Dimepiece / Nov 16, 2008 / 9:53 am

Sunday Dime Piece

So there is that one girl that you guys all seem to love. Tomorrow, it’s all about her.

Dime Piece Gallery

Dime Piece Gallery
Dime Piece Gallery
Dime Piece Gallery
Dime Piece Gallery
Dime Piece Gallery
Dime Piece Gallery

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  • Joross Gonzales


  • imung lolo upaw

    damnnnnn.. the first girl is smokin…

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Hi everyone this is Jurg.

    I would like to date first lady in top photo. Could Mr Austin Burton or Mr Fantasy Doctor arrange.

    Bye from Jurg, Hi.

  • mapletown

    Gotdamn the last girl got some long hands!! Thought that was E.T. for a minute…

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    And hi from Jurg again.

    Mr Burton, please help Jurg with this question. What does these photos have to do with the game basketball. Not to say I don’t like, cos I am in love with these photos and even my friend Vladamir like, but how does your good magazine get women to take clothes off and get pictures. Jurg has been trying to do this in Poland for years but no luck.

    Thank you. This is Jurg, Hi.

  • Martin

    Y’all need to lay off this whole naked chicks thing… It’s downright embarrassing for an otherwise high quality magazine to resort to this kind of content…

    Objectifying women maybe was cool in the 40’s or something, but this is 2008. Even the most dimwitted readers should be able to google up some skin if they like, but could we please keep one site free of this crap?

  • YGB

    @Martin you must bee gay homie. Shut your trap.

  • fReSh

    im seeing a nipple

  • A$$Cube aka Dime InvAsian

    Dibz on Devon, the asian chick. I’m not feeling this tanned Roberto-Dueñas-fur wife-beater she’s wearing though…

  • weezy f

    cant wait for tomorrow


    First and second babe get my vote for sexy!!!

  • Big Sneezy

    These dime piece posts are sexist and wrong. But can I have some of the ladies phone #’s?

  • knoc

    damn that first girl is killin it

  • goonther

    @ asscube

    It looks like a pic Austin might have took in his bedroom – amature-ish shit

  • solomon

    en fuego, hombres!!!

  • QQ

    The first girl…