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Which New Acquisition Will Have the Biggest Impact?

Richard JeffersonRJ will be big in Brew Country

Of all the new faces relocating for the ’08-09 campaign, who do you think is going to have the biggest impact on their new roster? When we spoke with Joe Alexander at the Rookie Transition Program event last week in the Bronx, he took a break from raving about Ramon Sessions to throw his support behind Richard Jefferson and the Bucks being this year’s surprise squad.

Though the Bucks are weak on the front lines, RJ gives Milwaukee something that they haven’t had in years – a legit scorer who will open up opportunities for others around him. Given that Jefferson is a lock at over 20-points per, Michael Redd will undoubtedly improve on the 130 treys his sunk last season.

And, as Alexander mentioned Ramon Sessions will impress a lot of people. He’ll help facilitate Jefferson’s transition, spreading out the ball between him and Redd.

“Ramon Sessions has impressed me a lot – he’s a great passer,” says Alexander. “Sometimes I’ve been dropping his passes over the summer because they come out of nowhere. I’ve been really impressed with him.”

Is RJ going to have the biggest impact of any new acquisition, or will it be one of the other guys listed here?

Richard Jefferson
Baron Davis
Elton Brand
Mo Williams
Kwame Brown
Renaldo Balkman
Corey Maggette
Marcus Williams
Ron Artest
T.J. Ford
Jermaine O’Neal
Jarrett Jack
Ricky Davis
Marcus Camby
James Jones
Jamaal Magloire
Mike Miller
Yi Jianlian
Bobby Simmons
Chris Duhon
Anthony Roberson
Mickael Pietrus
Matt Barnes
Ike Diogu

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  • TJ

    I think Mike Redd is the only one sure to average over 20. He did it the last five seasons while RJ’s done it once (besides an injury shortened 04-05).

  • http://www.dimemag.com A-Slam

    First!! I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Elton Brand will get buckets in Philly

  • Kevin

    Jermaine O’Neal

  • TL

    Definitely Artest without a doubt because his DEF will inspire the whole Rocket’s DEF (e.g KG last year), and it’ll free up McGrady to do his thing on offense.

  • Banga

    Jermaine O’neal

  • raf


  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc


    Picture a starting lineup coming at you of JO, Bosh and Bargs, thats two of the best bigmen and….well another tall dude who loves 3s. If Bargs knocks some 3s down thats kind of a scary lineup match up wise. And if he flops as the starting 3, Moon or Kapono can come in.

    JO could be just what this team needs, a big ass angry dude who can patrol the paint. Hopefully hes healthy and ready, quite and improvement from Rasho

  • flyp

    Elton Brand. Has to be.

  • Diego

    Concur with Jermaine. Toronto could really put it together.

  • CP3MVP

    I’d give it to Elton Brand. He makes the Sixers legit.

    Baron may lead the league in scoring, and ron ron will have the rockets atop the west before yao hurts himself trying to speak english and goes out for the year.

    I call corey maggette the worst signing btw. The warriors are fuckin dumb

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Darius Miles.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Oh, I thought you meant negative impact. My bad.

  • Prof. TX

    How many teams have three guys that are a legitimate threat for 20 points in a night? Two, maybe three squads? Houston will have the league’s best defense and another threat on offense.
    (if healthy, of course, etc..)

  • peoples champ

    Baron Davis???

  • karizmatic

    I think undoubtedly Elton Brand will do about 20-10 and make the biggest impact opening up the floor for Iguadola and Young. Life will get easier for Andre Miller as well. A-slam…that’s definitely not going out on a limb.

  • http://myspace.com/bastianfleig 1982


    Elton Brand!

  • MSkittle

    Elton Brand

  • George W Kush Sr

    Kwame Brown for the Pistons.

  • MSkittle

    And how would RJ help Redd get more 3’s? Won’t he take shots away from Redd?

  • original2k9

    Elton Brand

  • Kobeef

    Lebron for the Nets
    (from the Plain Dealer)

    “It makes you wonder whether he really likes you. I suppose it could be worse: He could be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. But that sort of nonsense would make his life difficult in Cleveland. I guess we have no choice but to count our blessings and simply celebrate our Yankee-loving-Cowboy-hugging-global icon until he divorces us and takes his game somewhere else.”

  • Michorizo

    Is RJ Gay … I read somewhere that he was?
    And of course Brand will have the biggest impact …

  • s.bucketz

    humpty dumpty…aka renaldo balkman…hes guna b a solid piece in denver

  • s.bucketz

    i think RJ and Luke Walton are gay for each other…u ever seen em do a interview together about there “college days”…sounds like codeword for gay to me
    ooh yea and he has RJ tatted on his shoulder wit a wreath around it….mad flamboyant
    god thas wut i hate about bein from jersey and gettin Yes! i had to watch mad nets games jus to get my fix wen ther wasnt knicks games on

  • Big V

    I’m going with one of the following:

    Elton Brand
    Marcus Camby
    Ron Artest

    Take your pick. It seems a little foolish to have guys like this and then guys like James Jones and Renaldo Balkman on the same list.

  • Big V

    @ Prof TX,

    I doubt that Houston will be the the league’s stingiest team. They’ll be up there, but adding one lockdown defender doesn’t bring them to the top of the heap.

  • it aint easy being green

    @ dime – yall got ricky buckets on the list but no james posey. shame on yall

  • Young Lebron 23

    With EB42 wit my Sixers we at the ‘chip.

  • frederick ruger

    magloire, son. he and mark blount are gonna be a devastating combo, perhaps more formidable than shaq and zo.

  • Coop

    I’ll go with Brand. Not sure his numbers will be as nice as we’re used to but I think he’ll have a pretty big impact on Philly. He can probably get more miles from his tank being as he has Dalembert to help on D (and Kaman was pretty much redundant until last season), and he’ll have a top pg and wing to take pressure off.

  • Brown

    Brand and J.O. They fill two huge holes on teams that were pretty good to begin with. Low-post scorers who can rebound and play defense are rare in the league, and IF they can stay healthy, should take their teams to another level.

    I’ll second post #27. Posey would be close to the top of this list. NO was damn good last year, so adding defense, clutch shooting and championship experience to that club may not push them over the top, but should at least get them close to it.

  • Tony

    Elton Brand for now, Artest is an X-factor. And lol, why is Yi on this list? Suprised that he could find the basket with those Asian eyes. (I’m not stereotypical, I’m just Chinese.)

  • Marcus

    As a Rockets fan I hope its Artest. An elite defender going to an already top defensive club? Add to the fact he can score on those nights when needed.

    I also think Brand to the Sixers will really boost them up in the east.

  • David Brandon

    not ONE king. thats kinda how you know youre buried deeeeep in the cellar….when youre starting five is the JV squad.

  • Goonther

    no mo will love? people are underestimating what he’s gonna do in cleveland this year … he gets my vote

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…and now she’s sniffin again..

    For real, with hopefully no injuries and if they play where they are suppose to. Houston is going to be ill. Ron will most def. have the biggest impact. Might break the streak they already broke…ut oh.

    Man imagine when Houston finally does get past the first round they are going to be partying like actually winning the championship. They could prolly get sweeped in the second and be like whateva snitches we GOT PAST THE FIRST! PARTY TIME! lol.

    Shiiiii I’ll just be happy for an injury free season to the stars.

  • Ian

    lets see the best player to move was elton brand
    he went to a weaker conference and makes the team legit so i have to go with brand

    gee if hosuton avoids lakers new orleans and spurs in the first round they can get to the second round but then again its tmac so we dont know

  • nick

    JO or brand will be have the biggest impact with their teams.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…and now she’s sniffin again..

    Ian bahumbug on all that lol. Spurs still got the formula but they getting old, so injuries prolly will take them out.
    Lakers is like a wash somewhat to me cause they both could stand to have better PG’s, but Artest and Barry’s revenge puts the Rockets over L.A.
    New Orleans is serious, and I ain’t gone front I might be a lil shook there, cause I think CP would have his way with Alston like Skip owe him some smokes in prison. I still think they could get by them on team defense.
    Ian since you forcin my hand imma just lay it down now and here then.

    This will be the year Houston will make it past the first round.
    I’m done. lol

  • Coop

    One more thing Dime, re; the ‘poll’. You’ve got contradictory participles at the end. Pick either ‘before the season started?’ or ‘should he go through with surgery before the season starts?’



  • AB40

    kwame brown MIP 15 and 8 2 and 2 ah hahahaha

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…and now she’s sniffin again..

    LOL @ 40.

    I got a danglin participle pimpin lol!

  • Tyrone

    yo y’all – my man Elton B is gonna be off the hook in Philly. He’s gonna be dat down-low presence that Philly has lacked and with some of the shooters they got, it’s gonna be bombs-away from downtown y’all. Them 76ers are gonna be rockin’ philly come may and june, y’all heard it here first.

    True thugz never lie.

  • Ian

    damn i had to google bahumbug (im not american i dont know all the weird words) but ok to the post
    comon u r counting on a spurs injury to get past them and the revenge of barry to get past the lakers lol comon the rockets cant beat either team
    yaos gonna get a “how my ass taste?” from timmeh and the rockets best player is a career loser but good luck maybe u guys can get the mavs or the suns in that first round

    and the lakers need a better pg? weren u the one sayin that fisher is better than parker if thats so the lakers dont need shit at the pg postion
    i know someone here was sayin that bs once that fisher is better than parker so if it wasnt u sorry about that

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…and now she’s sniffin again..

    lol Imma have to see what comes up when you google that (bahumbug).

    I like cats that remember. Haaahahah I was the one saying that I would rather Fisher over Parker, mainly during the playoffs.

    So you were correct to call me out lol. I am off that now though. That was a one time deal. Fisher dissappointed me a lil bit, in the playoffs. Not saying he didn’t do ok, I just expected more.

    So yea I feel at the moment the Lakers need a better pg startin wise. Him and Rafer make excellent back-ups in my opinion as of now.

    Seriously though with the additions and the system, I really feel we can in a 7 game series get past either one of those teams with all parties healthy.

    Guess we will find out.

    I have officially layed my card down though. Past first round this year regardless of who they play.

  • Coop

    hahaha Gee. Here’s to a Mad Ron contract year! ;)

  • Ian

    Something intended to deceive; a hoax or fraud.
    A person who claims to be other than what he or she is; an impostor.
    Nonsense; rubbish.
    Pretense; deception.

    btw u were kinda were kinda crazy when u mentioned that fisher over parker stuff and u used playoffs as an example when parker is a finals mvp and a star fisher is just supporting cast

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…and now she’s sniffin again..

    lol dude gave me a definition hahahah.
    That was funny. Imma let you have that just on creativity alone.

    In the words of Redman back when. “I’ll be dat”

    If you go back though, you will see that I really meant on a defensive end. Cause come on Parker playsss noooooo defense lol.

  • Ian

    u asked for what came up when i googled lol
    and u didnt say on defense it was an overall argument and comon fisher will get destroyed by williams paul or parker anyways so that defense will be for what stopping jason kidd??? besides we shouldnt even be arguing who would u rather have cuz this is a no brainer my man

  • Ian

    redman jum comon i know who he is cuz of how high i only now 2 rappers by name both of them dead now a third with this one lol
    so no more rapper quotes for me man

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…and now she’s sniffin again..

    Ian ok I see you was giving me the humbug deal, ok cool.

    Yes I chose dude overall over Fisher because he plays defense. I ain’t debatin it now, cause you are right, they are to offensively sound to stop. Still I “did” preferr Derek because he was one of few guards that played D and was ok at everything else.

    If you lookin for me to say I was wrong though, then I have no probs. saying that, “I was wrong”. I still favor guards that play D over strickly offensive guards though. I got a lil over-zealous but I am back……for now.

    and I am done with rapper quotes for the day lol.

  • Jah

    Elton Brand’s 20/10 will be huge in Philly.

    Andre Miller dishing out dimes and scoring when needed.
    Iggy doing a little bit of everything.
    Thad continuing to grow and contribute.
    EB doing what he does.
    Sammy swatting shots.

    I see good things in Philly’s future. Good things.

  • Ian

    gee lol sorry about the humbug deal

  • chiaki

    Ricky Buckets.. no other player in the league can give your team a sure trip to the lottery.. he’s like the killer of all your playoff aspirations..

  • Ian

    marbury? isnt he better at that?

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    It has to be Elton Brand … he’s going to turn a lucky-to-be-in-the-playoffs squad into a contender.

    Baron Davis is one of the runner ups

    Artest, TJ Ford, Jermaine O Neal …. RJ isn’t even in the running here.

  • b.lam


    I know he’s not on the list…but consider this:

    The man has never missed the playoffs in his career.

    He’s helped develop KG, Duncan, and Bosh… i.e. the man they practice against every day.

    He’ll do wonders for the Pacers… we’ll miss him in Toronto for sure! His game is underrated. He does all the right things on the court for your team and will NEVER complain about PT.

  • HugotheHornet

    B-Diddy making the clippers relavent and a playoff contender

  • Tim

    KWAME BROWN…he’ll be in a role he can be comfortable in…production galore…you’ll see…he’s going to Detroit, where Joe D takes your trash and makes it his treasure…


    Ben Wallace
    next up Kwame Brown


  • kg fan

    patrick freakin o’bryant!

  • http://karanmadhok.blogspot.com karan

    ron ron is gonna have the biggest impact in houstan ever.
    just watch

  • Coop


    I believe you mean ‘e.g’ not ‘i.e’

  • http://housethatglanvillebuilt.blogspot.com Rev. Paul Revere

    Elton Brand
    Then Artest

  • J

    how about least impact, that would be jamal the tree magloire, how does this guy still make money?