NBA / Nov 21, 2008 / 8:30 am

Is Gilbert Calling It Quits On 2008-09?

Gilbert ArenasGilbert

What will determine when Gilbert Arenas returns to the court? This shouldn’t be a hard question. Once his $111 million knee is back near 100%, Gilbert should be on the floor of the Verizon Center.

But there’s a chance that the status of his knee won’t be the biggest factor in Gil’s decision to play this season. If Arenas doesn’t like the Wizards’ record when he feels ready to come back, he just might bag the entire season.

“Me and Brendan, we talk about it,” Arenas said. “If I come back in January — that’s about 20, 25 games we counted — when do we say it’s okay? If we’re 15 games out, how hard is it to come back from that? It might depend on who is in the eighth spot at the time and what our record is.”

I’m usually a big Gilbert fan, but this is ridiculous. He mentioned something else about using this year to get someone high in the Draft, similar to what happened to San Antonio when David Robinson got hurt and they picked Tim Duncan.

But there are two major problems there: first, Robinson is in a League above Arenas. And second, Robinson tried to come back from a back problem before fracturing his left foot. He didn’t just throw away 40 games.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Washington Post

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  • Kudabeen

    No more Gil related post…until he is on the court.

  • http://www.k1x.com Mr. K1X

    i agree, enough is enough.



    wax statues!!! haha

    this dude is/was nice, but what have you done for me lately??

    is he the next T-Mac??

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets


    Well said.

    Next probable Dime posts:

    1) Dime Piece : Topless Gil
    2) Name One Player who is not on the court and collects 100Gs.
    3) We Reminisce: Gil Yelling Hibachi at the crowd while telling to crack 50 in every game.
    4) Who spent more time injured Gil or Allan Houston
    5) Gil Headed to Uzbekistan Warriors?
    7) Gil’s dog.
    8) Gil’s found pregntant
    9) Gil eats a tunna sandwitch that upsets his stomach.
    10) Gil dates Lindsey Lohan

    and so on, imagination is the limit

  • Kobeef

    BREEAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    Al Harrington to the Knicks!!!

  • Kobeef

    Possibly for Jamal Crawford…that can’t be right….
    but the numbers work….bad trade for NY if they give-up Crawford

  • Notorious

    Said it before and I will saying again, the MOST OVERRATED player in the league. What a gigantic waste of money by the Wizards. $111 million for a guy with bad knees and no heart. Seriously talking about sitting the year out for a better draft pick, what a loser. Great call Wizards, your future is tied to the leagues biggest loser, Mr heartless, Gil the Buzzkill.

  • d

    notorious, I hear that. Gil is weak. I honestly don’t think he makes his team that much better (if at all – well, this current team aside). But in recent years, what has he done to really help the Wiz get past the hump? I can’t recall much.

    That is a serious, serious waste of money. Save the $111 mil for a bunch of other FA’s that make your team better. Or, in the alternative, buy a real habachi grill for the locker room. At least that thing would be actually getting used.

  • Sam I Am

    HA !!!

    To all my fellow DC natives who bashed on me a while back saying “No one here in the DC metropolitan area hates Gil.”

    Well watch the lines start forming cuz this dude is a sell out and an expensive one.

  • D. Phoenix
  • iain.

    @rodnets, not lindsay dude that girl likes girls, if you know what I mean!

    AND CRAWFORD FOR HARRINGTON NO WAY!?? maybe isiah is still calling the shots.

  • that dude

    Im from Dc and i feel ashamed.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets


    That was on purpose, to see how invented the headlines are.


  • karizmatic

    Gilbert Arenas sucks.

  • Sam I Am

    I mean trust I, as a local fan, was thinking damn we like 1-7 maybe we COULD start tanking it for the high lottery pick…

    But I mean it’s just shameful and knowing our luck we’ll get a really low pick or a high pick and get kwame 2.0

  • marcus the great

    i mean, it would be better to not risk (another) injury in a season that you prolly won’t go far in anyway, while maybe gettin a high draft pick…. makes sense to me

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    I knew this would pop up here soon. Yeah, great Agent Zero, even if you finish last, you still have that gazillion contract. So who cares, right?

  • soopatroopa

    way to go gilbert…take the money and run…
    only play if the team is in contention?…talk about a quitter…
    gilbert sucks…and he’s clearly an attention whore…

  • control

    People ROASTED and are STILL roasting Vince Carter for his comments about quitting on Toronto. Why does Gil get a free pass? Vince has done more in his career than Gil ever has. Gil has been injured a bigger percentage of his career than Vince as well.

  • Gilbert Arenas

    Woohoo! People are talking about me!

  • Caribballin

    this move would be gay.

  • David Brandon

    man….i like gil but he’s been puttin himself in a bad light lately by saying allll the wrong things. after hearing this, and knowing how competitive he’s come across as being, someone needs to run some damage control.

  • dano

    gil’s the new penny hardaway. he had ONE YEAR that was good, the year after he got snubbed for the world championship/olympic squad. wiz’s management thought that was good enough for $111 million? even if he didnt get hurt he wouldnt be worth that much money. and now he goes and says something stupid like this. hes got no heart, no desire, and will never win anything. hes just a scorer anyway. ask carmelo or iverson how successful being a scorer in this league makes you.

  • Caribballin

    oh yeah….gotta love the adidas ‘brother hood’ thing