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Is Joe Johnson a Superstar?

I’m not sure where you draw the line between a star and a superstar, but there is a big difference. There are a handful of guys in the League who are undisputed superstars. Though this sounds completely subjective, I think the best criteria to define a “superstar” is simply which guys come to mind first. Here’s my list: LeBron, Kobe, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard, KG, Paul Pierce, Dirk, Steve Nash, CP3, Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade.

I don’t think that the list is a fixed number of players – it can be as big or small as the “superstar” talent pool. And with that, I’m proposing a nomination. I don’t think that he’s qualified quite yet, but by the end of the year Joe Johnson will be an NBA superstar.

First of all, he’s probably the third most impressive physical specimen in the League behind LBJ and Dwight. He’s 6-8 and probably about 240 lbs., built like a Mack truck, but he has a point guard’s quickness.

And as the best player on one of the three remaining undefeated teams, Johnson’s public profile might catch up to his skill set. He’s tallying 28 points per thus far, and has done it in the prettiest way possible. Hawks play-by-play guy Bob Rathbun, who refuses to call him anything but “Joe” was losing his mind last night over the step-back jumpers and generally nifty ball handling he used to get loose.

Is Joe Johnson a superstar?

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  • miamiVIS3


  • loganlight

    … Yes.

    And I’ve seen him up close and personal. Dude is every bit of a linebacker. And not many people realize it, but Joe has range for MONTHS. I once saw him pulling jumpers from 40 ft back like it was nothing.

    Yes. Superstar.



    No, allstar maybe but he’s not even the best player on his team (Andy) eg. Josh Smith

  • it aint easy being green

    joe is most def a superstar, i almost killed myself when the celtics got rid of him, his potential was through the roof and now its really showing. no matter who he plays for i’ll always be a supporter.

  • http://good-life-inc.blogspot.com F.L.A.S.H.

    the step back dribble thru the legs step back J that made jamario moon do a whole 360 b4 trying to recover was simply cruel, i dunno about superstar, but hows this for a proposal, the list that comes to mind when thinking about the word MOVES, here’s some of mine:

    Kobe (post move double/triple fakes r my fav)
    CP3 (the undescribeable move against chauncey in the allstar game)
    Joe Johnson (wetting j’s after shaking and baking)
    Tony P (the fake small cross then back the other way against steve nash)
    Jamal Crawford (the behind the back dribble then back to the other hand for the lay in)

  • Dime Magazine

    Youngfed – Josh Smith might be more of a defensive game changer, but Joe Johnson means more to the Hawks than J-Smoove.

    – AK

  • Yoooo

    Did this clown say Josh Smith was better than Joe Johnson? Guarantee he’s a Lil Wayne fan. They all have a terrible feel for the truth


    Ok keep telling yourself that. Johnson is a better scorer but not the better allaround baller. I bet Smith makes more money too.

    Yup I said it and I guess me and the 2 million plus that bought his album are Lil Wayne fans. BTW with a name like Yoooo let guess your Soulja Boy Fanboy (lmao).

  • John

    I guess not ,,, not yet ,,, but how come Amare is not on that list ? And Dirk is ? I would take Amare over Dirk in a heartbeat ,,,

  • John B

    not yet, untill the hawks keep winning. What do you guys think of Danny Granger after 4 games?

  • Dime Magazine


    Smith just resigned a deal, which means that he should be making his “market value” right now. He’s making $10 million this year. Joe is making $14 million.

    Don’t get me wrong – Josh Smith is a unique talent, but he’s not a better basketball player than Joe. There’s really no comparing their offensive games.

    – AK


    I’d rather have Smith on my team before Joe and you probably would too. That’s all I’m saying

  • http://slamonline.com ctkennedy

    no hes not an superstar just could your name comes to mind first such as pierce,wade and etc dont mean u a superstar either u just market better or the media just giveu too much love example is wade really top five in the league when your team just won 15 games okay he was hurt but the games he played they won only 8 out 50 u cant name another player in nba history with his name power who went 8-43
    compare his game to baron davis if u not a true basketball head u would say wade hands down a better player but break they game down he does nothin better than baron but get more calls and played with shaq so he was in the spotlight more

  • Ian

    hes not a superstar
    iverson not in my list
    pierce welllllllllllll maybe
    d howard pleaseeeeeeeee

    u have nash on the list im sorry give me parker and deron y can keep nash.

    i rather have tmac and manu over jj imo and i might have to agree on crazy youngfed here that i might actually pick smith hell in acouple of seasons the best hawk will be Al H.

    super mega stars
    duncan kobe lebron
    kg pierce dirk amare deron paul parker wade nash
    jj manu iverson caron davis smith dhoward

    this players are not in order just a couple of examples how i divide the players and i know i missed alot btw this are just examples

  • Ian

    same reasoning u use to describe wade is the same thing i use to judge garnett.

  • Dime Magazine


    I like your breakdown but I gotta disagree on Iverson. We’re talking sure first-ballot HOFer, third in the history of the League in scoring per game behind Michael and Wilt.

    And does ‘Melo make your list somewher?

    – AK


    Thank you AK anybody that ain’t got AI on their list needs their bball pass revoked.

    Superstar list
    Kobe, KG, Lebron, Timmy D, AI, Sheed, D-Howard, Ray Ray and Pierce, J-Kidd, Dirk, T-Mac, Shaq, Melo, D-Wade, Boom Dizzle, Bosh.

    All of which are garauntedd Hall Spots.

  • Ian

    wow thanks glad u like it
    i dont reallt now about iveron (quest dont hate me man) he carried a team to the finals true back when the east was a all crap i mean comon that has to be the worst team ever in the finals.

    has lead the league in scoring true but when u take 50 shots a night on a bad team u dont really have to be the iceman to get 40.

    defense what defense he only gambles thats why he gets all those steals.

    hes a first ballot hofer true but comon the man has spent his career on bad teams adding numbers to his resume.

    btw iverson i hated iverson before the 01 finals but when he hit that shot in ot and walked over lue changed the way i felt for him as a player. i love the midget shoulda been traded to the spurs but i dont know good players on bad teams dont really do it for me.
    why do u think we dont talk about richmond as a alltime great???? or the way garnett and allen would be thought of as if didnt go to boston???

  • mavid

    He sure is playing like a superstar so far.

    and LOL at anyone taking Smoove over Joe. Ive watched almost every Hawks game for the last 4 years, and that is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Ian

    hahahahahahaahahhaahahah sheed hahahahahahahahahahaha thas it way people make fun of u here comon superstars

    ray ray

    shaq and kidd were superstars
    but pleasee tell me when sheed and allen were???

    dime btw u said melo
    im sorry to one dimensional he only shoots
    i have to put him below the almostttt group dont get me wrong he has the skills to jump to the first group but not when u put up 40 shots a night and get abused.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QuEsT???

    @ ian lol i was about to tell u u were crazy man, leaving AI out of there lol na but i dnt hate u, i respect ur opinion. I think Allen Iverson is a superstar, joe johnson isnt right now but he will be

  • Ian

    one thing u said u only disagree on iverson but if u put him on the second group (superstar) i cant argue i have reasons like i posted for group three and you got a million reasons to put him in group 2.

    but almost(theres always someone that talks some serious shit dont remember who but someone told me that ray ray was better than duncan lol) everyone has to agree on the top 3

  • Ian

    quest i know hes your fav
    like i said no probs with him being in the superstar group third leadind scorer and an mvp thats real good. if the pistons make the finals he jumps to my superstar list cuz know he has a team.

  • Ian

    youngfed because u had a hof career doesnt mean u r a superstar now in fact just because u had a hof career doesnt mean u were a superstar (sheed and ray ray) btw didnt know bosh and boom dizzle had hof spot locked down u sir are crazy.

    where parker over dizzle if u talking hof resume.


    Ok Ian not that I care but do you think Sheed wont make the Hall and also name one player in the Hall that wasn’t a superstar in the League during their time. Also Name 4 PF’s better than Sheed and bet he makes the hall before them (except Tim and KG). Also how can you honestly say that the 3rd most prolific scorer in league history is an allstar, GTFOH. YOUNGFED snatches Ian’s BBall Pass “Gimme Dat” lmao


    Top 3 2Gaurds in the league
    Joe J

    in order



  • Ian

    sheed wont make the hof i wont say u must be crazy cuz we all know u r.

    healthy list of course
    iverson hell no id take jj




  • Ian

    off the top of my head u
    ray allen when hes done
    nash when hes done

    are players that are or are going to be in the hof
    having really good careers and not being a SUPERSTAR but stars.

    u sir are just talking doo doo
    SHEED hahahahahahahahahah that bitch will be forgotten the same day he retires. name me one player that has never been in the allnba team and made the hall? NONE and sheed is not going to be it.

  • Hehateme

    Overall, Joe Johnson is definitely a star, but superstardom is another level that he hasnt reach. Though, im not questioning his balling skills, i do question his marketability,because superstardom is reached when the general population recognizes who you are.so Is Joe Johnson a Superstar? if i base my answer on his balling skills,then Joe J is knocking on the door of superstardom. But overall, hes just a star, because the general basketball fans come to ball games to see the likes of KG, Kobe, Lebron, Yao Ming,cp3, Tmac, Dwade,AI or Dwight Howard(to name a few). So it depends on how you define superstardom, but in my opinion, superstars have legit balling skills plus they bring asses to the game. ANd unless youre from atlanta or root for the hawks, you dont go to ball games to see Joe Johnson when he comes to town…

    Case Close….

  • Ian

    oh and young i have one more hofer for u that wasnt a superstar

    your GM

  • Ian

    good point


    Who is this “WE” you keep talking about you got split ppersonalities or something. Man up and push your on ideas and stop begging for someone to cosign for you. People follow and enjoy what I write cause I speak real talk. Not that haterade ish you trying. I’m crazy and AI aint on YOUR list. Yeah OOOOOOOO KKKKKKKKK!!!! I dont even know why I still having this discussion. Nuff SAID.

  • Ian

    “we” what the fuck are u talking about?
    u really think is the same
    i said iverson is an allstar almost superstar in my book u come out and say sheed is a hofer and im the crazy one sure.
    i dont hate iverson didnt i post that but i dont put on stupid goggles like u to watch a player. u said u r not goint to keep having this discussion but i know u posting more shit.
    people enjoy what u talk because u talk real no young is because u talk nonsense and its good for a laugh.

  • Ian

    besides u didnt understand my post i said i have him in group three but if someone puts him in the superstar group is ok.

    is like when u argue point guards
    u can rank deron parker paul and nash anywhere from 1-4 and have your reasons

    best player
    kobe bron duncan any order and have your reasons

    but sheed in hof and that hofer is a superstar is crap

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QuEsT???

    hey ian tu tienes playstation 3 verdad? k juegos tienes pa jugar?

  • BEdger

    Rasheed Wallace career stats – 15.2pts 6.9rebs 1.9ast

    Hall of Fame??? Really???? WHY?????


    Why??? Because of the Rings, Allstar appearances, career techs, and last but not least the “BALD SPOT” Lol.

  • BEdger

    um….make that ring….not plural and a whopping 4 all star games

    I’m sorry but that doesn’t make you Hall worthy

  • BEdger

    do you know who else had 4 career all star games…….Vin Baker, Penny Hardaway, Latrell Sprewell

  • tealish

    Ian, you are out of your damn mind.

    Allen Iverson epitomizes what a super, megastar is. We’re talking from a career’s perspective — the impact they’ve had over all these years. Aside from his ridiculous numbers, AI is behind only Michael Jordan in terms of revolutionizing the game. He’s a superstar, if there ever was one.


    What about the BALD SPOT…..LMAO naw but seriously Sheed is an Icon who tones his game down for the team. Don’t forget 6 conference finals. I think the criteria for HOF should be players that you’ll always remember. Hell even young vince should eventually go but that ain’t gonna happen

  • http://slamonline.com ctkennedy

    they need to make the hall of fame based on eras cause u cant just go by numbers example nash is supposed to be a lock for the hall is his career better than tim hardaway
    they both played run and gun basketball when nobody else was doin it fun to watch but no playoff success neither can guard a man in a wheelchair just nash was white and win some mvps cause the league was tryin to fix its image hardaway got 20 and 10 seasons and everythin

  • RENO

    Joe Johnson = Rod Strickland

    Respected by the League, slept on by most.

  • Kevin

    Yes, no question

  • Kevin

    Heard of Chris Bosh??

    I hear he’s pretty good

  • Ian

    tealish hahahaha how can u start im out of my mind and then say ai revolutionizing behind jordan please make some sense i thought it was magic that did that not jordan first and iverson second. iverson is one of the best scorers ever period that sir doesnt make u a megastar in the like of duncan kobe or bron.

  • Ian

    since when making 6 straight conference finals and being just one of the group in a team mean u r a hofer

    6 straight and just one rings means u r a choker more than anything else.

    carter has a better chance than sheed.

  • Ian

    add me plizken is my ps id

    currently on little big planet and live 09.
    offline dead space , bioschock and fallout 3.

  • johnsacrimoni

    I don’t think Sheed’s gonna make it, but I suppose he has a slight outside chance. There’s no way in hell Boom Dizzle will make it and he shouldn’t even be discussed before Nash, Paul, Williams, Parker, Kidd, or Billups. I’d even rather have ’08 Kidd than ’08 Davis.

  • Ian

    that was my argument with young when i said not all players in the hall were superstars
    for example nash he will get in he was good but a SUPERSTAR?????

    one more thing u needs rings iverson has got how many????
    one finals apperance when the east was a joke. conf finals vs the bucks and semis vs toronto gtfoh. please me and 4 buddies can make it a series vs one of those teams.

  • Jim McNeil

    why does everyone think melo is so one demensional…dude got 7-8 reb and like 4 assist a game last year, numbers pretty close to caron butler whos a “stat stuffer”

    and yes i realize his defense is not very good, but he is more than just a shooter

  • Ian

    thats why melo is overrated many people think hes a superstar and dont think as high of caron.

  • Hehateme

    This is my two cents,

    1. Rasheed Wallace a Hall of Famer?
    (career stats)15.2pts 1.9ast 6.9reb 1.0stl 1.4blk
    Sheed is miles away from HOF based on numbers alone. At this moment, Sheed’s number is similar to Sam Perkins and last time i check Perkins aint in the Hall of fame.
    As YOUNGFED said “but seriously Sheed is an Icon who tones his game down for the team,” this is true, but sadly the HOF doesnt judge on the Individuals’ ability to restrain themselves from blurting curse words, i bet they expect HOFers to exemplify a true sportmanship, which is something that doesnt really describe Sheed. Now you can flip this arguement whichever way you want, but to call Rasheed a Hall of Famer and Icon is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. Were talking about an exclusive group of players such as Magic, Jabar, Bird and Olajuwon and to include Rasheed in that group is abit ludicrous. On top of that, I think Dennis Rodman deserve the spot more than Sheed.

    Sheed is not a hall of famer!

    2.AI Superstar?

    You bet your ass. sure the guy is barely 6’0, he doesnt play much defense and hes been only on one final. This arguement goes against him, but what about the points he scored and the way he scored them. The pundits tend to forget how he put his body on the line everytime he drives into the paint, how he constantly plays with injuries and how Inadequate his team was back in the days(Mutombo,Tyrone Hill,Mckie, Snow,AI). Infact, i would rather have AI take 50 more fg attempts with that line up.
    You can even argue that AI’s 2001 sixers ressembles King James’ 2006 Cavs. Im not sure if AI revolutionize the game like Wilt or Jabbar and i dont know if hes a super megastar or w/e. But AI was a one man wrecking crew back in the days and God created him to put a ball in the basket, which is the reason why Pistons acquire him.

    AI is a Superstar!!!!

    3. Melo overrated?

    Camelo Anthony was choosen 3rd in the 2003 NBA Draft. As you guys know, someone by the name of Lebron was choosen first and i aint even going to mention the 2nd pick. the comparison between anthony and james will always surface whether they like it or not. So lebron won the ROY and Anthony made the playoff before Bron. However, Lebron took his team and his game to another level the past couple of years while Anthony and the Nuggets struggled. Lebron is a better overall player and maybe a better defender by a slight margin. So Carmelo is overshadowed by Lebron’s success, which cast him to the abyss, while the media questions his game and slap the “overrated” tag. i think Carmelo is a good player, lets take nuggets 06 and place them in the Leastern Conference and i bet they can be as good as the Cavs. Carmelo probably lack the drive and determination to succeed, but hes a versatile player who can post you up and drop J’s behind the arc. I can say that his offensive moves are more polished than King James’. With that in mind, i dont think hes as bad as what the media made him up to be.

    Melo is not overrated

  • http://dimesmag.com judo

    in my Pelle Pelle got me Lickin my Lipz like LL talk shit and imma Send ya Ass to Hell…

  • tealish

    Ian, this is my last response to you because frankly, it’s not worth it:
    By your logic, Malone and Stockton were not megastars. Neither was Barkley. I guess these were just pretty good players, but not true superstars because they don’t have titles. Gotcha.
    Allen Iverson and his ringless fingers don’t deserve to even sniff at the Hall!
    3rd highest scorer in the history of the game? Multiple scoring titles? Psh! He just shot a lot!
    2001 Title run with the worst finals team ever? Psh! Easy competition!
    MVP? Psh! Biased voters who don’t know the game!
    9 time allstar? Psh! Flukes and biased fan voting!

    Man, thanks for setting me straight. I now see Allen Iverson for who he really is: A mediocre “star” who is utterly unworthy of that golden prefix.

  • mike

    I’d say so far it seems as though after this summer with Team USA, Bosh is ready to go from All-Star to Superstar. He’s putting up MVP numbers so far this season and has been pretty clutch in the 4th.

  • Ian

    they are superstars but u apparently didnt read all the post but do they belong in the same group as
    duncan kobe jordan magic wilt. gotcha

    why dont we talk about ewing as we do admiral hakeem shaq. gotcha

    why dont we talk richmond as we do drexler jordan. gotcha

    dont bring up allstar games cuz that makes vince carter michael jordan.

    and again you last line is stupid go read all post didnt i say thay u can put hi in the superstar group and i dont have a problem because there are reasons for him to be there but he isnt in the elite group i mentioned thas above all superstars.

    k malone has 2 mvps 2 finals apperances in a tough western conference has better stats and isnt in the super elite group because he doesnt have a ring so is ewing so please dont act all stupid and childish with commentes like that. gotcha

    alltime groups examples
    group a
    jordan magic duncan kobe
    do u think malone deserves to be in there NO he falls in the next group
    gervin barkley malone and maybeeeeeee iverson

    this is my last response to u cuz frankly its not worth it… good line there makes u sound so smart

  • tim

    I dont agree Sheed is superstar…but if he had any sort of mental desire to keep his game on top he would be, hall of famer, not sure about that…i think all the technicals and stuff will give him a bad rep no matter what…he is the only player to make 100 3s and 100 blocks in multiple seasons…If he gets another ring though its possible…maybe…

  • K Dizzle

    Tealish – don’t get into a argument over opinions with ian cuz he’ll spend 80 bars spittin on how his is the only correct one. Anyways, you don’t think AI a superstar, that’s personal, not reality. Nobody under 6 feet has madee the impact on and off the court since maybe Tiny Archibald and I say maybe cuz I don’t think Tiny got the love off the court.
    JJ is a superstar on the court, just a star off cuz he ain’t gettin pumped up by nike, jordan, gatorade, boost mobile etc. Ain’t nuthin on the court he can’t do as a 2. Only behind Kobe and Ray as a stone shooter. On par with Kobe and Wade as a ballhandler, defends as well as Kobe with the quickness and like Artest, can put the body on you with the power. Passes, scores, defends, dribbles and can shoot – the five tools of all real ballers if you a perimeter player. Just not gettin the love off the court yet but it’s comin. Heads always wonder why Suns fans kept sayin “if” they coulda kept him, “if” he hadn’t broken his face against the Spurs. ..Now you know, dude is one of the 5 most complete players in the world.

    Fed – Sheed?…..not a superstar. Huge street cred, but not a superstar…IMO

  • Hehateme

    K Dizzle,

    I dont want to hate on you, but Isiah Thomas is arguably under 6’0, he won two chips and im pretty sure he made some impact on and definitely off the court, just ask the Knicks…

  • Ian

    k dizzle
    what are you talking about correct one?? havent i said in all my posts i dont care if anyone calls him a superstar but for ME hes a notch below. some of you guys here are the ones that always break out the “u outta your mind when someone posts diff opinions here”. EVERYONE does it defending a player they like do i have to think kobe is the best because u think he is?

    the parker thing is one now the iverson thing please just do what someone did and say i dont agree i think hes a superstar and period. no bashing no talking shit online like a bunch of ethugs.

  • Ian

    just posted a good example how can i say iverson deserves to be in a group with someone like isiah who has lead a team to multiple championships???

  • $filmoney$

    Joe Johnson is easily a superstar player because he’s a very good and versatile defender, he has PG level ball handling and passing skills. He’s a great shooter and 3pt shooter and he’s a clutch player. I got some serious issues with some omissions on that list. Carmelo and STAT are the two most unguardable offensive players in the L. I’m not saying they’re the best players in L because they’re lacking on the other end of the court but they’re up there. Tracy Mcgrady, CB4, and Tony P are the egregious omissions. And to not have Deron Williams on the list is the worst of them all, if the criteria is media hype than call it that but it means nothing to the non-casual NBA fan but his game is second to none. Media hype, high profile blogs, endorsements and commercials or funny interviews have no place in my criteria on judging a players status as an NBA superstar.

  • KB24

    Since when was PP a superstar? before or after he wins a chip?

  • v

    umm to be a superstar people who don’t know shit about basketball have to know who you are but they don’t

  • kevin k

    if paul pierce is a superstar…(which he isn’t) than Joe Johnson is def a superstar.

    Also JJ is not a physical specimen… Josh Smith is more of a freak athlete and I can prob name 10 more in the league but JJ is a baller reppin the A~

  • webbie352

    i swear you guys steal my ideas
    i was just thinking & trying to explain to a friend
    how sick joe johnson is and will be this year.

  • Bruce

    yea he’s a superstar. how many 2’s are better than hin. he is the new ray allen..smooth wet jumper with sneaky bounce

  • http://www.peterrobertcasey.com Peter Robert Casey

    Not even a question. He’s an All-Star and he’s included in Team USA’s pool of 33 players for Int’l play. But most of all, he’s not even allowing fans or media to make it a question this year. He’s killing it and his team’s record is reflecting this fact.

  • dagwaller

    Wow, 72 posts. Can’t read them all, so if this one goes over ground you’ve all been over before, sorry.

    Talent wise, sure. But sometimes a superstar is a superstar for more reasons than talent alone. And Johnson’s Q rating just isn’t high enough. Plays in a city with a historically bad team, doesn’t have the same endorsements, etc – just not enough exposure.

    Think of Baron Davis in Golden State; it was the same situation. He was always a star. But he didn’t start to scratch superstardom until his team got to the playoffs, because there just weren’t that many Warriors games on TV. Even if the Hawks go 60-22, the Hawks probably aren’t going to be on television enough to showcase Johnson. Wait until the playoffs. Speaking of which…

    How clutch is Johnson? I hear the same people on this site whining all the time that you can’t be a superstar unless you’re clutch (which apparently means that you need to win every game by making a three as time expires in double OT). And the same people say that you need to be clutch in the playoffs. So we’ll see how Johnson’s next playoff outing goes before giving him superstar status.

    (Although having a name like Joe Johnson doesn’t help his cause)

  • Diego

    JJ is extremely clutch.

  • Big T

    LOL @ someone saying Sheed is a HOFer. Holy shit, that just made my day.

  • JP

    Joe Johnson>>>Paul Pierce

  • Spectrum



  • bryan

    wow is that a question of course hoe is a superstar. For the people who judge by stats hes better than Kobe. Does that not say enough and besides he is unbelievable at ball. He does things that no one else can do. The little things that most superstars besides Kobe cant do. As of last year he averaged 44 minutes a game out of the 48 in regulation. That jumps off the page last year without flip and mo Evans Joe did not have many shooters so he would find himself in many doubles night in and night out. He broke all of these. Late in games teams would focus on Joe and double him and make it near impossible for him to do his thing but what makes him so special is his pace he plays at the tempo that only he controls. Its relaxed and layed back and you cant throw him out of it. In the playoffs he outscored the Celtics team in the 4th quarter and if he would not have gotten that bullshit charge call in game 7 things would have been different He plays great solid tight D late and early and is near impossible to drive on. When teams focus so much on him and the fans focus on him it has to be hard. He never has excuses and is a leader in his own sense. On the court u never see joe talk ever no flipping out on the court complete composure every single night. He may get frustrated and press a little but it is hard to throw him in a funk. He has no excuses and this year things look even better for him and Atl after our 6-0 start you saw a calm hawks team and shooters on the court and on the bench with him. He does not have to do it all their is a supporting cast and the future is bright for him and the hawks. Now after we lost 3 straight in a heart breaker in Boston and two to the nets we are not worried. Joe came out and made no excuses he was quoted saying how we are professionals and this is what we get payed to do. Incredible would be the best word to sum him up. He actually is a nice guy may be a little quiet but I wouldn’t trade him for anybody, u may say thats thats stupid but its not u come watch him every night you will understand. Was the trade for joe worth it of course he has done nothing but grow and become a superstar for the hawks.HE IS A GREAT ROLL MODEL and should be more recognized ya he ha sent got a ring yet but i would love to see nothing more than a ring on that mans finger. If you disagree you are simply a dumb ass.

  • Hunter

    bottom line– There is absolutely no one in the entire NBA, with the exception of maybe 2 players, that does more for his team than Joe Johnson.

    and if you disagree with the post above this, then you are just ignorant because the facts are right there. Joe Johnson is a super star.