NBA / Nov 12, 2008 / 11:28 am

Gary Payton Hates On Rajon Rondo

You’d think that Gary Payton would have love for Rajon Rondo as another point guard who locks up on D. But clearly GP isn’t Rondo’s biggest fan. On NBA TV last night, Ahmad Rashad prodded Payton to give his real feelings about the Celtics’ point guard’s role in their championship run. And he basically compared his job on the team to waving a towel on the bench.

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    What the hell was GP watching during last years Finals? Rondo was a solid contributor and beast in one of the games. He’s just hating…

  • Shakers

    I like GP, but I don’t get his hate for Rondo. I’ll say it, Boston doesn’t win the championship last year without him.

  • BxBaller

    Thank you Gary. Rondo is an overrated clown that is a average pg at best.

  • boom707

    GP is just mad cuz he wanted to jump on the celtics bandwagon last year but they didnt want to sign him, they got cassell instead

  • http://dimemag.com H20

    I swear he hates on him each time they talk about boston which is at least twice each episode

  • Scott

    Um… I like GP as a player, but ya, what exactly was he doing during the Lakers run to the finals?? I RARELY ever boycott broadcasts because of the announcers or ‘on-air’ talent. Hell, I even watch when Walton is on. But damn, even Walton was probably shaking his head. And whats up with whitey mcwhite sitting there with them. He acted soooo awkward/nervous it was as if they’d plucked him out of some 60’s broadcast.

    C-Webb did look happy tho that he wasn’t on the TNT set anymore, maybe its cuz those guys actually know how to analyze, dude looked a bit outta place content wise with the TNT guys.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    Um, what exactly did Payton do to get HIS ring?

  • Kevin

    Payton’s a homophobe and Rondo is overrated by some and underrated by others.

  • BEdger

    other than making ONE clutch shot for the Heat during their run, wasn’t he pretty much just a towel waver himself?

  • Hayesfan

    I am sorry but Payton and Webber are the two worst commentators that NBAtv has this season. I would rather watch Kamla and Snow every night. At least they research what they are talking about.

  • Lady Luck

    GP should be ashamed of himself. Whether he wants to admit or not, Boston chose to go with Rondo as their STARTER

  • Lady Luck

    my thought continued….

    Gary (the reluctant retiree) seems very bitter. I know that he wanted to get on with Boston but they elected to go with the young guy, who at this point is more glove than the original glove. No, I don’t think Rondo is a superstar or even a star player yet, but he does a pretty good job. And to compare his contribution to Will Perdue or ML Carr, that’s just a big gallon of Haterade.

  • srb

    way to retire two years late.

  • doc

    I dont agree with what GP said,because a towel waver and a starter are 2 different things,but I like that the man said what he feel.We comeon here everyday and talk shit about players so a Hall Of Famer in the game can say whatever the hell he wants. He’s probaly just mad Beantown picked Rondo over him and won,but a prime GP would destroy Rondo so thats how he feel.

  • JC

    So Reggie Miller hated on all players who go to a team to get a ring at the end of their career (e.g. GP), and GP hates on a guy who was DRAFTED and ends up apart of a monster team… discuss.

  • Jer Boi

    only celt fans like rondo, the rest of the world knows hes sooooo overated, and like payton said, will never be an all star.

  • Scott

    Its not a question of being overrated. Its the fact that GP compared Rondo contributions to the Celts last year to that of a Will Perdue or ML Carr, when the reality is, Rondo had more of an impact than GP did in any of his late career finals appearances. And remember the guy was only in his 2nd year in the L. Rondo came in last year and did exactly what they wanted him to. Most people won’t fault him for that.

    Rondo won’t ever be a superstar, or a Sam Cassell for that matter, but he could become very good defensively, and sustainable offensively.

    And to be fair, he did do a solid job, even flourishing at times in the Finals.

  • nola

    this is the WORST show ever. it’s painful to watch. the chemistry is SO forced. payton is annoying. webber is not exciting. AND the “nba REWIND” is the WORST highlight reel i’ve ever seen. it’s incredibly awkward.

  • rootsradical

    are you kidding? i don’t agree with everything they say but half the time i’d rather watch this shit then the games they play. hilarious. the glove always keeps it blunt and to the point and you need that. Chuck is the same way. love it man, love it.

  • http://ww.myspace.com/lilpenny23 JHov

    This show is awesome..kinda like a train wreck..but you can’t look away! Ahmad doesn’t even know any of the players accept the stars..it’s awesome to watch because it’s so bad! Eric Snow is horrible on the other hand..guy is just terrified of the camera and doesnt know when to speak. Steve Smith, Kamla and Aldridge are decent though..

  • kermit the washington

    Yo, this show is the WORST. It’s just like those fake cereal boxes like “Lieutenant Munch” instead of Captain Crunch. It might have been a decent cereal if it wasn’t on the other cereal’s JOCK so bad. This show is obviously trying its hardest to be the NBA on TNT. Can’t do it; shouldn’t have even tried.

  • jeremy

    damn i miss cwebb

  • bla

    rondo is overrated. put him in another team, hes gonna suck.

  • Steve

    So overrated to the point where he dropped 16 points, hauled in 13 boards and on top of that dished out 17 assists. Sure, he can’t do that EVERY night, but that was an amazing performance. You don’t see “nobody”s do that..

  • BC

    The big 3 make Rondo look amazing, can anyone honestly say Rondo would be anything without them? It’s funny how Boston wasn’t anything before last year, and all these scrubs on there team think they are hot s**t!