NBA / Nov 10, 2008 / 10:06 pm

‘Melo’s Personal Chef to the White House?

First Carmelo Anthony lost his hair, next his backcourt teammate, and now it looks like he could lose his personal chef.

As Barack Obama looks to fill the top White House kitchen post, Daniel Young, ‘Melo’s personal chef, is one of the three cooks in the running. Young met and cooked for Obama at the Democratic National Convention this past August.

If you’re Young, do you stay in the Mile High City or change your address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Source: Daily News

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  • Ace_One

    obama obama obama

  • Drink the Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    yeah I gotta go with Obama

  • laballer

    who pays more?

  • nick


    that is exactly what i was thinking.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron

    Haha. Considering the President makes around $400k and ‘Melo is making close to $14 million this season, it could be a toss up.

  • heartbreaker85

    that’s a no brainer, go with the guy who stays with the million dollar paycheck after 4 years (eight years if re elected)

  • Josh

    true but its probably better to say I cook at the White House than it is to say I cook for an NBA player

  • Russ

    ..don’t know the particulars but…

    ‘melo makes more money so you would think would also pay more.

    probably get to travel a good bit either way

    always got the michelle obama vs. la la matchup

    I guess i’d probably just stay with ‘melo..atmosphere is probably much more casual as well.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron

    “Always got the Michelle Obama vs. La La matchup.” Haha. I love it. I would take the ex-VJ any day.

  • Russ

    ..in my best john mccain voice…..you and me both my friend!

  • tahir

    its not alwayz about the money… but acutally about the connections that a person makes….

  • http://www.myspace.com/lilpenny23 JHov

    I gotta go with the commander and chief on this one! I mean think about it..when it’s time to leave you could write your own check..or start up your own restaurant!

  • Nora

    Carmelp is looking more thuggish by the minute…

  • laballer

    lets see..cook for the first black prez in the us and after the term maybe write a book or open a rest. and theme it after obama or just do something classy with it..OR stay with melo..make the big bucks now..open a classy rest. anyway if you need to..i dunno..tomorrow isnt promised..take the money now..especially with the economy..u could invest in real estate and be wealthy real soon..the rich are gettin richer baby..

  • Teri

    @Russ and Aron>>>I’m sure neither woman would want you, especially Michelle. She’s too accomplished. Let’s see, an ex-V jay or a Harvard/Yale graduate, accomplished, intelligent, smart, and wealthy. Yep, I can see how you two would pick Lala. Secondly you shouldn’t be there for her anyway since she has a man. Losers. I’m sure you’re the type that would go for the lighter-skinned females. How typical.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Well …

    1. There’s no possibility of Obama being traded, so you know for sure where you’re gonna be living for the next four-plus years.

    2. Carmelo makes more and could potentially pay you more. It’s also more important for Carmelo’s job that he eats healthy and eats a lot, so that’s another reason he’d pay you more.

    3. If you have to travel with your boss – which I doubt, but let’s play devil’s advocate – Obama will be traveling A LOT more and making longer flights. ‘Melo isn’t going to the Middle East multiple times a year.

    4. If I were a chef, I could see the White House job eventually leading to my own Food Network show someday; not so much being Carmelo’s chef.

    VERDICT — I’d go with Obama.

  • justice

    Hold up guys are we even sure if it’s the presidents responsibility to pay the chef himself? Presidents don’t pay for anything in this country,maybe his salary stays the same, i would think there is some type of budget for personal chef

  • RJC

    It would look good on your resume

  • bobby stew

    I’d go with Obama. Obama is making history by becoming the first biracial president. Carmelo made history by cutting his braids. No knock on Melo, I’m just saying.

  • Russ

    @ Teri….

    Wow. Did someone just break your heart, or did you lose your job due to the economy? Just need a hug? How bout a Snapple?

    It was said in jest, I’m sorry you lack a sense of humor. You almost come off sounding like you’re the one who wants them both being that defensive. Check this cats room for a secret photo shrine. Could be a closet stalker.

    ….oh, and aren’t intelligent and smart synonymous?

    I would also venture to say considering where she was at even before ‘melo, that La La is probably no dummy.. and probably made her fair share of cash as well. Maybe you know her better than me. But hey I’m not gonna hate if you just look for women that are wealthy enough to support you.

    As far as light-skinned females..I didn’t realize the shade of someone’s skin had any correlation to their intelligence, wealth, etc.? Past that, I appreciate an attractive women regardless of how light, dark, or extra crispy she may be.

    Keep smiling.