NBA / Nov 27, 2008 / 8:39 pm

When Will Jose Calderon Miss?

Through 14 games, Jose Calderon has yet to miss a free throw, going a perfect 40-for-40 from the charity stripe. While I’ve debated posting this for a couple days now, not wanting to jinx the guy, I feel it’s time to bring this feat to the public eye.

In last night’s win over the Bobcats, Calderon didn’t attempt any free throws, keeping his streak alive. Tomorrow night he and the Raptors will host the Hawks. In case you were wondering, Micheal Williams holds the NBA’s longest streak at 94, set in 1993.

How long can Calderon go without missing a free throw?

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  • TomGfromCanada

    well it’s over now.

  • Jau28

    since you posted this… one game

  • Tangman

    You jinxed it…

  • max

    how come every time someone mentions something like this the player seems to miss..

  • SIdney Deane

    forever !

  • Don Mega

    Jose will never miss , not even Kevin Garnett clapping and pointing in his face would make him miss

  • http://allintheeyes.com the rocket cat

    Was the record (94) set at the beginning of a season? If not, does anyone know what the most consecutive free throws to start a season is?

  • toWhomitmayConcern

    yea, why would they even bring this up until he actually got close to the record. way to screw the guy, i mean he isn’t even remotely close. i hope he doesn’t miss now…dime’s running out of stories even with all the lebron to ny nonsense they keep posting…

  • http://infomm.com Linn

    he’s going to be fantastic PG for years to come.
    keep it up

  • northern lights

    Ya jinxed it bud.
    But good looking out, giving Calderon some much needed appreciation for excelling at such a fundamental skill that is often neglected

  • nunya

    Idiot… it’s over now…like he isn’t having enough trouble….

  • UKnow

    Now for sure he’s gonna miss tommorow vs. Atlanta.

    Thanks alot DIME.

  • S-SiN

    Jose should be in a starting guard conversation. period. ya’all can’t tell me nothing

  • J

    Kobe had a streak of 62? in his 81 point game vs the Raptors. I think Earl Boykins or Steve Nash had a pretty good streak going on around the 50-60s?

  • Big Sia

    he’s a homo anyways

  • Big Sia

    Fuck Calderon. Fuck Bosh. Fuck Badboy and the Toronto Raptors as a staff, record label and as a muthafuckin crew.

    and if u dont like vc, then fuck u too

  • Dank

    ive come to the conclusion that Aron is an ass and has officially jinxed calderon. thanks man hes on my fantasy team. im coming to get you now


  • Coop

    You must mean ‘douche’ for a start, so who’s the ass?

    He’ll make 51 and then miss

  • OC

    He’ll make free throw 92 and miss 93.

  • Jeronimo

    The “Sia” in “Big Sia” must be the acronym for “Sheer Impotent As**ole”.

  • Sweet English

    Weak attempt at an acronym there Jeronimo.

    Dude that guy who wrote the Article on Williams has some serious issues with basketball players!

  • Top_Gun

    Big Sia is living internet Thug Life.

  • Kevin


  • northern lights

    @ big sia, since when are the toronto raptors associated with badboy in any way… did p-diddy do you wrong in a past life?
    Bosh and Calderon are legit. VC is the posterboy for mediocrity

  • Big Sia

    Northern Lights is a herb. Anyone who didn’t peep the Hit em up reference is a complete clown.

    Fans of the Toronto Raptors are never allowed to talk when theres other b ball heads in the room. YOU GOT 81 POINTS DROPPED ON YOU…. lol, fall the fuck back.

    And Im pretty sure you dont even have to right to SPEAK VC’s name after averaging 27 + in the ACC, 2 game winners, Easy series win, ETC ETC. Your franchise is a JOKE.

  • Big Sia


  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    53 is my guess…