NBA / Nov 12, 2008 / 10:36 pm

Paul Pierce Is The Truth

“I have an opinion,” Paul Pierce said to a Spanish newspaper in the middle of the summer. “I have a right to have one and that’s the way I feel. I felt I’ve played against the best over the years and felt right now that I’m the best player in the world.”

If you just watched the Celtics hand the Hawks their first loss of the season, you might agree.

The Truth has HUGE down the stretch from a three-point play with about 1:37 left to play to a game-winning, step-back fadeaway before time expired.

Finishing the game with 34 points on 14 shots, I don’t know if there’s a guy I’d rather give the ball to with 12 minutes left on the game clock. He’s arguably the NBA’s best clutch scorer and could even be the Celtics’ greatest pure scoring machine.

And to think, he did it all without Antoine Walker

How many games will the Celtics win this season?

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  • nola

    wow. this is such a bad article.

  • Chris S. from ATL

    I love my hawks. I think this prove they’re for real this year. It took a last second shot from Pierce to win. Marvin Williams is key. His ability to shoot threes now really streches the floor. Once J-Smith gets back, they’ll be very good. And if Childress ever decides to come back from Greece, the Hawks own his rights still.

  • http://dimemag.com/ Aron

    You clearly didn’t see the game. He was unstoppable.

  • Three Stacks

    Dime gotta hurry up and say something about Dwight’s monster stat line tonight. 30, 19, and 10 blocks? Unreal.

  • http://dimemag.com/ Aron

    @Three Stacks
    Thanks! I’m working on it now!

  • vinny

    Watching PP and JJ go at it was fun! but listening to tommy heinshon(is that how you spell his name) man thats rough.
    hey dime they said during the heat t-blazer game that steve blake and udonis were high school teammates- so who are the best high school teammates to play in the nba? i know crawford and nate robinson played together also. Who else??

  • webbie352

    i never really understood the PP hate.
    i guess its cause he is slow & plays for boston.
    but he has to be top 15 in the NBA without a doubt.

    you should do a column about rudy fernandez and sergio
    because when they go really well together its alil scary.

    portland is gonna be a problem. and might have problems down the road with all their talent.

  • the antoine

    best pure scorer in celtics history? really? better than bird?

  • jl90

    the celtic fans chant for MVP is pretty deserved. kevin garnett, ray allen aside, that is paul pierce’s team. and pat o’bryants doghouse..

  • http://shootingbasketballtips.blogspot.com/ Dodge Taylor

    @the antoine

    By best “pure scorer” I can only assume they are differentiating him from Bird because Larry did so much more than just score. Otherwise any such thought would be sacrilegious!

    (sacrilegious & differentiating … has Dime ever seen such large words in the comment section??)

  • A.R.

    O boy. Well your obviously a Celtics fan. Don’t get me wrong Truth is nice but come on now. I bet you weren’t saying all this when the Celtics were in the middle of that 16 (or was it 17?) losing streak a few years ago. And if he’s the guy you would want to have the ball in the final minutes of a game…well then…you must not wanna win very many games…

  • nola

    i didnt get to watch the whole game. i only managed to watch the 4th quarter. yes he was on fire but the statements…

    He’s arguably the NBA’s best clutch scorer and could even be the Celtics’ greatest pure scoring machine.

    … nope.

  • Drink the Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    @ Vinny Tayshaun Prince and Ty Chandler played together @ Compton… But in HS one year Mater Dei featured Shay Cotton and Miles Simon back in like 93 those guys put a beaten on in So Cal Ball

  • Max

    @vinny: be glad you don’t live in New England, and have to listen to Heinsohn all the time. It’s horrible. The other Celtic announcers suck lemons just as bad.

  • E$

    Here you go…Ice Water – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apc13w0UH90

  • SLee

    Tommy Heinsen and Mike are sweet. Don’t be haters. I’m from New England and get pissed whenever they put the celtics on national tv because the commentators there just don’t compare.

  • vinny

    @max-i feel 4 you man!!
    @drink- i live in la so i should have remembered that!they were at dominquez/compton. Yea shay cotton-man he was a huge disappointment-after high school!

  • vinny

    @slee- man they suck!!!! marv alpert and mark jackson-the best!

  • Drink the Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    @ Aron–
    You should do an article on the best college team in the last 25 years

    Say like UNC 2005, Duke 99, Fab Five, Florida

  • Drink the Haterade (Kobe Rocks)

    @ Vinny, yea Shay was a huge disappointment after that. I went to HS in Anaheim. So I got to see a lot of those games.

  • Max

    @SLee: I’m a hater when it comes to Boston sports teams, but I have total respect for the Celtics. Not for their announcers, though — I’ll take almost any national announcer over clowns like Heinsohn and Maxwell, who belong in the last century.

    Baseball, on the other hand, I love Remy, Orsillo, and Eck and Caron in the studio…and I hate the Red Sox more than just about any sports team in existence. So it’s not about hating on the local announcers because they’re local…it’s because they’re old, suckish homers.

  • Mike

    @ A.R.

    “I bet you weren’t saying all this when the Celtics were in the middle of that 16 (or was it 17?) losing streak a few years ago.”

    You’re right, because he was in a suit for all but one of those games. SMH @ people acting like they’re knowledgeable when they’re nothing of the sort.

  • NzCeltFan

    Loving the hate mail, keep it coming… Just makes the victories sweeter… Face it, you guys that are hating are jealous that you ain’t got him and can’t claim that you are the CHAMPS!

  • its_D_Liu

    paul pierce over kobe or lebron? i think i might take d-wade and d-will over him

  • ENEW

    For those of you who do not think Pierce is a clutch 4th quarter player obviously haven’t watched many of his games since 2002. His 4th quarter scoring is amongst the tops in the league. If you just starting watching last season he was sitting many of the 4th quarters because they were drilling people. The guy has a hunger for crunch time and he usually delivers.

    As far as Mike and Tommy go they age like fine wine the more you watch them. It is simple with Tommy, you love him or hate him. But you can not argue that he is both passionate and knowledgable, sometimes those things are hidden because he is such a huge fan. Has rant on the officials last night was priceless. Mike Gorman is the best TEAM, non national play by play guy in the business.

    Breen and Marv to me are the only one’s on a higher level.

  • LakeShow84

    Nice shot..

    But best or most clutch?? Sorry.. you couldnt take that to court and win.. no way.. But he is the truth.. hes just got a good team.. hes always been good but now he can have the wins to show for it..

    Lebron is unstoppable.. Dwade i consider unstoppable when he gets going.. Tim Duncan can also b unstoppable.. So being unstoppable doesnt make u the best..

    So when you start winning games and get deeper into the playoffs when you are handed not one but two HALL OF FAMERS and a good supporting cast.. i think its more a product of the system than anything.. like i said hes always been good..

  • doug

    Dime how much is this cat paying you guys to keep running these articles. It’s an opinion of a man based on about a year and a half of fourth quarter scoring. Do you not remember prior to “the trade” this cat had disappeared into utter obscurity. People actually forgot this guy played ball because he was “injured” so much and his team lost so much. Stop calling this guy the most clutch player, he’s not even top 3 in the league his body of work is too small. As far as his quote the “spanish”newspaper, because you know he wouldn’t have the stones to say that in to an American paper, I have come to the realization that this dude along with KG can’t handle winning a championship the way him and KG are acting you would think they Mike Jordan’d the league and just ran off six championship. These cats are as fugazi as they come, but dime you guys should be ashamed of yourself for peddling such propoganda. This doesn’t make for good journalism it just makes you guy look unreputable. Pose this question 6 years from now if he’s still doing the 4th quarter thing and has a couple more rings but for now it’s way too premature. Hollar back.

  • doug

    ENEW your comment about what this cat was doing in 2002 pretty much proves my arguement as prior to his winning the championship, this last year,I had not heard anything about Pierce since 2002.Besides that one year he and the fat guy Antoine Walker made a little noise in the playoffs.I wonder if they have the same physical trainer?Anyways, you guys have to understand if the players and coaches don’t view this guy as the best player in the league and most clutch,which none of the players and coaches but his own view him as, he’s simply not that dude. He was just that dude for the finals and that’s it, recogninze and appreciate that for what it was and stop making these outlandish remarks about him.

  • bob

    paul pierce actually is the best scorer in league history, he is averaging just under byrd in points per game lifetime at 23.1 compared to 24.3 or something, but pp leads all celtics in three pointers and is tops or near the tops in rebounding, and like assists too. type in paul pierce compared to other celtic greats on google and click the seond one….

    eat it