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Working Overtime

Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo Anthony (photo. Mannion)

When the NBA preseason first started, we told you how much everyone hate going into overtime in games that don’t count. Yesterday we got a couple clear examples. After the Suns escaped Atlanta with a two-point win following Acie Law IV having his last-second layup swatted by Louis Amundson, Grant Hill — who’d hit the go-ahead jumper a few seconds earlier — told reporters, “I’m glad Louis blocked that so we could go to the airport.” … Over in Denver, the Nuggets went into OT with the Jazz after Ruben Patterson was hit with a tech from the bench in the final 30 seconds of regulation for yapping at the refs. That gave the Jazz an opening to tie it up and force the extra frame. “I think I wanted to strangle Ruben Patterson,” George Karl said afterward. (BTW, Karl is all about the smart-ass-ish comments, but he might wanna watch it around Patterson unless he’s got Zach Randolph around to protect him.) Carmelo Anthony, who scored 16 points in three quarters, said about preseason overtime, “It’s terrible. I was joking with George, telling him put me back in with eight seconds left on the regular clock, in regulation.” If you missed the implication, ‘Melo was fairly certain he’d stick the game-winner necessary to send everyone home … Back to Suns/Hawks. Despite the new commitment to defense and half-court execution, Phoenix looked a lot like Mike D’Antoni‘s squad early on. “There wasn’t that much defense to be played in the first half,” Terry Porter said. “It was like we had signed a peace treaty with each other.” Coincidentally, the Suns got more defense-oriented after Steve Nash went down with an ankle injury right before halftime … Preseason or not, ain’t nothing changed when it comes to Kevin Martin‘s numbingly efficient style. K-Mart dropped 29 points in a little over 20 minutes against the Clippers last night, but was ultimately overshadowed by Eric Gordon, who hit six threes and scored 33 points. Because Gordon was hurt during the summer league and the Clippers had so many other story lines going on this offseason, no one’s really been talking about him as a Rookie of the Year candidate, but the kid could be a monster. Especially with Baron Davis feeding him the ball and some other scorers around to open things up for him, Gordon can be an instant impact player. On the flip side, though, touches could be limited with guys like Baron, Al Thornton, Chris Kaman and Ricky Buckets involved. Whereas someone like O.J. Mayo or Derrick Rose will have the ball in their hands all the time, Gordon might have to work harder for it … Bucks/Warriors in China was supposed to be Yi Jianlian‘s show, but you know how that turned out. Instead, Joe Alexander (born in Taiwan) was the token fan favorite, putting up 11 points in Milwaukee’s win … Yesterday we previewed the ’08-09 Indiana Pacers, who are in the middle of a rebuilding effort not just with the on-court product, but with their off-court image. Danny Granger and Brandon Rush are theoretically at the core of the new movement, but at the same time you have to wonder how much Indy really believes in Granger when they’ve been slow-walking on his contract extension. The Pacers did look pretty good last night, knocking off the JV version of the Mavs while Granger scored 18, Rush had 15 and fellow rookie Roy Hibbert scored 15 … Meanwhile, Eddie Jones decided to retire after being traded from Dallas to the Pacers last week. EJ played 14 years in the League, and he turns 37 years old in a few days. For those of you who don’t remember anything about the Lakers post-Magic and pre-Shaq/Kobe, Eddie was one of the guys who bridged that gap, making three All-Star appearances and three All-Defensive teams during his career … Who knew that Sam Cassell could affect the Portland Trail Blazers so much? After word broke yesterday that Cassell may start the season not as a player, but as an assistant coach with the C’s, Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard must have been furious. Since the Celtics have 16 guys signed and only 15 roster spots, this opens the door for all the guys to get a spot on the bench opening night (including Scalabrine). More importantly, it means that Darius Miles would get to stay, and if he makes it onto the court for 10 games, Portland is on the hook for his salary … Which kicks would you rather play in: the adidas TS Commander Tim Duncan colorway, or the Dwight Howard version of the same shoe? Before you judge strictly based on the player involved, check them out first. You might be surprised … We’re out like Eddie …

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  • lol


  • alf (from melmak)

    how many arrests has patterson accumulated? george karl should have been more selective with the words he uses.

    i do not want to read one day in the papers that patterson rapes karl as a form of revenge. ugly.

    anyway, my meal allowance is out for today just like the invisible jazz defense.

  • knoc

    hahaha kobe stopper

  • schoops

    I cannot wait for regular season games.

  • boris

    “Danny Granger and Brandon Rush are theoretically at the core of the new movement”

    That’s the most depressing core I can remember seeing.

  • solomon

    ruben patterson… jr smith… melo… ai… k-mart…

    when will the tinsley trade come? that’s the hood right there waiting for its hommie to come home…

    we’re out like thuggin’ the kobe stopper…

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    all these years it has seemed like mateen cleaves has had a guaranteed roster spot Somwhere. Now when it seems like he’s wanting one the most, he’s in a situation where he might not get one. Thats carzy, good luck to dude.

    Is danny granger suffering from the “really good player being slept on because of him being in a small market” syndrome? seems like it.

    nash being out should mean a lot more time for dragic (sp?) to get familiar like clinton sparks…
    we’ll see.

  • patrick


    “(BTW, Karl is all about the smart-ass-ish comments, but he might wanna watch it around Patterson unless he’s got Zach Randolph around to protect him.)”

    That brings back hilarious jailblazer memories. I can’t imagine having my eye socket broken.


    Tims kicks are a lil colder, I like that white on gray look. So far Eric Gordon has had the best Rookie proformance.

    BANGER OF THE DAY: “Million Dollar Jewelry”


  • anfernee

    that would make it even sweeter if e.gordon wins the ROY. ball-hogs (ooops) all around him and yet he averaged 15-5-3 at the end of the season. wait and see…

    EJ was the man – nice passes, alley-oops from van exel, nasty dunks, and excellent defense. let’s vote him for president.

  • the_don_mega

    damn right… Eddie Jones was THE MAN for the lakeshow during those years… he and Elden Campbell and Ceballos and Van Exel… looking back at it… makes me feel old…

  • KBY

    I’m actually in love with the TS Commander kicks from TD, can’t wait to get my hands on them. Notsomuch with the Dwight kicks although I like him a lot more then mrFundamental.

    I especially like the marble around the ankle.

    Say doesn’t Tmac have these kicks as well?


    iverson is the best!!!


    iverson is the best!!!


    Iverson is the 2nd Best.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    Those are really, really nice shoes. Give me the Duncan version, that looks nasty.

    In order to rebuilt your team into a future championship contender you need to build around players who are or could be top-ten players in the NBA. It’s really hard to win playoff series if your best players aren’t nearly as good as the other team’s best players. That’s why any team with Lebron, for example, always has a shot of getting to the next round. Well, I don’t ever see Granger and Rush becoming top-ten or even top-twenty players. Indy needs to find more young talent – oddly, they’re fucked if they start getting into the playoffs now.

  • Korady

    The Duncan’s are slightly better just because of the colors. But I wouldn’t rock either. Think they’re kind of ugly.

  • Tom S.

    Karl should only be worried about Ruben if he has a teenage daughter.

  • Three Stacks

    Does Coby Karl count as a teenage daughter?

  • that’s whats up

    yes she does

  • jackass

    yo dime? how is this year’s rookie class rank among others???

  • that’s whats up

    FED, that song was weak.
    Check this:

  • Diego

    Dragic didn’t do that much after Nash got injured last night against the Hawks, but Sean Singletary, a little rookie point guard out of Virginia, looked outstanding. (I’m not familiar with him.) He ran circles around the Hawks both on offense and defense.


    @thats whats up
    Yeah that was my best BANGER OF THE DAY but the on e i’ve got in store for 2morrow might be song of the year its from an artist the worlds been waiting on who’s been on hiatus for awaile. Can’t check that one out till i get home but will see if what you posted is fire.

  • that’s whats up

    FED – I think it is the exact same song – great minds…

  • w

    you guys better not be talking about em’s new song…

    I was thouroughly dissapointed. Too much of an encore sound not enough of a slim shady lp vibe for me.

  • D.H.

    Still no mention of Pop rockin the Robinson Crusoe.

  • JC

    Peace Eddie. He was my favorite player coming up with the Lakeshow… I actually stopped being a Laker fan the day they traded him. He was a fantastic player and never caused trouble. Good luck in his future endeavors.

  • JayTea

    I can remember when Kobe came to the Lakers and they traded Eddie, I told my friends “no way this Kobe kid is gonna fill Eddies shoes.” ha

  • sans

    Eminem is starting to look like a peanut m&m. He’s big. I’m not to big on rappers, but who the fuck would be scared of Marshall Mathers? Especially when he’s 150 overweight.

    Ruben gots that hard edge of Cleveland in him. Alf, your comment was wrong. Has Ruben really been to jail that much? It’s not like he’s Adam Jones.

  • sans

    Eminem is starting to look like a peanut m&m. He’s big. I’m not to big on rappers, but who the fuck would be scared of Marshall Mathers? Especially when he’s 150 overweight.

    Ruben gots that hard edge of Cleveland in him. Alf, your comment was wrong. Has Ruben really been to jail that much? It’s not like he’s Adam Jones.

    The Eddie Jones for Glen Rice never worked for the Lakers, because Eddie did not need the ball to be effective, the perfect sidekick.

  • MJAX

    I was asked by a Nike rep. a ways back to write on Eddie Jones and Michael Finley. This was my take on EJ

    Graceful with an edge, the style is unique.
    Only the strong know tha art of survivin’, no room 4 the weak.
    Slow flowin’ lyke melted butta on bread.
    All u can do is watch as EJ rises and bammz all over ya head.
    Shuttin’ u down like a cell block
    By the end of the 4th quarter 20 plus myte be dropped.
    Itz all about the elegance, finesse, style and grace
    Try to keep up, but u can’t go at his pace.
    Watch that rotation as it seemz to pause n space.


    I went to check out the site but it was down. Who was the artist.


    After reading the post on here I think you beat me to it. Damn looks like I got some competition. lol

    I’m still reposting that shit.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    funny thing about the nuggets/jazz OT game, the Jazz rookie (kosta koufos) center hit a three to make it 120-119 . . . had he actually made one of the two FTs earlier he could have sent it to double OT with that bomb.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AI is the best.