you wouldn’t have done that from the comfort of your chair and sitting behind a computer screen.

  • doug

    keep it real BLUE. Your 23, your being accused of rape and you come out of your hotel room and your being interogated by cops who are offering you random plea bargains that could prevent you from going to the bing, try to slide into dudes shoes.

  • Andy Panties

    The amount of Kobe slurpers out there blows my mind. Regardless if where your affiliations lie, that fact of the matter is Shaq’s rap was friggin’ funny and the shirt is as well. You Lakeshow Lovers need to get a sense of humor.

    PS- Jake Kolbus is up and coming, y’all better watch yourself!

  • Blue

    i mean…i understand being scared and all, but rattin’ out Shaq wouldn’t have made his case any better. ya know? i don’t know…it’s just a personal difference in belief i guess.

    plus, i just don’t like kobe to begin with…ha!

  • Mark

    I would’ve easily bought ACL tickets just for that guy.

  • doug

    I figured that comment was motivated by hate BLUE but lets not be females about the situation and allow hatred for someone to impair our logical thinking, after all the only thing worse than a rate is b*@ch a@s dude…Andy Panties I have no comment your name says it all I bet you live in Maine or something I really feel sorry for you cats that don’t live in a major metropolis (los angeles)your deprived of beatiful women, weather and most importantly good social skills…stop dating your cousins you hicks and travel outside of your town there is more to life than rolling around in hay, cow tipping and back yard wrestling..evolve you peeons, the only reason you idiots can relate with that idiot wearing that shirt is because he probably looks like you or one of your cousins or both. Grow up bafoons.

  • Elliot

    I think “Doug” is actually Doug Collins. He loves him some Kobe.

  • name

    none of y’all don’t know any of these ball players. its funny to read this shit. its a fuckin white dude in a t-shirt and your cryin like someone stole your lunch money. kobe don’t care about you. doug, why you so angry bro?

  • melonrope

    lol @ blue thinking he is kobe’s mommy
    i never seen anyone jock kobe like that before. u probably used to breastfeed him.