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The Greatest Games Ever

Dajuan WagnerDajuan Wagner

Remember that time you torched your little brother and his friends for 35 at the local courts? That must have felt pretty good. Thanks to True Hoop, we stumbled upon this ridiculous site that has recorded some of the greatest single game performances in history – I think that they’re trying to make note of 100-point game ever recorded on Earth – so now you can see where you stack up against some legends.

They’ve got all of the well-known 100-plus point nights: Wilt, Dajuan Wagner, Cheryl Miller, Lisa Leslie, and Denham Brown (the Canadian guard who played at UConn). But they are missing the 134-point drubbing (52-53 FG) dished out by Christian Grant-Fields’ cousin Pookie against the Quizno’s All-Stars back in ’98. Pookie also grabbed 68 rebounds in that game.

Check out some of these preposterous feats:

* 100 pts. Dajuan Wagner, Camden High (W 157-67) Camden County Vo-Tech-Gloucester Township, 1/16/2001 (N.J.)

* On a 40′ x 82′ court, the New York streetball legend “Pee Wee” Kirkland destroyed an Independent Fire Company or something like that in a league played in the Lewisburg penitentiary in 1973-74. He averaged 70.9 ppg, including games of 100, 82, 79, 60, 51, 50, 48, and 27.

* Oh, and Pee Wee went for 135 in January of ’74, knocking down 62 FG’s in the process for a 228-47 win in that same league.

* In 1953, this guy John Barber must have been the truth. He had a 188-point game for Los Angeles State against Chapman College JV (92-153 FG), and a 150-point night against the Newspaper Sports Writers.

* Drazen Petrovic of Cibona Zagreb (Croatia) v. SMELT Olimpija (Slovenia) dropped 112 points in October of 1985.

* Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain famously hit 100 points in an NBA game for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks (36-63 FG, 28-32 FT)

* 13-year old Mats Wermelin, the Swedish nightmare, took over the Swedish Regional Boys Tournament at Stockholm, when he scored 272 points. Wow.

* A 46-year old mother, named Anat Draigor posted 75 points in the second half for Hapoel Mate Yehuda en route to 136 for the night.

* This might be my favorite. Bob Harrison of Lagrange middle school destroyed the Arch Street School in 1941 for 139 points. He was a 5’9″ 13-year old 8th-grader.

Source: 100 point scorers

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  • sam

    lisa leslie did 100 pts in a half.

  • Big Sia

    Respect for the Denham brown reference

    But Wilt did it in the NBA.. Untouchable in my books. And he still had time on the clock, they just rushed the court because he was THAT DAMN ILL

    Good post though, ur opening a bag of worms

  • doc

    In 8th grade I scored 75 and we had 81.Yeah i was a gunnin ass.

  • fallinup

    Goddamn…Pookie was on PCP during that game.

  • Three Stacks

    272 points!?! The Swedes make no sense.

    Also missed the little known Bevo Francis, who had college games scoring 187 and 152 points.

  • Dime Magazine

    Doc – you’re just about the only person who I’d believe that from. That’s cause I’ve seen you in a Sixers uni.

    – AK

  • jeremy

    i was the little brother

  • D.H.

    I have no famous feats. But you gotta love that night where your first step is quicker than anyone elses, your jumper is effortless, and you put up buckets against friends or foes alike.

    Those are some pretty crazy stat lines. I can’t imagine what it would be like to drop a century in a game.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I was 5’9” in 8th grade. Today that doesn’t seem that tall for that age.

    I once hit 9 home runs in a little league game but in all honesty I did pull the Danny Almonte that year.

  • Michorizo

    I scored 137 points on my nerf hoop when I was 10. Mostly jumpers and an occasional runner here and there…hey, 137 is 137.

  • dagwaller

    Hahahaha jeremy

  • rootsradical

    one time in high school my team got beat 101-37 in a 40 minute game. i had 27 points and five assists.

    this is not something i’m proud of.

  • srb

    Does 100 balls dribbled off my foot count? Because that’s what I did at the gym last week.

    I’m also pretty solid at missing layups and traveling.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QueSt???

    damn thats crazy, the most ive scored in a legit game has been 55 and that was super tiring, i cant even imagine 100 damn those dudes have crazy stamina

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QueSt???

    a 5 9 8th grader is nothing in this day and age, ive seen 6 4 grown ass looking men that tell me thay they are in seventh grade, its like u go to the courts now and its like ur playing 13 and 14 nba prodigys, wtf is up with that!

  • Diego

    LOL at Michorizo!

  • Ian

    in 9th grade i had 72 pts in a school tournament
    no free throws (im not that good going to the hoop)
    no two pointers (i cant shoot that well from mid range)

    i had 24 threes on 28 attempts
    but did get 9 boards at least

    dont worry i cant hit a layup to save my life

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    I had wilt on my fant team that year. I won that week pretty easily as you would imagine….
    Damn Doc! Were you just raining 3s or what? I scored 33 in a church game against a bunch of retards and I felt like the GOAT! Lol

  • Ian

    btw i was the tallest and strongest one on the court
    so its kinda sad

  • Ian


  • MoxWestCoastRep

    No love for the Mambas 81?

  • Ian

    81 doesnt seem that impressive after readin what the swedish kid on pcp did

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QueSt???

    @ ian so u just stood around on the three point line lol im the opposite ill go to the hoop every single time most of my points are from the free throw line and and 1’s but i usually start with jumpers, that way the ther team thinks im a jump shooter and then they open up the lane.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QueSt???

    @ ian so u just stood around on the three point line lol im the opposite ill go to the hoop every single time most of my points are from the free throw line and and 1’s but i usually start with jumpers, that way the ther team thinks im a jump shooter and then they open up the lane.

  • Ian

    i had the luck to play with a really good point foward
    i lead the tournament in scoring the three years i played in but he was the best player by farrrrrrr
    led the team in rebs blocks assists and second in points
    dude did everything
    if it were the nba imagine lebron with a three point shot who gathers all the attention and im a steve kerr who plays d.

    thats my thing play d but i dont miss from three dont know why cuz i never practiced that shit.

    he i have to give him the credit for getting me many looks but i can shoot over people my size cuz i have a sheed type release

  • Ian

    i can get points because of the size i had on the post and from the three point line but my offensive game overall had a lot of gaps. like midrange and getting to the rim i cant do that.

  • boom707

    @ian and srb
    thanks, good to know i’m not the only one

  • Ian

    quest thats good u can do that u can get your pts
    if im the only offensive threat on my team and i get locked down we are fucked cuz i need to be set up for my points

  • Ian

    u welcomed boom lol

  • Ian

    quest nunca has venido a santo domingo???


    Ian… a ti te gusta mamar la pinga de manu. si o no?

  • justice

    I Scored 45 in a jv scrimmage 5 quarters

  • http://www.commuto.com Steve

    I once scored 67 points in a game of 21. Unheard of.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QueSt???

    no mano, todas las personas k conosco han ido a santo domingo yo siempre he kerido ir, me dicen k es super precioso y me dijeron k en los hoteles la comida era gratis jejejeje yo voy a comer !

  • Ian

    hahahah quest y la bebida tambien
    so there u go

  • Luke

    Some of those lines have to be bull. 272!? Yeah right. If we count those random JUCO jv games, why not just throw in a three hundred point game against a bunch of quadriplegics?

  • control

    I dropped 73 points ( 25-27 fgs, 18-19 3s, 5-6 fts), 8 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, 8 blocks on this guy: http://www.eurobasket.com/player.asp?Cntry=GER&PlayerID=53899 in some small time nba/european 2nd round draft wash out tournament.

    I have done plenty of 11 point games (all 1s) in pick up games (up to 11 obviously). Had a streak of 6 games where I scored all 11 points on the same guy because he was pissin me off.

  • John

    I was there the night Juanny dropped 100 I have never and will never see anything like that again. He looked like he was playing with infants not to mention he didn’t play every minute of that game he came out for a little. UNBELIEVABLE.

  • Sacc

    I dropped 46 in a rec league game and I felt like I took every shot in that game but I was rainin so it didn’t stop me

  • parinaz suns

    ha my greatest stat line is amount of bruises . being 5’2+playing against/with scary amazon women= lots of black and blue

  • JDigiac

    i’m like 95% sure cedric bozeman scored either 101 or 99 like a day or 2 apart from dajuan dropping 100 back in 01’… dime can you look into that?

  • Marco

    On our court my man made 1111 but 100 were over a tree 70 feet high

  • Kudabeen

    How long were these games? Some of these are suspicious. You score 188 – 270+ points in a game under 48mins with 9 other people on the court. In some cases, no 3 pointers! You’d have a tough time doing that by yourself on the court…That is just crazy. 272?!? GTFOH…

    So Doc:

    You shouldn’t hate Iverson so much then…Kindred Spirits.

    Post 4:

    LOL…Had to be some kind of drugs involved with some of these stats…