NBA, Video / Nov 11, 2008 / 8:04 am

The NBA’s Best Clutch Scorer

We might not remember Paul Pierce‘s 22-point fourth quarter (7-9 FG) last night by the time the playoffs roll around. But this is yet another instance of why Pierce is one of the game’s best clutch scorers. In some ways, he’s like a basketball equivalent to Manny Ramirez. (Sorry Boston fans, hope that doesn’t make you cringe.) He’s slow, but supremely skilled – and most importantly, he has ultimate faith in his ability to win games when it matters.

Is Paul Pierce the best clutch scorer in the NBA today?

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  • JJkilo


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  • Smitty313

    Kobe! But I don’t see him hitting that many this year with the way the Lakers are playing right now.

  • it aint easy being green

    you knew everyone was going to go with kobe, but if this was true he might have showed up last summer, instead, paul did. haters will hate though

  • MSkittle

    Kobe, then DWade. Then Pierce

  • Mark

    Deron Williams….loves that coast to coast game winning lay in! Ice water jumper aswell

  • Ansonious

    No, Pierce is probably breaking his neck right now while blowing himself repeatedly, this guy only deserves the I can’t stop talking about me award, but he is a proven scorer when the chips are down. I still would be more afraid of Kobe, Wade, Lebron, shit even more scared of Brandon Roy with that shot he drilled the other night to win the game.

  • ERIC

    WTF Andrew, you on that Paul Pierce kool-aid, the post-finals high, thinking he’s the man. He’s good, but not a top 15 player in the league. MAYBE he is a top 10 clutch player in the 4th, but definitely not the top. Ever hear of Kobe or LeBron?

  • TO

    @ Ansonious

    HILARIOUS 1st line.


  • http://www.themavenreport.com Kyle

    All I have to say is take a look at Kobe in the 4th quarter of the Gold Medal game of the olympics.. Not only did he put the NBA on his back, he put the USA on his back.

    He was pure clutch on the biggest stage with the whole world watching. Not just the USA.

    Lebron couldn’t save them, Wade couldn’t save them, Paul couldn’t save them.

    It was Kobe to the rescue.

  • Jones

    1. Wade (cf 2006 finals)
    2. Kobe (only here because he disappeared against Celts)
    3. Pierce

  • http://deleted Ian

    kobe bron and manu in that order
    numbers back it up as the top three crunch time scorers so its kinda undebatable.
    but id go with manu or kobe ahead of bron because they shoot better from 3 and the line.

  • http://deleted Ian

    btw andrew dont compare pierce whos maybe a top 15 player to manny whos prob the third best player in baseball.

    pujols and arod are better

  • CP

    Hell no.
    How can you even put Paul Pierce in the same category as guys like KOBE! and even Lebron? He thinks he’s the greatest player because he won the championship last season, but did you ever hear him saying that shit when his team was losing 18 games in a row? Kobe’s been the best, clutch player even when his team wasn’t as good. He brought them into the playoffs (IN THE WEST!) while Paul Pierce was hoping for the lottery. I mean, Paul Pierce fuckin played in the EAST!

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    @ 7 funny as hell that first line…
    Let’s see, it was Kobe who hit that last second jumper over J-Kidd when he was at PHO and on thier way to the 1st title, it was Kobe who was killin in that Pacer game where he lit them up for 16 straight to win it, It was Kobe who hit Horry for the three in the blazers game, it was Kobe who hit the 3 point shot to win the game over Rip Hamilton, it was Kobe who took over in the fourth quarter of the Gold Medal game, notice something here? It’s Kobe no question

  • doug

    you guys at dime have to stop doing this…Just because Pierce had one good season last year and he’s coming through in the fourth quarter now that he has two franchise players on his team you guys can’t see is the leagues best clutch scorer is body of work leaves much to be desired besides that one ring he has and that final MVP Pierce had disappeared into obscurity prior to this now you guys want to resurrect this mummy. This season was the first season he actually came back in shape. I’m from Inglewood so theres a huge Paul Pierce fan base but even we know prior to last season the cat looked like a tall janitor and far from a physical specimen. He’s simply not and will never be the games best clutch scorer as he would have to do this consistently over a duration of time. The only person who has done this season after season is Kobe Bryant which is why every year they do those polls with the coaches around the association he is overwhelmingly the guy all coaches pick as the person they would want to take the last second shot. Hands down,undisputable, no question he’s the best clutch shooter in the game I can’t run down all his game winners theres not enough time or room on this page but Kobe has been doing this clutch thing his whole career don’t disrespect by even considering Pierce. Not too long ago prior to the KG & Ray Allen trade the Celt fans were chanting MVP in Boston while he dumped 40 plus on them. It’s funny how times change.

  • doug

    “Jones” are you smoking. Wade had one season like that in 2006 just like Pierce last year. Again you can’t compare these cats who have done that one year to Kobe who has done it year in and year out even when shaq was in LA Kobe was taking the last second shot. Kobe has been that dude stop disrespecting with that young buck. D-Wade isn’t in the same league as Kobe as show in the Gold Medal game of the olympics who did all the cats that supposedly better than Kobe turn to? Kobe of course and he came through in the end as he has always done. Not just for one season but over the course of his career.

  • doug

    “it aint easy being green says” I forgot Pierce was in the league until last year. Remember you guys made a trade for two franchise players. Pierce has never been that dude can you list the times this cat has been named to the NBA first team or Defensive first team. You’ll be
    hard pressed. Even a celtic honk like you can’t deny that. You guys are really feeling yourself since you won your first ship in twenty years, Paul Pierce, KG, Ray Allen included. These guys won a ship and instantly became pricks. KG was crying in an interview in Minnesota last year before he got traded to Boston now he’s wagging his finger and pounding his chest at Jose Calderon. Pierce is going on record as stating he’s the best player in the game. These cats are really going too far with it. I guess thats how you act when you haven’t won anything before and Kobe has made it his ambition when these guys were on there previous teams to punish each one of them so there was alot of built up hostility.

  • srb

    Seems like a lot of people here would wait in line to blow Kobe.

  • loganlight

    Hahaha at SRB…

    Pierce is CRAZY slow and I am always amazed when he gets his shot off with out it getting blocked. So I do think DIME got it right when they said that the Truth is supremely skilled….

    The best clutch performer in the L? That might be a stretch… but not by much. He is definitely clutch. No question about that. And no, it doesn’t matter how long he’s been clutch – he’s clutch now, that’s what counts. But if you are going to give the choice to pick one NBA player to take over the game for me, I am not taking Paul Pierce.

    I would take Kobe.

    I WOULD take Dwayne Wade.

    I would take LeBron James.

    THEN I would take Paul Pierce.


  • doug

    “srb” you gotta give respect when respect as due why do you got reduce the debate to something juvenile with a comment like that. “SRB” because you took it there I think your the only one in this forum that likes hugs from the back we’re trying to talk sports bounce homie/homo.

  • x3

    pierce not even top 5 for me. never the less most clutch player.

    i’d take wade bron kobe over him easily. probably roy also as someone else stated

    and doug you’re wrong about wade. check your facts. wade has been taking over games since his college days led marquette to the final four. led miami in scoring in the playoffs as a rookie. hit the game winner against the hornets. sophmore year they came within a game of the finals before he went down they couldn’t do it without him. 06 went off on detroit before he even got to dallas. he was most definitely not a one year wonder. been doing his thing since he stepped foot in the league.

    oh and the olympics thing. there wouldn’t have been a game for kobe to save had it not been for wade. 21 in the first half when kobe and bron were sitting on the bench in foul trouble. he helped them get the lead and kept spain at bay. and aside from that game (which i would argue that wade was better anyway) he thoroughly outplayed kobe in the tournament. scored more points on better efficiency in way less minutes. with arguably better defense.

    oh and he also had 19 in the fourth quarter last night

  • Fire Katz

    thats good but not amazing. he was scoring on kapono. JASON FRIGIN KAPONO. thats mitchell’s fault for not putting a better defender or doubling. pierce was set up for victory.

  • vinny

    i am a laker hater-there i said it. that being said there is no one i fear more with the last shot than Kobe.a healthy wade second. then duncan- he has 4 rings for a reason.

  • Just a Fan

    I feel that Dime is using these “what do you think” post, when at times the answer is pretty clear, to get more visits to their page.

    With that being said, I’m a huge Pierce fan. I love how skilled he is despite not being fast or having pogo stick legs. However, there’s no way he’s more clutch then Kobe at this moment.

    Kobe has been clutch longer an on more occasions. Counting Pierce’s more recent emergence isn’t enough to be top dog. I would put Pierce as top 2-5.

    Anyone who wants to use the Finals as an example, if Kobe and Pierce switched, the winner would be the same regardless.

  • doug

    x3 we are talking about game winners don’t even try to compare Wade’s body of work regarding clutch shooting to Kobes. If he was even an honorable mention in this category why don’t the coaches feel the same way you feel about this cat. Who cares what he did in Marquette. So he hit a game winner against the hornets and what?That’s all you got boss?The coaches vote this guy tops in this category every year for the past 8 years man it’s a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated I suggest you take a look at it. As far as the Olympics Gold Medal game Wade had a good game but again we’re talking about closers and this cat simply can’t hold a candle to Kobe in this category. Kobe was in foul trouble but Kobe was the dude they,meaning players and coaches, looked to for closing purposes not Wade not Bron, Kobe it is what it is my man. “Vinny” is a real dude he just admitted to being a Laker-Hater which most of you are, I understand we’re one of the winningest franchises in all of sports but he atleast was man enough to admit what most of your hate won’t allow you to,no one is feared more with the last shot than Kobe. And just to finish it off, because you sound like a wade, please refer to the last game the lakers played Miami in Miami. Kobe put the clamps on your boy. Who cares if he scored 19 points in the 4th quarter last night does anyone else besides you know who they played. Kobe’s been doing this for years youngin’he’s the best player and closer on the planet and to top it off D.Wade and Bron have both went on record as saying this cat is the best player in the league. Laker’s are trying to rack-up ships Miami is just trying to make it to the play-offs.x3 please leave it alone don’t throw rocks at the throne.

  • doug

    “Just a Fan” your a real cat appreciate the honesty…you guys need to learn a lesson call it what it is don’t let your hate for somebody impair your logical thinking. Stop letting your emotions make your decisions. This cat is a Pierce fan and he even admits this. Pierce is nice no doubt but Kobe has been doing this closing/clutch business for too long you can’t just take a couple of snap shots of somebody’s career(Bron,Wade,Pierce) and measure it against a guy who’s been doing this for pretty much his whole career.

  • http://www.sportsnet.cc Kante

    Dirk is the best Clutch Scorer.

  • doug

    Kante that’s a joke and your a joke.Dirk is the biggest choke job in the league and he’s soft as Kleenex. He was quoted last year before the playoffs as saying” We don’t want to play the lakers in the first round there too tough and too good” What kind of leader makes that comment? European built cars=good, Franchises built around European players=bad

  • Ian

    clutch is not just a game winner

    like i said the stats are there
    leaders in scoring in crunch time (4 mins or less with a 5point game)

    are kobe lebron and manu(again being underrated here)
    and like i posted i rather run a game winning play for manu than bron.

    vinny good point on duncan

  • doug

    oh yeah Ian, I think I remember we had a real “interesting” exchange in the previous blog discussion. Ian just to break out down for you game winning shots epitomize what clutch basketball player is. What is your definition of clutch? No one remembers the guys that makes the shot before the guy who makes the game winning shot…do you? Clutch=game winning shot that’s why kobe is that dude and that’s why J was that dude.

  • Big T

    Pierce can get buckets in spurts, but he’s far from “clutch”. His fat ass is light years behind Kobe, Lebron, Wade… he isn’t even in the same class as them. I can’t believe this is even a legit question.

  • http://stonerodco.com dennis

    being the homer i am,i have to go with brandon roy as my choice. this bad man has shown that he can make shots in the 4th quarter with the best of them.case in point see the hilites from the last 1.8 seconds of the houston game. the last seconds of the memphis game.being a season ticket holder for the last few yrs. has been a joy with roy!

  • Big T


    While I think Roy is a great player, I don’t think you can crown him just yet. He still has a lot to prove first, like Wade/Kobe/Lebron already have. No doubt that three was ice though.

  • doug

    Big T your one of the only cats making sense. Pierce is fat and out of shape. Around these parts we liken his build to that of a 6’8 janitor, this is the first off season this cat touched a weight he out of shape so often that you just accept that as his build.

  • srb

    Four hours without a doug post.. where did he go?

    p.s. doug:

    Wait until the finals this year before you roll out all that crap about Pierce not winning without help. See if Kobe does it. If the Lakers win in June, please carry on. But I haven’t seen Kobe win since Shaq left, even with a supposedly superior team with Gasol (Dirk in disguise?) and the one with Karl Malone and Payton.

    Also about Lebron, he’s just ridiculous all the time. He doesn’t seem to get twice as good in crunch time like Kobe, Wade, Manu or Pierce. He’s just always nasty, which is why he’s known as a clutch performer.

  • doug

    SRB your back I thought they arrested you already i’m sure see you on one of these “to catch a predator”episodes on MSNBC where your sure to get nabbed. Furthermore if your not in the bing, you wait for the finals this year, The Lakers got this and would’ve have had it last year with a healthy Bynum and a healthy Ariza the cat was hobbled all year.

  • doc


  • LMR

    Kobe Bryant Hands down the best clutch scorer in the NBA.

    And heres a reminder to all the dedicated die hard Boston Celtics Fans.


  • A.R.

    Pierce is the NBA’s best clutch scorer? Did Kobe,LeBron, Timmy,DWade,and CP3 retire?

  • $filmoney$

    1a. Paul Pierce – The truth has been doing this his whole career its just that the best player he’s ever played with until last season was antoine walker. He’s 6’8 with limitless range and more accurate than any superstar perimeter player. He can post, jump shoot or just plain hit tough shots. Plays best in the playoffs and 4th qtrs.
    1b. Dwade – Never gives up on the game or his team when his teammates do. Always gets to the line, not a good 3pt shooter but seems to always make them in the 4th qtr and beyond. A true leader. His finals performance was one of the greatest in a series.
    1c. Kb24 – He can get any shot he wants. Will hit tough shots over double teams, especially that fadeaway. Has limitless range including in the post. Is the player with the most killer instinct in his game. Only slight negative is once in a while he pouts when his teammates under perform and freezes himself out to prove a point.
    4. Timmay – The only big man in my era to consistently hit game winning shots and take over 4th qtrs. The most skilled big man in the game hands down, he owns the post and his midrange is deadly.
    5. D Will – There is nothing on the court he can’t do. The best combination of pure passing ability and scoring in the League. Whether its coast to coast, hitting a jumper. He’s been doing it since college when he brought back the Illini from down big vs U of A.