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10 NBA Players I’d Want on My Team

Andres Nocioni‘Noc could run with my squad any day

I watch a ridiculous amount of NBA basketball. Lots of times I’ll find myself watching guys play, thinking about what it must be like being their teammate. There are dudes who are clearly great to play with and others … not so much.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an NBA game or a pickup game at the Y, these guys could run with my team any day:

Steve Nash – This first one’s pretty obvious. Nash is so good at getting you the ball when and where you need it, it’s almost impossible to not succeed. There are guys who have run with Nash who have careers solely because of him. James Jones, anyone? Or Boris Diaw? He couldn’t even get off the pine in Atlanta. And how about Shawn Marion? He couldn’t wait to get out of Phoenix and out of the shadow of Nash and Amare, but there’s a reason he hasn’t scored more than 13 points in a game this year.

Chris Paul – CP is another semi-obvious pick, but he’s too good to not mention. Chris Paul literally makes guys All-Stars. David West can obviously play, but how many wide open elbow jumpers does he get every single game running with CP? Six? Seven? More? Or how about Tyson Chandler? There’s a reason he’s shooting almost 60% from the field. He gets wide-open look after wide-open look because of Chris Paul. And don’t forget about guys like Peja Stojakovic – at this point in his career he might not be anything more than a bit player with another team. Both CP and Nash can add five years to your playing career.

Brad Miller – He’s the best passer on the Kings squad, and it’s not even close. He’d much rather pass than shoot, and loves to battle it out in the trenches.

Caron Butler – Caron’s the guy you always want on your side when going to war on a basketball court. You’ll rarely find a player tougher than Butler and he’s absolutely relentless. He leads by example.

Andres Nocioni – In the Caron Butler mold, Noc is the guy you absolutely hate to play against, but love having him on your team. He will get after the other team’s best player, he will annoy and antagonize the other team, he will attack every loose ball and he throws himself into the scrum under the hoop every chance he gets.

Brandon Roy – Brandon’s like Caron Butler Lite. He’s never the most athletic guy on the court and he is always matched up with the other team’s best perimeter player. Nobody outworks him. Ever. You win with guys like B-Roy on your side.

LeBron James – Other than having a front-row seat to the show every night, when you play with ‘Bron, you know that he can single-handedly win you games, but he will always look to get you the rock when you’re open … no matter how bad you are.

Kurt Thomas/P.J. Brown – P.J.’s not in the League right now and Kurt is barely hanging on, but they’d always have a spot on my team. They do the dirty work under the boards, they torture the other team’s post players and they’re pros’ pros. They’re glue guys.

Kevin Garnett – I’m starting to find his act to be a little tiresome, but all great teams need strong leaders. He’s a motivator, he’s plays his guts out, and he’s the consummate teammate. He’s shown that he’s not the guy to put his team over the summit all by himself, but he can certainly carry a squad right to the top of the mountain.

I’ll drop the guys I’d least want to play with soon…

Who would you want on your squad?

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  • Mista TKO

    Nothin to add really, so I’ll just say…. 1st

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    A healthy andrei kirilenko . . . he’s a heck of a help defender who makes up for lack of defensive ability of the rest of his team. he’s a bit too fragile to be a real star anymore though.

  • loganlight

    I wouldn’t take Kurt or PJ… I like where you’re going with the hard work mentality, but I think I would rather have Tim Duncan play the 5 on my team and surround him with perimeter threats (myself included of course). Everything else I’m down with…

    …except that I’m not too sold on Nocioni.


  • Sam I Am

    I’d love to have ummmmm

    that guy out of Los Angeles, what’s his name again

    Sobe . no
    Kole . no
    kloe . no

    KOBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    I would like to Have Timmy D, I mean the guy has great character, great demeanor, explains the game well to others

  • http://www.nba.com Christian Grant-Fields

    Chris Paul: The Ultimate PG

    Carmelo Anthony: A pure scorer and clutch performer

    Joe Johnson: Can play 1-3, and can score in a variety of ways.

    Josh Smith: Rebounding and D.

    David Lee: Rebounding and excellent spark off the bench.

    Kevin Garnett: Floor general. KG is the ultimate competitor.

    Ron Artest: One of the most talented players in the league.

    Ray Allen: Instant ratchet.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    oh and the dudes that do the dirty work, Udonis Haslem, Reggie Evans, David Lee. And of course what about LMA you could just feed him the ball in the post, Kobe, would be good too, but damn, if you F**ked up, man, here would come that death stare, like he gives to everyone.

  • Prof. TX

    Shane Battier – Doesn’t need the spotlight, does what needs to be done to help the team whether it’s score a little, rebound, make the extra pass or defend the other team’s best scorer. Almost nobody wants to guard someone like Kobe, but Battier’s studying film and practicing all the time so he can be better at the jobs nobody else wants.

    Alonzo Mourning – It’s good to know that if your man slips past you and heads to the basket, you’ve got someone with that size and intensity behind you who lives for the chance to crush that shot.

  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    Me and CP3 can take turns running the point, both of us standing at 6 feet,

    Kobe at 2: Lets face it hes my namesake and the best in the league, plus he will take/make the clutch shot.

    Bron at 3: Because I would love to throw the ball up anywhere near the tin and watch him throw it down

    STAT at 4: Love his game, toss up between him and Bosh though,

    D Howard at 5: This would be TD’s spot if he were 5 years younger, but being a young dude myself I have to go for the younger squad,

  • vinny

    Chris Paul and Derrick Rose- becasue there both unselfish and can get their’s when they need to
    Labron-same as above.
    I like the Brad Miller pick.
    Elton Brand-plays hard and unselfish-plus good guy and teammate off court
    Ray Allen-sweetest jumper in game and doesnt seem to need a lot of shots.
    bruce Bowen-lock down annoying defender u love on your team but hate to play aganist.
    Tim Duncan-to long to list
    Josh Smith-good defender, would do well surronded by this team and with these 9 my next pick doesnt have to play so i go with George Clooney-just think of the parties and groupies and perks of having him on the end of the bench-plus he can shoot a little.

  • aren pratt

    Le-brick (thanks skip) does not single handedly win anyone games, ill tel you what he does, miss clutch freethrows and cries to his mom when a team keeps him out of the paint because he has the jump shot equvilent to an 8th graders please look at his stats. Kobe on the other hand will singlehandedly win you games, you play a couple inches off thats money, you play close hes already to the rim not to mention his passing ability as we now see with a good surrounding cast…

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    Lebron – best player in the league.
    Nash and Paul are obvious choices.
    I’d skip on KG – it’d be annoying playing with someone that tightly wound. Give me Bosh instead – and Howard. Cool guys who get it done.
    I’m with you on Noc and Butler. Wouldn’t mind playing with Sheed either if only for the laughs.

  • steven

    Yeah these guys aren’t exciting, but I’d have to go with Tim Duncan and Shane Battier. Professional, polished, and they get the job done.

  • DO

    depends on the position. If you’re a point guard, you want dwight howard. If you are a post player, you want steve nash. If you’re kobe, than you want luke walton and sasha vujacic, so you could shoot every time down the floor.

  • http://dimemag.com RANDO4

    Gotta have Duncan on my team

  • BEdger

    I would just like to point out to the author that James Jones had a career year last year with the Blazers…not Steve Nash

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life qUeSt???

    if i had one player to pick it would be CB5= Carlos Burgos #5 no more need be said

  • MC3PO


  • CPA

    I would pick Eddy Curry and Jerome James cause I know I would get some tick at the 5 with them around.

  • JR

    I’d love to have Yao on my team. Then I can get multi-million dollar endorsement deals with Chinese shoe companies like Chuck Hayes and Shane Battier did.

  • dagwaller

    I would HATE to play with Kobe Bryant. REALLY bad.

  • tbone

    about kg,

    just because you shit talk doesnt make you the ultimate competitor… an ultimate competitor is one who doesnt disappear when the chips are down.. an ultimate competitor is one who can be counted on at the last second. kg is known to both disappear and choke.

    cant remember who pointed it out before.. if kg talked shit to someone bigger or badder than him..i would give him props… but he only shit talks to people who he knows he can beat up.. that just like the big fat kid picking on the lower classmen.. and who cant pick on people in his own class. one big ol pussy.

  • http://breakindownthegame.blogspot.com D.Miz

    No way on Steve Nash. Worst defensive starting point guard in the entire league. You want THAT on your team? No way. http://www.breakindownthegame.com

  • dagwaller

    That’s right – D.Miz would rather have Kurt Thomas and PJ Brown on his team than Steve Nash.


    Agree on Nocioni, he is so underrated. I think he has the capability to play the role of James Posey, but adding more points. Players like Noc. should be recognized.

    @ Pat Cassidy
    What about Kobe??

    @ CGF
    I must say i like Melo, i even named perekeet after him.
    IDK about Carmelo all he gets is points. And clutch?

  • Big Sia

    softest list ever

  • solomon

    you’ll need KG in your team to do all trash talk, roaring and senseless junk blah, blah, blah…

    and to slap opposing C’s whose only fault was working hard for a rebound and a bucket…

    Kuck FG!!!

  • Sam

    Timmy because he’s Timmy.

    Paul because he’s proving that he wants to do whatever it takes to be the best.

    Lebron because he’s a great scorer who’d rather pass.

    Everyone else is just details.

  • Lee

    I’d take Marbury.. and sit his ass on the bench the entire time !!!


    Dwight Howard and Kobe just for defense alone

  • Kobe

    Ron Artest
    Stephen Jackson
    Ben Wallace
    Corey Maggette
    Joey Dorsey
    Joey Graham
    Lebron James

  • yoda

    “Carmelo Anthony: A pure scorer and clutch performer”
    i never consider player to be a clutch, when he can’t defend on other side. just as easily other team will try to score on poor defender (melo). mj would lock you on his side of court, take ball away from you, then hit that dagger. and i don’t like mj :D
    same goes for kobe and rest of all time “clutch” players.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Talented

    For current NBA players imma go with:

    1.Baron Davis – Obviously fun to play with and he gets his buckets while he lets you/helps you get yours.

    2.Ron Ron – Tough D, good guy to penetrate n kick to cause hes gonna hit it, and you know he always got ya back if the other team make a weak call or people start talkin out they place and a fight break out.

    3.KG – If you havin a off day or you feelin lazy after a couple of bad games KG is inject some heart and passion into you and your team. Tough D.

    4.LeBron James/DWade/Carmelo (my fav. players) thas a given.

    5.And of course, last but not least, Me.

  • Ian

    u r fukin right just because kg talks so much shit people think thats passion and hes being the ultimate competitor hes notttt u cant go to him in crunch time
    get him the fuck of the team put in duncan who is ten times better at everything and wont talk shit about it.
    tbone dont u miss peeler of the kings remember that elbow to kg? what did kg after that? nothing. or a game vs timmeh that he spent the entire first q yappin timmeh dropped 16 on him in that q and got garnett tossed i loved that game.

    also u need battier or bowen on that team

    manu over roy and im really not sold on nash with parker and deron out there

    jcarr i think noc is underrated also hes better by far than posey imo.

  • Ian

    u need role players on your team

  • $filmoney$

    I understand why you would want nash on your team but to say The Matrix success was due solely to nash is ridiculous. Matrix was putting up the same numbers before nash got there. He’s just in the wrong system in Miami. James jones had his best year last year with portland shooting a career best %44.4 from 3. As matter of fact portland had its worst stretch of ball last year when he got injured. Boris Diaw put up big numbers in a contract year and hasn’t done anything since. Also he only played his rookie and sophomore years in the ATL and to judge a player off his first two seasons would be unfair. Just ask nash, he barely got off the pine his first two seasons in phoenix with a combined 11 starts his 1st two seasons.

  • weng santos

    I’d add:
    Shaq- for the entertainment value.
    Ray Allen and Mike Miller- they’ll make me look good when I’m trapped and I need to kick it out to someone.
    S-Jack/Ron Artest- Hey, somebody gotta look after me.
    Dalembert/Sean Williams- gotta love dudes that don’t need the ball on offense but will defend the paint.
    Melo- yeah, he can play. Back home here, FIBA is basketball. He’s a proven winner on that front.

    Hinrich- PG that can shoot. Okay with not starting.
    Manu- want somebody to make the other team miserable.
    Battier- plays defense and lives his life.

    D’Antoni/Pop/Nate- coaching staff haha

  • Ian

    weng really dantoni and pop together
    pop would kill dantoni after one game

  • http://sojahund.wordpress.com soydog


  • james

    add Deron Williams

  • Mr.Wang

    nah not Kobe.
    He’s the ball-hog on ur team that won’t pass u the rock unless he’s in trouble (or ur WIDE OPEN).
    And if you miss a wide-open shot. Good luck seeing the rock again. haha

  • Luigi

    anybody who can defend n shoot 3’s n run

  • karizmatic

    Ah well I’m late but I decided to post up here since i posted on the worst player joint.
    Wade- because I like his heart and resiliency
    LBJ – because he’s the best player in the league
    Al Jefferson- I like his all around game I think he is one of the nice young players in the league
    Tony Parker – because I believe he’s underrated and the best (yeah I said it) point guard in the league, he’ll run your offense and get you buckets if you need him to.
    Tim Duncan – what’s a team without Tim Duncan in the post, the best fundamentals in the league?
    Dwight Howard – what’s a team without Dwight Howard in the post?
    Paul Pierce – Because he’s The Truth and has been for years before he got his ring.
    Grant Hill – what’s not to like about Grant Hill? Anyone with that amount of perseverance can play on my team.
    Kobe- because he is after all Kobe
    AI- because he’s my hometown dude and I’m gonna run with him.

  • iain.

    November 17th, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    Kobe says:

    Ron Artest
    Stephen Jackson
    Ben Wallace
    Corey Maggette
    Joey Dorsey
    Joey Graham
    Lebron James

    I thought to myself, could this team win a ‘chip, and I think the answer would be Yes. @Kobe what was your criteria for picking these guys?

  • http://regimeofterror.com Mark E

    Nocioni is one of my favorite players in the NBA and I am a big Bulls fan. It is INFURIATING to hear Bulls “fans” clamoring for his trade. I don’t get.

  • weng santos

    Yes, Pop and D’Antoni.

    One to make us run, the other to make us pull it back.

    Hahaha we’d always be on our toes.

  • rick773

    I kinda agree with tbone. Don’t get me wrong I love KG his game and his intensity(except when he plays the bulls) but most often you see him pop off to cats like zaza pauchulia or Joakim Noah. But he never gets that vocal playing The Big Fundamental or sheed

  • JAB

    you have to put ron ron and derek fisher on that list too,
    caron butler has to be first choice for people who love bball

  • Carlos

    what happen to dywane wade

  • http://www.highbass.tk edward

    if boris diaw wasn’t good at atlanta it was because he didn’t had the minutes.just take a look back at the playoff series agains san antonio…see how boris diaw was getting everybody involved and also against the mavs 2 years ago he was the man and nash wasn’t present…so don’t say diaw can’t play without nash because it’s false