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Is Carmelo Anthony Top Ten in the NBA?

Carmelo Anthony‘Melo

In ’06-07, you couldn’t ask this question without getting laughed at. But over the last three seasons, both Carmelo Anthony‘s numbers and his reputation have taken a hit. He’s averaging almost ten points less per night than he did during that ridiculous season – down from 28.9 per game to 19.8. And he’s far less accurate, making 39.1% of his shots as opposed to 47.6%.

But for all the smack that people talk about ‘Melo missing the mark and being out of shape, he’s obviously a key cog in Denver’s semi-surprising 9-4 record. He’s been hitting the glass with more authority – something that he brought from Team USA this summer – as he’s averaging a career-best 8.7 boards per game. Maybe the extra beating that he’s taking on the boards means that he’s not able to contribute as much on the offensive end?

In truth, my biggest issue with ‘Melo’s game is not what shows up in the box score once everything wraps up. It’s that he’s still supposed to be getting better, to be adding pieces to his game. We’ve seen LeBron and Chris Paul improve their jumpshooting over the offseason. We’ve seen Dwyane Wade actually come back more athletic than he’s ever been. But what is ‘Melo bringing to the table now that we haven’t seen from him before?

Do you think Carmelo Anthony is top ten in the League right now?

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  • control

    I wouldn’t say top 10. Maybe not even top 20. He could be sitting around 25th.

    I am just not impressed with his game…he doesn’t stand out to me personally as an amazing must have player.

  • Detroit Dave

    He needs to convert back to his International Melo-Ways! Until then these people are ahead of him”

    Joe “Cool” Johnson

  • izzy

    “He needs to convert back to his International Melo-Ways!” And there lies the problem. Melo isn’t a top 10 player because of all the intangibles. He works GREAT, when he isnt the alpha male. With Chauncey there, u can almost say that Billups controls the show. He certainly isn’t a second banana, but more like a 1(a) sorrta player.

    And sadly, for all of the flaws in the system, the NBA, the fans and the rest of the world respects winners. Melo needs to take his team further than the first round for people to truly give him a top 10 mantle.

  • Scott

    He reminds me of a young Paul Pierce. He has the skill set, now all he needs to do is get his shit together and be apart of a winner and people will slide him into that top 10… well, maybe more like top 20, but hey, who’s counting.

  • LakeShow84

    Top 10??

    Hes a top ten 10 small forward.. Top ten player?? no way, too many people know how to contribute when their shot isnt falling.. Melo doesnt do that.. Hes so revered for being a winner that even when he is garbage he is not benched for doing nothing..

    But the post hit it on the head.. He just hasnt improved and i blame the organization.. hes done enough where you can check him and MAKE him work but there is something missing.. Hes a good passer but not a polished passer.. hes a decent rebounder but not a polished rebounder, etc, etc.. WORK THAT MAN..

    At least LBJ has lived up to the hype and Dwade made hype for himself and both are steadily improving.. except for Lebrons J.. oooooo it can be ugly..

  • Me

    hell no he ain’t top ten! A better question is is he top 50? On average I’d say there’s two people on every team who are better, so that puts him around number 60 at best, garbage ass bum.

  • Big Sia


  • craig990


    can i think of 10 players better than Melo?
    P. Pierce

    yes i can…
    sooo..no he’s not. Prob top 15 though

  • Jah

    Top 10 Small Forward? Without a doubt. Top 10 Overall Talent? Well…let’s see. Who you put Carmelo Anthony ahead of out of the following:

    Dwyane Wade?
    LeBron James?
    Kobe Bryant?
    Chris Paul?
    Dwight Howard?
    Kevin Garnett?
    Tim Duncan?
    Chris Bosh?
    Amaré Stoudemire?
    Dirk Nowitzki?
    Paul Pierce?
    Joe Johnson?
    Allen Iverson?

    By my count, at this juncture in the season, Carmelo ranks in at #14. And that’s not counting Gilbert Arenas and Manu Ginobili.

    I like Carmelo’s game. Seems like he needs that extra motivation to take it over the top. I’ll be waiting to view it but, until then…Go Wade!

  • loganlight

    Top 25… not top 10.

    He’s definitely a star. He has an NCAA championship on his resume, a gold medal, and a mid range that is as close to automatic as you get…

    I’ve always thought of Melo as lazy. He settle for his jumper way too often. He has hops… he has decent handles. He needs to put his head down and go to the rim…


  • R.ELI


  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    If he upped his conditioning game like LBJ and Mamba he would be top 10,

    His skills are top ten, but he just isnt quite there yet, has to put the whole package together,

    One of my fav players, he just has to get over the hump and really break through, to much talent not to

  • http://allintheeyes.com the rocket cat

    Never was. Never will be.

  • Bruce

    Star but NOT a super-star.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I am Dragonfly Jones

    I think I will have to go with control. Dude is still good and even being in the 15- 20 is nothing to sneeze at. Still I most def. can’t say top 10.

    No order:
    Tony Parker
    Paul Pierce
    Dwight Howard
    Joe Johnson

    Then perhaps it gets shifty, but I just don’t see Melo in the top 10

  • Marian

    thinking about melo, one name always pops up in my head.
    Glenn “big dogg” robinson
    scorer but nothin more and mos def no difference maker or game changer

  • dapro

    Yes when he’s on his game

    I think people are judging based on this season but Melo is one of the best pure scorers in the game

    Dime I do agree, he hasn’t elevated his game or improved since entering the league

  • http://zion_ninebreaker25@hotmail.com QueSt???

    i think so

  • Michorizo

    He looks overwieght to me…not sure if is though, but he just looks pudgy to me.

  • control


    He has that Fat Zach/Antione Walker baby face fat thing going on. I doubt he’s as fat as either of those fools, but of any of the top players in the nba, he definitely lacks muscle definition.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I am Dragonfly Jones

    Number 1 punch and run cat in the L. though, no doubt on that.

    Got to be the best at somethin!

  • control

    No doubt Gee, he’s also the fastest guy in the NBA, running backwards. He can put Michael Jackson to shame with his moonwalk/run.

  • karizmatic

    no Melo is not in the top 10 right now…he’s on his way to becoming the new Glen Rice.

  • AY

    watch wade and lebron play defense, and then watch carmelo play defense. He will never be top 10 if he takes half the game off.

  • blah

    post 16:

    “thinking about melo, one name always pops up in my head.
    Glenn “big dogg” robinson
    scorer but nothin more and mos def no difference maker or game changer”

    quoted for emphasis.
    Big dog is a best case scenario. ‘Toine 2.0 is more like it.

  • Flip

    Hmm in my mind the top ten are as followed, without any particular order:

    LeBron James
    Kobe Bryant
    Chris Paul
    Dwight Howard
    Kevin Garnett
    Tim Duncan
    Chris Bosh
    Amaré Stoudemire
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Paul Pierce

    and I’d still have to squeeze Yao in there somehow

  • Brad

    Top 10????? Please, you must play defense in order to be considered a top 10 talent. Melo falls way short of the top 10. I bet he would make the top 10 list for biggest POTHEADS in the league.

  • analord

    not top ten as far as the impacts he brings to the team. He’s really good, but yet to be top-ten good. Perhaps it’s the fact that Denver’s always got a better team than what Lebron and Wade had from the get go.

    Melo super polished in the offensive-end. But it remains to be seen how he fares when being put into a leadership position. In a way, he sort of has the kobe-when-shaq’s-around thing going for himself. People would constantly post the question – yeah he’s good but can he leads teams and can he do it on his own….With AI being gone, i thought this is the right time for Melo to step in and prove something. It helps to have a Billups around too..

  • haslem

    top 5 at his position easily. top 10 in League no, talent wise maybe.

  • itsakademiks

    this is so off-topic but yo did anybody else realize that steve francis is still in the league???? with the rockets no less……

  • Obama says to McCain “Hows my @ss taste”?

    No…Carmelo is on his way to the “overrated title”. I remember when he first came into the league, the question was “who is better, Lebron or Melo”? Now, Melo doesn’t even belong in the same sentense as Lebron. I agree 100% with Dime when they say “In truth, my biggest issue with ‘Melo’s game is not what shows up in the box score once everything wraps up. It’s that he’s still supposed to be getting better, to be adding pieces to his game”. That quote hits it right on the head…its the fact that some of his fans still are making excuses for why Melo hasn’t improved. His peers that he has come in the league with at this point have just about left him in the dust when it comes to leadership and development. Maybe if Melo were to live up to even half the hype some of his fans put him up to, maybe that organization wouldn’t need to go out and make major trades for star players to help save that franchise.

    Iverson came in and took over that team…now Billups has come in and is taking over that team. There should be no reason why Melo hasn’t improved his game. According to some fans, once Iverson left..that was Melos chance to “win the scoring title”..since Iverson left Melo has gotten worse at scoring, its ridiculous. No more excuses Melo..its put up or SHUT UP time.


    As of right now, no! He needs to get over that haircut and just play ball. And stop somking that LaLa (wife)

  • jeremy
  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave


    Also, I think Chauncey Billups is currently more important to the Nuggets than Carmelo Anthony.

  • Jay

    If only he could go back to scoring again, cause most of the other pieces are there. He’s rebounding more and it’s not really surprising. He’s been the best offensive rebounding perimeter player in the game for the past few seasons–when he wants to get a rebound, he’ll get it. He’s strong, he boxes out, he has instincts for the ball. The boards are up because Camby isn’t around to gobble up around 11-13 of them. The passing skills has always been there, he’s always shown the ability to pass out from the post to shooters and cutters, he’s just doing a lot more of it.

    What seems to be the problem with his offense is a big drop in athleticism. He was having trouble beating Nocioni or Radmanovic off the dribble the past few games. This is a guy who owned a lightning fast first step in college and when he entered the league. That’s gone down. Then if he does get to the rim, he’s got no flexibility, hangtime, explosiveness. He’s just too bulky now. I’d rather see him get back to 225, which means shedding around 20 pounds of muscle that he’s sloughing around.

  • Jay

    Also, Carmelo is nothing like Robinson. Some of the problems with Robinson were that he didn’t get to the line enough, didn’t make enough plays for others and didn’t play one iota of defense. Robinson was a high volume jumpshooter who didn’t impact the game enough. Carmelo actually gets to the line alot. That’s a hugely important and valuable skill. At the very least, it makes Carmelo a presence. But along with that, he’s a better passer and his defense is better.

  • tealish

    The question is, should he even be an All-Star this year?

  • QQ

    NO! You have to don the HEART to crack the top ten.

  • weng santos

    Yeah, and Kobe’s a rapist.

    Who cares about labels anyway?

    Denver is winning, so that’s all that matters.

  • smoove

    my fav player n top 10 in league… ppl need 2 let him rockk n jus let him do wat he’s been doinn…

  • Sean

    Not in order

    1. Nowitzki
    2. Duncan
    3. Lebron
    4. Paul
    5. Kobe
    6. Iverson
    7. Wade
    8. D’Howard
    9. Garnett
    10. T-Mac(when Healthy)

  • joe

    I do not want to hate on Melo, but I agree with most, he is underachieving so far this season. We know he is good, we have seen him take over games, was he hyped? Maybe, but he is a natural shooter and can create off the dribble. I think he needs to get in the gym and bulk up a bit. He needs to keep Dwyane and Lebron on speed dial to borrow their killer instincts. It is all mental at this stage.

    That said, I would still put him top 10. I would take him over Nowitzki, he is soft and Melo has more heart.

    What scares me is what someone noted above, at this stage, he should be getting BETTER, not worse. All the other guys are getting better. I wonder what the positions would be if we were to do The 2003 NBA Draft again TODAY?

    I think it would be:

    1. WADE
    (I know Bron is younger, but they would have gotten a ring already with DWade) You put Lebron on Miami in 2006 and they would not have won, Wade was THAT GREAT, THAT CLUTCH. Lebron has not proven his clutch yet. That is why he is the 3rd best behind Wade and Kobe. He will be the best eventually, just not now.

    2. LEBRON
    3. BOSH
    5. CARMELO

  • Tyri Bethea

    Melo is best