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Kevin Garnett Intimidation Tactics

I loved what KG did for the Celtics’ team attitude last year. Beyond all of his contributions on the stat sheet, his leadership in blocking every shot that went up after a whistle blew helped to give the Celtics a mental edge on their competition.

But this year he’s added a new intimidation tactic. He’s getting all in the face of the opposing guards – both Jose Calderon and Luke Ridnour recently – with some taunting that’s a whole lot more blatant than grabbing late shots. And he’s definitely gotten some flak for it.

The New York Daily News recently quoted an NBA exec who said that KG’s “nothing but an instigator.”

Do you think that Garnett’s antics are affecting his reputation?

Source: NY Daily News

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  • chrisGO

    i used to love KG, but all these “intimidation tactics” make him look like a little bitch. opposing guards? really? talk some shit to someone that plays your position douche bag.

  • RonNation

    KG is a douchebag

  • Amsterdam

    He’s starting to become more and more pathetic… classy players don’t need this sorry stuff.

  • Max

    When KG gave his little speech on “knocking the bully out” after he won the championship, I was really happy for him, I admit it…and I’m not a Celtics fan.

    Now the bullied becomes the bully. Life is funny that way.

  • pimpdaddy

    funny how kg is only doin’ this faggot shit to 6’3” or smaller white guards….it’s like he has no respect for them…bet he wouldn’t do that to a ”brother”….i fucking hate kg

  • Roc

    To some he’s displaying passion, to others he looks like an idiot. He’s NEVER done this before so why now? Maybe he’s bored since they beat up every team they play and does this to keep his intensity up for himself.

    But it makes him look like a punk because he’s going after guys he deems weak that he doesn’t evenn guard and are 5 inches shorter than him. Will he do the same to Derek Fisher? Chris Paul? Baron Davis? I don’t think so.

    He looks stupid.

  • Roc

    pimpdaddy, I agree 100%. You see who he’s going after….punk ass.

  • barons beard

    KG is a punk. What a tough guy, picking on Calderon and Luke Ridnour. Who’s next, Chris Quinn? Steve Blake? Dan Dickau?

  • Jah

    Some of you guys are so simple.

    Kevin Garnett is a genius. He’s intimidating the head (PG) and the body (rest of the opposing team) will follow. Smart move by KG. I think he’s more concerned with winning another championship than pleasing internet posters.

    Remember, this is basketball at it’s HIGHEST level of competition. He’s using everything in his arsenal (including mental warfare) to get an advantage on his opponents.

    He’s not picking fights, he’s winning basketball games. Think about that.

    Is he the only player who has ever used their size and status to intimidate other opponents? (answer = No)

    Here’s another question to consider — are his “intimidation tactics” working? (answer = YES)

    Are people getting upset because you have a 6’11” black man getting in the face of 6’2″ white men? (answer = probably)

    Relax, people.

    WAR Kevin Garnett!

  • rlf

    what i don’t understand is why is the nba not doing anything about this?

    one thing is ‘trash talk’ another is doing what he does, doing hand gestures, pointing, and the other million stupid things he does.

    the nba needs to fine him or suspend him. it’s getting ridiculous.

  • Jah

    For everyone saying that Kevin Garnett should stop “bullying”, here’s what he did to Chris Bosh that very night…

    Chris Bosh:
    40 minutes played
    3 for 8 FG
    3 for 4 FT
    7 total REB
    1 AST
    0 BLK
    0 STL
    4 FOULS
    2 TO
    9 PTS

  • jace

    yes he deserves it. kg’s a punk. lemme see him do that to shaq. he’s only pickin on the small guys.

  • LaMont

    the sell-tix as a team are soft and a bunch of punks. they gonna talk trash against the knicks and then tell reporters that the knicks started it. Man up, i’d be like yeah i was talking smack, i’m the champ, what? they ain’t wanna get salty cause they know q-rich and z-bo were talking about taking it off the court. Leon Powe, Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo all need to shut up and enjoy the present because once one of the big three if not all three leave they might as well retire too. As far as KG goes, he does look like an idiot…i would like to see him get up in Z-Bo’s grill or Ben Wallace’s grill like he did Calderon. Matter of fact, taunt K-Mart like that.

  • FaqueAireJordann

    Why KG seems to have an increasing desire to portray himself as a walking vagina is beyond me.

    Isn’t being successful enough? Why be a non-stop ass?

  • Jah

    Here’s Kevin Garnett’s stats from the same night…

    35 minutes played
    10 for 19 FG
    1 for 1 FT
    10 total REB
    3 AST
    1 BLK
    21 PTS

  • UncheckedAggression

    I just wanted to say that I’m very relieved to see these comments here. Garnett is so lucky he has the teammates that he has right now–he couldn’t be the true leader of a good team. I used to love watching him play, but the last few years he has become a complete asshole. He’s putting on a fucking show to make people think he’s crazy intense and will do anything to win. Yeah, anything aside from getting important buckets. At the end of close games I don’t know how many times I have seen him with a mismatch and all he does is shoot from 18 feet out (not very well) or pretend he’s gonna do something, then pass it to the real ballers on his team.
    Damn it, just thought about that interview with Bill Russell last year. Gotta go vomit.

  • Jah

    How many times has “this” happened, anyway? DIME shows the same game footage from 2 weeks ago, and everyone gets into a hissy fit?

    This is like East Coast vs. West Coast all over again. People can’t keep things where they need to remain. People talk trash…at this point it’s a part of the game. The ones who “get mad” and want to “take it to the street” are the ones who LOSE THE GAME and feel the need to take it elsewhere in order to salvage their pride. It’s not intelligent.

    It’s tough being on top.

    WAR Kevin Garnett!

  • Shawn

    KG won’t do that shit to Anthony Peeler ever again. KG tried that once and got an elbow to the face. KG knows he can get away with Calderon but not other guys.

  • Caribballin

    he is a pussy.

  • http://www.gaze.com.au snoop_robb

    KG was da Man back in the day, but he has been a straight up bitch since he got himself his ring, i don’t get wat his problem is.. He has been yearning for that championship for so long, now he got it he’s bein like a spoilt lil bitch…

  • Stikz


  • Roc

    The league tried to send him a message by suspending him. Keep it up and he’ll be watching his team play his your home. His antics aren’t seen as passion anymore except to Boston fans. They he will always be a crazy nut on the court, but all that other stuff is so unnecessary. Just play the game.

  • http://ESPN Marc Stein

    I wonder why Kevin Garnett hasn’t tried those same tactics to intimidate someone like Lebron James…

    KG’s a PUNK. All talk, no action (and his 4th quarter actions are indicative of the very player he is… he needs to talk the talk b/c when it comes down to it, he can’t produce)

    What makes it worst is that he’s got a bunch of scrubs following his lead:

    Brian Scalabrine
    Eddie House
    Kendrick Perkins

    *the Boston faithful can’t even dispute this!

  • original2k9

    i got respect for KG but intimitating smaller white guys is too easy, he should try that against black players who still got the hood in em (Anthony Peeler…)

  • ed

    what i don’t get is why paul or ray have not given him the “your much better than this” talk. he is just embararassing himself.

  • LaMont
  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    I’d have much more respect for KG as an agitator if he EVER picked on ANYONE his own size. Would he try this shit on Lebron? Let alone Duncan or Amare or Shaq? Yeah right.

    He’s no Worm – and either way you’d think the great ones would be beyond this sort of behaviour, aside from a little trash talk.

  • Promoman

    KG just needs to get embarrassed one good time. Where’s Jason Williams when you need him?

  • Big Sia

    JAH = 100% CORRECT

  • Smitty313

    I use to love KG, even after beating my boy Kobe silly in the finals last year, until I seen all of the shit he’s doing. I don’t remember KG doing all this bullshit. The only time I seen him act a ass was some years back when Duncan was giving him the biz, he tried to pick a fight with Timmy and smacked him in the back of the head (He knew TD was not going to do anything but look at the ref like what the fuck is this). KG was frustrated at that time so he gets a pass, but this I can’t deal with.

  • Raj S

    KG has been doing this for years, but people notice it now. Why is it such a big deal? Who cares about who KG chooses to personally intimidate? Quite frankly, this is a useless post.

    To the people at Dime: please do not publish any more articles implicitly inviting KG haters to hate. Believe me, they don’t need the invitation.

  • D.H.

    wow, talk about getting all your panties in a knot . . . calm down folks. He is getting the exact result that he wants.

    And about picking on the little guy. Why isn’t JO or Bosh getting in KG’s grill, you know, stick up for your teamates. These guys should watch a couple of hockey games; you do that shit in the NHL and your head gets pounded in.

  • Ross

    Kevin Garnett is a dick. You’d think he’d rely on his skills to intimidate, but he’s too pathetic to let that be enough.
    When KG suffers a serious injury in the future, do you think as much people will be as sympathetic for him now? I sure as hell wont.

  • Flo rida evans

    I’ve seen KG do this years ago,also to a smallish point guard (Nash).I think he does it to get HIMSELF going…

  • Brown

    I agree with D.H. Their teammates should be giving it back to him. An elbow here and there would shut him up. Either that or do the same to Boston’s guards mocking KG.

  • This Guy

    Many of you seem to be forgetting how on that very play Calderon schools KG and runs right by him. Or how Calderon was barking right back just after that when the Celtics were forced to call a timeout.

    My Point? You don’t need to cry like a bitch, just take it right back to him. If you can be that easily intimidated then you are a bitch to begin with.

    Why so many of you do not respect his passion is beyond me. Yeah he yells all the time and bangs on his chest but he is also winning. And he has brought that passion to a team that fights harder than their opponents in every game, despite coming of a championship. As far as I am concerned, if he keeps this up and they are winning, then that is all that matters.

  • basketballfan

    It’s funny how he wasn’t doing this when he was losing in Minnesota. Now that he’s a Celtic and has won the championship, he thinks he’s above everyone else.

    I used to have a lot of respect for him, but now I just can’t stand him.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    jah you need to get off KG’s nuts 1st off, lets look at todays game, did kg slow bosh? 24 points, 6 rebounds.

    kg is a huge duechebag for sure. i have never liked the guy, he is a huge tallent, but he has no brain what so ever. the way i see it, you are the defending champs, let your game speak for itself, and act like it. the “great” players do pull this shit. they dont need to, he just knocks himself down a notch day in and day out. no racism, no “kg is only doing it to small white guys”, it is kg showing his true colors bottom line

  • Roc

    Only KG gets a pass for his said “passion”. Anybody else its bad sportsmanship, taunting, and ugly bball. Why not everybody just start getting in people’s faces and waving fingers. Next time DWade dunks on somebody, he should be able to run along side the guy talk all kinds of sh@t he wants to. Next time Lebron bashes on somebodies head he should put his finger in the guys face to show him up. If KG can do it, everybody else should be able to.

  • http://ESPN Marc Stein

    KG’s effect on scubs like Eddie House and Kendrick Perkins is ridiculous!

    Kendrick Perkins has no business yapping his mouth off the way he does.

    Eddie House is a D-Bag period.

    Brian Scalabrine doesn’t even belong in this league.

    As far as I’m concerned, KG & the people that I just mentioned are lucky they have class acts like Paul Pierce & Ray Allen.

    What KG does is total bush league. This is the Pros… half of being a Pro is acting like one.

  • advocate

    KG’s a fag, his game is diminished and he’s pissed he’s the second best player on his team (maybe not even that).

  • jonny taise

    “Why so many of you do not respect his passion is beyond me.”
    I don’t think what Garnett did to Calderon and the other point guards is passion. What he was doing was taunting and acting very unprofessional for a man of his stature.
    How many kids will now think ridiculing and taunting your opponent on the court is acceptable? Whether KG likes it or not, he’s a role model and should act as such.
    And as far as all the people hating on KG, if he didn’t do things like this and self define it as ‘passion’ then i’m sure there would be a lot less haters.

  • Ian

    kg is a douche and a fuckin overrated player hes good but overrated superstars dont miss the playoffs
    he needed 2 other allstars to get his ass to the finals.

    i honestly thought calderon was gonna slap him but doing that to luke i mean comon

    jah u posted one game there vs bosh why dont u go ahead and post that stats of what happened to his ass when he tried talkin bs to duncan. kg got raped.

    kg used to do this to black guards also but peeler knocked some sense into him

  • jk

    go do that to CP3, d.wade or deron to name 3 and see if these tatics don’t backfire.

  • jk

    and also – i really wish KG was not on 2K9 cover…

  • Ian

    u got the games mixed up

    the time garnett trieds to pick a fight with timmeh duncan had a huge double double on garnett in the first quarter by the second quarter kg was ejected he couldnt do shit with timmeh.

    the game he smacked timmeh was another one joe smith gave the admiral a hard foul and robinson pushed smith when garnett tried to hold the admiral back he got tossed like a little bitch but he didnt scream of say shit to david he just flicked duncan from behind and that were timmeh gave the refs the is this guy for real look.

    kg is def not dumb he knew the admiral was gonna woop him so he decided to flick a player from behind

  • jamesagee

    i still like KG. His antics are foolish right now but it’s gives us more reason to hate the champs which makes us want them to get knocked off the top spot even more. LIke when the Kobe and Shaq didn’t even step on the podium when they won the conference finals, or when the pistons went to the locker room before the game was even over after they lost to the bulls. I want some team to beat the Celtics so bad right now. Then he won’t be waving those long ass arsenio hall fingers at anyone.

  • caeubona

    i like kevin garnett, and im happy he won a championship, but honestly, this antics have got to stop. he was very respected before for being a fierce competitor and for playing his heart out every game. even GMs and coaches respected him. now they’re saying he’s an instigator.

    and even if he’s just intimidating or whatever, he should know when to stop. honestly, it’s becoming annoying the way the league allows him to get away with these antics. if it had been ron artest doing that to calderon, artest would’ve been t’d up and suspended, even based on reputation alone. garnett is really getting away with everything, and it’s sickening.

    everybody: let your game speak. (now if garnett’s game is pure trashtalk and intimidation, then he’s not worth watching anymore).

  • control

    Anyone seen the video with Vanilla Ice and Snow were in the crowd, and KG was talking shit about challenging them to a battle rap? Apparently they were hanging with Dr Dre, and the Doc said he’d take him up on his offer. KG backed down and stfu.

    Is it just me, or does KG only do this shit to white/euro guys? Guy must have some repressed racism just waiting to surface.

  • Zhess

    Anyone on here who is calling KG a douchebag or prick or whatever is just crying. Yea, MJ didn’t do it. Bird really didn’t do it. Magic didn’t do it. So what. KG deserves to do it. He came straight outta high school and started killing people that had been in the league for years. He’s worked his ass off while he’s been in the league and now he’s seeing his work pay off and he’s having fun. If those guards he’s taunting can’t take it, get the fuck outta the league.

  • bballinca

    KG talking smack to Calderon is like when Stackhouse went after Hornacek. Pretty bitch-ass

  • caeubona

    Zhess: yeah, he came out of high school and worked his ass off, but other players also worked hard to get where they are right now, including calderon. just because he came out of high school and worked his ass off doesn’t give him a free pass to taunt and trash talk everyone in the league. it’s called respect for your fellow players, and it seems like garnett has forgotten that; either that or his so-called ‘passion’ for the game has gotten WAY out of hand.

  • This Guy

    Why does KG get to do it? Cause he is the champ right now and nobody can say shit about that.

    And GP, MJ and Bird were among the leagues biggest trash talkers and none of you minded then. No they weren’t blatant about it, but I’m sure he isn’t saying anything more severe than they were. It’s about getting into the other teams heads and doing whatever it takes to win. I don’t care if he looks like an ass doing it, as long as he is winning thats all that matters.

    And as far as “why wasn’t he doing that in Minnesota?” KG has always been like that. The fact that some comments are about him trash-talking TD while in Minnesota should be proof of that. The fact that he is on a winning team, is why so many of you hate to see it, because you say he is acting like he’s above everyone else. But when he was in Minnesota he was on a losing team and yelling the whole time, there too.

    Like I said, the only response is to beat him. On that play Calderon did, and he is the only one not whinning about KG.

  • This Guy

    Oh and rangerjohn, not sure if you actually saw the game, but KG definetly slowed Bosh. Yeah his points look okay but he mainly got them whenever KG was on the bench. Which was quite a bit since the C’s were just killing my Raps.

  • Nora

    Maybe if some of the team you people mroot for had a little more toughness maybe they would be winning instead they and their fans are whining. Maybe KG will stop when it stops working. And how exactly does KG just pick on gaurds. Wasn’t KG just suspended for apparently picking on Bogut (although after getting in hit in the face twice, which I bet some of you people approved of which makes you no better) Call him what you want but his team is winning and the only ones who are complaining about like those execs are teams that are losing and probably will continue to do so. Dime magazine are complete instigators. What is this clip from 2 weeks ago and how many times has this been brought up 2 to 3 times.

  • Nora

    KG is not the only player that uses these ‘tactics’ any team or players that understand the mental side of the game knows this is another way to get an edge. As KG shows it works. You can say I need to stop sticking up for KG but truth is truth.

  • Nora

    Another thing, none of you know him at all otherwise you would know he has always been like this. KG has not changed the perception by others of him after winning a championship.

  • http://joggerchris@yahoo.com jc


  • http://n/a Heaven Is A Playground

    Forget them Kid. keeping doing your thing. KG has been trashing guards for sometime now, and I remember him doing it to steve nash a few times, but nash never looked fased, he just balled and let his passes and shots go loose. Calderon and them lil’bitches don’t have that tough mentality yet, so easy up people, and let KG get in the minds of these Point Guards. You take out the PG you ain’t got shit, unless your Jordan or KB running the Triangle offense.

  • au61458

    LOL, I like the ice hockey reference. In my head I see KG “intimidating” a small playmaker while Georges Laraques or Dion Phanouf looms in the background. :D

  • Ace-one

    Seems like, with all things KG, perception is reality. If you don’t like his behavior, fine, whatever. But people spewing this ignorance about how he only started doing this since winning a ring–that’s silly. KG has been known as one of the biggest trash talkers for his entire career. Most people know that he does it primarily to get himself psyched up.

    For those saying he doesn’t do this stuff on big guys (or black guys), like, say Amare Stoudemire, check your history:

    KG trash talks everyone. The only difference is, when he does it to small guards (or white guys) it looks like “intimidation.” The actions aren’t different, only the perception of those actions.

    Taunting and trashtalk have a long, fabled history in the NBA? Jordan, Bird, Payton, Barkley, Shaq, the list goes on. The thing with KG is that he is far more impulsive and less calculating about his trash-talking than those guys, so some of the stuff he does is going to come off as cheap.

    Other times, it’s just plain weird. Remember when he got down on all fours while guarding David West?


    What was the point of that–to let West get by him and score? KG said afterward that there are a lot of things he does on the court that he doesn’t remember afterward. I think it’s the same a lot of the time with his “taunting.” He’s so amped up that his passion comes out in weird ways. If he were more controlled and calculating about his trash-talking, he’d save himself a lot of grief from folks who want to hate on him. But that’s not who he is. People who can’t understand that will never understand KG.

  • QQ

    The ring has made him an arrogant bastard. He’s always been crazy, but this year his ANNOYING crazy, all because of the championship. But honestly, it was good seeing him talk dirt to Calderon then Calderon OWNING him, talking to KG’s ear (something like ‘Shut the fuck up, you bitch’ I presume) with KG muttering to himself with his head down. Classic.

    That’s what winning do to you. Just ask the ‘greatest player in the world’ Paul Pierce.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    i dont see anything even close in those vids, kg doesnt even say a word. knocking a shot out of someones hand after a foul is nothing like what he did to JC.

    and hte crawl thing? that is just pure stupidity. he needs to go to the WWE like rodman did.

  • Jones

    He’s a bit mentally unstable.

  • Ace-one


    These are short clips, but if you listen to the commentators, they mention how both were talking trash and getting in each other’s faces throughout the whole game.

    Here’s another clip where they mention the extracurriculars of the earlier game.

    You’re right that it’s not the same thing as the Calderon incident. I didn’t say that it was. My point was that people saying KG only gets into it with small guys, or that this is a recent thing, are off base. It doesn’t mean, as a KG fan, that I like everything he does, but people should at least get their story straight. ESPN the Magazine came out with a poll before the season started (in other words, before he was catching all this recent flak) and amongst other players, he was already voted as the biggest trash talker (as well as best teammate and best leader). That’s part of who he is, always has been.

  • E$

    Love that! Jose, take your bi*ch azz back across the water! You can’t handle the NBA

  • karizmatic

    I think thw fact that the spotlight is on him now more than anything is revealing this part of KG’s character. He’s probably been doing this the whole time. If he was actually a force in the paint as opposed to just shooting 20 ft. jumpshots maybe I’d believe it.

  • douglalr

    Barkley spitting on a kid didn’t hurt his reputation so KG’s rep is safe…no guard should let a bigman come out on the wing and guard him the way KG did Calderon…the old Steve Nash would have eaten his lunch…so why didn’t the “new” Steve Nash do the same? Was he scared?

  • rell

    I guess this is dime KG hate article of the week. Didn’t we see this exact article last Thursday calling KG “Classless”. I guess the next article will be later on this week “Why won’t KG grow up?”. Their is evident that all over the internet that KG did this while he was in Minnesota. So why is everyone acting like the last 2 year is the first time KG ever did this. Chauncey said KG used to yell, scream, and trash talk when he played for the T’Wolves. The only reason everyone is jumping on the KG hate bandwagon is because Boston won the title. Also Dime why wasn’t their any articles about how KG acted last season. KG acted the same way last season.

  • QQ


    The ‘Classless’ article is about the C’s leaving the bench early on the Pistons (or Cavs?) game. It’s not about KG being a bitch. There’s even a line there citing KG as one of the few who actually waited for the game to be over to say his hellos to the other team.

  • Jay

    You guys seems to be forgetting that KG will always be an emotional player. The more intense the game goes, the crazier he gets. Do any of you guys know a player going on all-fours in defense? Only KG does and when he first did it, he didn’t even know that he did that. The finger wagging is in the same category of the all-fours. You all should also realize that the taunting of Jose Calderon and Luke Ridnour was in a game that the Celtics could have lost, so a bit of intimidation on the opposing floor manager is a good tactic.

  • Ryan

    Y’all hate ’cause KG is the Champ. If he was still on Minny, this would be a non-story.

    Bottomline: KG plays with emotion and that emotion makes him great. That’s who he is and he ain’t gonna change. Deal with it, even if you can’t beat it.

    P.S. If Calderon was smart, he wouldn’t have complained like a baby to the ref mid-play; he would have driven and drawn the foul. But Calderon’s a baby–and that’s the real story within this story.

  • This Guy

    Some of you guys are starting to act like Calderon is a bitch. But fact is he schooled KG on that play and yelled right back in his face. Don’t get it twisted, Jose manned up real good.

  • ghopper

    No player is intimidated white or black. Some just show more control than others. Most white players don’t care and don’t get involved with the bullshit. Period.

  • sam

    calderon is a racist kid. so why are we defending him? he and the whole spainish basketball team is racist. plus he kinda sucks lately. should have kept tj ford!

    what a bunch of babies complaining about kg. he’s always been crazy. i remember way back in 97 thinking this guy was really emotional.

    because he is in boston, 14 years later ppl realize it? wow. real fans you guys are.

    i am a raptor fan, but damn, would i wish bosh was like kg. not just the talent, because bosh is great, but the heart. you can already see bosh is coasting and not caring.

    what a bunch of babies. i hear worse at the local coffee shop full of immigrants playing card games.

    he gets under players skins. but he’s also loved by his teammates. meaning, he doesn’t care about you if you aren’t his teammate.

    good thing about him, is he doesn’t’ take it too far, that he gets into brawls with players and rarely gets suspended. he takes it to the line. that bogut suspension was the first i remember in years.

  • sam

    * sorry, he doesn’t take it too far that he never gets into real brawls that lead to a major suspension. especially never during the playoffs. he is smart about it.

    as for calderon, he took it to kg? what one basket? just one on kg. he SUCKED that game. i should know, i had money on that game.

  • http://trashtalkingkg l dawg

    kg is da bigiest asshole in da leauge right now he need ta apollogise ta da whole leauge kg aint shit

  • 50 cent

    kg is a fucking dickface. when he played for the twolves he was cool but now that hes got his ring he thinks hes the man but hes not. he sucks. hes an ass. hes a pussy for picking on players 6 or 7 inches shorter than him. lets see that again with lebron or shaq. hed get his ass kicked.