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The Nature Boy

Vince CarterVince Carter (photo. Mannion)

It’s almost comical how much Toronto fans hate Vince Carter and how he keeps gutting their team every time he comes to town. He’s like the NBA’s version of the ultimate wrestling heel; the Million Dollar Man (attitude), Ric Flair (skills) and Bad News Brown (acts like he doesn’t care) all wrapped in one. Getting viciously booed every time he touched the ball or had his name called by the PA announcer last night, Vince dumped 39 points, nine boards and six assists on the Raps, and in the fourth quarter and OT really poured the salt on. Vince scored 12 in a row late in the fourth, and capped that run with a three-pointer to force overtime. In the extra frame, with the score tied and about two seconds left, Lawrence Frank called a brilliant inbounds play that allowed VC to get wide open underneath the basket, and Bobby Simmons hit him with a perfect alley-oop from midcourt that Vince just had to catch and dunk. Backwards. Ballgame. Vince made it hurt even more with the ultra-cocky “Yeah, thought so” look on his face after the dunk, and in the post-game interview said, “I haven’t dunked backwards in six, seven years.” … The Raptors just blew it. They were in control for most of the game, and Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh were destroying Jersey on the pick-and-pop — Bosh ended up with 42 points, while Calderon had 26 and 15 dimes. Even Andrea Bargnani was balling (29 pts), although he missed some critical open threes in overtime … The Indiana Pacers had a Dwight Howard problem last night. In the first half it was the offense: Indy was in pretty good shape on the scoreboard until midway through the second quarter, when Jim O’Brien got caught with his coaching pants down and had poor Roy Hibbert stuck guarding Dwight. (As Quinn Buckner called it, “They’re about the same age, one is just a tad more athletic.”) Three touches and three buckets later — two of them dunks — Orlando was right back in the mix. In the second half, it was the defense: With the score tied in the final ticks of regulation, Rasho actually beat Dwight off the dribble, but by the time he got off his running hook, Dwight made the recovery and got a piece of it. In overtime, Dwight (24 pts, 17 rebs, 5 blks) snuffed out another golden opportunity by swatting Troy Murphy after he had blown past Rashard Lewis, which set up Lewis’ game-winner on the other end … Danny Granger was able to do whatever he wanted against Hedo Turkoglu, only what he wanted was to shoot jumpers all day, and they weren’t falling. Granger was lighting Hedo up in the first quarter, but struggled thereafter, finishing 7-for-20 from the field. He also made a bonehead play late in the fourth when Indiana was clinging to a three-point lead. Rashard was cruising in for a breakaway dunk when Granger pointlessly touched his leg, getting called for a foul that allowed Rashard to tie it at the line. That set the table for Orlando to eventually force OT and win the game … The Pacers broadcast had a viewers’ poll asking, “What’s been the most pleasant surprise this season?” The options were “Jeff Foster‘s offense” and “Troy Murphy’s rebounding.” They should have included “Jamaal Tinsley not getting arrested,” and “Marquis Daniels not getting a tattoo on his face.” …

KGKevin Garnett (photo. adidas)

Celtics/Wolves would have been a lot more interesting if the Wolves were any good. The Target Center was packed with fans wearing Kevin Garnett jerseys (Boston and Minnesota), and after giving their guy a standing O in the introductions, they were treated to a clinic. KG scored 17 and caught a few dunks and a frank-man block, but otherwise the Wolves rendered the game pretty unwatchable … E-mail from Austin: “I was at Safeway around midnight and this dude walks in — I’m completely serious — wearing a full Boston Celtics uniform, Jordans, and a FUR COAT. Serious. The C’s jersey was #44, too. I don’t think they even make Scalabrine jerseys, so I’m racking my brain trying to figure out who wore #44 for Boston, and I figured it was either a Pistol Pete throwback or an old Rick Fox jersey. But really, though: A fur coat?” … All throughout Clippers/Sixers, L.A.’s color analyst was ripping Philly, repeatedly using the word “horrible” to describe Sixers’ possessions, shots and defense, right up to the end. Then with the Clippers down one and 12 seconds to go, their “play” was to have Baron Davis dribble around with the rest of his teammates looking like they don’t know where to be, followed by Baron putting up a running hook shot over a double-team that had no chance. The color guy literally said nothing until the League Pass feed was cut off. This was also the same guy who kept calling Marreese Speights “Marreese Sprites” … Kobe had another Clyde Drexler night, dropping 29 points through three quarters (29 minutes) and taking the fourth off as the Lakers rolled over the Nuggets and shut down Carmelo (10 pts, 5-for-19 FG’s) in the process. George Karl on the ‘Melo dilemma: “I think it’s very difficult to be a star when defenses are designed and manipulated to take you out and stop you from being successful. Right now we’re not getting a lot of opportunities for [‘Melo]. He’s taking a lot of tough shots and getting frustrated over the shot selection. I think he’s got to be patient and work with us, and we’ll figure out how to help him gain more success.” … After trading away their best two players (Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph) earlier in the day, the Knicks only had nine healthy bodies available in Milwaukee. And even then, Steph and Jerome James (who dressed) couldn’t get off the bench. Question: If Mike D’Antoni/Donnie Walsh were this determined never to let Steph step on the court, why did they have him play during the preseason? If it was only to showcase him for trades, that means they were/are actively pursuing trades, and we find it hard to believe they couldn’t find ANYTHING worth pulling off … Of course the Knicks got smoked, and they should get used to it. You think they’re getting any better when Al Harrington, Tim Thomas and Cat Mobley show up? They’re going to be terrible. Like historically terrible. They could be the first NBA team to go an entire week taking all jump shots. They could be the first team to record less than 10 rebounds for an entire game. Anything is possible … We’re out like hoop gear with fur coats …

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  • Kim Jong Il


  • Jau28

    Huge raps fan but tonight was much tougher than when the celtics came back and beat us. We’re just a weak fucking team. There’s no excuse for losing a game like this. Never should’ve made it to OT in the first place.

    I think losing JO had a lot to do with it but fuck we were up by like 7 points with 24 seconds to go… wtf… we choked… again.

    Can’t believe Bosh scores 40 points twice in three games and the raps lose those games. Raps gotta start beating teams while they’re ahead… same shit happened to us with the Bucks, Magic, Heat, Sixers, and Celtics. We won some of those games but really we should’ve won all of em. Oh well… what else would I expect from the raps? Mental toughness for once? lol

  • tealish

    ^I’m just glad you’re busy pursuing Internet glory rather than Nuclear Weaponry. I’ll happily concede ‘first’ to you!

  • Coach T-sun

    again dime, do your research properly they had a article about how Marbury REFUSED to get on to the court today when mike d’antoni said “there’s 30-35 mins on the table” the knicks are obviously gunning for 2010 but they need one more move to position themselves to get 2 free agents because they have 2 lottery picks and free agent signings and also what to do with nate robinson, david lee and wilson chandler if they re-sign those 3 they can only land one guy in 2010

  • analord

    Hard to believe the Knicks traded away their two best players on the same day. It seems like when there’s a chance to get lebron, teams are willing to tank a season for him. The ’02-’03 Cavs, anyone??

    Crawford had been solid through all the different head coaches (Brown, ‘zeke) and i did not expect him to be traded…

    and if Walsh could find a taker for Randolf, there’s gotta be a way u can trade Marbury…now the Knicks are really unloading their big contracts…wonder who’s next…

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Coach T-Sun — There was also the interview with Marbury where he said, “The only thing I’m at liberty to say is that I was told that they were moving forward, and I’m not the person who chooses who plays or doesn’t.”

  • Sweet English

    Why would you not tank a season for a shot at the finals next year? Either the Knicks finish with a -.500 season for the next 5 years do nothing great and fade into obsoleteness, or they have a -.200 season this season, have a shot at aquiring the grearest player of our generation and shoot at the Finals in a couple of ‘chips time.

    No brainer.

  • kobeef

    “first team to record less than 10 rebounds a game”
    David Lee had 12 board and 13 points on his own, easily replacing Z-bo’s rebounding, thank you very much.

    PJ Carlesimo FIRED after 13 games. WHA? What did Clay think this team’s record was going to be after 13 games? 4-9? Seriously Clay, your team is made up of young players and useless players – it is not about the coach. I am seriously enjoying this fiasco.

  • Tim

    Great site – VC’s after-game inteview-video, dunks, pics:


  • sans

    …and I was like, why the fuck would anyone want to watch Hornets versus Thunder (is that seriously their name?)…then, after a night of watching Chris Paul make Westbrook look ready to curl up and die, it hits me…Katrina caused the brief stint of OKC Hornets…it wasn’t event the best 30 piecing, the Blazers game was rough…and Fragile played alright…

    oh and lowercase t at the end of FIRSt is o cool that nothing #1 will ever do will ever top that. Way too peak at life.

  • that’s whats up

    Jalen Rose was REALLY insistent that both Bosh and Lebron would be knicks in a few years. The timing is too far off, I don’t see how those guys could really commit to that. …or why they would want to.

    never understood the ‘first’ post – never will. Is their some Lord of Dorks that keeps a ‘first’ tally? Can you win something with ‘first’? Do you get internet rebates/discounts?

    I think OKC is looking at Barry Switzer as their new coach

  • that’s whats up

    what would have been perfect is if P.J. choked Clay Bennett at midcourt during the fourth quarter.

    Austin (and Latrell) would have loved that….

  • joaquin

    props to VC for the game. Another wasted effort from Bosh. Derrick Rose literally hushed the crowd in GS.

  • Smitty313

    Damn VC has heart. If only we could get every NBA arena to boo him including New Jersey he’ll ce a beast.

    I’m out like Kobe being top 3 in scoring, or top ten in 4th qrt points.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    damn that sux for PJ, i guess he is the best assistant coach in the league but not a good head coach.

    how about the spurs, best team in the league missing 2 of their “big 3″ lmao they killed the jazz, and both teams where missing 2 of 3 “stars” lmao

  • patrick

    I can’t help but hate on the knicks. Any team this poorly managed deserves to lose for the next 10 years. I hope for karma sake that all of the big free agents in 2010 spurn the knicks. you can’t just say fuck you to your fans for 2 years. Let them rebuild like the hawks or the blazers and hope that one of their many high lottery picks turns out to be a superstar. I suggest they start heavily scouting the 6th grade class right now.

    on that note
    tim t
    d lee
    and whoever else they want to play would kill in my rec league. can they just drop down a devision like in the euroleagues

  • jl90

    BREAKING NEWS: The Knicks have just traded Stephon Marbury for my high school team’s old uniforms and a bag of pretzels.

  • Max

    @Dime: There may be conflicting accounts of the Marbury situation, but if D’Antoni is claiming he offered Starbury 30 to 35 minutes, that’s a hell of a thing to lie about. I think The Cancer has dug his hole so deep this time there aren’t enough shovels to scrap the #### off of him. And anyone who dared to feel sorry for The Cancer is wallowing in the same caca.

    Bulls-Warriors was an extremely entertaining battle of the rooks (DRose and Anthony Randolph). Nocioni haters should find the highlight of Randolph dribbling between his legs and breaking Nocioni’s ankles on a fastbreak. And even though it was the Warriors he was torching, Rose was leaving all his ROY competition in the dust. More nights like that and CP3 and Deron are hearing footsteps…

  • baron von faulk

    Celtics have stolen the Spurs’ “Championship” and “BORING” labels. Now you know how Spurs fans feel Bostonians, it’s fun when you win no matter how fugly it is.

    Loved watching VC get his against the haters, sickness, SALTY!

    Wondering where Hedo Turkoglu’s shot has gone (killin’ me fantasy-wise) and now I see he has loaned it to Andrea Bargnani for the meantime.

    “Is their some Lord of Dorks that keeps a ‘first’ tally?” – that is f*cking classic T.W.U. Kim Jong, you are mighty gay for that

    How bout Roger Mason and George Hill looking like Parker/Ginobili? I know you wanted to put something in there, Austin.

  • Da Chi 23/33

    I just don’t see how the Knicks can manage to keep enough cap space to sign two guys and still have a roster for next year. I know that they are clearing out high contracts but they are clearly heading for really high draft picks in the next two seasons..don’t they get guaranteed money. Unless Donnie Walsh decides that he is only gonna keep 7 players and just go at it. Which considering its the Knicks is highly possible. But what if after all this no one wants to sign there? Its not like it hasn’t happened before. Thats exactly how the dark ages for the Bulls started and they still haven’t fully recovered. They had a ton of money during the G Hill, T Mac, T Duncan offseason only no one wanted to play for Krause in that situation. So they ended up wasting money overpaying mediocre players like Eddie Robinson! I just think its a huge mistake to play for 2 seasons from now. How do you not get your team to give up every night if management has already?!?

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    utah can’t win in san antone . . . ever . . . it’s insane.

  • http://www.hornetshype.com mW

    #1 VC makes me sick. The man should be karmically prevented from doing what he did last night. Or has in the past against his former team. It’s just plain wrong.

    #2 Starbury is about the most distasteful player in all of sports right now. I can’t imagine one team that would really want him. He may have “guaranteed” money in the basketball sense, but if I was the Knicks, I’d be looking at his contract to see how they could find him in breach and terminate him and his exorbitant pay as a penalty.

  • Jau28


    I’d wonder if marbury will even play in the LEAGUE next yr… I mean no one is gonna sign him as a starting PG and definitely won’t give him anywhere near the 20mil that hes earning now… I say he ends up playing in europe somewhere… one of those teams would probably be willing to throw in a lot of dough for him

  • Jau28

    and another thing… there’s no way lebron is going to NY to play for the knicks because he wants to sign with a team that has the potential to become a DYNASTY… he said he wanted to win multiple championships… I know two years is a long way but I highly doubt the Knicks will have a team in the future that compete for a championship WITH lebron by 2010…

    as I raptors fan.. I could live with letting bosh go and signing lebron especially when o’neal’s contract expires… and I know I know… it’s never gonna happen but hey… I can dream right?

  • Dennis Castro

    Yea, I thought D’Antoni went to Steph and told him minutes would be available now, and Steph turned him down. And D’Antoni said he understood Marbury’s decision. Can’t say I blame Marbury either.

    I saw Jalen Rose’s “predictions”. What the hell is he talking about, guaranteeing the Knicks would land Bosh and James? I think that was purely for firestarting reasons.

    Good, I’m glad that OKC franchise is in disarray. I was a big GP and Kemp fan back in the day, consequently a Sonics fan too after my Sixer fandom, and that franchise deserves all the sh!t that’s coming to them. I hope Durant and Green bounce up outta there the 1st opportunity they get.

    Sixer halfcourt offense does look terrible. Bad spacing, general confusion, etc. It’s going to take a little time for them to adjust to Brand’s halfcourt game, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Thaddeus Young looks like a legitimate star in the making.

  • Alf

    The ‘boo’ factor…

    I consider myself as a more adverse Torontonian basketball fan and what I think a majority of people in this city fails to realize is that VC is those type of guys that get straight COLD KILLA once negatively is in front of him.

    Look at past and current greats like MJ, Kobe, etc. Once you throw them some hate, they respond by stepping up – NOT by cowering away in a corner. Vince is in that catagory. In the media, he brushes the fans’ boos off as “whatever” but deep down and as demonstrated last night, it simply adds fuel to the fire.

    Bottom line? If Toronto wants a Raptors win against a VC team, they should simply shut up. Hell, even cheer him…he seems to be less effective in a complacent setting.

  • QQ

    I fucking hate Carter, but what he did to the Raps was just… awesome. I mean, they hate on him, do everything but throw poo on his face, then BANG… A dunk to finish off the game. I hate his cocky ass face he made after that, but damn, if there ever was a time to show that, it was this game. Carter owned the Raps big time that game, whew.

  • Mark

    I love VC. Nobody’s asking for Shaq-like ability to control the media with any sports star, and any normal person would be moody at times. His I-don’t-work-hard quote with John Thompson was taken out of context, but don’t expect anybody to budge. He’s a Shobe, either you love him or hate him.

    The man makes spectacular highlights, puts up amazing numbers, and is consistently one of the most athletic players in the league. Winning a championship, yeah that might never happen, but as an individual character, there’s really no other.

    Toronto deserves a harder working player, but sorry T-dot, the boos seem to be affecting VC. In the wrong way.

  • BxBaller

    I wouldn’t doubt that D’Andummy lied about giving Steph minutes. He said that he was giving Steph a clean slate. Plus earlier in the season he said that he was using this season to develop the young guys, that’s why he wasn’t playing Steph. However, now he’s talking about trying to make the playoffs, and he’s still not playing Steph. Besides, half the roster isn’t going to be here in 2 years, so you might as well play Steph and try to be competitive this season.

  • Big Sia




  • baron von faulk

    well what if the knicks end up with a #1 pick due to their crappy record and land blake griffin, or a ricky rubio or brandon jennings or stephen curry next season, then in 2010 they get LeBron. then ol donny walsh is gonna look like a genius

  • DJ Go GO Gomez

    @ Austin

    “There was also the interview with Marbury where he said, “The only thing I’m at liberty to say is that I was told that they were moving forward, and I’m not the person who chooses who plays or doesn’t.”

    Yeah, and did anyone notice Steph never denied that D’Antoni offered the playing time??

    Steph never said “Coach didn’t offer me any minutes!”

  • Max

    DJ Go GO, you nailed it. bxballer, your evidence is weak…I have much more reason to believe the coach than I do Starbury. Thank goodness he’s almost gone for good, if trade rumors are to be believed.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Just because Steph didn’t say the words “Coach didn’t offer me any minutes,” that’s your end-all argument? For one, a lot of players want to just answer the question asked to them by a reporter and won’t go far beyond that. I wasn’t there to hear the actual exchange, but if a reporter asked “Did D’Antoni offer you minutes?” and Steph started his answer with “The only thing I’m at liberty to say…” shows he wasn’t trying to go into it too much. And like someone said earlier, D’Antoni/Walsh already lied once about giving Steph a clean slate.

    P.S. — You can still develop the young guys AND play Steph. You don’t think Wilson Chandler’s development is helped by playing with a former All-Star/8apg point guard? He HAS to play with Chris Duhon in order to develop? Look at the Sixers. They’re developing their young guys AND keeping Andre Miller on the court at the same time.

  • MJAX

    On the real, would you want Steph on your team? I mean what has he done in any place that he’s played? He just brings too much “extra”! I mean really would him and Wade work? Also is it me, or do the knix have only small forwards and power forwards, and two point guards who combined are 6’5… Who would you kats start?

  • that’s whats up

    Steph needs to start at the 2 guard for the Spurs and finally get that ring

  • baron von faulk

    time for marbury to goto Italy

  • rok

    wasnt steph dressed in uniform, i dont recall coach telling him to go in did he. so can someone explain to me how steph is wrong for that?

  • PWeezy

    When V. Carter finish the game the camera replayed it slow motion and swear to god it he did the prince think in dave chapelle “GAME BLOUSES!!!”””