NBA, Video / Nov 3, 2008 / 4:23 pm

Joe Johnson Is Like a Video Game

At least that’s what Thaddeus Young had to say after Joe Johnson sunk this ridiculous shot to kill the Sixers over the weekend. Right now, I look like a fantasy genius for grabbing Johnson in the fourth round of my draft, even if the Fantasy Doctor was standing over my shoulder and barking out, “No you idiot, pick him!”

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  • that’s whats up

    now the Nuggets have at least one player who plays defense

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    I thought that shot was ridiculous but a good non call by the refs on the hit.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE….Stinkin Football!

    That just plain nuts!

  • Young ‘money

    jj with the clutch j.

    easily, one of the smoothest players in the league.

  • Diego

    Glad to see JJ (and of course the Hawks) off to such a good start.

    JJ is very clutch and usually turns if up a knotch in the 4th. Last year his stats took a bit of a dip from the prior year. I would love to see JJ post around 30 a game this year, which is not out of the realm of possibility if he stays a bit selfish.

    Haters: Did JJ make right move signing with Hawks from Phoenix? YES: (i) he is no longer 3rd (or 4th banana) (ii) he got paid; (iii) he is a perennial all-star; (iv) he lives in a great city, near his home state; (v) he has led Hawks from doormat to playoff team; (vi) he almost (should have instead of Redd) made Olympic team; (vii) if he stays a Hawk, he could have his jersey eventually retired and become an icon here. Screw Bill Simmons!! (JJ’s move looks pretty good in retrospect–compared to, e.g., how Marion’s and Richardson’s careers have and will play out. And the Hawks actually are looking smart bright with their signing of him. Now if we had just drafted Chris Paul!!)

  • Ian

    the one who made the mistake was stephen jackson going from the spurs to the hawks.

    lets see starting sg for a championship team and more money. remember when barkley said the captn jack must have the dumbest agent ever. wow how i miss that crazy mutherfker

  • Big Sia

    dirty shot

  • Diego

    I actually am a fan of Stephen Jackson. He screwed up on that SA move, after having toiled in obscurity in foreign leagues for years before making the League. But he was a real good soldier (and producer) with the Hawks for 1-year at a much lower 1-year deal and was a very fan friendly guy that year (he still recognizes the little girl that sits near me and gives her a headband or wristband most games in ATL). Then after doing his time with the Hawks, he got much more $ and years from the Pacers then the Spurs had offered up to him. So $-wise, he ended up ahead, but he lost a lot of potential rings. He could have been like Bowen in a way. (Even his legal issues–Detroit and the strip club–generally have involved him having the back of his friends.)

  • http://www.footballfanatics.com/default.aspx/source/DLB_Dimemag Football Fanatics

    I’m not sure about that hit just before the shot… guess it’s a good thing though the refs didn’t step in and mess with the final seconds of a game.

  • Ian

    he would be better than bowen cuz he was the number 3 guy back then behind dave and timmeh and after david retired if he had stayed he was the man behind duncan.
    he got more money true but is that worth the rings and being pippen to timmeh (parker and manu were just starting back then).

  • Diego

    @ Ian: Good points–I concur. (He could have ended up the evil (or more evil?!) twin of Ginnobli!)

  • BEdger

    what kind of fools are you playing fantasy basketball with that let this guy fall to the 4th round….is this the fantasy basketball version of the special olympics?

  • webbie352

    yeah when i saw the highlight i was went crazy..

    bout time he started bringing it every night.

    he should be beasting it every night with his size and ability to do everything. him & lebron are freaks.

  • Kudabeen

    Even more impressive/shocking…Atlanta is selling out home games in the regular season…The crowd comes and they seem to win…JJ has been nice since the celtics traded him for peanuts…Didn’t think they were going to live that down, but one chip later all is forgiven…Hawks are an exciting team to watch…The East brand of basketball is more fun to watch overall. Sixers, Hawks, Orlando, Boston, Toronto, Heat, Cavs, And now maybe Detroit are all quicker teams this year…