NBA / Nov 25, 2008 / 12:58 pm

Ten NBA Players Who’d Excel Under Don Nelson

Jamal CrawfordJC

Jamal Crawford is making his debut in Golden State tonight, and is itching to prove that he’s not going to spend his whole career on a losing team. Crawford is justifiably excited about the new opportunity – not just because he won’t have to hear about the arrival of LeBron James in New York every day. Don Nelson seems to have knack for bringing the best out of guys who love to jack – so maybe this will be a good fit for ‘Mal.

Aside from Crawford, who are ten other guys in the League who would really excel under Nellie?

The criteria is fairly simple in my mind. You have to be able to run the floor, and you have to be able to shoot. Cockiness is required. And playing D is an added, but unnecessary bonus.

* Kevin Martin
* Ben Gordon
* Gilbert Arenas
* Kevin Durant
* Mike Miller
* Aaron Brooks
* Shawn Marion
* Michael Redd
* Jason Kapono
* Steve Nash

What ten guys do you think would excel under Nellie?

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  • P


  • dee

    Mo Williams
    Bassy (only if he actually learned how to be a PG)
    OJ Mayo
    Nate Robinson
    Hakim Warrick
    Mike Miller
    Tony Parker (he would get his)
    Travis Outlaw

  • Scott

    I don’t know why I just had this thought, but the Warriors should go after Nash. He’s horrid under Porter, and Nelson could revive him, and at least he’d be back in a system that exploits his strengths more than his weaknesses.

  • http://ifux.alumnah.com/ Farouq Obama aka Fux

    Consider, for example, Smush Parker, an all-time Rucker all-star. While he did have some skills, there was nothing resembling discipline in his game, so he was lost when plugged into a system. In addition to some off-putting personality quirks, Parker was also a turnover waiting to happen, couldn’t distinguish between a good shot and a bad shot, and (except for a rare steal) was a total chump on defense. In other words, he was extremely lucky that Phil Jackson was so patient with him

    ^^^^^^ETHER “Godson across the belly……”

  • Big Sia

    Deshawn fucking Stevenson. Although a Game fan in Oakland would probably murk him for doing the Tony Yayo too many times.

    Honourable mention to BG, VC (he’d average 40), Gil-Zero, J Rich, and Eric Gordon for sure.

  • Max

    OJ Mayo and JJ Redick immediately come to mind.

  • Big Sia

    and lol @ farouq

  • http://ifux.alumnah.com/ Farouq Obama aka Fux

    Charley Rosen = GOAT NBA Scribe

  • Big Sia

    Scoop > ^


    jr smith
    Agent Zero
    eddie house
    Agree on rest

    EXCEPT, Nash are you for real? You are taking away all his credibility as a former 2 time MVP. Nash earned the MVP’s, D’antonis system didnt just give it to him. His exceptional skill as PG allowed him to play in an uptempo style. He can adapt to any style of play. All nellie does is his players play a disorganized basketball. Its like AND1 without the tricks and Duke Tango

  • George W Kush Sr

    Arenas would murder teams with Nellie’s system. Carter’s punkass is another, and Melo would all average at least 30 ppg.

  • CitizenB

    Vince Carter
    Eddie House
    Mike James
    Jerry Stackhouse

  • Banga

    Best All time team that would excel under nellie

    PG: Steve Nash (This spot would go to chris paul if he could actually shoot)

    SG: Kobe Bryant

    SF: T-MAC

    PF: Chris Bosh

    C: Amare

  • 2Cleva

    Lamar Odom is the perfect big for Nellie ball.

  • that’s whats up

    is Chris Mullin on anyone’s list ?

  • nick

    josh smith

  • mules

    can’t believe no one’s mentioned Ricky Buckets…Tony Allen also

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    lol @ everyone mentioning guys who love to shoot the ball on this list . . . Andrei Kirilenko is the protypical running 4 (look at what David Blatt does with him on the russian nat’l team). Dude has good handles, loves to pass, and has a great motor (especially for running back and blocking shots and getting rebounds).

  • Big Sia


  • Michorizo

    Baron Davis

  • Jayo

    JR Smith
    AI Pt. 2 (Iggy)
    Antoine Walker
    Mo Williams
    Eddie House
    Rashad McCants
    Flip Murray
    Joe Johnson
    Louis Williams
    Charlie Villanueva
    John Salmons

  • eddyslick


  • rell

    Rashard Lewis – would average 26+ playing for Nellie
    Ben Gordon
    Tyrus Thomas – all he would have to do is rebound and run the break like Bendrins
    OJ Mayo
    Nick Young

  • D-Funkstar

    The Machine would be murder playing nellie ball.

  • LakeShow84

    Guard Derrick Rose – disgustingly fast and will/can be able to hit the pull up..

    Small Forward Shawn Marion – Already proved it and until i see someone do it better there is no other..

    Foward/center Pau Gasol – runs the floor as good or better than any big in the NBA..

  • Bernie

    So… steve nash? how about the fact that he played for years under nellie… never got out of the first or second round… but under D’Antoni? TWO TIME MVP? Yah… i want to see crawford do as well in GS as he was doing in NY…


    Agent Zero
    Allen Iverson
    Mike Miller
    TJ Ford
    Rashard Lewis

  • Shogun

    Rashad McCants.

  • isotope

    Baron Davis?

  • that’s whats up

    Monta Ellis

  • jim

    Dirk, of course. Nellie made him and Nash.

  • Speed Kills

    Raymond Felton

  • J

    zach randolph, oliver miller, vin baker, jerome james, charles barkley, shawn kemp, micheal sweetney, dirk nowitzki stephen jackson and allen iverson. theyd be so fat, drunk high, and gangbanging youd want to pay more for the after party than the games. just take them to vegas and let them go to work. oh yes, and john daly would be the assistant coach.



  • Scogg25