NBA / Oct 28, 2008 / 3:26 pm

Updated Odds to Win the 2008-09 NBA Championship

Dallas Mavericks 25/1? No respect.

As many of you know, last year I was a complete disaster. But for every gambler, there is a new day and that day is today. I don’t love any of tonight’s game… with the possible exception of the over/under of the Celtics/Cavs game. 180? I like the over.

I did want to drop the Bodog preseason odds to take the NBA Championship. Things that jump out at me as intriguing long shot bets – The Mavericks at 25/1, the Cavs at 14/1, Clippers at 80/1, Spurs at 12/1 and the Raptors at 28/1. Even the Hornets at 10/1 is a nice bet. What do you guys like?

Odds to win 2009 NBA Championship (Max Bet on Bodog for this is $600):

Atlanta Hawks – 60/1
Boston Celtics – 7/2
Charlotte Bobcats – 75/1
Chicago Bulls – 35/1
Cleveland Cavaliers -14/1
Dallas Mavericks – 25/1
Denver Nuggets – 60/1
Detroit Pistons – 11/1
Golden State Warriors – 75/1
Houston Rockets – 8/1
Indiana Pacers – 100/1
Los Angeles Clippers – 80/1
Los Angeles Lakers – 3/1
Memphis Grizzlies – 300/1
Miami Heat – 45/1
Milwaukee Bucks – 200/1
Minnesota Timberwolves -150/1
New Jersey Nets – 100/1
New Orleans Hornets – 10/1
New York Knicks – 100/1
Oklahoma City Thunder – 200/1
Orlando Magic -30/1
Philadelphia 76ers – 25/1
Phoenix Suns – 18/1
Portland Trailblazers – 24/1
Sacramento Kings – 200/1
San Antonio Spurs -12/1
Toronto Raptors – 28/1
Utah Jazz – 15/1
Washington Wizards – 80/1

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  • http://Dimemag.com Cooolestest

    I would take the hornets as a good bet or a long shot in the dark the cavs. Lebron will have his day in the sun soon.

  • Brown

    For a team that hasn’t seen the second round in what seems like forever, I can’t believe the Rockets are 8/1 favorites. Better than the Jazz, Spurs, Suns and Hornets? I don’t think so.

    I like the Sixers at 25/1.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Take the Lakers…easy money!

  • it aint easy being green

    @ dime – i subscribed a minute ago and aint got nuffin. whats the deal?

  • Timmy D

    I would bet on the Sixers for my darkhouse pick. If they met up in the finals with the Lakers they would be a perfect matchup to end the Lakers dreams once again. Brand would dominate Pau and Dalembert would shut down Bynum.

  • craig990

    and Kobe would Kill Iguodala right.. Timmy D?

    I would pick the Cavs as the “darkhouse” team!
    lets see what Bron and Mo can do.. only 2 years left to make things happen!

  • Ross

    I agree with Brown. Rockets are too high.

  • calvin brodus

    Sports Interaction is giving the Blazers +8 points against the Lakers tonight. The Lakers may win this game, but I don’t think Portland is going down by 9. Portland is going to be a kick ass team this year and I think for the early part of the season they’ll get friendly lines based on their mediocre performance last year. Plus, the Lakers just don’t cover spreads. I made a grip off those fools in the championship because they never once covered the spread against Beantown. Take the points and put your money on Portland. This is probably a safer bet than the Boston over/under. The non-gambler is right, he was a complete disaster last year. Until he shows some winning picks approach his advice with caution. I’m not hating on the non-gambler; he’s one of my favorite reads on the site. But, his picks generally sucked last season.

  • Diego

    Very tempting to plop serious money on BOTH Pistons (11-1!)and Celtics to hedge bets, as I cannot see anyone else likely coming out of the East. So then your team (either one) just has to beat beaten-up team from West.

    (Last year I was in Vegas on New Years, and Boston was then 3-1. I ALMOST put solid $ on them then. But I was too cheap and spineless!)

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    I live in Vegas and they are making it a for sure thing that the Kings come to town

    The now allow betting on NBA games at the Palms Casino, which is owned by the Maloof’s… It wasn’t that way until just the other day.

    I like the Cavs odds 14/1 and the Hornets @ 10/1

  • Wake

    Chicago might just feel lucky again. The season finally starts!

  • Ian

    shit ill put 5 bucks on the kings i mean why not.

    spurs 12/1 is a joke but hey ill take it better for me.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QuEsT???

    the denver nuggets

  • Ian

    calvin brodus
    u r right they arent goind down by 9 how about 20?

    if those cappers but a team losing by 8 they are losing by 6-10 points most of the time.

  • tealish

    Why are the Rockets at 1/8? I believe advancing past the first round is a prerequisite to winning a championship, no? The bookees know T-mac’s still on that team, right?