NBA / Nov 13, 2008 / 1:19 pm

The NBA’s Most Lethal Perimeter Scorer

Last night Paul Pierce ended Atlanta’s undefeated streak with a dagger of a shot that gave his Celtics a two point victory. Today in the office we were watching highlights of that game and Sean Couch, Editor at Large for Bounce Magazine, stated that Paul Pierce is the top perimeter offensive threat in the NBA today.

Most of the Dime Crew obviously argued. Real Talk, ‘P. Double’ has been killing people this year…especially in the third quarter. Aron Phillips, Dime’s Editorial Assistant, started throwing other names into the mix which got me wondering…who are the NBA’s top offensive threats?

We debated for about 20 minutes and came up with these categories in order to figure out who gets buckets the easiest way in the NBA: Off the dribble, Catch and Shoot, Back to the Basket, In Transition, Pick and Roll, and Isolation.

We voted on the top three guys in each category and then determined our overall winner:

Off the Dribble
Chris Paul
Paul Pierce
Dwyane Wade

Catch and Shoot
Paul Pierce
Kobe Bryant
Carmelo Anthony

Back to the Basket

LeBron James
Carmelo Anthony
Kobe Bryant

In Transition
LeBron James
Dwyane Wade
Allen Iverson

Pick and Roll
Dwyane Wade
Chris Paul
Tony Parker

Paul Pierce
Kobe Bryant
LeBron James

Kobe Bryant
Paul Pierce
Carmelo Anthony

Winner: (Tie) Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce

At the end of the season Paul Pierce claimed to be the best player in the world. He is definitely backing his words up. “The Truth” has been just that. His fourth quarter antics this season have been nothing short of spectacular, and the way Pierce has been getting buckets is just jaw dropping. Just ask LeBron.

Kobe, on the other hand, is the general on the only undefeated team in the NBA. Currently averaging 24.1 points a game, you know at the end of the season KB24 will be at the top in regards to scoring leaders in the NBA. And on top of that, Bryant is NO joke in crunch time either.

So, who do you think is the NBA’s most lethal perimeter scorer?

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  • the antoine

    pretty solid way to come up with your conclusion guys.. very well thought out.. if lebron devolps a solid J.. its over..

  • vinny

    man joe johnson might be more crafty than carmelo.

  • it aint easy being green

    why in gods green earth is jesus shuttlesworth not on the catch and shoot list????????????? c’mon dime, really???

  • Smitty313

    Any other year I would say Kobe, but so far this year he hasn’t been agressive with trying to score. I’ll go with Joe Johnson. The truth gets alot of his point from free throws and driving more than the perimeter.


    HOW IS THERE A TIE???? IF THERE IS A TIE, THERE IS NO WINNER!!! Like basketball you go to overtime to settle a winner, right? There is no winner A and winner B, pick one. You cant hand out two trophys the same size for first place.

    Did McCain and Obama tie too?


    Overall good analysis… but there should be one winner.

  • sxrs

    off the dribble, AI’s still n°1 imo, and top 3 for sure.
    Isolation, same story, top 3 for sure.


    You gotta be joking Pierce ain’t nowhere near K-Hova in scoring. Pierce could put up 80 pts even if it was tripple overtime. Yall on the bandwagon a lil too early. SMDH????? This was the worst listing ever. Ray ain’t on none of them. And how is melo more crafty than Timmy D. WTF!!!!! The only good part about this article was the categories.

  • http://www.nba.com Christian Grant-Fields

    Perimeter Scoring. Timmy is a bigman. Also, have you been watching Pierce this season?! You can’t deny what he’s been doing.

    Ray is a shooter but we are talking about scoring overall.


  • vinny

    tim duncan should be in the top three back to the basket and i agree shuttlesworth should be in top 3 catch and shoot!! to much love for carmelo!!


    Reprint cause I need to be real clear here.
    “Pierce couldn’t put up 80 pts even if it was tripple overtime. ” Matter of fact I’d be shock if Pierce as ever scored 60, a la AI, MJ

  • Ric Hardwood

    Joe Cool needs to be on here…

  • Ric Hardwood

    There are more ways to take over a game than scoring 80 or 60…


    All I’m saying is ain’t noway Carmelo makes the “Catch and shoot” categorie and Ray doesn’t….HOOOOWWWWW????
    I’ll retract my Tim statement now. But hell AI and Lebron are better on the perimeter. Don’t tell yall believing this “Best Player in the World” BS.

  • rudderband man

    Two words… Danny Granger.


    @Ric Hardwood
    Like What?

    Playing D=Kobe
    Ball Handling=Kobe



    u left out some categories like “heart”, “will to score”, and “slit-your-throat killer instinct”. Kobe leads the league in all those things. if u stop him one time, he’ll take it personally and score on u ten times just to embrassed and take ur soul. oh yeah and how is ray-ray not on that catch and shoot list?

  • ERIC

    lebron never has his back to the basket

  • http://www.nba.com I am The Streets

    @ Eric,
    Lebron posts up alot. Whatchu talkin bout Willis?!? Lol.

    I like the article. I think Joe Johnson has to be on there. But ‘Melo is craftier than a muthaf*cker.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    Considering Lebron is the NBA’s leading scorer, was the NBA’s leading scorer last season, and among perimeter players is one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA (more efficient than Pierce or Kobe) . . . obviously Lebron is the best perimeter scorer in the game right now. #2 is Kobe, although if anyone would say he’s #1 I wouldn’t have a problem with that. As a scorer he’s more versatile than Lebron but Lebron is better close to the basket.

    Pierce is damn good but can we please stop putting him in the same conversation as those other two guys because he won a championship while being supported by two hall-of-famers. He was outscored and arguably outplayed by both Lebron and Kobe in last year’s playoffs; Lebron had Z backing him up and Kobe had Gasol – Pierce had KG.

  • Detroit Dave

    I think Joe Johnson is better Catch and Shoot than Paul Pierce. Also he is a better scorer and more versatile off the dribble “scorer” than CP3

  • http://www.nba.com Pure Buckets

    How did LeBron out play him?! Pierce dropped 40 on him too. And Ray definitely was in a slump for apart of the playoffs. PP was getting buckets. Plain and simple.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    By the way:

    “P. Double has been killing people this year…especially in the third quarter.”

    Yeah. To the tune of 20.4 PPG on 40.9% shooting. Are you fucking kidding me?

  • doc

    1.Bron 2.Kobe 3.The Truth 4.Wade 5.Joe

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    If we’re talking about scoring (as this article is), Lebron scored more PPG in that series (and outscored Pierce in the game you’re talking about) while carrying his team by himself. The Cavs had no business taking that series to 7 games. Lebron got them there, even when his shot wasn’t falling early in the series.

  • dapro

    I like the breakdown but I’d say Pierce is more dangerous off the dribble as oppossed to catch and shoot, his step back J is leathal

    Switch Melo out for Parker, TP, AI or Deron for craftiness

  • Shakers

    Since PP and Kobe are tied, I think the tie-breaker goes to The Truth. Who beat who in the Finals?

  • peoples champ

    Pierce is damn good but can we please stop putting him in the same conversation as those other two guys because he won a championship while being supported by two hall-of-famers. He was outscored and arguably outplayed by both Lebron and Kobe in last year’s playoffs; Lebron had Z backing him up and Kobe had Gasol – Pierce had KG.

    Exactly B.

    Lebron james back to the basket ???? aif he post he squares up right away so hows he # 1

    and Kobe shoulsd have beenm in the off the dribble -catagory- c’mon folks

  • hoopfan86

    wow its funny how AI wasnt mention in the “isolation” and “off the dribble” categories u guys dont probably pay attention to what AI has been during his whole career which he beats everyone with his speed and could score at will when he wants nobody cant guard him at the top of the key or anyway on the floor. that list needs to be changed.

  • ERIC

    Kobe has the best footwork in the league

  • justice

    Off the dribble tony parker period…i hate the guy but hey

  • hoopfan86

    i cant believe u guys have paul pierce in the “off the dribble” and “isolation” category i feel that mcgrady or iverson should replace him. i mean you have to look at how players were affective for most of their careers. peirce is a good player but he always played a secondary role and throughout his career he was considered a “good player” and during the years he played well an “all-star” player not a superstar player

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Seriously CGF you and the dime crew need to get off PP’s nuts! OK so he won a chip (count em 1) with KG legit first time ballot HOF, RAY RAY Best pure shooter today.

    PP was watching the playoffs from home until last year. I don’t get it? How can he go from nothing to something just cause he got a ring? How many 1st team all NBA has he made?

    I won’t knock him and say he isnt a gifted athlete, but I can think of about 15 guys I would start a team with before him.

    Also, Perimeter scoring, PP is good, but come on dude, AI, LBJ, Carmelo, CP3, JJ, and of course Kobe. In fact I tell you what the day PP wins the scoring title or is in the top 5, makes the all NBA team 5 times, makes the all NBA defensive 1st team, and a few more chips then you can be all up on his nuts, but until then please jump off the bandwagon. Next your all gonna tell me you’re Philly fans!

  • dapro

    I’m not the biggest P double fan but his game hasn’t changed since he’s been in the leauge

    People never noticed before because his teams were never that good

    He wasn’t surrounded by great talent until last season

    Look at his career numbers and watch some of his old games- they speak for themselves

  • dat dood

    we need joe johnson on this list somewhere.


    @Christian Grant-Fields

    As you can see your loyal readers of DIME pick one winner, and DON’T say tie as a final answer. Also you probably needed to expand your list in each category, to include players like ray ray.

    Bron is not #1 he cant even hit free throws consistantly… if you cant do that. you dont make the top 2. As a pro, and person who’s job is to play basketball he needs to make em’ to be considered the **most ALL AROUND lethal scorer**

  • RENO

    Ray Ray just got disrespected on the catch and shoot list….. Lebron plays back to the basket as much as Mark Blount does….. Add D-Wade to the Craftiness list……. And how come there was not one big man on this list???? Really!?!


    CATCH AND SHOOT: “RIP” Hamilton… thats how he get the majority of his points every single game

  • isotope

    Catch and Shoot? What about Rip?

  • Three Stacks

    I don’t think Paul Pierce is on the same level with dudes like LBJ, Kobe, Dwyane, etc., but he won a ring last year, proclaimed to be the best player on the planet, and is doing a pretty good job of not sounding like a huge douchebag for saying all that by playing some of the best ball of his career. He deserves props for that, at least.

    And just cause you back away after you punch someone doesn’t make you crafty. So get Melo off that list.

  • Lee

    42%fg for iverson doesn’t sound that good to me.

  • biggeddy

    Best all around perimeter scorer in the game? In the words of Dave Chappelle… KOBE! The man has no weekness. Scores any way imaginable. Although I will say that if LeBron can ever stop fading on every one of his shots and gets his J to drop consistently… it’s over. Thankfully the Lakers have the much better team and would beat him anyway, but Lebron has the highest ceiling in NBA history.

  • Big Shot BOB

    PP is definitely in the “Best player in the world” discussion WTF are you guys talking about? Yeah he had hall of famers on his team but who hasn’t that has won a championship. Plus Paul Pierce will be in the Hall himself one day. The fact is he destroyed every one of those guys on the list on his way to the championship last season if that doesn’t prove his point what does. MVP = Best Player on Best Team which should have been PP.

  • vinny

    if kobe has no weakness how come the last 2 times he made the finals he hasnt produced???04,08.
    @jcarr- freethrows notwithstanding- Labron is a lethel mf

  • nola

    dime is all up on paul pierce’s balls this year. constantly saying “did you watch last night’s game? he’s unstoppable. aka arguably the greatest offensive threat ever in celtics history.” it’s been six/seven games. he’s on a roll and yes he’s been amazing. but you’re just exaggerating everything he’s doing. what defensive threat has he gone up against so far?

    oh wait i know what your answer will be. “ask lebron.” wow. good categories, but just a bunch of bs. sounds like one person in your office decided to ride pierce’s balls and everyone else didnt wanna argue. 7 games. i guess oj mayo’s last two games makes him unstoppable too huh.

  • nola

    and catch and shoot players by the way shouldnt be kobe, melo, and pp. those three create for themselves 90 percent of the time. you’re missing rip and ray allen. both run through 12314123 screens and have the greatest balance in the game to get off that midrange j. 3pt for ray allen of course.

  • Ian


    not melo

  • nao_diga

    Why is “Back to the basket” a category for evaluating so-called “perimeter scorers”?

    Being able to be a perimeter scorer and a “back-to-the-basket scorer makes a player more versatile, and so able to be used in more ways and have more kinds of plays run for him. But being able to score with his back to the basket doesn’t really make a guy more of a threat from the perimeter.

    So back-to-the-basket should include big men, and it shouldn’t be part of an over evaluation of ability to score from the perimeter.

  • Ian

    if the list includes big men
    timmeh should be in a couple of those cats

  • tealish

    The name Carmelo Anthony appeared far too much in this post.

    Also, Melo and Bron are huge offensive forces with their backs to the basket? Seriously?

  • tealish

    This post is so wack. Forgot to even mention the atrocity that is your “catch and shoot” category.

  • Yoooo

    Kobe alywas produces #1. In 04 he had one of if not THE best defensive teams in NBA history locking in on him. Getting past Tayshauns lanky ass he had Rasheed and Ben Wallace waiting for him. The game they won was ALL Kobbe.

    This guy Paul Pierce is the Lil Wayne of basketball man. The nigga proclaims hisself to be the best and yall just buying it. He’s been on solid Boston squads before and he’s always been a scorer but the best he just isn’t . His #’s are inflated cuz for like 4years he played by himself. If you put Kevin Durant on Boston I bet from an offensive standpoint he can do EVERYTHING Pierce does. Put Caron on the Celtics and theres no dropoff. Im not saying the bol is ass by ANY means, but lets be real. He has 2 other people on the court with him that require MAJOR attention and minimize gambles defenses are willing to take. He gets to the line that’s something you might be able to dub him the best at. But theres definitely players whod be able to do what he doeÅŸand actually do more with waaaaaaay worse squads around them.

    And as far as cats hating on Melo ask the best defensive players in the league about him. He gave all of em drugs. From Kobe to Bruce Bowen. Offensively the only thing that stops him from flat out being equal to Kobe (Im TALKING OFFENSE ONLY, AND PUTTING THE BALL IN THE CUP) is his range and feel for the game. He doesn’t read defenses well so he looks like a bum sometimes trying do too much and holding the ball too long. But Kobe has been guilty of the same thing in the past. As far as PURE scorers tho Melo is there with the best of them…

    Kobe is clearly #1 though. Followed by whoever the fluck else u wanna put.

  • doug

    you feel me YOUNGFED paul pierce must be paying these cats money for these publication. This is wack Dime is losing credibility with each article the print out putting this cat in the same league is Kobe. If this cat whens another ship the way DIME is printing these things out there probably going to put Pierce ahead of MJ. You guys at DIME have reached the apex of ignorance.

  • nao_diga

    @ yoo:

    “He gets to the line that’s something you might be able to dub him the best at.”

    That’s a category they should have included–getting to the line.

  • Ian


    kobe has players that require attention like pierce has in boston if the problem u have with him is that. remember who kobe had when he won shaq u put ray ray and kg together and they dont make a shaq

  • doug

    vinny, Kobe hasn’t won the past two times but he ran off three, he’s been to 5 finals and he’s going to win a couple more before he retires. That series is different with a healthy bynum and ariza. It’s a wrap. PP wins one ship and you guys proclaim him GOD. This guys went from underated to overated and feeling himself way too much in just a years time.

  • webbie352

    like the ARTICLE but some area confuse me.

    off the dribble pp shouldnt be on the list. tony parker should.

    back to the basket lebron should be off that one.
    he has no post game.

    other than that. list looks good.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    @ Ian I don’t think the problem is that he had other dudes. It’s the fact that he wasn’t even up there until he had other dudes. Kobe was taking the Suns to seven with Luke Walton, Kwame Brown, and Smush Parker… PP was getting waxed and sitting at home watching the Lakers…

    LBJ has consistently took Big Z Boobie Gibson and all them other clowns to the playoffs, and even went to the Finals, guess what PP didn’t make the playoffs that year either.

    So please tell me how all these years he wasn’t even in the conversation, dude has one year where he steps up and all of sudden he’s on the same level as Kobe and LBJ… I don’t think so.

  • control

    Ian got his lick on manu’s sack in…get over him man, he’s out until like April. You sponge bathing him while he’s out?

    Now, lets get this shit straight:

    PP ain’t the best player in the world.
    PP ain’t the most leathal perimeter scorer.
    PP ain’t the most clutch player in the world.

    Unless Kobe died last night…the best PP can hope to be is 2nd best in any category. I don’t even like Kobe much, but PP and Kobe play exactly the same game, Kobe just does it better.

    Yooooo is right about PP. Though he’s fallen off talkin about Melo. Melo is garbage.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    uh, two words: Greg Ostertag.

  • Ian

    im not sayin pierce is at kobes level
    but before he took antoine walker to the conference finals man
    thats pretty amazing

    dont get it when u come post stupid jokes about me mentioning a player and u come and do the same with a player u like stop being a child posting fag jokes. i mean is this funny in the states cuz only a retard will think its funny. i mentioned one player for one cat and i licked what ever is it u posted when u come here and post more bs about kobe.

    kobe isnt the best there said it the best win rings carrying his team
    so far kobe is 0 for 2 in the finals being the man.

  • Ian

    big v

    u see what i mean with posters like control this is what i mentioned in the nash article

  • Ian

    btw hes not in the conversation
    im sayin u guys are bashing him kinda unfairly
    the one that deserves the most bashing is garnett now there is a man that can talk some serious shit a career loser.

  • Sam

    I know someone’ll fuss at me for writing this, but it seems like Manu should be here somewhere… maybe under ‘creativity’…

  • doc

    @J-Carr-What the hell does free throw shooting have to do with perimeter scoring.So Wilt wasnt the best big man scoringwise because he couldnt hit his FTs moreso than Bron.

  • Ian

    be carefull i said the same thing and a child called me a something licker.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    @ Ian– No disrespect but that was back in like 2002 and Antoine Walker avg 22 ppg. Nobody of the Lakers did that except Kobe.

    All I’m saying is that all of sudden Dime and all the other media are all up on his nuts cause of one year, notice they weren’t sayin sh*t when he was at home in the summer.

  • Ian

    i know what u mean but im sayin he won let him talk some shit even if he and his mother are the only 2 who believe it.

    btw walker took 45 threes a game to getthose 22 points those had to be the worst 22ppg ever

  • Three Stacks

    Ian always got the Spurs’ nuts deep in his cheeks, like a rodent afraid of starving during winter hibernation if he didn’t have them to nibble on or something.

    That said, I agree with him. Manu deserves to be on the crafty list way more than Melo.

  • Ian

    my fav team
    my fav player
    so if u thought your fave player deserve to be in mentioned in cat u wouldnt post it??? even u admit manu deserves to be in

    btw your comment was kinda funny

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Brang it baaack!

    I think tha bruthas and sistas of Dime need to go back and have this debate again. Surely Rip, Ray and pick and roll wise, Deron have to enter in various ways.

    I’m just saying perhaps a pt. 2 is in order considering you have heard the voices of your Dime mag. fans. So I am saying mix in what they are saying into the cipher and then come with a list that is …um.. perhaps slightly more accurate.

  • Three Stacks

    @ GEE, I think that was the nicest way I’ve ever heard someone say, “Y’all fucked it up.”

    @ Ian, hahah I’m just playin w/ you, I just hate on the Spurs and their fans cause you’ve got 4 rings to the Lakers’ 3 over the past decade. Even if it was pretty funny how you made Kobe cry 5 years ago.

    I hope Manu comes back healthy for y’all. Cause if you guys land another top lottery pick, I’m gonna murder someone.

  • Yoooo

    Fam Melo is not trash. He’s lazy as hell but even still he’s a 25 ppg scorer. Its not possible to be trash and put that up. Like cats might not like moneys ways on the court in terms of body language and effort. but scoring wise he’s Barkley with a handle. Nobody can guard him. He puts Kobe in the blender. Bruce Bowen in the blender and anyone close to his size is NOT staying with him out on the perimeter. Only dude who might be able to match his offensive genius is Artest and possibly, although I doubt it, KG. He’s a lot to deal with. Don’t forget who the Nuggets were before 03.

    Kobe had Shaq on his squad but he wasn’t even mobile. Detroit was jumpin him soon as LA dumped the ball down. Shaq played well though. But Kobe was the only facilitator in 04, Only creater they had and Shaq was clogging lanes that he would drive down. For as great as Shaq was in 04 Finals even though his personal stats were good he helped Detroit out in a way. Its easier to rotate to helpside when the dude ur guarding doesn’t move or show when u leave him. That was back when Kobe was a slasher predominantly and with the lane clogged and a lanky ass bean pole Tayshaun on u thatll give ANYBODY fits… And when Kobe had that bum ass Laker squad in 04 & 05 nobody gave him ANY credit for making the playoffs in the West much less with those bum ass niggas. Half of which are just turning 25 and the other half out the league or with a foot out the league. In fact nobody on that team is an NBA starter right now or has been since. Even Lamar Odom is coming off the bench now. But LeBron carries some clowns (althought stat wise Z has been a top 8 center in the league for like the last 8 yrs) and he’s King Dingaling… Go figure… But Kobe is by far the best perimiter scorer in the league. Not even close. Dude just hurts peoples feelings. In fact he’s so good that he gives avg defenders a CAREER if he has a bad game against him (Sup Ruben Patterson!)

  • Ian

    three stacks
    last night when i was crying after the bucks loss my gf told me the same thing shes like well look at the bright side
    u trade gervin land a lottery pick get the admiral who misses 2 seasons and land sean elliot robinson misses one more season and land duncan

    so everything somehting bad happens luck is on our side
    u imagine next year a healthy manu parker and duncan with a lottery pick heheheheheheh bj mullens hehehee maybee

    btw kobe cryin was the best moment ever for me in basketball

  • Three Stacks

    @ Ian, that’s funny, cause 0.4 seconds is mine.

  • vinny

    Hey Ian instead of typing hehehehe just type lol cool?

  • Three Stacks

    Seriously though, before Fisher hit that prayer of a shot, when Duncan did that crazy up and under thing and made that back-iron jumper, I swear me and like 9 of my neighbors all yelled “FUCK!!!” at the exact same time.

    I’d never felt so demoralized, followed by elated, ever in my life. It was huge cause EVERYONE knew if we lost that game, that series was over. And EVERYONE knew after Fisher hit that shot, the Spurs were done for the year.

  • Ian

    i dont like it sounds like something a school girl will text her friends
    but ill try it if heheheh bothers u bro

    the 0.4 doesnt bother me
    what bothers me is we came back from a 20 point deficit what bothers me is that timmeh had to break out the horse shots twiceeeeeeeeee to get that lead
    what bothers me is that fisher ruined a great shot from an alltime great over shaq
    what bothers me is that my friends who are laker fans called me the whole game to talk shit and when timmeh hit the shot i called them back big mistake
    what bothers me is that the game was in san antonio and the douche that is supposed to start the close didnt hit that shit sooner
    so as u can see fishers shot doesnt bother me as much
    LOL (happy vinny)

    but in the end it was ok cuz the pistons wooped the lakers

  • Ian

    three of course it was a 2-2 series whoever won the game was going to the finals
    cuz the wolves were getting the smackdown from either team

  • vinny

    Good Job Ian, and as a Laker hater(which is hard because i live in la)i feel your pain!!!

  • doug

    Is Ian’s mom and dad first cousins? Ian you ooze haterade from your pores. I’ve read all of your post and I drawn alot of assumptions about you. You probably live in Iowa, your tractor is probably your primary and only means of transportation and your favorite hobby besides hating on the best player on the planet Kobe, is probably cow tipping, horse shoe contest and seeing which one of your toothless cousins could throw a bail of hay the furthest. Your living in a time warp Uncle Rico, trade your IROQ in for something current and stop wearing mach necks and dousing yourself with trashy colognes like BRUT and Stetson.

  • Ian

    yeah vinny i was feeling great till three stacks starter posting

  • Sam

    Ian –

    I hear you, bro. Seeing Kobe cry somehow puts my soul at ease. Seeing him cry because my Spurs are beating him puts me at one with the universe. I seriously can’t think of anyone else whose misery actually brings me joy. It’s actually kind of disturbing.

  • Sam

    Three Stacks-

    Your memory of .04 is funny because it’s the antithesis of mine. When Duncan hit his prayer, my buddies and I freaked out. Then, in an instant, the room just deflated. I seriously couldn’t concentrate on ANYthing the next day… Good Lord, that sucked hard.

  • Jeffco


  • Ian

    sam i stared at the tv like for 6 hours i couldnt move after that all my friends left quietly they knew if they said something someone was getting stabbed that night honestly i think i cried myself to sleep but the pistons saved me and since i have kobe cryin on dvd it made me forget the 0.4 quickly
    its like u said his misery makes me fell good
    but kgs did also lol everything that douche played hard and barely got the 8th seed to get timmeh in the first round was beautiful
    im the only spurs fan of the group it gets lonely


    Free throws are points too….going to the basket by fast breaks, isolation, craftiness and off the dribble are bound to get you to the free throw line at least 8 times per game. If you don’t make em’, your not lethal. That clear enough for you? Bron’
    Ex. MJ was lethal because he made his free throws, they only have a two inch difference. MJ surpasses all these categories.

  • Sam


    I hear you, dude. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. At least we can take some solace in the fact that Kobe STILL has yet to win a title in the last six years… and that when it’s all said and done, Timmy’s legacy will shine brighter.

  • Ian

    heres my list

    kobe being the best player on his team
    0-2 in the finals
    missed playoffs
    lost first round

    timmeh being the best on his team
    4-0 finals
    never missed playoffs
    never lost in first round


    sorry three stacks dont hate me

  • Ian

    oh shit vinny sorry i used heheheheh its LOL

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    @ Sam and Ian– Kobe will get his Ring this year and next year in fact the Lakers are going to be in the running for a while. Timmy and his crew are getting old and going down hill. The suns are getting old, the nuggets can’t win, GSW bombed, the hornets have a ways to go (as evidenced last night) Utah is legit, but needs a true big man, Portland will be good, but Oden needs to become healthy.

    only two players on the LAKESHOW are over 30 KB24 and D-Fish, everyone else is 28 or younger and Pau is like 26, LO is 26, AB is 21, Ariza might be 23. So they will be around for a while get used to hatin on Kobe some more, don’t worry it’s cool, everyone needs their haters, keep talkin.

  • vinny

    @Drunk- not gonna happen.

  • vinny

    this is clevelands year. you heard it first here! they can team defend kobe and the lakers wont be able to do anything with labron-especially kobe. Labron will wear Kobe out-literarily and figuratively-ending all discussions about whose better!!

  • doug

    vinny your an idiot LeBron is Kobe’s human pair of underoos, he’s even went on record as saying Kobe is best player in the L.

  • doug

    vinny your an idiot LeBron is Kobe’s human pair of underoos, he’s even went on record as saying Kobe is best player in the L.

  • Three Stacks

    The Lakers look good so far this season, no doubt, but the Pats probably did too, before Pollard snapped Brady’s knee. I’m an eternal pessimist when it comes to sports; I believe if you expect it to happen, it never will.

    So please, let’s not get ahead of the season and crown our teams the champs after 7 games.

    @ Ian, man I ain’t mad at you or your team, I have MAD respect for Duncan, he always brings it. I can’t say I’m happy about the championship that was won @ the Lakers expense in 2003, but ’04 was a crumble in the Finals, and everyone in LA knew we had no chance at a chip ’05-’07. Last year was another crumble in the Finals.

    I can’t blame Kobe for the crappy teams the last few years or unexpectedly running into a Detroit team clicking on all cylinders in ’04 (they destroyed the Lakers, completely), but a team w/ arguably the best player on the planet can’t give up a 25 point lead at home in the Finals. So yeah, I’m blaming that one on Kobe.

    And until he wins another chip, my jury is out on him just like the rest of you. But Kobe is Kobe, he is the Lakers, and has my undying support as long as he’s got a Laker uniform on.

    “It’s your hate that keeps me believing that we’re the greatest of all time.”

  • SayItAintSo

    Kobe Bryant no questions asked.

    PP should not be in your list for ‘off the dribble’. As much as I have Tony Parker, I’d put him in there first.

    At any rate, PP was a run of the mill star until he was surrounded by other stars. He is getting WAY more hype now because KG and Ray command so much attention. Put KOBE, D-Wade, LeBron, Chris Paul, Tony Parker…any of these other players in that system and they do the EXACT same things.

    I like PP but everyone is riding his jock WAY too much lately.

  • Sam


    Good analysis, but there are a few problems with your thinking:

    – Kobe’s not a kid anymore; let’s not forget that even though he’s 30 or whatever, he’s an old 30, with a lot of miles on his chassis and a lot of deep playoff runs, too. He’ll definitely be in the mix for a few more years, but we’re already starting to see some slippage (just like with Timmy);

    – Fisher’s solid, but… eh… he’s not really a difference-maker in the sense of making a team great. He’s a great player on a great team, but he’s not going to be the difference for the Lakers, and he’s also not getting younger;

    – Pau and Odom (and for that matter, the rest of the crew, minus Bynum, who I’ll get to in a minute) are career underachievers, and I don’t anticipate anything changing;

    – Bynum had a solid half-year last season before getting injured, but I’m not ready to anoint him yet, and you shouldn’t be, either. He’s playing solid ball this year, but he’s not dominating, which is what everyone expected. He’s definitely an asset for the Lakers, but as to whether he’s a difference-maker, that’s a quantity unknown.

    Don’t get me wrong. I hate the Lakers, and hope for their demise every season, but they showed last year that they’re a legit contender, and collectively, they look great this season. I’m just not ready to close the books, as though they had anything locked up. There are a lot of x-factors there, and anything can happen.

    Having said all that, credit to you for believing in your team, and for taking all the hate in stride. It’s fun to talk hoops with people who ‘get it’.

  • kowtz

    Your the inbounder… down by one… 7 seconds left on the clock… no timeouts… no plays…

    Who do you pick to take the last shot?

    Lebron? PP? who?

    I bet 90% of people in the NBA would have to choose Kobe…

    Nuff said…

    Btw, ditto on catch and shoot guys…

    1. AI
    2. R. Allen
    3. Rip

  • heartbreaker85

    is this a popularity contest?

    dwyane wade winning the pick and roll category? HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE ANYONE TO SET PICKS/ROLLS WITH ON HIS TEAM EVER!

    and catch and shoot? you guys are high. it should be something like:
    1. rip
    2. jesus
    3. redd

    1. carmelo anthony. he lives in the post and drills fadeaways ala MJ.

  • heartbreaker85

    hate to say it DIME, but this article makes the impression that if you came up with a “top low post scoring big man” list, you’d put DIRK in there for some reason when he plays from the outside.

  • vinny

    @doug- thank’s for the appreciation of my opinion!

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Ta!ented

    From the perimeter i gotta say
    1. Lebron
    2. AI
    3. Kobe
    4. Wade

    Those players (beside Kobe) have to have a deadly perimeter game cause they outside jumper/long range wont really kill you.

    Who has tha meanest triple threat game, would that be catch n shoot?

    Imma say:
    1. Carmelo
    2. Kobe
    3. Paul Pierce

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyQ9ocAW00I LeBron, King of NBA 2009 MVP 2008 – 2009

    LeBron owns the game now. LeBron = 2008-2009 MVP
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  • 234

    d-will is great on the pick n roll