NBA, Video / Oct 3, 2008 / 10:06 am

Kevin Love Will Beat You In Horse

Although the vast majority of us will never play on the NBA hardwood, we still continue to play the game. While the five-on-five runs start to get harder as you get older, one game you can play no matter how old you get is H-O-R-S-E. Although I never thought I could beat an NBA player in a dunk contest or a game of one-on-one, I always believed that in a game of H-O-R-S-E the playing field would be evened.

That was until I saw this.

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  • Ian

    lol i thought i was the best well at least at my gym i am hehehe
    my off the ceiling shot and behind the stands are my thing

  • cesar


  • it ain’t easy being green

    your right again dime. Kevin love will beat me at horse. I still want a shot though

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    That. Reporter. Was. Annoying.

    I’d like to see Love VS Sheed in a game of HORSE though.

  • T Dubbs

    After those trick shots, I wish Love would’ve charged over and popped that reporter right in the mouth, and knock him out. Dude needs to cut back on the caffeine.

  • jay

    what’s the score of that bounce from the 3pt line? 2 or 3 pts?

  • Thunder D

    Fake Fake Fake…every shot leaves the screen and then comes back in, just like in the LeBron POwerade commercials…there’s no way he did all that on the first try each time…the reporter was only excited because he knew every single ball was going in because they were going to change it to look like every ball went in.

  • Ansonious

    Jesus “Titi Fucking” Crist that’s some impressive shit right there. If that was fake I want to see someone take the pepsi challenge and beat him in a game of horse shit I’d pay money to see that shit.

  • PB

    Agreed, fake.

  • bballinca


  • Damon

    look at the arc of the behind the back shot.
    its completely diffenrent when it comes from the top.
    obviously fake.

  • Ryan

    no doubt fake, that “reporter” was trying to sell the bit, i thought it was lame, i like the lebron fake a lot better, it seemed more real than this

  • ERIC

    wow that reporter was too loud and annoying. i thought he was going to drop on his knees to give kevin some love.

  • Damon

    LOL at ERIC.

  • Ian

    the reporter is awesome lol

  • dagwaller

    My only beef with the video is that by my count, Love’s only at H-O-R-S…

  • srb

    over the back is the hardest shot in horse.

  • Ashlov

    Hopefully he takes some of those during regular season play.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    The reporter is trying to distract us so we cannot see the edition trick

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron

    They are not fake. This took place at the NBA Rookie Media Day.

    I agree though, the commentator is hilarious!

  • that’s whats up


  • Rapjamz

    That was amazing stuff.
    The announcer dude cracked me up.

    But I know I could take Love in H-O-R-S-E if I get to go first.

  • Whootruck

    That was pretty cool.

    Kevin is a great guy and I know him well, I will ask him if they are real. I have seen him make some incredible shots similar to these.

    Where was this filmed?

    The announcer was too loud but definitely funny.

  • GarethChantler

    This was obviously fake looking at it the 2nd time. The ball leaves the frame, then moves with an unnatural speed and arc for where the shot was released. In the first shot, the ball doesn’t even follow the same line in the frame when it re-enters.

  • Kobeef

    100% fake.
    This is the classic trick-shot camera angle (like some said – just like the Lebron commercial).

  • Baddude22

    Real or Fake those shots were fun to watch
    The announcer is so crazy it made my nephew pee his pants

    Go Wolves!

  • 4loveofgame

    I heard Love does this type stuff all the time.
    Why do u say it is fake?

    Very cool Vid.

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    Never was able to that behind the back one, too much height and distance for my accuracy levels.

  • Tim

    Yeah i want to see him vs Sheed….

    oh and btw….this isn’t fake…

  • Tim
  • 4loveofgame

    What is ToppsTV?

  • PJ 310

    wow you guys are so gullable

  • Luke

    that reporter is out of his mind

  • Timmy

    i want to punch that guy in the face

  • Kudabeen

    I’m with post 7. It looked fake and the “reporter” was a horrible actor or just a repressed spaz…

  • lockednloaded

    That was Fantastic. Real or not I am LMAO.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Real or not, Kevin Love does have a knack for hitting ridiculous shots. Remember the 94-foot shots he was hitting during the NCAA tournament practices? I’m sure not all of these went in on the first try, or even if the ones we saw were legit, but I truly believe Love could hit all of those shots (maybe the soccer one is a stretch).

  • Three Stacks

    Every ball goes in the same way, same trajectory, same back iron. They’re probably cutting to the same shot at the end every time.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I will say that the “fake” argument is supported by the fact that Love takes every shot from the same spot. I don’t doubt that Love has hit each of these type of shots at some point in his life, but his favorite spot for ALL of them is that elbow? I don’t know about that one.

  • Hooptime

    My brother-in-law attended that Rookie Shoot event the last 3 years and said this year he heard all the hoopla during the event that Kevin Love had done some amazing stuff.

    He did not see it directly but his photographer did and send it was incredible.

  • sans

    I’m with Dagomar…Sheed and Love would be great for HORSE….wouldn’t HORSE be ill in the All Star weekend? You know Lebron won’t play, but they should invite the bald dude that beat him for shh and giggles.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Definitely fake, but still entertaining. The reporter is overreacting, while the ball goes out of the camera view. This is because they cut to a different shot of the ball going in. Yeah… Still funny though.

  • JOB33

    I just hope that this video isn’t his only contribution to the team. And Teddy, shut up. You know there are actually guys on the court so much that they perfect crap like this. What did they do? Lower Tom Cruise from the rafters all Mission Impossible style to catch the ball Love shoots and then drop another one in? Please! It’d be harder to fake this crap than make it. But hey, don’t let me naysay, since you know it all. One little tip though teddy, watch the trajectory of the ball. It’ll make u a believer. Only one i’d call out is the kick shot, like Austin said. But that’s only because I’ve never seen that done first-hand.

  • JOB33

    My breath caught when Love was gearing up to toss the rock off to the sideline. I thought he finally got sick of reporter, and was about to trick shot the ball upside his head. Oh well, still a good video considering, but that would’ve put it in the internet video HOF.

  • Timmy D

    I guarantee he cant beat OJ Mayo in HORSE. GO GRIZZLIES!!!!!

    And the ball leaves the frame everytime. Stupid video noboby makes those shots in one try. Fake

  • Samaki Walker

    Even Love’s fake “trickshots” got nothing on Sheed.

  • frankie


    seriously, Sheed can licka my balls. Samaki, go back into retirement please. Tim, go tell Wallace to actually make more shots in the game, and then f*ck around. Not the other way around, as per usual.