NBA / Oct 23, 2008 / 11:11 am

Prank Wars with Nate Robinson

Nate RobinsonWasn’t me?

When you walk in the Knicks locker room, the atmosphere is noticeably different in the Mike D’Antoni era. Guys are loose and chatting it up with reporters and their teammates and everyone is clowning around. But if you ask the players, there is one guy who stands out among his peers.

Nate Robinson is the biggest clown,” Jamal Crawford told me after I asked him about Stephon Marbury‘s cowboy boots, making it clear to me that he wasn’t part of the clowning. “While Q and Malik Rose are the ringleaders about getting guys together, Nate is the entertainment.”

Tentative about how Nate-Rob would react to this claim, I approached the preseason superstar and laid out Crawford’s assertion.

“That’s no diss,” said Robinson. “I’m the class clown, you can say I’m the team clown. You always gotta get guy’s spirits up because some guys be down.”

Wondering what he meant by this, I asked Nate what was the best prank he ever pulled.

“I put itching powder in all Matt Barnes‘ clothes,” Robinson told me without missing a beat. “He put cream cheese in my shoes, in my dress shoes, but I did put Icy Hot in his spandex. So after the shoes, I put itching powder all over his clothes.”

What was the best prank you ever pulled on your teammates in the locker room?

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  • s.bucketz

    wen wer him and matt barnes on the same squad??

  • Thomas B.

    “wen (sic) wer (sic) him and matt barnes on the same squad?? (sic)”

    During Nate Robinson’s rookie year.

    Matt Barnes started 5 games as the Knick’s small forward under Larry Brown. He was waived, then finished the year with Philly before catching on with GS the following year.

  • Kermit the Washington

    wait….”squad” was incorrect?


    No Thomas B was incorrect. When did everyone on this site become fukin’ english majors. Geeeessssh???

  • loganlight

    And we all know that YoungFed is no english major!

  • http://dimemag.com Prank Legend

    Before a big rivalry game during my Senior year in High School i ate something bad before the game and had a little accident in the locker room lol, yes I sharted. Well needless to say I had my home white game shorts on and was too embarrassed to ask Coach for another pair. During this year a Freshman had made the Varsity squad but never got any burn so I figured i switch our shorts out and no one would ever know. Plan failed! Turned out we were up by 30 goin into the 4th and the poor kid got put in the game. The whole crowd noticed right away and dude was never the same….LOL


    loganlight aka “Duchebaggery at its finest”
    “Eat a Dik”….This has been a special report brought to you by YOUNGFIZZLE. LMAO

  • QQ

    WTF, Legend. The prank was sick, sick in a bad way.

  • dapro

    The Knicks fans are suffering from the 2nd largest prank in NBA history (see last 4 seasons of Knicks bball)

    The best prank was the one David Stern and Clay Bennet pulled on the Seattle Sonics

    I’m still waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out on the court and tell Sonic fans that they’ve been punked

  • BxBaller

    dapro is not funny.

  • control

    I stopped reading after the author referred to Nate Rob as a “superstar”. I don’t know how you can write that shit with a straight face, but in one sentence you have pretty much ruined any creditability you have.

  • w

    Control you should probably read that again…

    “I approached the PRESEASON superstar and laid out Crawford’s assertion.”

    After reading your post and seeing you missed such a vital part of the article your posting credibility is ruined.

  • doc

    Not none of them nba pranks.Where im from you get your ass whipped for putting cream in shoes and itching powder in clothes.

  • Brado

    I used to pee on people in the shower

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Built yourself a little fort? F$#@ yo fort!!

    Brado um that ain’t right at all.

  • dapro

    Let me guess BXBaller, you must be a Knicks fan

    I wouldn’t find that sh$% funny either if my team was the laughing stock of the NBA the past 3 seasons

  • control


    I am fully aware of the context in which the author applied the statement. It still doesn’t change the fact that it’s bullshit. The guy couldn’t correctly be referred to as a “superstar” even if we were talking about him playing hi this league: http://www.internationalbasketball.com/dwarf.html

    My posting credibility don’t mean shit, I ain’t bringing home my pay from this shit.

  • Celts Fan

    @control, calling someone a preseason superstar is like when Yankee fans call A-Rod “Mr. May.” It’s not a compliment…

  • Tbone

    dapro is hilarious

    and I’m a Knicks fan too