NBA / Nov 22, 2008 / 9:55 am

BREAKING NEWS: Oklahoma City Fires P.J. Carlesimo


After getting a 25-piece Chicken McNugget in front of their home crowd at the hands of the Hornets last night, the Thunderous management decided to can P.J. Carlesimo.

In some ways, we didn’t even think that P.J. was on the hot seat because everyone knew that Kevin Durant‘s team was going to be horrible. But it turns out that setting low expectations and then failing to achieve them is grounds for dismissal.

OKC assistant Scott Brooks will take over and now be the guy in charge of watching his group lose. The next time the fans in Oklahoma City pipe up to boo the Thunder, Brooks can kiss his job as the interim coach goodbye.

So what does this mean for the team? Honestly we don’t know much about Brooks except for the fact that he played in the League for 11 seasons and averaged 4.9 points and 2.4 assists per game. But we expect that KD35 could end up jacking even more than the 19 shots that he already attempts each night.

Source: ESPN.com

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  • jl90

    this is ridiculous. theyre trying to put a bandaid on a broken arm and call it healed. they shouldve given pj more of a chance. this team just blows!

  • knoc

    clay blows

  • Dennis Castro

    Karmas a biatch

  • florida_evans

    PJ’s dreams of striking coaches gold choked I mean throttled I mean fizzled out again….

  • Ross

    jl90 summed up my reaction perfectly.

  • Gerard

    lol @ Thunderous management

  • hadoken

    i feel so bad for durant and green. all that talent going to waste on this mockery of a franchise. how is that even a legit logo? it looks like one of the default logos that you can prob conjure up in microsoft office or some bootleg program.

  • Brown

    Do they honestly think a coaching change is going to help. Here’s a hint, fire your GM who gutted the team of any shred of talent and got nothing in return.

  • chiaki


    the thundersonics are building up for the future, so they should not fire GM Sam Presti.. Bennet is the one who should be kicked..

    but also like jl90 they should have given pj more chances because nobody expects them to win right now..

    but who cares about this franchise anyway..

  • control

    PJ is most likely getting his cash…so they are actually doing him a HUGE favor.

  • Stupid

    I hope they get a post presence along w/ a new coach

  • DPGC

    The team played horrible basketball under Carlessimo even when they were still in Seattle…it didn’t change when they moved the team (fuck Clay Bennett!) and that’s why Carlessimo deserved to be fired. The only team playing worse team basketball right now is the Wizards.

  • This Guy

    Agree with hadoken, that shit is basically clipart.

    I keep reading how the team was supposed to turn it around in OKC. What the hell is that? As soon as a garbage team enters that city they are supposed to be good? I know the Hornets got better while they were in OKC but this team is no different to last year, while that team had just drafted Chris Paul, there is no comparison.

    Clay Bennet just geve him the Spreewell him like he Latrelled the city of Seattle.

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    I don’t like the timing of this

    If you don’t rate your own Head Coach then fire him in the summer.