NBA / Nov 21, 2008 / 7:30 pm

Breaking News: Toronto still hates Vince Carter

Vince CarterVince Carter, Dime #21

The Toronto broadcast of Raptors/Nets didn’t show the visiting team intros, but after watching the game for a few minutes, it’s easy to guess what kind of reaction Vince Carter got from the T-Dot fans.

Every time Vince gets the ball the arena has been flooded with boos, and whenever he misses a shot the crowd explodes like their team just hit a game-winner. When Chris Bosh made an and-one over Vince early in the first quarter, I’m not sure if the huge cheer was more for Bosh’s play or more for the fact that Carter was whistled for the foul.

Everyone knows why Toronto hates Vince, but isn’t it time to let it go?

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  • LakeShow84

    Fuck no.. he quit on them.. You never do that as a profressional or someone who is plain and simply a competitor.. Sorry.. And hes soft..

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    He didn’t leave graciously for more money, he just STOPPED caring, playing and trying.

  • LakeShow84

    When Kobe said he wanted to be traded i hated him.. I still dont trust him honestly.. Its like your boy saying some shit like “i hope your mom dies”.. even if you two become coo again you wont look at him the same.. But Kobe manned up and said hes going to do his job.. Vince whined, cried and FAKED injury towards fans who absolutley ADORED him.. Thats low
    Look at all the love KG gets from his fan base..

  • TO

    Carter IS SOFT.
    Im glad our city lets him know it.
    However he just shook AP and threw down – JO didnt even contest it.He still got it – just doesnt use it that much.
    Loved him when he was here. He did bring recognition and that “superstar” factor to TDOT.
    CB4 is gettin there – he got that fire the leadership quality Vince never brought.

  • Chainfire

    Vince Carter is a quitter. An whiner. A soft wimp. He has no heart. He took a dump on the city. We Toronto fans will never forgive such a sorry-assed punk. The hate is great. Shows a lot of passion and creates a story line. Us Raptor fans get up for these New Jersey-Toronto games.

  • the rocket cat

    I’m in Toronto and I would really like Carter to come back to Toronto late in his career. I know it would be very unlikely, but I just think it would be really interesting to see how Toronto fans would react. Would we embrace him again or would there be lingering resentment?

    Personally, I don’t blame Carter. The end of his tenure in Toronto didn’t show a lot of class and was kind of unprofessional, but watching him in games and interviews, you could tell something just wasn’t right. He just seemed incredibly miserable. I’m not a doctor, but I think he was depressed, and when you’re depressed you’re not really yourself.

    I feel as though management in Toronto brutally mishandled the situation. Some Toronto fans may view him as a spoiled whiny brat, but I’m more inclined to believe that the organization was insensitive to his situation and the emotional trouble that he was going through. I think teams need to do a lot more to support their players. Players aren’t perfect. They’re going to have ups and downs and you can’t abandon them as soon as things go sour.

  • frankie


  • kobeef

    Brook Lopez is abusing J. O’Neal and his old knees.
    If this kid is the real deal the Nets are a nice option for Lebron.

    harris, vince, lebron, yi, lopez…it’s better than what Lebron has now and he almost won the chip with those goons.

  • marcus the great

    this might be one of the funniest titles i’ve seen on dime

  • mdd

    Toronto holds it’s collective breath…

  • George W Kush Sr

    The fans absolutely adored him, and would almost excuse anything, except for giving up on them.
    Toronto is still a Hockey town, and in Hockey, if you dont play your heart out, your public enemy #1. So when a hockey town’s favorite basketball son gives up on them, its beef forever man

  • kobeef

    I think Jermaine just went down for the season…damn…

  • Nasty

    this sums up my hate for vince carter


  • ouch!!!

    dang carter!!! you’re killing me!!!

  • rocky lobsterghini

    damn toronto REALLY hates vince at the end of regulation

  • Dennis Castro

    F That, VC deserves every boo he gets. Here in Philly back in the day, Ricky Watters of the Eagles got the business from the fans for pulling up short on a pass over the middle and asking “For who, for what?”.

    What Carter did was 100x worse. He knowingly quit on his team, franchise, and fans. That’s inexcusible.

    He’s a disgrace to every pro that gives 100% everyday.

  • Ian

    well vince gave the fans a tell me how my ass tastes

  • Ian

    cant hate on vince hes on of my favs

  • rocky lobsterghini


  • TO

    He just killed that game.

    The 3 at the end of regulation.
    Then that dunk to end it in OT!!!
    FUCKIN eh…

    He brings it when he plays here. SO COCKY I love it tho. That look at the end. HAHA Even tho Raps are my team.

    BTW Mark Cuban is an idiot. Devin Harris = real deal

  • ouch!!!

    Did you guys see Vince’s face after his final stab??!!… dang!!

  • Trey

    Fuck no – props to Toronto fans for letting him hear it every single time for betraying and selling out his team.

  • iLL Mago

    Vince Carter + Toronto = Unforgiven

  • Tim

    Vince is huge, see for yourself:


  • Kevin

    Heeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll NAW!

  • herman ciardullo

    How can any fan of the game like, respect or admire a man like Carter. He fooled and took advantage of the Toronto fans for years. He left the team showing absolutely no resepect or care or the fans that supported him while playing in Toronto.

    He is no different than any athelete who’s head becomes not only bigger than the team…but bigger than the sport.

    I for one am glad to see him get bood by the Toronto fans. Don’t worry though….I am sure that in time he will get bored of Jersy and do the same thing to the fans that support him there.

  • http://dimemag.com Melo2TDot

    I Hate him. i hate him. i hate him

  • Giovani Fereira

    That’s the problem with Vince…he needs Toronto and playing on ESPN otherwise he transform to Vince the whinner and he doesn’t bring his a game…that what set Kobe apart from guys like Vince…and Kobe never complains…but if things are not going Vince’s way then he fakes a kneww injury and he’ll only come back if he team made a comeback…do you notice that too????

  • Giovani Fereira

    one more comment I think we the fans are the biggest problems too…paying these players million and they are not worth one tenth of it. But then again you wonder why this nation is slowly going downhill….I guess we didn’t learn from the Roman emapire and their Gladiators and as the time came to an end the Gladiotors were earning more than the people running the country….oh wait Obama is gonna make $400000 and Kevin Garnett is making $24 milllion a year…not bad for a person who didn’t go to college…but then again people are gonna tell me that he is one of the smartest people you will ever meet….of course he is…if he wasn’t playing basketball he would be wokring at Walmart of something but I officially declare that we should boycott all the Pro sporting events until these people get paid a decent salary so we the general populace can afford to go to a game….but then again like the Romans as the time came to an end only the Elite could watch the Gladiators from it originally being free to everyone where they actually got bread handed out to them…but the again this is how the world is messed up

  • Dirk Wiggler

    Eh. Toronto is a toilet bowl city anyway. I can’t blame Vince for flushing TDot in the T-oilet.


    C’mon. How does a man win with him as the top scorer and the 2nd scorer on the team averages like 9 points a game??? Not even LBJ could go all the way with that. GET OVER IT! You have CB4 and Jose. If Jermaine gets healthy you will be contenders. And oh ya, who’s ahead of you in the division? What? I didnt hear you! NJNets. That’s right. VC is putting 23 a night and he is finally starting to be a leader for the Nets. It might be too late for that though. He could have been the next MJ.

  • Tina

    i dunno but i want him to come back:)
    cuz those were the goodtimes