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Who did you think was going to be an NBA star but fell short?

Sebastian TelfairSebastian Telfair (photo. adidas)

In this morning’s Smack we took a little shot at J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams; certainly not the first and definitely not the last coming from an office full of charter members of the Duke-Haters Club and one delusional Blue Devils fan who thinks Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley and Redick are the three greatest college ballplayers of all-time, in that order.

I’m one of those Duke-haters, and while I knew right away that the Hawks were making a mistake taking Shelden fifth overall in the ’06 Draft, I have to admit that I thought Redick would turn out to be a good pro, and I even wanted him on my Sonics, who had the 10th pick that year. (At the time, I was convinced that if Seattle went to a Mike D’Antoni-ish system — Luke Ridnour playing the Steve Nash role, Chris Wilcox playing the Amare role, and Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis sticking threes on the wing with Rashard playing that Boris Diaw hybrid forward spot — they would be a decent team, and Redick would fit into that picture perfectly as another shooter.)

While both Shelden and Redick are still young with room to grow and find their NBA niche, by all accounts it looks like I was wrong on Redick. And he wouldn’t be the first guy I swung and missed on when it comes to projecting an NBA career. From John Wallace (Syracuse) to Mateen Cleaves (Michigan State) to Drew Gooden (Kansas) to Jared Jeffries (Indiana) to Salim Stoudamire (Arizona) to Steve Logan (Cincinnati) to Ike Diogu (Arizona State) to Sebastian Telfair (Lincoln H.S.; Brooklyn), there are plenty of guys who I was certain would be somewhere between good and All-Star caliber pros when they were coming out of school, but for whatever reason it hasn’t worked out for them.

Who did you think was going to be a star but fell short?

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  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    1st! and Sebastian Telfair, for sure I thought he would be the man, the passes he could make were just sic and I think he still owns the Mcdonals game assist record.

  • AY

    i really didn’t think adam morrison was going to be this bad. maybe not an all-star, but not the 10th guy.

  • Kudabeen

    Bo Kimble!! – WTF! Dude game was tight, but mentally he just fell out of love with the game…

    Dujuan Wagner – One of the greatest scorers not in the league

    Jonathan Bender – Could have been Dirk with some hops. He had a very good total game. 6’11, had a stroke, could handle, block shots, didn’t have the body to rebound as much. Just when he puts on more weight to step up he injuries his knees.

    Note to all young ballers:


  • Sambuu

    it might be not appropriate here but I thought Jay Williams (Duke) would kill in the NBA…

  • Kudabeen

    Never thought Telfair was going to do well and a “small” guard out of high school…

    He still has time, but has to have a coach that believes. He can still handle and pass the ball on an NBA level. Can’t see why he can’t have TJ Ford type of success…

  • Stu Inman

    Sam Bowie.

  • rudderbandman

    Two words: Dajuan Wagner

  • Daily boy

    I’d have to say Jay Williams, I know it was because of a dumb decision that forced his injury, but i thought dude was gonna be a beast at the PG spot.

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    Duwan Wagner was a good choice he scored like 105 one time in HS and had a good freshman year @ Memphis. I just thought that telfair was so quick that he could make the adjustment.

  • loganlight

    LOL at Stu Inman – I thought the same thing.

    I got to give my “Biggest Bust” award to Kwame Brown. I am one of the biggest Kwame haters you can find – though I am wishing him well in the D… But when dude was drafted I thought he was going to be LEGIT. Maybe because Michael said so…

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    Thats cool to hate on Kwame, but I think alot of the expectations of him being legit came from MJ drafting him, had someone else drafted him, I dont think we would have had the same xpectations. He wasn’t hyped out of school, like Dajuan Wagner and Bassy

  • Tha Boddy

    I though Gilbert Arenas (Arizona) was gonna be a star…but he turned out to be a SUPERSTAR so I fell short on that…damn second round lowering my expectations of greatness…Agent Zero DMV Hero!!!

  • http://www.barackobama.com Jim

    Jay Williams and John Wallace are the biggest that come to mind. Jay Williams doesn’t quite fit because he got hurt, but things weren’t going well and it didn’t seem like he had his head on right.

    In HS I thought Luke Axtell was going to be real, but apparently he, ummm…no, I can’t criticize, you have to live your life.

  • Korady

    I’m right there with you on Mateen Cleaves, especially after that pseudo-Isiah Thomas impression.

    Also thought Julius Peppers would be good in a broke man’s Charles Barkley sort of way, but of course that’s only because I don’t pay attention to college football.

    And of course LeBron. What a bust

  • miamiVIS3

    Breaking News
    The OKC team is named thunder and thier logo is that wackass WNBA one

  • ERIC

    Dajuan Wagner doesnt count either bc of his sickness/disease/surgery (fluctuated weight like crazy, had his colon REMOVED!). as a rook he avg 13ppg in like 20 mpg.

  • Jehova

    The Jewish Jordan…Tamir Goodman!

  • PJ 310


  • Shogun

    Telfair will be fine if he develops a floater or some kind of shot that he can finish in the lane. Last year he had a top ten assist/turnover ratio, and he’s still very young. His only real weakness is offense.

  • Jason

    Crazy the Duke haters out there. Give me a starting 5 in the nba better than Duke’s

    5 – Brand
    4 – Boozer
    3 – Deng
    2 – Maggette
    1 – Duhon (starting for the knicks and perfect to run this team)

    6th man (Grant Hill)

  • Fresh

    Dajuan Wagner

    Sebastian Telfair

    Jay Williams

  • bballinca

    What no Harold Miner?

    I can vouch for Bo Kimble as well.

  • Michorizo

    One of these five …. LeBron James, Darko Milicic, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh

  • http://www.barackobama.com Jim

    While trying to refute Jason’s comment I realized something crazy:

    There are only 3 players in the NBA from Wake that I could find, and they are Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, and Josh Howard. Quality over quantity, I guess.

  • Luigi

    ummm guys. u say repetitve things. but i have to agree with u.. as for scorers in college that i htought was gonna be a beast…

    Tarance Kinsey. Saer Sene. JJ Redick…ah yes my friend was at a ORL/WIZ game and Orlando won…and all she cared about was him smiling at her from the bench bkuz he didnt get any PT.

    I also thought Juan Dixon was gonna be a baller.

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    I am not a Duke hater, but how bout Arizona

    Channing Frye
    Richard Jefferson
    Andre Igudola
    Agent Zero
    Jason Terry

    6th man
    Mike Bibby

    Now lets talk area LA

    Baron Davis
    Agent Zero
    Paul Pierce
    Tayshaun Prince
    Tyson Chandler

    6th man Richard Jefferson

  • bballinca

    Richard Jefferson is not from LA.

  • ben

    Agree with Lamar Odom. I realize he’s a pretty good player, but he looked like the next big thing for a while. Now he’s just a headcase who cant quite put it all together

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    I stand corrected he was born in LA and raised in AZ my bad… I ll take Amir Johnson

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    I stand corrected he was born in LA and raised in AZ my bad…

    How is this

    Baron Davis
    Agent Zero
    Paul Pierce
    Tayshaun Prince
    Tyson Chandler

    6th man Amir Johnson

  • Hoveys Home

    Randolph Childress and Reggie Freeman

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    what about Lenny Cook? Any1 remember him? That dude was supposed to be the man, that isd until LBJ lit him up at ABCD camp.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I should have added Tim Thomas.

  • bballinca

    Kobe Rocks

    what about Jennings, Williams, Ariza, Farmar, Vaughan?

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    I was talking starting 5 and a sixth man, I know those cats are from LA, but I wouldn’t start them over the others.

  • Drink The Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    @ Jason–
    Y you gotta use my signature for your hate towards Dime in the smack?

  • Michael Jordan

    Kwame Brown

  • James Dolan

    Isaah Thomas

  • vshooter80

    Randolph Childress, jay williams, Tim Thomas

    1Ben Gordon
    2Richard Hamilton
    3Rudy Gay
    4Charlie Villanueva
    5Hilton Armstrong and 6th man Ray Allen

  • Fresh

    What about Stromile Swift…?

  • KCL

    Kwame definetly. Bassy as well, just never showed any drive as a blazer despite all his skill. Same goes for Darius Miles and Lamar Odom, those two would have been the shit if they just focused and wanted it

  • Matt

    Gerald Green and Lenny Cooke

  • chronically ill

    It’s still too early to call Bassy a bust. He’s only what, like 23? He’s still got a chance to be like Chauncey Billups. I know they’ve got different games, but Chauncey actually had a similar career path as Bassy did early in his career. Everyone seems to forget about this, but Chauncey was traded by like 6 different teams the first four years of his career. Everyone labeled him a bust, thought he was washed out. And look at him now. Finals MVP, universally recognized as one of the top points in the game.

    I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, but Bassy’s still got a chance to rewrite his career like Chauncey did. Chauncey revived his career at Minny. Who knows? Maybe Bassy could do the same?

  • dagwaller

    vshooter, you like Rip over Allen, you like Gay over Caron, and you like Armstrong over Emeka? Hm.

  • chronically ill

    As for my all LA team:
    pg- Andre Miller (Baron is better, but I’ll rather have B. Diddy coming off the bench as instant offense and have Dre distribute. There are plenty of scorers on this lineup anyways)

    sg- Agent Zero
    sf- Paul Pierce
    pf- Tayshaun Prince
    c- Tyson Chandler

    Bench: B. Diddy, Nick Young, Amir Johnson, Farmar or Brandon Jennings

  • jay rich

    Yo I really thought gerald green was gonna be the man I thought the same about jr smith but 4 real remember when ppl were sayin melo over lebron lol how bout melo now

  • Arnold Palmer

    hey i dont consider dajuan a bust cuz he had a solid first 2yrz in the l….nd then hiz sickness took over…..id have to go with….olawakandi….Drew gooden waz more hyped out of uk than paul pierce nd now look at him…..also guyz lik sebastion…..Rashadd mcantz….shannon brown..Luke Jackson..to many guyz who were great athletes nd player in college nd dissappear in the l

  • Yoooo

    Eddie Griffin, Andre Barrett. JamesOn Curry. Lynn Greer. George Lynch. O’Bannons. Royal Ivey. And bet ur bottom dollar DJ Augustin will soon join them

  • AIC

    Malik Moore

  • Dagomar

    With all the hype about Adam Morrison being another Bird, I thought he was at least not going to be the worst player on the worst team in the NBA.

    I thought Kwame Brown was going to be pretty good. I thought Okafor would be a whole lot better. Too soon to call Bargnani a bust but if he is, then that will surprise me too. The NBA is riddled with guys who had tons of upside but never were able to find the right environment or work ethic or simple smarts to capitalize on that. For every Lebron there’s about 20 of Darius Miles, and that’s not even mentioning guys like Grant Hill who become good and could be truly great, but have their careers cut short.

  • vinny

    Dagwaller, well Rip because he’s younger. Gay is gonna have a bust out year this year! But your right about Emeka-my bad.

  • Dagomar

    Oh, and I dunno how I forgot Darko Milicic.

  • http://www.dimemag.com A-Slam

    How about the entire 2000 draft class?

  • ed

    marcus camby. he was fun to watch. he had that one year with the knicks in the shortened season. i still remember larry bird gushing about him when he killed birds pacers in the playoffs.

  • Drink the Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    All those cats went to Uconn, but I would take U of A anyday

  • dagwaller

    Vin, can’t really hate on Rip – and you DID include Ray.

    If Gay has a huge year this year, then I might give you him, too. Not ruling it out, either.

  • added

    Felipe Lopez…

    what happened to this guy? he was big time in high school..

  • Foges

    Does Shawn Bradley work ? Super high draft pick & end of bench type.

  • James

    Trent Strickland out of Wake Forest- he was nasty with stupid hops- dude couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat- but he was a player- I thought he would end up in league some day- he hasnt played a game in L yet- he is tearing it up in the D-League though

  • Luigi

    as for ur all AZ/LA team stuff my 3 man b-more/dc team n add 2 streetballers

    PG. Streetballer
    SG. Melo
    SF. Durant
    PF. Beasley
    C. Streetballer


  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QueSt???

    carlos arroyo

  • Da Coach

    Hmm…let me see…

    For you B-More cats, how about Mark Karcher? He was supposed to be the man at Temple.

    For the DC cats, how about Lawrence Moten? Or Sherman Douglas?

    Or Charles Smith that played at Georgetown?

    Ohh…let’s see how many remember this name from Ohio…Estaban Weaver…

  • the haters POV

    P Shiddy (Gerald Brown) could run the point for that B-More squad. Guaranteed win. Ya’ll better ask about him.

  • dagwaller

    PG for the DC/Bmore team would be Steve Francis. THE SPRING

  • dagwaller

    Or Delonte West, or Greivis Vazquez if you want to get ridiculous.

    Jai Lewis (George Mason Final Four player) was a moose – he might be able to play center for the team. He’s from Aberdeen.

  • dagwaller

    Muggsy Bogues would be another good guard from the area, and then of course keep in mind that Rudy Gay is actually from Maryland.

  • heartbreaker85

    “I am not a Duke hater, but how bout Arizona

    Channing Frye
    Richard Jefferson
    Andre Igudola
    Agent Zero
    Jason Terry

    6th man
    Mike Bibby

    Now lets talk area LA

    Baron Davis
    Agent Zero
    Paul Pierce
    Tayshaun Prince
    Tyson Chandler

    6th man Richard Jefferson”

    Forget the college/ LA talk man, how about showing CHI-town some love?

    starting team for that squad would be nasty. start with wade. throw in a young walker and finley. dont forget KG too. the list goes on.

  • the mamba

    Dajuan, eddie griffin, gerald green, omar cook, wally szcerbiak

  • Xrazie_thug

    Dajuan. Dude scored like 100 in a HS game during his senior year in HS. Had he been healthy during his run with the Cavs, then a Wagner-James combo would’ve been crazy for the L.

  • Promoman

    Dajuan simply had bad luck. Bobby Hurley was undone by lack of playing time & the wreck he was in. Eddie Griffin I wasn’t surprised by. He kept getting into shit throughout high school & college. I figured that may’ve followed him to the NBA.

  • Gregg

    I’d like to nominate Felipe Lopez

  • Joe

    You can not put Wagner on the list… He had his colon removed.. you dont drop 50 with no colon.. He averaged 13.4 a game as a rookie. You can not put a guy with a major sickness as a bust.. Who are you going to put next Leonard Kevin Bias cause he never scored a point in the league?????

  • that’s whats up

    the Vancouver Grizzlies

    …and I was right

  • sans

    Len Bias was a huge bust…shouldn’t have gotten rich in the 80s. You can’t include Hank Gathers because of injury…and Dajuan playing pro ball right now, in Europe, land of those that never reach their full potential.

    I thought Steve Logan was unbelievable, and stopping him in the playground for a game is one of the proudest moments of my life. I thought he was going to be an amazing pro, maybe not all-star, but like Eddie House with passing ability. What about Khalid El-Amin? Kandi Man? Pervis Ellison, Lionel Simmons, Ralph Sampson, Darryl Dawkins, and Omar Cook.

  • Ur Durnk Uncle

    Here’s what to avoid drafting

    Bryant Reaves
    Eric Montross
    Jim Mcilvaine
    Shawn Bradley
    Hanno Mottola

    Do you see the trend here?

  • Detroit Dave


  • karizmatic

    I thought Shareef Abdur Raheem would be better than he has been. I never thought Redick would be a superstar or even a star, he’s 6’4 doesn’t have big time handles, and is slow…he was all those things in college even though he had a great career, but I still think he can fit a shooter off the bench role ala Steve Kerr, he just needs to get in a system that can use him that way.

  • “Vinnie “2 mins”Johnson”

    Len Bias a bust? wtf?

    JaRon Rush

    Kareem and Brandon’s older brother. He played with Baron Davis at UCLA.

    He got cut by Seattle for having a drinking problem..

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff


    1. Ray Ray Felton
    2. Vince Carter
    3. Marvin Williams
    4. Antawn Jamison
    5. Rasheed Wallace

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    6th Man…Stackhouse

  • Big North

    I’m dating myself here but MARK “Shakin’ Bakin'” MACON. I still remember Dick Vitale soiling himself calling his college games.

  • P_Dizzle

    Greg Ostertag
    but he falls into posts 75 category. The cat was 7’2″ and a first team All-American from Kansas. Maybe I was smoking to much, but I thought he was going to pan out better

    Sean May
    the cat tore up the NCAA tourney. I thought he was going to be the “next” Barkley.

    Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson
    I got caught up in the hype on him. Hell, I thought he was going to have the all-time scoring record midway through his 3rd year in the league. I thought he was going to revolutionize the sport. Dude had a serviceable and respectable career, but not what it was hyped up to be.

  • boogey banger

    Gentleman I saw Todd Day and Lee Mayberry wreak havoc over the seven seas (ok just the ACC) and then fizzle.

    I saw Lari Ketner eat Marcus Camby up as a red-shirted freshman and then couldn’t make it in the L for more than a season

    But the biggest career flameout has to be Mr. Ray Jackson of Fab 5 fame. Webber, Howard (switched with a clone in 01), Rose, even Jimmy King (I’m stretchin here)got to be on tv. Ray Ray went straight to pumpin gas at Hess

  • douglalr

    Okay…let’s quit playing around…
    Keynon Martin (led nation in scoring and rebounding)
    Fennis Dembo (have to go way back for this one)
    Miles Simon (swore he was 10 times better than Bibby when they played together)
    Danny Manning (he was good but did you see that run to the title at Kansas…people were supposed say a player like Magic made it possible for us to have a star like Manning)
    Pearl Washington (OMG did anyone see this guy is high school or at Syracuse?)
    Walter Berry (how soon we forget)
    Patrick Ewing (hall of famer true, but he was supposed to redifine the position)

  • CP3MVP

    Sean Rooks and Tractor Traylor….

  • CP3MVP

    Oh shit, howd i forget D-Miles

  • Big North

    Fennis Dembo!!!!! Nice drop

    Kendal “I wanna be Jordan” Gill needs a mention in there. You know you aint reach when the only time you appear on youtube is when you get crossed up. And even then only once.

  • Big North

    Last sighted on the side of a milk carton… Lenny Cooke, Ronnie Fields.

  • Jason

    So it is settled then…No starting 5 (plus 6 man if you want)is better then Duke’s in the NBA right now. Who would have thought it?

  • fallinup

    Wowza, 90 friggin posts and no one says Vin Baker?

  • TheBobHoops

    I absolutely do not understand the exclusion of Nicolas Tskitishvili from this list.

    I thought this dude was going to be the MAN.

    Someone mentioned Darius Miles already, which was a quality mention.

    Trajan Langdon is a good look as well.

    And Luke Jackson, taken with the 10th overall pick in ’04 cannot be considered a good investment either.

  • Ian




    6th man muggsy
    best pg in the league with the best foward ever
    if they have to be active players

    duncan howard and paul alone can woop the duke boys

  • Ian

    i dont like patrick i dont think he was as good as the robinson/hakeem/shaq group but u said it yourself hes a hofer so he shouldnt be mentioned here

  • Ian

    “Len Bias was a huge bust…shouldn’t have gotten rich in the 80s” sans what??????

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    @ Jason.

    Vince and Antawn eat up Maggette and Deng.

    Felton gets the scoring nod over Duhon. Duhon has no Jumpshot at all.

  • vinny

    douglair, did you really put Patrick Ewing on the list.


  • gangsta of love

    I thought Tim Thomas was going to be THE MAN. He’s as physically talented as any NBA player, but apparently has the desire to succeed of a homeless man. I also thought that Lawrence Moten was gonna be dope after tearing it up at the ‘Cuse.

  • gangsta of love


    Vin Baker was good. He just ate and drank his way out of the league. Still got CWebb’s gold medal though.

  • x0t

    guess Im not the only one who remembers randolph childress destroying in the acc tournament. how did he not even get a contract?

    also, felipe lopez and shammgod

    dont forget about rodney rogers not a bust but a great wake forest player

  • JCUB

    Nobody’s mentioned Eddy Curry.

  • JCUB

    And Keith Van Horn

  • brickhouse

    Ed & Charles O’Bannon – total complete busts
    Corliss Williamson – ended up having a decent NBA career but that year that Arkansas won the championship dude was like America’s Hero
    Sean Bradley – worst draft pick of all time
    Eddy Curry definitely
    Joe Smith, decent but not at all worth his draft position

  • nicky


    thank you.

    jason, i’ll give you Brand over Rasheed, but the rest is suspect.

    and if you want to go “All-Time”, theres no question

  • The saint

    i thought Monta ellis…..but he fell real short….maybe he fell in a dunk contest tryin to jump over a 2 year old

  • dagwaller

    Korleone Young

  • Big North

    I remember Childress tearin that up. I also remember him plying in the league too though. Detroit I believe

  • douglalr

    I include Ewing on this list because the changed the draft just so teams could have a shot at him. He was as good as Russel, but much more of an intimidator…he was to redefine the bigman position and do things not done since Kareem. Hoya Destroya remember???

  • Scottee

    Jonathan Bender….in my opinion, had one of the biggest upsides I’ve ever seen with anyone. 7 foot, could shoot the 3, Ball handler, athletic as all hell, much like a Kevin Durant but even more athletic and taller. Unfortunetly, health problems forced him out of the league. He was my guy though!!

  • Celts Fan

    The guy I thought was going to be a SUPERSTAR was Gerald Green and I thought that long before he was a Celtic. I remember watching him win the McD’s Dunk Contest (off the gym wall?!? gtfoh!) and then hang like 20 in the game with a mix of aggressive takes and pull up jumpers on the break. I know there’s no D at all in those games, but a guy that’s 6’8″ with those hops and a legit jumper should be more than barely in the league. The only thing that coulda held him back was a bad attitude, which is exactly what the problem’s been. They used to say he was the closest thing to Kobe and TMac since those guys, now his ceiling is like a poor man’s Maggette (and I’m not a fan of Maggette.) I thought he was gonna be the 2nd best player from that class (behind CP3) and was ECSTATIC when he fell to us. What a waste…

    2 other names from much earlier on that I thought would be better. Terry Dehere from Seton Hall (I just liked him and he was good in the Big East. When you’re like 10, that’s all you can realy go on.)

    I also really like Shawn Respert from MSU, though I think he must’ve been more of a combo guard in the days of legal hand checking and other things that’d render combo guards useless and vulnerable to getting man-handled legally.

    I figured he’d be a bust for where he was picked (3rd overall, over Brandon Roy!?,) but I figured he’s a more gritty Wally or Jason Kapono, not just barely hanging on at this point. I also figured Redick would be a poor man’s Kerr or Paxson, but I guess you gotta get some burn to have a chance.

    also Jason Williams (bike, not shotgun) would’ve been a superstar IMO had he stuck to vehicles w/ 4 wheels, but that’s a little different…

  • Celts Fan

    * Adam Morrison
    I figured he’d be a bust for where he was picked (3rd overall, over Brandon Roy!?,) but I figured he’s a more gritty Wally or Jason Kapono, not just barely hanging on at this point.

  • vinny


    Man hall of fame doesnt mean he was a star?? that was the orginal question– how could a hall of fame career fall short??

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    @ nicky.

    Brilliant minds think alike. Brand over Rasheed is marginal. When Rasheed comes to play, and I think in a UNC vs. Duke game he’d be ALL IN like 4 aces, it would be no question.

    I’d even go McCants as the 6th man, at this point he’s as good as Stack.

  • Young Lebron 23

    Bassy and Gerald Green has plenty of time.

    Dajuan wagner and Jay Williams had bad luck.

    Adam Morrison and Sean May were trash from the go.

  • Ian

    sho nuff
    comon stop that bs that when rasheed comes to play
    brand is better than him no question if rasheed came to play brand would still be better

  • JM

    Even though hard core duke fan…Danny Ferry!

    Hurley was in a near fatal car accident months into rookie season…never recovered. Not fair to consider him here. The tore his acl.

    Redick – needs to get some time. Shows he can score when has minutes. Move to another team to see what he has.

    Jay Williams – Hurley like fate, but was his decision to get on bike. NJ/Duke pg’s are cursed. I think would be top 5 pg right now. Baron Davis type player. Rookie year was bumpy…so was others like Gary Payton. He turned out ok.

  • doug

    I thought one of the biggest wash ups and surprises was Harold Miner. Everybody thought he was Jordonesque.

  • eric cooley

    Frank Oleynic! hahah. I just read up on the history of the Seattle Sonics– He averaged 27ppg in D1 college and was the ‘Supes 1st round pick in 1974. After two seasons in the NBA he was cut adrift.
    Apparently he was an amazing pure-shooter but this was LONG BEFORE the 3-point line.

  • Joe

    Qyntel Woods

  • Darrell

    ODEN what a bust. This will be on tv down the road. The 5 reason u cant blame portland for picking oden first.