NBA / Nov 12, 2008 / 8:39 pm

The Celtics Need Antoine Walker

Antoine WalkerThe Celtics need a shimmy night about now

I rushed home from work to catch the start of the Boston/Atlanta game and the Celtics look as out of breath as I do. Right now, Flip Murray looks like an All Star, Mike Bibby is playing like he did in back in the day and the Hawks are winning by 13 with six minutes left in the half without Josh Smith.

I hate to say it, but right now the Celtics need Antoine Walker. They need a shimmy. They need a wiggle. I know ‘Toine is sitting in Memphis collecting dust, but what I would give to see him back in the White & Green.

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  • dagwaller

    Hahahahaha. Terrible.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life QuEsT???

    i believe someone has been smoking the magic dragon

  • control

    You for fuckin serious?

    You must hate the Celts, only someone who hates with all their heart would wish Antoine Walker onto a team. That guy is a piece of shit, probably one of the few NBA players I know for a fact I could beat 1on1.

    Why not wish KG has a stroke from his over-excitement?
    Why not wish Ray Allen and Paul Pierce die in a plane crash?
    Why not wish terrorists fly a dozen planes into the Garden while they are playing?

    Those things would be better than wishing Walker onto the team.

    Some people say I hate on SJack or Manu…but you have more hate for the Celts than Hitler had for Jews.

  • f-antione

    Worst. Idea. EVER.

  • E$

    Walker? lol….I’ll quote big Ticket from the game vs the Hawks after dunking “What the f&*@ wrong wit’ you, boy?!”

  • Jonny Drama

    Larry Bird would probably be a better idea than Walker.

  • SteveNash

    oh boy…. why not sign rick fox while we at it

  • SteveNash

    here’s an idea for a list… players that used to be the man on their team… got traded away and became bench players… Example – ANTOINE WALKER!!!

  • 2 Easy

    DEAR GOD NO! please please tell me u knocked on wood after that. Might as well sign Doug Christie too and whoever else u can find to ruin the team

  • http://dimemag.com/ Aron

    Haha. Alright guys. Maybe I was a little out there on this one. All I was saying is that the Celtics needed a little swagger back after that first half and ‘Toine circa ’99 would get the Garden going.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    They still beat a previously undefeated team . . .

    Hey why not trade KG for Curry and swap Rondo for Marbury . . . can you say “dynasty?”

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    What i would give to have this article disappear. Props to all the comments. Couldn’t have said it better.

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    What i would give to have this article disappear. Props to all the comments. Couldn’t have said it better. Funny!

  • sxrs

    lol at the comments
    they are right though
    no one NEEDS Walker lol

  • NzCeltFan

    I hear Todd Day and Pervis Ellison are available too

  • Jeronimo

    Aron, repeat after me: “I shall not write under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.”

  • Diego

    Not really a bad idea. Boston’s bench just absolutely sucks. Beyond Powe and House, what do they have? Big Baby? Hah! Weak bench was revealed against Hawks last night. (And Bill Simmons was ragging on the Hawks’ bench?!)

    I don’t think it will be Walker, but they will be signing 1 or 2 former all-star vets looking to climb aboard the bandwagon for a chip at vet’s minimium.

  • Big T

    LOL – Antoine Walker was a disease to the Celtics. Get real.

  • Nick

    Isn’t Dime supposed to be a legitimate basketball magazine? That’s two incredibly stupid “articles” in the past few days I’ve read. But keep them coming. It seems to be good luck for the Celtics when premature articles are written in the 2nd quarter of a game.

  • Bored

    Celtics fans have officially become brain dead and every person that posted in this blog proves how mighty the Celtics fans have fallen.

    You might be labeled intelligent fans but none of you are. You are an embarrassment to Boston sports.

    My guess is none of you watched the Celtics before 2007. Walker did a lot for this organization and the fact that none of you appreciate what he did or what he had to put up with here shows just how ignorant you really are.

    At least Aron has proven he watched this team before last year. Only one other comment in this thread is worth even reading.

    The person that posted under the name control should be taken away with the men in white coats. He has serious issues that should be addressed by a doctor.

  • Detroit Dave

    Detroit – only so Boston and Cleveland don’t get him!