NYC IS RED For LeBron Today

I woke up early this morning and took the dog for a walk in my neighborhood like I do every day. I live down by West 4th and when I walked past the court, this was waiting…

LeBron James

If you look at the way the basketballs were set up, they’re lined up as a No. 23. This was taken right before people in the neighborhood started grabbing the basketballs. (more pics after the jump)

LeBron James

I hit some of the crew and they were all seeing the same thing on courts by their spots too. Nike doing it big around the city for LeBron‘s arrival tonight. If you’re out in the city today or by the Garden tonight, let us know what you see. We’ll be posting more throughout the day…


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  • http://dimemag.com Haze

    A city fit for a king.

  • iain.

    So, Nike just might want LeBron to come to NY in 2010? I’m think this could just be a very subtle hint..

  • iain.


  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Looks like great NYC weather…

  • http://view.break.com/610113#TellAFriend fallinup

    Seriously. I doubt Santa is more anticipated these days in NYC.

    What a joke.

  • Ashlov

    Wow, another Dime-NYC biased article. Surprising. Cut out the bias before you lose your credibility as journalists. ;)

  • Ross

    I’m surprised nobody’s messed it up, or stolen the balls.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ashlov — How is this biased?

  • http://view.break.com/610113#TellAFriend fallinup

    Taking your dog for a walk in the city that you live in and then reporting on what you saw is biased Austin. Didn’t you get the memo?

    Got forbid Dime report on something NY related. It’s not like the main offices are based in NY or sumfin’.

  • bliz289

    I heard Nike is dropping a red NYC version of the LeBron 6. Anybody know anything about it?

    I’m betting LeBron gets a standing ovation at the Garden tonight!

  • Sweet English

    bliz your behind the times son, you no CGF was all over that ‘ish yesterday, My man don’t miss a beat when it comes to kicks, even if they are hella ugly. The red brons, however, are not. check on his style section. There fire.

  • bliz289

    @ Sweet English

    Good look, I missed that post yesterday. For anyone else interested, here it is. The kicks are hot!



    Does someone get payed for doing that??? Or is someone (NYC) overly obsessed with LBJ. LBJ could average 40 a game but the knicks would still struggle to even think about the playoffs.

  • justice

    that’s it im trading lebron to the knicks myself in 2k9 it may take all night considering the salaries and lack of talent on NY so i may have to override the readr

  • justice

    hell yeah someone gets paid that’s some street team busting their ass at 5am to get that done…they could be interns but either way it’s a trade off for the services

  • that’s whats up

    cold, rainy, miserable….
    damn, I kinda miss it.

    ..and you KNOW those posters were also gone hours ago. If it’s on the street, it is fair game…

    Lock up what you still want to own…

  • Sweet English

    BTW @ Pat.

    Dude you didn’t help yourself to one of those balls?

    I would have taken the 7 balls on the left and had the whole of NYC if Steve Nash was comin’ to town.

  • Dime Magazine

    @ Sweet English,

    Never said I didn’t!

    – PC

  • Ashlov

    I know all the hype around Lebron and NYC is mainstream at the moment, just seems like it’s getting way too much attention on this site, as opposed to other similar outlets.

    Hence my reference to bias. There’s like 17 other teams that’ll have huge cap space that summer, as far as I understand it.

  • weezy f

    PC your grammar isnt all that great

  • D.Head

    Okay so this is the big deal with LeBron and New York and his nike deal. in his contract there is an escalator if he goes to New York or LA and plays his nike contract goes from the original 90 million to upwards of 120 million because he will be in what is considered a major market.

  • http://zion_ninebreaker25@hotmail.com QueSt???

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…and the people in ohio still believe he will stay

  • dalandman

    who is paying for all of this?

  • JOB33

    @ Ashlove
    NY is the front runner, well according to most conspiracy theorists.(He’s homeboy with Jigga, the NY Yankee caps, saying he loves NY, etc etc etc) That’s why the Knicks are getting all the attention when it comes to the ‘Bron sweepstakes. This is the type of sports news people want to hear about. Why wouldn’t Dime cover this, especially when Pat is seeing it firsthand? There’s no premise to accuse them of being bias. I’ve been coming to this site since Hoopstv.com. I’ve never seen anything biased.(At least nothing that the other writers didn’t clown on)

    People want drama, and Lord knows you can find a helluva lot in the Knicks organization.


    looks good nice pics matty brown