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Dime #45 on sale now: NBA Preview issue, starring Kevin Garnett

Kevin GarnettKevin Garnett, Dime #45

It was just a few short months ago that we turned Dime #41 into a celebration of an NBA season that was so good from beginning to end, we proclaimed it the best season ever. The 2007-08 season was overflowing with so much good: the resurgence of the Celtics and Lakers, the rise of Chris Paul to MVP-level dominance, the improbable winning streaks of the Blazers and Rockets, and a spectacular All-Star Weekend in New Orleans were just a few of the factors that made last season so compelling.

But then a funny thing happened.

During the offseason, as we prepared to put this NBA Preview issue together, we came to a realization: that as great as last season was, this season has the potential to be even better. The NBA is riding the wave of last year’s season-long triumph and a summer where the League’s stars won gold in Beijing. The pieces are in place to take the momentum from last season and surpass the wonder of ’07-08. The heart of this issue is devoted to the players, personalities and story lines that could make 2008-09 the new “Best Season Ever.”

On the cover we have Kevin Garnett, making his third Dime cover appearance, who talks about finally reaching his championship dreams and how he plans to pick up another ‘chip this time around. Inside the mag we’ve got a feature on Elton Brand, a fashion spread with Rudy Gay, our usual serving of the latest in sneakers and lifestyle must-haves, plus our extensive and definitive NBA, college and high school season previews, to name a few.

Pick up Dime #45 now on newsstands and at retailers nationwide.

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  • D.H.

    You know what sucks Dime? I live in Vancouver, BC. Every store I go into that sells magazines sells this publication called Slam, but no Dime. Is the only way to get my hands on your stuff through subscription, or can you recommend a retailer that actually sells your mag?

    I read smack and most other posts daily and would love to get my hands on a subscription now and again.

  • Mo

    D.H., have you checked Walgreens? I’ve seen Dime at Walgreens.

  • mike

    man, dime is everywhere in the maritimes, look harder

  • Michorizo

    It’s right next to the Playboy section

  • jk

    I live in Sydney, Australia and have no problem finding Dime, hell I can even find it in Canberra! (If you know Canberra you’ll understand that statement, haha).

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Mike, hope you’re not saying Vancouver is in the Maritimes, because you’re a few thousand miles off.

    This is a sick, sick cover. Best one in a while.

  • Ross

    Great, its not like there isn’t enough pictures of Kevin Garnett on this site.

  • Roby21

    what shoes are KG wearing on the cover??

  • srb

    It’s not like the subscription is expensive. Just buy it.

  • sirak


    True dat.