NBA, Video / Oct 29, 2008 / 7:59 am

Leon Powe Crowns Delonte West

Leon Powe‘s game-clinching dunk on Anderson Varejao officially closed the door on the Cavs last night, but it didn’t have the pop of his head-banger on Delonte West earlier in the fourth quarter.

Powe is making a case to have his name added to the “Stromile Swift List,” for bench players who are virtually guaranteed to make at least one defender regret stepping over to help on D each game. (We could make a list for Stro for some other reasons, but we’ll stick with the positives for now.) Throw Jason Maxiell and J.R. Smith on there too.

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  • knoc

    thats just filthy

  • S-SiN

    that’s plain nasty. u’re right, more people will start thinking before sliding to help on powe this year.

    KG’s prolly gets in all the young Celts ears about going up strong EVERY day.

    on the flipside, it isn’t delonte’s fault, no wait, it is! that chump shoulda taken oil-dollar-filled contract from Dinamo, move to Moscow, get a mink, a fur hat and yet another idiotic neck tat with something like a two-headed eagle or “fuck income tax” in russian.
    he’d still get dunked on in russian league, but not like THAT and in return he would get far more cash, burn, all sorts of benefits (and i mean all of the imaginable sorts of benefits), much more respect from the community and plays like THAT ONE wouldn’t be all over the web in the morning..

  • S-SiN

    Hey D! get a real-size Leon Powe dick with nuts tatted on that neck and chin, since ur ass stayed on the bench in ohio..

  • JA

    That’s not going to help Delonte’s feelings of depression. Not one bit.

  • Wes

    This will be JR Smith’s breakout year!


  • E$

    *YAWN* “He’s alright, but he’s not real”

  • reezzzy

    thats a filthy dunk. but come on, delonte, a small guard, getting dunked on by a power forward/center for trying some help defense? nothing to be ashamed at. still waaaaay better than Kyle Korver’s ducking defense.

  • Jeronimo

    I absolutely agree with Reezzy: West is waaaay shorter and smaller than Powe. Give the man credit for trying to challenge the shot.

  • doc

    At least he tried to help on D.I take that from my players than being worried about getting crowned all day.

  • Celts Fan

    amen Jeronimo, if you don’t try to play D, you won’t get dunked on. If that’d been a charge, he’d be a hero, instead, he’s a poster. That’s the risk you take (but not playing D, the risk is working as a greeter at Wal-Mart, and they don’t hire guys w/ neck tats, so he made the right move.)

  • yoda

    respect to delonte for trying to block guy taller and stronger then him. too many players just move away these days, so they don’t get posterised. guy will try to score, your job is to try and stop him. if he dunks on you, so what. you acted like a man, not like scared girl.

  • rell

    come on everybody delonte still got crowned. When lebron dunked on damon jones nobody cared jones was only 6’3 and got dunked on. powe is the same height as lebron and west is the same height as delonte. If you don’t jump, you won’t get dunked on.

  • rell

    i meant west is the same height as d.jones.

  • Imperial-Mel

    @7 n 8…im srry it is def. red heads fault. you are help side i give tht, but tht is no reason for u to go for the spectacular block. If he would have got it, it might have changed the games momentum….but he didnt!!! better luck nex time…hopefully he doesnt off his self

  • Celts Fan

    Would you rather be Delonte this morning or Kyle Korver last year in that pic of him scurrying away like a 12 year old girl? At least Delonte tried, Yoda’s dead on…

  • Celts Fan

    This Korver pic (with a great caption from kissingsuzykolber)