NBA / Nov 10, 2008 / 8:04 pm

The Celtics Need to Start Leon Powe

Yet again, the Celtics are struggling to get out of the gates in the first quarter tonight against Toronto. In the first quarter this season, Boston has been outscored five of seven times and they’re averaging just 21 points.

With five minutes left in the first quarter, Jermaine O’Neal is already in double-digits. He’s been destroying Kendrick Perkins since the opening tip. KG even switched onto J.O. to stop the bleeding, and then Chris Bosh nearly crammed on Perk’s head on the other side of the paint.

To kill two birds with one stone and fix both the slow start and defensive issues, Doc should seriously consider bringing Perkins off the bench. The question is who should start instead? I’m voting for Leon Powe.

Do you think that the Celtics should start Leon Powe instead of Kendrick Perkins?

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  • Spot


  • Spot

    I mean, yea. At the very least give him a shot. I doubt Perkins would have a problem with coming off the bench.

  • Dr. J

    Powe is an energy guy. It’s important to have his presence as a 6th or 7th man for the C’s.

  • kowtz

    Does this answer if things would have gone differently if Bynum was able to play the finals last year?

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Jed

    Whitey – You’re on crack. I love Powe but he’s 6’6. He’s an off the bench energy guy. Perkins is a legit NBA body. have another Mr. Katz.

  • Spot

    Blackey- you’re on crack.

  • Fire Katz

    Katz, you know nothing about basketball. Do the world a favor and quit this job.

  • dagwaller

    So KG at the 5, Powe at the 4, PP, Ray, and Rondo? Sounds ok to me, especially when they play teams like the Raps who use a “small” center (i.e., a converted PF).

  • Magnifico

    powe is their energy man, still like him off the bench. If the celtics starting 5 are getting burned, then it’s the stars who gotta step up.

  • crespo

    All i know is all the talk about bosh being a superstar must end now. KG destroyed him tonight, he couldnt even get the ball come crunch time or whenever KG decided to, so thats over

  • http://www.geocities.com/dimemag Dagomar

    Superstars have bad games, and sometimes they have trouble against certain players. KG is to Bosh what Deron Williams is to Chris Paul.

  • http://dimemag.com Andrew Katz

    Yikes… first of all my hairy friend, if Powe’s 6-6, I’m 6-0. He’s listed at 6-8 and he plays like he’s 6-9. In the words of Michael Beasley, it’s not all about how tall a player is listed at, it’s how tall he plays.

    I’m with you guys that he’s better off the bench because he’s an energy guy. But it might make sense to try something temporarily to mix things up and get the Celtics’ real starting five (Perk, KG, Pierce, Allen, Rondo) on track.

    With Perk underperforming thus far this season, maybe a little change in the starting lineup could light a fire?

  • JDigiac

    I said Powe was one of the guys waiting to emerge when you guys did the thing about who was the star waiting to break out, i said if powe got starter minutes hed be averaging double double. perkins aint bad but powe and KG up front would be the truth

  • Celts Fan

    I love Leon but he’s a backup. He’d be ok as a starting 4 next to a scoring 5 (slide KG over) but then you’re not as big. His energy off the bench starts lots of runs. Perk just needs to put down them “french fried potaters” and get to it. He’s been pretty average this year, save for the 1 game where he hit 5 or 6 jumpers (which I’m convinced was definitely on a bet w/ Ray Allen. There’s no other explanation for it. None.)

    What we need to do is dress Patrick O’Bryant (he’s the only 7 footer we have on the bench) and leave Scal in street clothes. I don’t know that POB should get in that much, but at least if you need another big (that’s actually big) you can go to him. You only go to Scal when you want to laugh. That guy hurts the credibility of white people everywhere that actually know how to play ball.

  • E$

    What other team has done that to Perk’? If it was happening on a nightly basis, then I can see the move.

  • Big Shot BOB

    @ Celts Fan…Scal is in the NBA though. Any guy in the NBA is there for a reason and part of the elite. I bet Scal would come to any park and rec in the nation and tear it up…LOL

  • Ryan

    Bad idea. Perk is the defensive rock the best defensive team in the league is built around. As you could see back in Game 5 of the Finals, the Cs without Perk are a much poorer defensive team. JO was just lucky last night; the fork coming out of his back became visible after half time.

  • Berkcelt

    Powe is pretty close to 6’6″. He’s got long arms so he plays bigger, but long arms can’t make up for for everything. Powe’s role is good. Perk’s role is good.

    The real problem with the Celtics is they are injured. Pierce’s right (ie shooting/strong) hand is sprained. And Rondo has a lingering injury (it’s either an ankle or a groin injury). Top two playmakers are nicked up and so is the offense of the starting unit not surprisingly.

  • avi

    start powe!

    he’s 6’8 not 6’6

  • Nick

    This was a pretty stupid article by someone who apparently couldn’t wait until the end of the game to write it. For one thing, Perk has been far from the only reason the team has started out slow in the first quarter. And Perk and KG form the best defensive tandem in the league. If you had watched the whole game, you would’ve seen the great job Perk did defensively in the 2nd half. Leon is in the exact place he should be. And energy guy off the bench with more chances to touch the ball on offense with 2 of the big 3 on the bench. Get a clue.