NBA / Nov 10, 2008 / 11:20 am

Shaq Disses Andrew Bogut and Erick Dampier

This is amazing. I’m so happy that someone gave Shaq another platform to insult people. Someone – possibly the execs at Vitamin Water – convinced the Diesel to start using the social networking site Twitter to keep people updated on what’s going through his head throughout the season. This is tapping into a resource of endless entertainment.

Here are some of the things that he’s posting recently, with the icing on the cake coming at the end.

Pop is crying about his transition D. You can’t stop me 2 ft from the rim, or lil STAT 2 ft above the rim. Shaq has spoken.”
– October 29th 7:52 PM

“Voted Obama. Barak told me I can guard the nuclear football codes.”
– November 4th 3:31 PM

” Guys know if they need an instant bucket, they can come to me. As the son of Jor-El, it’s in my nature to help others and save the universe.”
– November 6th 9:16 AM

“On the plane back to #PHX, another Suns W. Bogut is Erika Dampier with a beard.”
– November 8th 10:14 PM

Source: Twitter

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    Way to SupaMan Dat H@@@@@@@e!!!! Bogut a broad anyway.

  • BAT

    Shaq = Top 5 Trash Talker all time?

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Larry Bird
    3. Reggie Miller
    4. Gary Payton/Barkley
    5. Shaq

  • jl90

    i think i’m going to end all my sentences now with “shaq has spoken”. shaq has spoken.

  • bobby stew

    GP talked more trash than anybody. I believe GP talks trash to his kids and grandparents. He talks even if he’s getting embarassed. I think he talked more than Michael simply because MJ won so many games and championships that there was no need or motivation to talk so much.

  • Chaos

    Yea but i bet the quality of trash talked isnt as good. Shaq comes off the head with some crazy ass sh!t. Big Aristotle will have people laughing all the time…then demasculate you on the court

  • fallinup

    lder post from Shaq’s twitter:

    “editing the Kazaam 2 script”


  • karizmatic

    Shaq’s an idiot. Good entertainment though

  • Haqq

    I think Shaq has severe ADD

  • Big V

    This guy needs to shut the hell up and try to do something on the court while he still can (if he still can).

  • parinaz suns

    yea he still can against the bucks he had 29 and 11 so he can talk all he wants if he produces like that

  • izzy

    “Halfway through the season, the weight of my epic bulk will cause me injure myself and sit out the season (again). Shaq has spoken!”

  • weezy f

    this post was nice

    @PhoenixSunsGirl yes young lady, Vitamin Water and another Suns victory are both sponsored by Shaqâ„¢ 9:12 AM Nov 6th

  • bballinca

    Went to McDonalds last night as I continue to attempt my own version of SupaSize Me. Shaq has Spoken (but you can’t understand me as I have a Big mac in my mouth)
    November 10, 2008

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QuEsT???

    hahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahaha s

  • Simon from Australia

    Shaq who?

    Is this guy the same person everyone said would be unstoppable throughout his whole career?

    The same guy who said that he would play until he was the big 40, becuase he is that good?

    Look at his decline in the game amazing, and Riley was good for bigmen like Ewing, and Mourning.

    Please retire now you make the team you play on worse!