Smack / Oct 29, 2008 / 2:51 am

Grand Opening

LeBronLeBron James (photo. Mannion)

Nothing like the NBA hyping its Celtics vs. Cavs opening day matchup for months, then having people turn the game on with 5:30 left in the fourth quarter and seeing neither team had cracked 80 points … With 30 seconds left and Boston ahead by three, Paul Pierce worked the clock down before missing a pull-up J over Anderson Varejao. On the Cavs’ ensuing possession, Mike Brown went with the inventive “Give LeBron the ball and go stand somewhere” play, and ‘Bron got to the rack before Pierce literally hugged his bicep and wouldn’t let go, sending him to the line. LeBron (22 pts, 7 rebs, 6 asts) made one of two, but then Boston broke Cleveland’s press and Leon Powe got a dunk on the other end that basically ended it. After Powe’s dunk, he was flexing to crowd when Rajon Rondo pushed him from behind, then KG came into the picture and pushed Rondo, as if Garnett was saying, “Hey, I’M the one who pushes people around here!” … Boston was up six late in the fourth when Rondo (14 pts, 6 asts, 3 stls) got destroyed on a pick by Varejao, but he popped right up and collected a steal from Mo Williams, flew downcourt (as Mo made a suicide dive at his heels) and did the fake-behind-the-back move, only to miss the breakaway layup. Under normal circumstances — like if backup PG Eddie House could bring the ball past midcourt without the other team grinning — Doc Rivers would have benched Rondo immediately … Kendrick Perkins‘ sweat game is right up there with Patrick Ewing‘s. That kid will f*** up a gray t-shirt in a minute … Yes, Delonte West got dunked on by Powe (not the dagger, but earlier in the game) kinda nasty, but you can’t really fault him; Delonte is a lot shorter than Powe, and he got sky-high going for that block. And it wasn’t half as bad as when LeBron crowned Delonte a couple years back … As expected, Boston’s championship ring/banner ceremony was off the charts. Although we’re not sure if Pierce was crying because he was emotional or because that chandelier on his finger was shining too bright … If you didn’t think Pierce (27 pts) has something to prove this year — that he really is the best player in the world — you knew it early in the first quarter when he skated into the lane and threw down a two-hander with the most elevation he’s shown since Kansas … Did the Blazers let all the preseason hype get to their head, or are the Lakers just that freakin’ good? Game 2 of last night’s national-TV doubleheader was a rout, with L.A. getting out to a big lead early and never taking their foot off the pedal. By the third quarter, Doug Collins was using words like “flustered” and “rattled” to describe Brandon Roy (14 pts, 5-for-15 FG’s), and Nate McMillan looked like he’d eaten some rotten ham … Kobe scored 23 and pulled down 11 rebounds in the 20-piecing, but the big story was the Greg Oden vs. Andrew Bynum matchup. Unfortunately neither guy did much of anything, and Oden — take a guess — got hurt in the first half and sat out the rest of the game. Cheryl Miller reported that Oden will have an MRI today on his ankle/foot … Vlad Radmanovic might wanna reconsider the shaved-head look. After the game the FBI questioned him in connection with that failed plot to assassinate Barack Obama … On “Around the Horn,” Rapidly Balding Jay Mariotti was talking about Kobe’s Guitar Hero spot and said, “Given Kobe’s history off the court,” no one wants to see Kobe go all-out (no pun intended) and don the briefs Tom Cruise-style … Derrick Rose fared a little better than Oden in his NBA debut, putting up 11 points, nine assists and three steals along with four turnovers in a win over the Bucks. Rose had some timing issues (running into screens, losing control of his handle a few times) here and there, but otherwise you can see the star potential all over him. In a way, he’s more explosive/kinetic than even Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Not better by any means, just more explosive. Rose plays at 100 miles per hour all the time, and even when he’s not involved in a play he’s bouncing on his toes like a young Mike Tyson waiting for the opening bell. Poor Luke Ridnour was doing all he could just to stay in the camera shot with him … Contrast = Rose effortlessly slipping past Ridnour with a behind-the-back dribble, then handing off to Tyrus Thomas, who couldn’t execute a simple up-fake without dribbling the ball off his foot … If we had to use one word to describe Michael Redd last night, it would be sharp. On one of Milwaukee’s first possessions, Redd went back-to-the-basket on Thabo Sefolosha and broke out a string of fakes and jabs that gave Thabo the runs before sticking a turnaround J in his face (or where Thabo’s face would be if he hadn’t gotten shook out of his socks). Whether it was handling the ball, cutting to the basket, unleashing that beautiful jumper or running around screens, Redd looked sharp in everything he did. After a mix of mid-range J’s and trips to the free throw line in the first half, Redd came out for the second half and immediately wetted three straight triples on his way to dropping 30 points … E-mail from Austin: “My fiancee and I are watching Bucks/Bulls. After she saw Drew Gooden‘s dreadlocked beard and I told her about his historically bad hair choices, she Google’d him and found a picture of the infamous rat tail. Then she says, ‘It looks like a vagina under his headband.'” … Did you see Charlie V looking like he was about to cry when he got called for his third foul of the first half and Scott Skiles yanked him? CV sat out the rest of the game, too, so we’re sure he’s gonna be a bundle of sunshine in practice today … We’re out like Delonte’s barber …

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  • hot togs



    2nd! Chatte!


    I think Mike Tyson can play in the nba level and do it like Ron Artest style

  • Yuji

    Drew Gooden’s vagina under the headband haircut. LOL. Only caught the bulls-bucks game. I thought Rose played pretty good. He didn’t seem to want to pass the ball around too much but he showed some really impressive moves. On one play, he spinned past ridnour for an easy layup and made it look way too easy. But then again, it is luke ridnour. I agree that he probably won’t be like chris paul. He’s more of a chauncey billups imo.

  • sam

    we’re out like greg oden’s right foot….

    sorry, too soon?

  • SL

    Vlad Radmanovic might wanna reconsider the shaved-head look. After the game the FBI questioned him in connection with that failed plot to assassinate Barack Obama

    …. just wrong

  • solomon

    rose’s got that young steph swagger and mojo in him…

  • sans

    The Blazers couldn’t hit anything in the first…it was luaghable…like my spelling….but they missed 4 minutes worth of shots while I was on break tonight…Brandon Roy didn’t hit one until the fourth. I hate to see the Cavs lose, but Lebron got good passes for oop conversions, which didn’t happen enough last year….I’ve been passing around the Paul-Pierce-is-the-best-in-the-world question at both school and work, most people laugh, but he beat Lebron and Kobe, guarding both of them, in the playoffs. He’s a beast. Would love to see Paul get a MVP trophy.

    What’s up with Ballers Network?..we’ve been in contact twice, but nothing of it…I got limited time, but I would help ya’ll out anyway I could…for real. I like DIME more than most of my extended family.

    And Austin, congratulations. Best decision you’ll ever make in your life. Just put the relationship first and everything works out(my boss openly admits that he is fifth on my priority list, but I’m still better than the people that place work 1st). I’m out like Drew Goodens back-headed vagina…

  • sans

    sorry, my boss hates that he is 5th on my priority list.

  • sans

    OH! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE NONGAMBLER THINKING THAT CELTICS-CAVS WOULD BREAK 180 ON AN OVER/UNDER? They didn’t do that once in the playoffs….two defensive teams means too much defense. Bad call. Dime, give him some actual money to gamble…he’ll get better…or addicted.

  • JC

    Tough break for Oden. Tony Allen gets an A for effort tonight. Rudy Fernandez looked ready. Leon Powe was dead wrong for putting Delonte West on blast like that. Doesn’t he know Delonte is recovering from depression??? I got really scared when the Bulls game first started; D-Rose turned it over within like 5 seconds of the game starting, then Michael Redd shat on Thabo on the ensuing possession. Kirk Hinrich looked PISSED when he was introduced before the game with the rest of the non-starters. I chuckled quietly. Great start to the season for Paul Pierce. Luol Deng looked healthy, effective and aggressive.

    Seriously? Thabo started???

    Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    nice smack

    nice opening night. the chi is excited (i could tell that just by watching the game and seeing everybody wanting rose to get that 10th assist. and i was wishing it for him too. ) but we talking about a 10 assist game, not a no -hitter or breaking a record. so, yeah, it’s going to be exciting.

    the bulls may continue to have a tough time getting good shots on a bunch of possesions (good thing they got a low post scorer), especially when they play teams that are actually decent (which milwaukee is not)

    richard jefferson is going to miss the hell out of jason kid (it started last season and it will continue for the rest of his career) and have a really tough time scoring (those airballs and wild ass shots were not a good look)

    oden-wow- looks like he maybe gunning for that “always injured” number one spot…look out yao (and swift and all you hurt centers)

    lastly, lol at this…

    “After Powe’s dunk, he was flexing to crowd when Rajon Rondo pushed him from behind, then KG came into the picture and pushed Rondo, as if Garnett was saying, “Hey, I’M the one who pushes people around here!”

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    oh yeah, what will the people hating (or just upset) with ben gordon say about last night?. was he “jacking”? i didnt think so. he was there in the fourth when they needed dude and it didnt take too much away from the bulls defensively cause redd was gonna get points regardless…

    but how crazy is it to have kirk, ben and nocioni coming off your bench??? (they got a first unit as the second unit) but then again it was against milwaukee and it was only the first game but…hell yeah, the games count again…i’m ready to see new york and the clippers play now. and also miami…and also…

  • LP


  • Timmy D

    Rose will be the best point guard in the league in a few years. And I dont care what anybody says he was better in high school and college than both Deron Williams and Chris Paul. And I see no reason why he wont be better than them in the pros. He’s faster and quicker and just straight up a better athlete and will develop this metal skills after a year or two just like the other two did.

  • sans

    Chris Paul had orchestra hands from Day One in the League…

    Deron too.

  • control

    Good smack today Dime. Shit had me cracking.

  • that dude

    Am i the only one who thought Greg Oden looked terrible out there, i know first game and all but damn. He’s Mr Glass like Samuel L. Jackson in unbreakable.

  • fallinup

    So, for some to say he’s a fave for MVP. Can I start screaming now that Lebron needs to start making his damn freebies in the clutch to be considered? It was classic Lebron out there when he could have pulled the game closer than what it ended up.

    Other than that…the Lakers look friggin strong this year. If Odom can stay on the bench all season…expect them to make a run at 70 wins. (I’ll say 64-70)

  • QQ

    I dunno if yall watch the POR-LA game, but Doug Collins was describing Rot as NOT being rattled and flustered, saying that has the poise of a leader (he started 1-10, I think, but he still played freaking hard despite shooting like shit). Way to mix it up guys.

  • QQ

    *Rot = Roy

  • shake&bake

    The Bulls looked less than impressive when Rose was out of the game. Rose and Ty Thomas looked like an up and coming CP3-Chandler combo. Mbah-Moute got the nod over Joe Alexander off the bench and looked decent out there.
    Damon Jones was announced during the Bucks player intros and all of the players looked at each other with “what the hell is going on” looks on their faces.

  • BKhoops

    Nice Smack today Dime…had me cracking up at work!!!

  • E$
  • dmitry of jersey

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  • that’s whats up

    DIME, is Raw Minerals really one of your main advertisers?
    Raw Minerals??? Did you get some free samples to test at the office – lol.
    Just hatin’ – money is money, and money knows no gender.

    BEST SMACK in a while – you can definitely tell the season has started back up. props

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QuEsT???

    rudy was pretty good. he had the best night out of all the rookies that played yesterday

  • Buffalo Brave

    LMFAO @ the quotes in today’s smack!

    Good shit!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ that’s whats up

    I was wondering the same thing when I saw that Bare Minerals ad banner or whatever its called. It surprised me but Dime can’t be choosey in these harsh economic times. I imagine we’ll see some more strange ad choices in the future.

    A few observations from opening night:

    1. Rudy Fernandez is legit. He should be starting if that’s the way the Blazers will be playing this year.

    2. I feel bad for Oden. Dude could be the second coming of Sam Bowie. (I hope not though)

    3. As a Bulls fan I’m finally getting used to the Rose over Beasley pick. I like the potential in Rose.

    4. Leon Powe could be a sleeper for 6th man of the year.

    5. Without Mo Williams hording shots in Milwaukee Redd could average near 30 a game this season.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    portland is way over hyped. what kind of offense do they run? roy at the top and 4 guys in the corners? no one is moving . . . no wonder all the lakers had to do was play zone on them. people who think portland will win the NW this season are on crack.

  • LakeShow84

    We coming for that number one spot!

  • Dennis Castro

    Um, Lebron James is unreal, at least athletically. That one alley oop in the 1st for a layup, his entire head was well above the rim.

    He might be the best pure athlete I’ve ever seen. Better than AI and maybe better than Bo.

  • BxBaller

    Man, I hope it’s nothing too serious with Oden, I feel bad for ol boy.

    F Powe, there was no reason for him to do Delonte like that. Who else is getting tired of the BronBot’syelling after 1 dunk? Seriously, nigga you’ve dunked like 1,357 times already. We’ve seen them already, how bout you knock down some clutch free throws?

    I agree with Solomon, Rose does have that young Steph swag about him, like he knows he nice and will give dudes the businiess if needed be.
    Seriously the only downside of having League Pass for free for a week, it’s embarrasing to hear some of the tv guys for the other teams being straight homers. The dudes for the Bucks telecasts were truly annoying. They were talking like Milwaukee is going to do something this year. At least Mike Breen and Clyde call the game how they see it.

  • doc

    D-Rose will be the best PG in the league in my opinion in about 3-4 years if not sooner.Oden need to step his fucking game up and play a week without hurting hiself.

  • parinaz suns

    the lakers didnt look THAT good its just that portland was THAT bad

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Actually it was nice to see how much the Lakers improved that Pick and Roll D. Kobe didn’t have to score much, just play D and rebound. The Joel gave him that hard foul, and MAMBA was unleashed… The rest is history. The Lakers will win it all this year.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @BxBaller — Do yourself a favor and watch a Spurs home game during the free week of League pass. Sean Elliott is the worst.

    I also agree with Rose having the Young Steph swag. Now I’m sure Bulls fans are terrified.

  • bsteezy3

    LOL @ Barkley’s comment about Oden. Here’s something else Barkley said: “He just shot a 12 inch hook shot six inches…”

  • bsteezy3

    BTW, I felt the same way about the Powe dunk. It was nasty, but I mean, what else was West supposed to do (besides run for cover)?

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  • K Dizzle

    Good all around game. Lakers are deeper than shit. If the squad stays healthy, we are goin to damage some people. Luke Walton was startin just a short two seasons ago, now he can’t even get tick. Watchin Gasol outrun Oden and L-Aldridge for easy buckets is gold and AB puttin the wood to Oden lets me know he’ll step up to the other bigs and give us that lane cloggin force we needed last playoffs. It’s only one game so I won’t get crazy like all the Blazer fans who were talkin all that smack cuz Oden had a “great preseason” cuz it’s only one game against a young team that might not make the playoffs, but a good start.
    My darkhorse for R.O.Y. is Rudy Fernandez. Dude is ready
    That’s it tho.
    LA in ’09 – 1 down, about 80 more to go

  • jeremy

    we’re out like lebron in the clutch…

  • Three Stacks

    Yo, K-Dizzle, don’t do the Lakers like that. I could care less about the next 81 games, as long as we make the playoffs. This year is about a chip, and nothing less.

  • that’s whats up

    yeah, if any dudes come out to ball at the park wearing Raw Minerals make-up I will be through with DIME

  • K Dizzle

    sorry, Stacks. You misunderstood. I meant 80 more wins. I figure about 60+ wins in the regular season and 15 wins for the chip so I’m on the big picture

  • http://www.theverticalsummit.com VERTMAN

    Great opening night! Celtics receiving their rings, sweet!

    Will Lebron ever make his FT’s?

    Tony Allen will have a kick ass season.

    Oden is overrated, ZERO offensive game. Will be great one day…maybe. AND, already getting hurt. WTF!

    Ridnour will be fine, still getting in shape. Will avg over 8 dimes a game.