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The 10 Most Overrated Players in the NBA

Mike BibbyMike Bibby, Dime #17

In one of the best games of the NBA season so far, the third highest-paid guy on the court was invisible. Luol Deng was a total non-factor in last night’s Bulls/Jazz thriller, playing 13 minutes off the bench and collecting more turnovers (three) than points (two). Granted, Deng was coming off a hamstring injury, but even before he got hurt, he was hardly living up to the $72 million deal Chicago signed him to over the summer.

During the game, the Dime crew was back-and-forth e-mailing about Deng’s place amongst the League’s most overrated players. It’s a list that changes constantly, but as of today, here’s who we’ve got as the 10 most overrated players in the NBA:

(Note: We’re fully aware that the whole overrated/underrated thing is never a player’s fault, but that of the fans and media. We’re the ones who put a player on a pedestal or under a rock, and when he exceeds — or falls short of — the expectations we said, he falls into the overrated/underrated pool. That said…)

1. Mike Bibby — Still living off his reputation from the ’02 playoffs. Think about it: every Hawks game you’ll hear about how clutch Bibby is, but how many big-time shots have you seen him hit in the last five years?

2. Luol Deng — Again, one great playoff series (in ’07), and Deng hasn’t been nearly as good since.

3. Andrew Bynum — Does he have a chance to be a great center in this League? Absolutely. The skills are there, the physical tools are there, but everyone needs to chill out for a minute. Bynum’s mere presence alone does not guarantee the Lakers would have won it all last year. But one good half-season, and the die-hard L.A. fans wanna retire his number 17.

4. Ray Felton — When D.J. Augustin is about to take your job, it’s time to acknowledge you’re a full two notches below CP and Deron, maybe more.

5. Rodney Stuckey — Classic case where it’s not his fault, but so much was put on Stuckey’s shoulders after his ’08 postseason breakout that his early-season struggles have really stood out.

6. Richard Jefferson — They don’t seem to miss him much in New Jersey, do they? Another guy who owes Jason Kidd a lot of money.

7. David Lee — With our offices in New York, over the last two years we haven’t gone two days without hearing the ridiculous statement that Lee is the Knicks’ best player. And this dates back to when Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph were on the roster, when Eddy Curry was in reasonably good shape, and Stephon Marbury was actually playing. Maybe it’s true now after the LeBron fire sale.

8. Rashard Lewis — The reason why Hedo Turkoglu won’t be in Orlando next year. If Rashard is getting $100 million-plus to be the third banana, why would Hedo accept anything less?

9. Andre Iguodala — Exciting? Yes. Has potential? Yes. A legit star? Not yet.

10. Daniel Gibson — That jump shot is textbook, but when it’s not falling, he’s pretty much useless.

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  • dagwaller

    Finally, a list that makes sense.

  • http://slamonline.com ctkennedy

    lewis and bibby dont belong on the list cause they do what they were brought in to do bibby job is to run the office so joe cool can play off the ball and if u double off him bury the jumper which he does and that rep with the game on the line give joe cool more confidence that hes not alone when the game matters lewis is the team best shooter at 6 10 stretchs the court so howard can do his thing why u think its so hard to double him and hes not a d liability cause u got to put a small forward on him so he doesnt get kill on the off. end he is dirk without as big a name
    where is okafor durant redd

  • http://view.break.com/610113#TellAFriend fallinup

    I’d consider lebron on this list. He is the “King” and all.

  • iain.

    Damn i hate all these guys except Felton (UNC Memories), Stuckey (As you said, not his fault I think he’ll come good) and Lee, he hustles and how many guys can say they beat James White in a dunk contest?

    And maybe Gibson, because i’ve never heard anyone claim hes a great player, or anything more than a shooter. The rest of these guys though are spot on.

  • flegman

    Lee is good. Averaged double-double (alomst) without any plays designed for him, without starting AND with Curry-Randolph-Starbury. AND he’s almost last on NYK salary list, BEHIND Nate Robinson, just ahead of Wilson Chandler and Roberson.

  • http://mikenaretta.wordpress.com Mikey

    Greg Oden? Or is it too soon?

  • Mark

    Marion….he owes Nash a lot of paper

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Top 5 Overrated players:

    1. Tim Duncun: What has he done besides win four championships, three NBA Finals MVP’s, two NBA MVP trophies?

    2. Kobe Bryant: Sure he won a few chips with Shaq, but besides single-handedly carrying his bums to the playoffs a few years straight, and eventually to the finals, what else has Kobe accomplished? Oh yeah, he was MVP last year and the whole 81 thing was straight, but come on.

    3. LeBron James: Who cares if his teammates have been garbage the last few years? Who cares if he shattered the Pistons two years ago to get to the finals, or how he almost ruined the Celtics last year? Anyone labeled “The King” is bound to be overrated. Just ask Skip Bayless.

    Dwayne Wade: Yeah he has a championship (with Shaq). Yeah he is fast. Yeah his jumper is fatal. Yeah he is back healthy and killing the league. Yeah he helped USA win a gold over the summer and was the Team USA MVP. He still hasn’t proved anything since Antoine Walker left. Wade can thank Antoine for that ring. ‘Toine still waiting…

    Chris Paul: Perhaps the most overrated player of all-time. Granted he is a superb passer, has ridiculous speed and body control, nice jumper, crammed on Dwight, and made Jason Kidd look like slow-motion, CP3 doesn’t do anything except make his whole team 100% better and David West an All-star. After punching that kid in the nuts in college, Chris Paul secured himself on this list.

  • http://view.break.com/610113#TellAFriend fallinup

    I agree with Big Freeze.

  • dagwaller

    I agree with Mark.

  • MSkittle

    I totally agree about Stuckey. I never throught he was that great. Since when is 8 ppg enough to get all excited about a guy?

  • jay

    I say Jermaine Oneal should be on the list instead of Bibby. O’neal collected a lot of paper in his career b/c he wasn’t as bad as everyone thought he would be and b/c he was the best player on not even a conference contender in Indiana.

  • karizmatic

    Where is Dirk Nowitski on this list?

  • Sweet English

    Big Freeze i was just about to go at you then until i actually decided to read your ridiculous reasons, and then realised what you were doing. I wanted to make a little buzzer that goes off in this comment post for the first hater to jump on Lebron or Kobe, and Fallinup kinda hit it already, but it had to happen so i’ll let you have that one Fallin.

    I’d say Chris Bosh. I know he’s solid and all but he’s not a leader in any sense, he’s too weak in the paint and if you ask me his game is straight UGLY.

    I want to flip channels everytime he gets possession, even if he crossed up Bruce Bowen and straight JAMMED it on TD, i wouldnt care, it would not have been worth watchin his gangly ass try and communicate awkwardly with the ball, an object which i often wonder wehter or not he has come into contact with before.

    Remember Space Jam when the Monstars take Ewings talent and when the ref gives him the ball to inbound it just hits him in the face like three times, like he don’t know whats goin on?

    That’s Bosh, PRE-alien-probing.

  • Sweet English

    and fallinup please tell me that is you in that video when i click on your name….

  • del

    @ karizmatic

    You’re nuts. I’d put fake tough guy KG on the overrated list 10 times before I ever thought about Dirk.

    David Lee overrated? a bit of a stretch but NYers tend to exaggerate in both positive/negative directions.

  • Diego

    I agree with Bibby inclusion, although he is doing alright this year–as his 3-point shot has been on this year. But he disappeared in the playoffs last year, is a HORRIBLE defender, not a great ballhandler, and hasn’t had a layup that hasn’t been blocked in years. (I would put him on the all no-ups team too! (Hey, that would be a great list–top 10 guys with absolutely no leaping ability.))

  • Ansonious

    @ big freeze How many times did you do anything even close to what those guys have done? Are you in the NBA? For some reason I’m betting the only burn you’ve gotten in your life is on your lips from the crack pipe that you viciously smoke while more than likely playing D-League ball. I’m out like dissing on future legends peace!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    The one thing I’ve never liked about the NBA is the guaranteed contract. Players have one good season, one good half season or one good series and they get a get a ridiculous contract and then they’re never the same. Of course there exceptions to this but I’m sure we would all agree that there are too many players out there making way more than they’re worth.

    Players from this list like Deng, Iggy, Rashard, and perhaps Bynum played their hearts out and worked for big contracts but after they got paid they stopped having that hunger to be the best. It’s that hunger that separates the Great Ones from the rich ones.

  • LakeShow84

    Paul Pierce for having two HOF’s put on his team and then claiming to be the best player in the world..

    Lebron is overrated only for being known as “the KING of the NBA” but hes one bad mofo no doubt..

    Shawn Marion does indeed owe Steve Nash a lot of paper..

    Mike Bibby is overrated but he is a steady hand at point and nowadays thats all you really really want..

    Tracy McGrady needs to take a year off because it hurts me to watch him now..

    Steve Nash isnt doing much without that system..

    Richard Jefferson.. nuff said

    GILBERT ARENAS dude been injured and the only reason he is considered so good because of that agent 0 year.. he was good before then but come on.. not that good.. hes another..

    ALLEN IVERSON yes he has heart.. yes he takes a beating.. but what else is there?? scoring?? seen it all.. hasnt been deep into the playoffs since Larry Brown was actually a good coach.. and has not meshed well enough with ANY team he has been on considering his talent.. but everyone loves him still..


  • dagwaller

    Lakeshow – DAMN. Great post.

    Ansonious – I got Big Freeze’s sarcasm – maybe I’m just not getting your’s?

  • it aint easy being green

    OKAFOR – horrible, just horrible

  • TD

    @Big Freeze – so you just wanted to list the top 5 players in the NBA, that was a stupid ass comment.

    Top 3 Overated
    Melo – Do something other than hit someone and run away, PUSSY!
    Okafor – You aren’t worth half of what they’re paying you
    T-Mac – At least you get a long vacation every year, that first round is tough i guess


    Igoudala, YES YES YES. He’s terrible so far give that money to T-Young.

  • Damon

    maybe JO should be on this list now.
    but where were you when he was the best big man in the eastern conference? AND when the pacers had the best record in the league and went to the cof. finals?
    isn’t that a conference contender?
    some guys here are so funny

  • Mark

    @ it aint easy being green

    great shout on Okafor!!

  • TD

    @ Big Freeze, my apologies, just saw the names and didn’t actually read first, I get the sarcasm now.

  • haslem

    Lewis is overpaid and thus overrated

  • LakeShow84

    Rashard Lewis & Okafor.. how could i forget them..

  • pishenis

    We just need to remember that its not players’ fault to be overrated. Its we (fans, media) who put a lot of expectations on their shoulders.

  • stroshowrocks

    T-mac, rashard lewis, marion, and arenas, they do not derserve the money they make.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    LMAO. Yo, you guys need to recognize sarcasm. Those are actually the 5 best players in the league IMO, i was just being stupid.

  • Ansonious

    @ Big Freeze Yeah I guess I need to lighten up my bad

  • Luke

    I couldn’t help but tell that 3 of the 10 players on this list played under Lute Olson at the University of Arizona. Just kinda interesting considering that Lute Olson was sometimes considered an overrated coach (with all the talent he had, and only 1 National Championship to show for it).

  • Speed Kills

    How can Raymond and David Lee be on the list? They didn’t get offered an extension from their teams this year. Iggy, Deng, Bynum however cannot say the same.

  • Jer boi

    amare…did u see the game without nash?

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Bynum isn’t overrated, LA just loves the big guy… He ill be a good center and he has the best center of all time teaching him in Kareem. Give the dude some time

  • QQ

    Where’s Peja?

  • Andy

    Okafor is solid. not great but solid. 14 and 11 a game

    Agent Zero sure does get paid a lot to sit on the bench…..

  • Scogg25

    anyone that yelled at big freeze either didn’t read what he said, totally missed the point, or just plain has no sense of humor…

  • Jau28

    @sweet english

    how is bosh’s game straight up ugly?! I can accept ppl talking about him not having the best game but its not ugly and this year he HAS been a leader. If it wasnt for him he wouldn’t the raps would not have won a SINGLE GAME. That roster is depleted and he’s the ONLY reason we have won ANY games this year.

    Look he’s not OVERRATED. I don’t think he’s the best PF in the game but I don’t think anyone in the league thinks that he is OVERRATED.

  • DRR

    watch Stuckey and then see if you’re opinion changes. He’s a kid trying to run an offense in a great BBall town. Give him a break! The kid’s going to be a real player.

  • Courtney

    Are you kidding me??? Two-fifths of the players that you got up there don’t belong.
    1st- Mike Bibby, he is one of the best three-point shooters in the game right now. He not only hits insurance threes but he hits clutch three too. i think you need a wake-up call…maybe go watch some ESPN or actually one of the Hawks games.
    2nd-Andrew Bynum, he is a rebounding machine and puts up double figures every night.
    3rd & 4th- Luol Deng and rodney Stuckey, you are just a hater. Luol Deng gets the recognition he deserves…none. he sucks and everyone knows that but on the other hand, Rodney Stuckey is one of the most underrated players. He makes shots and plays defense. Why won’t you go and play a one on one game with him and sees who wins.
    5th- Andre Iguadola, you barely even hear about Andre. He has a great defensive presence, so he is so not overrated.
    6th- David Lee, He is an outstanding players. ESPN doesn’t even give him the recognition he needs. He gives me about 40 NBA Fantasy Points a night.

  • http://124648907.qzone.qq.com/ form CHINA

    love Bibby! My best !

  • assraper

    most overated players in the nba are iguodala and dalembert. Igoudala is dirt