NBA / Nov 20, 2008 / 7:30 am

The Ten Fastest Players in the NBA

Derrick RoseD-Rose

After last night’s conversation about the Ten Strongest Players in the NBA, we turned on the Bulls/Blazers late-night ESPN action, and watched perhaps the fastest player in the NBA today, Derrick Rose. He’s so freakishly fast, he doesn’t even need to make a move when he goes to the basket, he just blows by his man in one direction or the other.

I’m not sure whether he’s the singular fastest guy in the League today. Here are nine other names who deserve consideration:

* Leandro Barbosa
* Tony Parker
* T.J. Ford
* LeBron James
* Rajon Rondo
* Chris Paul
* Allen Iverson
* Monta Ellis
* Aaron Brooks

Who do you think are the ten fastest guys in the NBA today?

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  • http://afl.com.au josh tha roc

    yao ming

  • Timmy D

    Id add Mike Conley to the list.

    But as a Memphian its gotta be D. Rose, he is the fastest person Ive ever seen play basketball and Ive seen a lot of NBA games and other than Tony Parker Ive never been amazed by someones speed like Rose’s


    Remove Lebron and replace him with Kobe

  • Schmoget13

    DWade is pretty fast with the ball. He blows by people whenever the heck he likes, gets to the cup and will bang on you …. he may not look it because he plays at varying speeds but when he wants to be the fastest player on the court, he is.

    BTW, he is playing at a whole ‘nother level right now. Damn, he gave Toronto the business last night.

  • http://good-life-inc.blogspot.com F.L.A.S.H.

    no schmoget13, dwade is a master of changing directions, he himself said he’s not that fast, neither is chris paul, i still think tony parker is the fastest end to end player without a doubt, just ask steve nash….

  • Eduardo

    If we want to go to big guys who can really run the floor, we have to pick Nowitzky, man he is a 7-footer..

  • ks

    Dee Brown

  • chiaki

    you wont see another 6’9 260 lbs as quick as Bron..

  • sxrs

    wtf is the whole bron loving about
    top ten strongest
    top ten fastest
    whats next?

    look, he’s good and all that, but you gotta be serious here, stop overhyping him. he’s strong. yes. he’s fast. yes. he’s not top ten in either category. it’s like you guys can’t make a list w/o having lebron on it. you guys have a deal with nike?

  • http://www.myspace.com/losrotos Marcus

    Eddy Curry
    Jerome James

    Just watch them eat. They’re top 3 speedwise

  • DPGC

    You can’t let Devin Harris out of that list…also don’t forget about Will Bynum, he’s real fast too…and Jason Terry and Stephon Marbury used to be fast in their early days…

  • http://www.myspace.com/losrotos Marcus

    Seriously, just put a Big Mac on the other basket and they’ll run the fast break and get there first even limping.

  • DPGC

    Jordan Farmar is real fast too, especially when the wind is blowing in the right direction

  • the_don_mega


  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    E-City and Jerome James. Kobayashi looks like a turtle in a hotdog contest with them.

    As regards speed:

    Tony Parker
    Monta Ellis (on foot or with his mop?)
    2001 Jason Kidd
    TJ Ford
    Luke Ridnour
    Devin Harris
    Aaron Gray


  • NauticFactor

    I’d have to say it’s Barbosa. He runs non-stop and is tough as hell to guard.

  • patrick

    If this was a couple years ago it would have definitely been TJ. He made it to the league with no shot and limited playmaking ability just because he was the quickest human being on the planet.

  • FluffyG

    Aaron Brooks is probably the fastest in the NBA. I havent seen anyone faster than him.

  • Sweet English

    Remember the rumours after the olympics bout Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt playing ball in the States? that wudda settled this argument.

    other than that. Mugsy?

  • Smitty313

    Lebron faster than D-Wade. Don’t think so. I’m starting not to like Lebron.

  • Smitty313

    Lebron faster than Devin Harris? Don’t think so.

  • Smitty313

    Lebron faster than Jordan Farmer? Dont think so.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    chric kaman!!!! now hat guy is a streak of lightning

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away


    i agree, devin harris has to be on that list…

    i’d take bron off that list (he’s the only big dude on there) and put devin harris. your boy russell westbrook seems like he’s pretty quick too…

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…to the highest bidder

    Conley got to be there

  • Kevin

    D Rose, by far.

    Then TJ, Barbosa, TP.

  • caeubona

    chris paul
    tony parker
    tj ford
    leandro barbosa
    derrick rose

    not lebron though

  • http://www.gaze.com.au snoop_robb

    aaron brooks… for.. the.. win!!!! dude’s quicker than my girl gettin to the ‘spot’… haha who am i foolin, i mean ME! haha

  • NB

    Devin Harris? He was the only guy who could check Tony Parker in the West. That’s why TP was happy Devin got traded to NJ.

  • fallinup

    I’m putting Melo on my list. Did you guys see how fast he retreated after punching Mardi Collins a few years back?

    It was like dude traveled through time!


    lebron is just fast for his size. Agree on the list for the most part. What about rose? What about devin harris?
    What about Shawn Bradley???

  • vinny

    mike taylor(clippers) is fast as hell! he just doesnt play a lot.

  • Big V

    I’d have to agree with the folks who added Devin Harris.

  • Charlie

    Actually Sebastian Telfair is pretty fast too.

  • alex

    Lebron is fast enough to be on that list. The problem is he’s being compared to short guys who are just as fast (but they look faster because their short legs move more). I’ve seen Lebron take the ball from the other side’s 3pt line, weave through 2 defenders in under 4 seconds and get a layup because his strides are just huge

  • justice

    Will Bynum!!

  • one66soul

    Acie Law

  • Kobeef

    YOu are totally correct. Wade has incredible strength, body control and balance (a Mike Vick type athlete)but is not really fast.

    Rose and Barbosa are the two players that jump to mind. Both seem to move faster than everyone else on the court when they are playing. White Chocolate was also pretty damn fast in his day.

  • Ansonious

    Last nights game between the blazers/bulls was outrageous it was seriously in your paint 08-09 tour I mean Jesus Christ their paint was like a church parking lot on Superbowl Sunday wow. Also I think the bulls are figuring out why Cleveland traded Drew Gooden no inside presence what so ever that was a good beating to watch the blazers are in line to be chip contenders in the next few years. I’m out like the bulls defense in the paint peace!

  • thaisito

    LOL@ post 30

    parker is the fastest like someone mentioned ask nash

    now devin harris is not on the list????

  • karizmatic

    As long as Allen Iverson is on the list I’m happy, you can say he lost a step but what’s a step when you were already 3 steps faster than anyone in the league?

  • Student Of The Game

    I agree with SXRS… Realistically are you gonna say Lebron is top ten strongest and fastest? Your tellin me Lebron is stronger than most centers and power forwards in the league? Then your gonna tell me he is faster than most point guards and shootin guards? He is fast, and he is strong, but hop off the man’s jock

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I agree re: one man fastbreak . . . dee brown is still in the league, he doesn’t get burn, but he’s flat out faster than some of thsoe slow footed guys you guys listed.

  • Michorizo

    What about Marcus Banks? He is FKN fast…He just doesnt look like it because he is sitting on his ass on game days.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Chris Paul is insanely quick laterally, but he doesn’t play in a running system. So it’s not often on display in a way that’s as impressive as some of those other guys.

  • rick

    I can’t believe nobody put Nate Robinson in that list

  • isotope

    Aaron Brooks has to be #1

  • johnny

    Shmarion, T-Mac, Gilbert and Nate might belong.

  • http://www.ballersnetwork.com/join qUeSt???

    i agree with ur list, except ill put AI at the top

  • Derik

    Gheorghe Muresan

  • Dime Magazine

    LeBron is undoubtedly is in that “freak of nature” category that few people on Earth belong to. I put him up there with the Bo Jackson’s, Herschel Walker’s of the world as people who can be called among the fastest and the strongest at the same time.

    – AK

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    johnny — what list is that? fasted to get injured list? (save for nate)

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    We are talking fast, like baseline to baseline? Or are we talking quick, cuz those are two different things. Either way I think Kevin Martin legitimately makes both lists.

    fastest end-to-end would be

    Leandro Barbosa
    Devin Harris
    TJ Ford
    Aaron Brooks
    Monta Ellis
    Kevin Martin
    Sebastian Telfair
    Gilbert Arenas

    Mike Taylor, Bobby Brown (Kings), Marion, Robinson, Rondo

    they all run pretty fast too. I really don’t think Tony Parker runs that fast. I just think he is incredibly quick off the screens. Same with Chris Paul.

  • tee

    What about JSmooth? You cant black as many fast break lay ups, off the glass, like he does unless you are like lightning. Ask Rondo and half the other guys listed here. Fast with amazing closing speed.

  • Eduardo



  • Shogun

    I’d say Telfair belongs on that list. He’s crazy fast, even if the rest of his game has some holes (jumpshot, cough, jumpshot).

  • Dennis Castro

    As a Sixer fan, I think Lou Williams belongs on the bottom half of that list.

    But D Rose is probably in the same convo as AI was back in 96-97. He gets to the rim at will without any type of move.

  • weezy f

    have them do a barkley bavetta type race!

  • marcus the great

    the fact that Lebron is even in the argument at his size (look at the rest of the list) is freakish. dude’s a monster.

    i also agree Devan Harris should be on the list

  • BxBaller

    Take BronBot off the list and replace him with Nate Robinson or Devin Harris.
    Brooks or Rose have to be #1.

  • MissChick

    1. AB – Aaaron Brooks. End of story.
    2. DR – Derrick Rose. That guy doesn’t look quick, but you seem he blowing by not only the guy guarding him, but the WHOLE TEAM to to the basket
    3. AI – Would be #1 or 2 a few years ago, but has lost his first step quickest a little
    4. Devon Harris
    5. TJ Ford
    6. Leandro Barbosa

  • hoopfan86

    wow Ai should be at least 2nd. when he came into the he was the fastest nba player ever. today he still quick but he not playing that wild because his game has matured alot but nobody in the league still cant guard him

  • dibiaseink

    wheres nate rob?

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Talented

    @ sxrs

    lol wow you sound like a hater. like somone said you wont find a 6’9″ 260lber as fast as him. Watch him go to the basket and say hes not top ten strongest. And if you think about it there arent too many top ten list you can leave him out of.

  • Student Of The Game

    It’s not hatin on Lebron, it’s just tryin to be realistic. He is an amazing athlete, but if you take Lebron and line him up with a bunch of point guards and tell them to go end to end with the ball are you saying Lebron would finish in the top 10 out of EVERY point guard in the league? That is just talkin about basketball speed. If you put Lebron on the track and tell him to run the 100 against a bunch of point guards then he definetly isn’t comin in the top 10. So either way he is an AMAZING athlete, but top 10? I dont think so. Not in basketball speed, or track speed.

  • B Court

    I’d have to go with Speedy Clac Clac Clac Claxton.


    OK Bcourt, you figured at post 66 no one would notice- speedy claxton, man he cant jog let alone run-he’s been hurt for like 3 years, at least!!

  • Ace

    farmar is faster than iverson

  • MBE18

    Nate Robinson?

  • David Brandon

    i’d have to take off james and put devin harris in.

  • dlee

    I read somewhere a few years ago back when Iverson was still in philly, that Sam Dalembeast was just as fast as Iverson baseline to baseline. seriously.

    rip hamilton = fast ALL DAY lol

    but seriously, Lebron would definitely hold his own against said “fast point guards”

  • dlee

    forgot to add,

    Fastest players – ’05-’07 phoenix suns “7 seconds or less”

  • v

    LOL farmar faster than iverson u must be some die hard lakers fan to say that LMAO!!!

  • Ricko

    Patty Mills out of St Mary’s will be faster than any of them when he gets drafted next year. The Aussie blew Chris Paul away in two games at the Olympics and trials. Nobody in this league will be able to stay with that kid when he gets in to the NBA

  • Brownsac

    Some of you must not watch many cavs games, because besides maybe Barbosa and Parker, Lebron is as fast or faster end to end with the basketball than those other guards. I’ve seen him run down Rondo from way behind and block his layup….

  • baron von faulk

    MONTA ELLIS (pre-moped)

    then eddy curry, glen davis, donyell marshall

  • tcam

    1. Allen Iverson
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Nate Robinson
    4. Dwayne Wade
    5. LeBron James
    6. Chris Paul
    7. Tracy McGrady
    8. Rajon Rondo
    9. Derrick Rose
    10.Tony Parker

  • hahns


    and wtf….tmac?!?!?!

  • hooper5013

    Nate Robinson, Louis Williams, Devin Harris. ADD EM somewhere!

  • Gary Gaston

    Derrick Rose without a doubt. Everyone describes him as a “freakish athlete”…. with “freakish speed and explosion”. He plays at different speeds. But when you see him hit high gear, put the throttle down and gun it… wow!! There is nothing like this dude. His speed is off the charts.

  • Willie Dee

    Derrick Rose breaks ankles!!!!!!!!!!! He plays at “warp speeeed”.

  • mike

    theres alot of fast players in da nba….but ive seen aaron brooks play…i think he’s the fastest

    ps. tj ford is very fast 2

  • d-wade3

    anyone forgetting me ?

  • Dre

    R u people crazy or just young and dumb? Lebron is very fast have you seen him get a steal and accelerate? He was one of the fastest football players in Ohio. He was like a bigger version of Randy Moss or a slightly faster version of TO. Please pay attention to the game… just because the little guy’s legs are moving faster doesn’t actually mean he is. It isn’t 5 people in the NBA that could beat him in the 40 yard dash… I guarantee it. I think just because he is big people don’t think he is but ask any of those players.

  • Dre

    There is a difference between quick and fast. Bron is fast but not that quick.

  • Sam

    There’s word that LeBron runs a 4.2 40. You guys have to realize the difference between quickness and speed. Of course Devin Harris is quicker than him, but end to end, LeBron is one of the fastest. And whoever said Kobe, HAH. No.

  • Willie Dee

    Lebron ran a 4.6 40 in high school. That was his best time. He has probably gotten faster since high school but I highly doubt he is running below 4.4

  • Jordan

    lebron james ran a 4.2 40 yd dash in his book. nobody on the list other than Iverson and Rose can do that, Unlike 40-yard dashes in football where athletes start from a three-point stance, basketball players start the 20-meter dash (65 feet, seven inches) from a natural, upright position. The fastest time in the field was recorded by junior-to-be Derrick Rose of Simeon High in Chicago. The 6-foot-1, 188-pound Rose covered 20 meters in a blazing 2.65 seconds, .18 seconds faster than the second best score turned in by 6-foot-6 Isaiah Dahlman (2.83 seconds). thats olympic timed speed and the timer was electronic so it is accurate!!

  • Jordan

    kobe has the foot speed cruising giraffe

  • Mani Ramamoorthy

    You gotta put Dwade, Devin Harris on that list. Not Lebron James. Lebron is not fast. He is just explosive. Dwade is scary fast, so is Tony Parker, Derrick Rose, TJ Ford, and Leandro Barbosa.

  • nextnba

    1. A. Brooks
    2. R. Rondo
    3. M. Ellis
    4. D. Harris
    5. T.J. Ford
    6. A. Iverson
    7. T. Parker
    8. C. Paul
    9. D. Rose
    10. D. Wade
    11. L. Barbosa

  • bballboy

    1.) Nate Robinson
    2.) CP3
    3.) D-wade

  • http://n Jay

    lebron shouldnt be on that list…

    he may be the best (or the second best, whatever you think) but he is not in the top ten…

    1. Aaron Brooks
    2. Devin Harris
    3. TJ Ford
    4. Tony Parker
    5. Derrick Rose

    P.S. – 5 years ago Allen IVerson would have been number 1.

  • Mr.Lee

    Raymond Felton is the fastest and strongest PG in the NBA.

  • http://myspace.com/Children_of_the_bodom_666 Nick Etter

    iight heres mine-
    1.Allen Iverson
    2.Tony Parker
    3.Jason Kidd
    4.Rajon Rondo
    5.Chris Paul
    6.Monta Ellis
    7.Aaron Brooks
    8.E.J Ford

  • mike


  • http://www.aol.com c23

    i can see why u guys would say lebron is fast but hes not getting covered by guards so i dont think he should be on that list and iverson should be 1 or 2 cuz even with a lost step he’s still ridiculous fast and if you guys gonna put lebron on that list u out to mention melo too

  • tha best in da west

    without question aaron brooks

  • seth

    dwight howard i like

  • j bball

    Wat? Devin Harris set the record for the fastest time baseline to baseline dribbling a ball and hes not on there? He should at least be in the top 4

  • syrym

    no, not Lebron, maybe WAde but not Lebron
    I would also add to this list Louis Williams instead of James
    also Nash
    Rafer Alston

  • eargasm

    I just have to reply. Yeah, Rose is number 1 without a doubt. I hate to give up Parker, but damn Nash is slick. Of course the 40 yard dash is an empirical way to judge speed, but when it comes to the game, right now Steve Nash is the best.

  • Thomas

    rondo is def the fastest player in the nba he runs the 40 yard dash in 3.9 seconds and can run the court in 3.1 seconds

  • Bjezzy208

    First off anybody that didn’t put Devin Harris in they top five it goes like this

    2.)Devin Harris
    3.)Derrick Rose
    4.)Chris Paul
    5.)D. Wade


    I think Rondo is the fastest followed by Derrick Rose. RR recorded a 3.1 record running the court

  • Jeff Wade

    All you guys who left Rondo off your list need to go back and do your homework. He leads the league in steals; doesn’t that give you a clue?

  • Mr. Bister

    I think that everybody is getting confused between speed and quickness. Speed is the how fast you can run. Quickness short bursts of speed. A lot of the players named on the list aren’t really fast, they’re quick.

  • gswarriors

    monta. he ran rondo down when they played last week… so at least rondo isnt #1

  • gswarriors

    monta. he ran rondo down when they played last week… so at least monta is ahead of rondo

  • 2ne1

    Shaquille O’neal

  • royal bloodline

    kids, it can be summed up like this. whenever one of your “fastest players” gets on a fastbreak, lebron runs them down and tosses the shot attempt. when LBJ is on a break, if no one is in front to foul him, it is a highlight-reel dunk.

    P.S. on his highlight dunks, notice no one else is within 30ft of him.

  • http://publicjournal.co.uk Hugo

    How about Darren Collison, not a starter but he’s mad crazy for the NOH.

    And Johnny Flynn is CRAZY QUICK, you agree?

  • Kcirraj

    Every NBA player run together on a short distance dash, and the top 5 will be : monta ellis, lebron james, tony parker, derrick rose and usain bolt lol

  • im_a_warriorfan8

    im goin with
    and monta ellis

  • im_a_warriorfan8

    im goin with
    i luv him

  • http://espn.com ryan

    Rodrigue Beauobis will be #1 next year on this list

  • http://yahoo.com jamal

    Rondo is the fastest in my opinion because of how he plays. he’s running the floor from each end in under 3 seconds. just look at he’s able to keep up with everyone he guards and doesn’t guard. I think he’s underrated by a lot of people. in the skills challenge, he would finish under 25 seconds, at least that’s what i think. Lebron is just explosive. he’s fast but not that fast. Rondo’s nickname should be “nine caliber” because of his jersey # and that he has the speed of a bullet!

  • jdeuce

    steve francis
    tim hardaway
    jameer nelson
    rajon rondo
    tj ford

  • buhbuhbuh