NBA / Nov 21, 2008 / 10:15 pm

Vince 1, Toronto 0

Vince CarterVince, Dime #21

Actually, between the Nets beating the Raptors in the ’07 playoffs and this memorable game-winner in Toronto, the score is more lopsided than that. But what just transpired a few minutes ago takes the cake.

In a game that the Raptors rightfully should have won — where Chris Bosh scored 42 points and the Raps were in control most of the way — they somehow let it slip away in overtime, and at the hands of T-Dot’s most hated man. First, Vince Carter went nuts in the fourth quarter, scoring 12 in a row at one point and capping it with a three to force OT with less than a second remaining. In the extra frame, with two seconds left on the clock and the score tied, Vince got WIDE open on an inbounds play, allowing Bobby Simmons to hit him with a perfectly-placed alley oop that VC finished backwards.

Cue the “What the f*** you gonna say now?” face by Vince (39 pts, 9 rebs, 6 asts) and after the Raps missed a long-distance prayer, the bad guy won again.

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  • Everytime

    F Wince Carter. He’s got talent when motivated, but he’s a pr1ck

  • control

    That is pain right there.

    I was kicked in the balls pretty hard once, I am reminded of that feeling right now.

  • WOw

    That was a great Game. Vince did his thing. Raps need a new coach

  • Vince

    VC owns the raps!

  • control

    Why can’t Raps make that ONE defensive play they need to to save the game? They absolutely kill me with that shit.


    Greatest game so far this year! Wow. Vinsanity came to play, but only tonight. Dont get it twisted, he only tried because wishes he was in toronto. His interview on YES was like the vince of old, saying he dunked backwards for first time in 6 years. Yea probably true. A disappointing truth. Well they won and i like underdogs (except knicks). Go Nets

  • Dingus von Schlincter

    And you ask whether Raps fans should let it go? Fuck that, Wince will remain the most hated player there for a long, long time. This game just ensured that. If more crowds hated on him, maybe he’d never be a question for the All-Star game though. He’ll be back to his old pu$$y self tomorrow though.

  • TO

    He just killed that game.

    The 3 at the end of regulation.
    Then that dunk to end it in OT!!!
    FUCKIN eh…

    He brings it when he plays here. SO COCKY I love it tho. That look at the end. HAHA Even tho Raps are my team.

    BTW Mark Cuban is an idiot. Devin Harris = real deal

  • ugly_fish

    VC is top 5 whenever he wants to be. He is still Half-Man Half-Amazing. Ending a game on a reverse alley-oop off the in-bounds? Ridiculous! Tossing a fadeaway 3 over Anthony “Prison Break” Parker…ridiculous!!!
    Vin-Sanity Indeed BABY!!! Don’t sleep on VC…goddamn Toronto fans…Rob Babcock is the guy you should hate for driving VC out of town. Richard Peddie and Raptors management should take the blame for all of this. They made VC look bad; fine VC didn;t try but would you try if your team:
    -took away ur momma’s parking spot after all you’ve done for them
    -draft Rafael Araujo
    -pick up Rafer Alston and Mo Peterson instead of Steve Nash
    -take Bobcock over Dr.J as the GM
    don’t blame VC for being pissed off and not giving a crap…all of you guys would do the same.

  • northern lights

    Raps definitely need a new coach. Before Vince even hit that three to force OT, Raps could not inbound the ball… a timout by Parker, then bargnani got called for a 5 second violation. Absolutely Unacceptable, and a reflection on the play calling by sam mitchell… especially when lawrence frank comes back and gets the ball in Carter’s hands.

    If Carter could play like that every game (which I think he can) I put him top 5 in the League… he was a machine. I’m a toronto fan and I despise Vince as much as the next guy, but everytime he rolls the ACC he just kills the raps. Maybe the fans should start cheering him … use reverse psycholology or something.
    Gotta love his arrogance!!! ahaha… that face was priceless.

    Bosh is niiiice… Lets all cast a ballot and get this young man to the all star game cuz he is playing like a true MVP

  • B

    Vc is a monster cot damn the facial expression was the best part of the reverse and the whole swag too

  • Hoveys Home

    Hahaha @ Vince lyin’ to Canada sayin’ he hasnt dunked backwards in six years, he mustve forgot about all these


  • me

    o my gwad his backwards shot just killed it. he was so open it was it a joke. the raps are my team but still, these breakdowns are happening again. and if o’neils injuring is seriouse thats sheeat cuz the bench is inconsistent.

  • nick

    i saw that play coming as soon as they set up. i figured the whole raps team would guess vc would run off the screen set. nice play by the nets and sub-par defense by the raps.

    currently hating vc as a raps fan.

  • http://tomtoronto.ca Tom Toronto

    At 7:30 you guys just asked if we should let it go with Vince. Satisfied now? I fucking hate him so much! I’ve seen him take so many off balance, deep threes in my life, why is the only one he hits the one that sends the game into OT against the Raps? Nets fans can expect him to take the next three games off as a result.

    FU VC 4 Life.

    The City of Toronto

  • http://ESPN Marc Stein

    I’m from Toronto and VINCE honestly stamped a Fuck You on all of our foreheads.

    It was sick… truly a performance!

  • This Guy

    ugly_fish – I’m sorry there is no excuse to dog it, and play half-assed. That’s fine that he wanted out, but a real athlete plays hard even in an unhappy situation. I mean, to say he is not going to dunk anymore becuase “dunking is overrated” and then return to highlight form the minute he was traded, is just ridiculous. Why do you think they got nothing for him? Becuase at the time the whole league was convinced that he was finished, especially because he did everything he could to convince them of that.

    And it’s pathetic to see him go off like this simply to spite a city that hates him. I’m not saying he should have laid off on T.O., but that if he is capable of playing like this, he should be doing it EVERY F’N NIGHT. It only proves that he still has ALL of the skills he once showed off proudly but NONE of the passion. We got him riled up tonight so he brought it out, but where was that all this and last season? Nets fans can spend the rest of the year wondering where it went when he is taking it easy against team who don’t have fans chanting “VC Sucks”. What an A-hole!

  • Mikey B

    Just got home from the most one of the most entertaining/depressing Raptor games I have ever witnessed. And I have been there for some serious heart breakers. 2 years ago Vince shot, The Mavs 25 point comeback with a JT floater, but this one stings the most.

    First of all the Vince part, but secondly Sam Mitchell just doesn’t have what it takes to coach a good NBA team.

    When you are up 7 with 45 seconds to go and you have the ball, with two timeouts. It is absolutely unacceptable to not be able to get the ball in bounds. In any basketball division, my high school coach had better inbound play calls then Sam. The team did not set any down screen. I don’t even think the set any screens at all on the out of bounds play.

    Jason Kapono is one of the best shooters in the league. How do you only get him 2 shots. Why they do not run him off ball screens like Rip Hamilton is beyond me.

    And your team is up 3 with 4 seconds left the other team has no time outs.


    The foul has to be commited and force them to make 2 plays not 1.

    My input

    SAM MITCHELL 1- Raptors 0

  • WOw

    by far the most entertaining game of the year

  • Obama says to McCain “Hows my @ss taste”?

    Damn im mad I missed this game…Phuck!!!

  • Ian

    ugly fish
    i kinda agree i would ask out also but i dont know if id quit on them
    but vince is one of my favs ever and this game is something he can do every day easy
    he could be top 5 like u said
    if he gets his ass to a contender hell be motivated

  • VC fan in TO

    It was beautiful to see the look on Raptor fans in the arena when Carter a) hit the game tying three and b) slammed home the game winner. Get over it, its been like 4 years. The opposite of love is not hate its apathy and Raptors fans still care about VC. If you didn’t then you wouldn’t boo so hard. And tell Jose to work on that defense, because it was non-existant tonight. Game of the year so far, and I’m glad to have been there with my VC jersey on.

  • tealish

    Post 22 has it right. Stop your booing, it’s been 4 damn years. If you’ve moved on, you won’t hate the guy. He sure tore you guys apart tonight though. I honestly don’t know how you can lose with a 7 point lead and the possession with 40 seconds left in the game.

  • ugly_fish

    Do any of us really try 100% at our jobs? Given that, how can we hate VC for 6 years of leaving it on the floor and 20 games of not trying. WE all tore him apart when he was injured saying crazy things like the Raptors are better without him when they won 12 of 14 in 2001-2002. VC is bitter because we were the ones who built him up and we are the ones who also cut him up. Fine, he lacks KG intensity and Kobe’s killer instinct but can’t we take him for who he is? We are all as much responsible for VC’s non-chalent laid back style of play as the man himself is.
    When he was dunking on fools you criticized that he needed that outside shot. When the guy gets one; you tear him apart. The same thing can be said with Dwight Howard.
    Instead of tearing a guy down appreciate the things he does do well.
    to reiterate my previuous point; I think Raptors management has gotten off too easy in this whole VC hatred fiasco. They did not treat Vince as a franchise player after all he had done for them. They were already “going in a new direction” during 04-05 season. Posters of a 2nd year Bosh, Jalen Rose and Mo freaking Peterson as the advertising campaign.
    The way Peddie and MLSE treated Vince has a lot to do with him quitting. In effect he felt Toronto did not deserve the REAL Vince Carter because of:
    -crappy management and personnal
    -weak supporting cast
    -questionable transaction moves (Rafer Alston really???)
    -and the writing on the wall that the keys to the franchise would be turned over to a 2nd year, unproven Chris Bosh.
    -Media labelling him “soft” and a “prima donna”
    -blaming him for the teams mifortunes and injuries beyond his control
    Anyone wanting to question this man’s toughness; I saw him drop 43 points on ONE leg against the Rockets in 2002. He averaged 21,5 ,5 on ONE ankle last year. He didn’t try because he hates Toronto or he’s a non-competitive robot. The independent variable are the clowns who managed the Raptors at that time.

  • tealish

    Ugly Fish has it spot on. Sadly most TO fans will never see the light and will continue booing the man into more game winners against their team.

  • Tim
  • Jau28

    I think the rational raptor fans in toronto don’t hate vince anymore but they’re just sad because with the talent that he had (jumping, ball handling, shooting, dunking, passing, and just all around crazy athleticism) he should be up there with the kobes, pierces, mcgradys (who is also soft cuz hes injured ALL THE TIME, and wades as the best 2 guards in the league. Honestly that dude if he had worked out HARD in the offseasons would not have been injured as often and would’ve been stronger and had he really had some pride in his game he would get tougher and drive to the bucket more and develop more of a post up game that didnt end in a fadeaway would have been a top 5 player in NBA EASY… not as good as lebron but I think he could’ve been close…

    I was watching the game and all I could think was… if only he had hit that 3 at the end of regulation gm 5 vs AI and the 76ers like he did tonight against us….

  • Brown

    The reason VC was able to do that last night was the Raptors’ pathetic excuse for defense. They can’t guard players with average athleticism. It’s embarrassing watching Parker, Kapono, Moon, Calderon, etc. try to guard other players.

    Until they get some perimeter players who can actually play defense, this problem won’t go away. Their lack of athleticism is painfully obvious.

    Their bench is a joke too.

  • Big Sia



  • http://dimemag.com Melo2TDot

    Its bargnani fault. how r u in the NBA and you cant inbound the ball