NBA / Nov 25, 2008 / 11:00 am

The Pitch – Who Wants The King?

LeBron JamesWho wants LeBron James?

It’s summer of 2010 and free agency has just begun. Give the pitch to LeBron on why he should sign with your team and your city. I’m expecting to hear a whole lot from Knicks, Pistons, and Cavs fans. Anyone else want The King? Tell us.

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  • CitizenB

    You know Micky Arison and Pat Riley will take care of you, honey =)

  • iLL Mago

    Hey King James…Second!


    YEAH the nets… Listen Bron we are located in Jersey and hopefully soon we will begging to build our arena. It has only been a couple of months or years or whatever since that contract was signed stating that an arena would be supposively built. Other than that we have JAY-Z who can teach you a few rhymes and hook you up with Beyonce. Even though he has probably offered you that like a million times already. We also have a fading star in Vince, so you can take the spotlight. Nets doesnt need a famous arena, it represents a whole new culture.

    Also, with the large asian crowd, Asians will be PROUD to make your overpriced Nike shoes. Shout out to Yi.

  • Sweet English

    Come play in the UK, the Media will leave you alone because they don’t have a clue who you are.

    Everyone here still thinks MJ is the best player in the L and the Bulls win the ‘chip every year. Thanks Space Jam.

  • Jah

    Miami Heat:

    Dwyane Wade is already there. Michael Beasley will be the PF, and you can slide seamlessly into the SF slot.

    Great weather, too.

    Imagine this in 2010:

    PG – Mario Chalmers
    SG – Dwyane Wade
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Michael Beasley

    Come LeBron…come…

  • justice


    No city can compare to us except L.A period.. and moving here u will also become and asshole instantly and ur cockiness and swagger will improve 50%..also u will be a hero untill we lose in the conference finals and we throw u under the bus back to cleveland looking at ur nike’s…also we know u like to party and so do we but don’t get too releaxed country boy we rob people like you here on a regular basis so don’t walk across the bk bridge or go too far uptown we robbed steph and lamar odom and they are legends…wanna be like mike? get a mike sized city

  • Kermit the Washington

    …He’s SOOOO going to New York. It’s a WRAP, people!

  • Kermit the Washington

    lol @ sweet english

  • Desrat

    James to Seattle!

    You could have the entire pay-roll. Granted it would be hard on the defenseive side of the court, but for offense we could run the exact same sets as Coach Brown. That one on five has worked pretty well for you so far…

  • sans

    Stay in Cleveland for more monewy contractually than any other team can offer. You’re already a global icon, about to sign $150M contract with Nike regardless of where you play. Plus, Cleveland presents a challenge that other destinations cannot offer: the ability to win the first championship for a franchise, to be more like Mike than any other player, completely eclipsing Kobe while Kibe is still playing. Even Hov would tell you (if he was a true friend) “take the extra $30M”.

    Just ask Danny Ferry to trade for Sun Yue…you can get the Asian market that way.

  • sans

    Also, the Cavs will have cash for two big names, so long as they sign Bosh/Amare/Wade first, then give Lebron his slice and pay the lux tax. It’s more than doable, and NY cannot do that, seeing as they have no Bird Rights on Lebron (or anyone else of value anymore, other than starter material in Lee, Robinson, and the Abyss known as Eddy Curry).

  • jayslay

    wat up bron..this is Dr. Jerry Buss… how u doing??? jus wanted to extend this offer to u….come play for the lakers!!!! its a bigger market than ny…we have a history of not EVER sucking and i always bring in the best coaches… we have ‘drew bynum and gasol in the frontcort with u so u wont have to play PF,and we have an emerging star in jordan farmar….as for kobe he’s 33 years old and would like nuthing more than to win another ship and teach u everything he knows…..(well except one thing) lol……but seriously we would love to have u….as far as money goes we ‘ll give u as much as u want…its nuthin……

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Come on out to La La land Bron. Warm beaches, Movies, Hot chicks, The greatest franchise in the L, step in to a line up with Kobe,Bynum, Pau and the 2009 defending champs.
    This is the Market and Team to make you the biggest star in the world! And best of all….You dont have to live in crap ass NYC HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    We’ll get rid of LO, Vlad and LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUke to make room for ya.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Give it a rest already. It’s still two years away. The world might not even exist by then. If the economy doesn’t turn around nobody is gonna be able to afford Lebron except Greek billionaires.

  • http://www.mrgarylee.com Gary

    Your Legacy! Your World!

    Goal: To become a global icon and cement your legacy as the greatest basketball player ever!

    How: Sign with the 2010 Los Angeles Lakers


    Kobe Bryant will be entering the twilight of his career. He’s already showing that he doesn’t care about the stats by taking 33 minutes a game right now. Imagine what a couple of more championships will do to him. The Lakers will need someone to carry the superstar torch.

    Supporting cast will be second to none. The Lakers will still have the twin towers under contract and in place with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum anchoring the posts. A small, quick guard in Jordan Farmar. A defensive specialist and perfect role player in Trevor Ariza. Everyone’s young and ready to go for a dynasty run. By the way, we also have the greatest coach in NBA history sitting on our bench.

    Global Icon time. You know it as well as the rest of the world. Asia is the future. The only reason NYC has gained it’s global status is because of it’s enormous ties to europe with it’s european ties there. If you want to dominate the world, you’ll have to come to where Asia and the United States meet – Los Angeles! With the largest population of Asian Americans in the US residing here and millions flying back and forth from here to Asia, there’s no way NYC will give you the accessibility to 3 Billion people (India & China) the way Los Angeles would be able to.

    Los Angeles Lifestyle – It’s always 70 degrees and 30% humidity here. We get earthquakes once a year at MOST and they’re not even that bad. The fires and mudslides only effect a few people. Just buy in a smart location and you’ll be fine. There’s celebrities galore out here so you won’t be mobbed everywhere you go. We know how to respect people’s spaces. Oh, and the most beautiful people are in LA. Sorry NYC, you can’t compete on that.

    Legacy time – Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlin, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant. All of these guys easily crack the Top 15 players of all time and a big reason is because they were part of a great franchise. This is the franchise with the highest winning percentage in league HISTORY. We’ve reached the finals more times than any other NBA team. We’ve won a trophy in every decade the NBA has existed. Dr. Buss has created an atmosphere of excellence and will take the chances necessary to win.

    Lebron – the question is posed to you – you can see how serious LA is about winning, now can we see how serious you are?

    LA is yours for the taking!

  • IGP

    That would be nasty if he went to the Lakers.

  • Ashlov

    Your BFF already plays in Miami. ‘Nuff said.

  • Sweet English

    Sh*t Gary I’m a regular Laker Hater but even I would sign up to L.A after that post.

    @ Desrat

    ‘James to Seattle!’

    Dude you need to persuade a team to come before you can start trying to persuade players. And Spliff has good point. European Billionaires. What has never been mentioned in the whole ‘Bron and Kobe to Europe’ Crap that was going on is, no one in Europe even knows what a salary cap is.

    The richest owners can pay the players what ever the hell they like.

    You want a Billi’ Lebron? Get on that Plane.

  • IGP

    Hey Dime, is it financially possible for the Lakers to get James? They would still need to have Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Ariza and Farmer on the team. Does anyone know if they could get under the cap enough to pull it off?

  • NL

    Timmy, Tony, Manu and Lebron. Do they even need a center? Manu is unselfish and will take a paycut, like Timmy did. And Lebron will finally win a championship as Tim Duncan ends his career on top. Plus, he gets to play for Popp.

  • Kermit the Washington

    Stop it….everyone, just stop it. It’s NYC. Game OVER.

  • jayslay

    igp-if they dont sign anyone with lamar odoms money AND kobe takes less that year then they would have plenty of money to sign bron thats y i dont kno y no ones talkin bout him…….

    @gary-i tried to say it better but i couldn’t thanks bro

  • justice

    Ny has the best rappers lebron, and theres no better way to get street cred than moving to nyc…

  • IGP

    Thanks Jay…I could really see him going to LA if that’s the case.

  • justice

    lets not even talk about keeping your game sharp, you can pull up to any park in nyc and there will be some fearless kid there that will give you buckets and elbows best playgrounds in the world right here lbj

  • Kevin

    Dime, this is getting ridiculous, we’re barely into the 08-09 season. I’m a Raps fan but I gotta feel for Cavs fans with all this BS. Please stop talking about this. I know you guys are excited at the possibilites, especially since it’s the only thing to be excited about after your recent trades, but quit being selfish and instead start thinking about ALL your readers. Please get back to basketball, this ish is depressing.

  • karizmatic

    C’mon what type of question is this? Who doesn’t want the King is a better question. I’m a Lakers fan and I want the King. We could trade Bynum, Gasol and Odom for LBJ and I’d be happy. Anyone except Kobe, a team with just Kobe and LBJ would be great. Who wouldn’t want the King?

  • control


    Fuck NYC, don’t be a prick.

    Fuck LA, any investment is a short term one, you know that shit is falling into the ocean right?

    Fuck Chicago, don’t follow in MJ’s footsteps, make your own.

    Fuck having just a city behind you…have an ENTIRE COUNTRY behind you! Toronto is the city to make you an INTERNATIONAL superstar. LeBron James needs Canada. Canada needs LeBron James!

  • http://view.break.com/610113#TellAFriend fallinup

    We eer in da lovely town of Tah ron too Canada wood like to extend a welcome hand yer way dare, Lebron.

    Come play for us. Yah hoser.

  • http://www.commuto.com Commuto.com

    The case for Toronto (yeah I know..)

    Becoming a star in your own city is nice. NY is a nice city, if not a little dirty, and LA is great with all that sunshine but who wants to live with constant fears of mudslides/earthquakes/fires?

    That’s where Toronto is perfect. It’s known as a cleaner, friendlier NY with no fears of any natural disasters. Also, in Toronto you not only gain a city, but a country. You’ll have all of Canada to yourself. If we can somehow get you on skates you’ll be even better recognized. I’m sure if you can get us past the first round we can even get you on our money. The queen has nothing to do with Canada anymore so why not print the King on our currency instead?!?

    Oh, and we do have a player by the name of Bosh who would compliment you very well. Calderon can shoot the hell out of the ball and the rest of the scrubs will get out of your way. And I promise that by 2010 Mitchell will not be our coach, unless of course you want him here…

    Imagine: Your own country, your own currency, and unlimited supply of poutine. No other team can offer you that.

  • http://allintheeyes.com the rocket cat


    If we fire Sam Mitchell, we’ll suddenly get a lot better. If we bring you in at the same time, you’ll get all the credit.


  • http://www.commuto.com Commuto.com

    @ Rocket…Amazing how that happens.

  • sans

    That’s a big “IF” asking The Therapist to take a pay cut in LA–never going to happen. AI this offseason–yeah, he won’t be asking for much. Is Kobe available in 2010? or is he up after this year to opt out? If the Lakers have a chance to sign Lebron then go $50M deep into the lux, thye might be able to sign Bron. Might. I still say he takes the the most he can get especially seeing that, from his own teammate:

    Ilgauskas says about the media crush surroundig Lebron in NYC: “It’s not as bad as in China last year. They think he’s a god over there. [LeBron] is handling it well so far. He always plays his best, especially in the Garden. So we’ve just got to make sure we do our own stuff.”

    He’s already a GOD in China, why does he need a larger market when he already banks as much as any other athlete out there?

  • http://dimemag.com Haze

    fuck..are you all canadians?

  • Mike

    Charlotte Bobcats!

    Why you might ask?!!


    You have money, but what you desire is legacy!

    You don’t want to go somewhere where others have created the legacy, you’re bigger than that!!

    Charlotte has never been to the playoffs, let alone a championship! Be the first to take them to the promise land and you’ll be held as the greatest to ever play the game.

    Talk to Dwade, Bosh, Nash and whoever else! We got the money, do you have the guts?

  • http://www.commuto.com Commuto.com

    No. We just all want to see Lebron in Toronto. It’s for the good of the NBA.

  • http://www.commuto.com Commuto.com

    There is a team in Charlotte?

  • LakeShow84


    Is there nothing else to write about besides free agency 2010??? i hope he stays where he is at so everyone can eat the (by then) 2 years of bullshit they have been spewing..

    Shame on my fellow bloggers for even answering this RETARDED a$$ question..

  • dc

    Thanks everyone for posting your pitch. Gary, that was fantastic. I’m an east coast girl & I’m almost willing to just move to Cali after that…lol…but seriously. There’s no reason to even pitch NY. LeBron wants NY and NY wants LeBron. What else is there to say? Every player dreams of playing in the Garden. Some want to for Reggie Miller Playoff purposes and others to be in the Mecca of basketball for 41 games a year.

    NY, as much as you all may not want to admit it, is THE city to be in in the world. Why would LeBron want to go to LA to be a second fiddle?? And with the money he’s going to make, it’s more likely Kobe would be demoted to second banana status, which he’s not havin’ ever again. Even if we can’t see who would fill out the Knicks roster, do we have to? It doesn’t need to be filled with stars to flourish. Look at Jordan’s first few ‘chips – all he had was Scottie and a bunch of people that knew their roles. With the money we’ll have available, NY could sign Amare & ‘Bron and fill out the roster with smart role players. It’s doable, people. :-)

  • junior

    seriously, stay in cleveland.
    its your hometown, dont be a sell-out have a legacy.
    fuck everywhere else.
    save your team some money and get better team mates.
    win the rings and cement your greatness
    otherwise your just a bitch.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I am Dragonfly Jones

    LeBron! Don’t come to Houston till we get better strength and conditioning coaches.

    Then we will holla at you.

  • LakeShow84

    lol @ Gee..

    For really though what up with Houston and cats fallin apart on them?? It aint like that in Dallas or San Antonio..

  • BEdger

    KP:Hello….is this Mr. James? OK hello Mr. James this is Kevin Pritchard, GM of the Portland Trailblazers, and I was just calling to let you know that we have more than enough cap space to offer you a maximum contract if you would like to come play for us.

    LBJ: And why would I want to do that? Where is Portland anyway?

    KP: Well Mr. James we can put a lineup around you consisting of LaMarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Rudy Fernandez, and Jerryd Bayless….by the way Portland is in the state of Oregon.

    LBJ: that sounds like a pretty good lineup, but I’ve never heard of this Oregon you speak of

    KP: Well don’t worry about it, just know that we’re on the west coast.

    LBJ: but once I show up you aren’t going to be able to pay enough to keep those other dudes right?

    KP: of course we can, here talk to our owner Mr. Paul Allen

    PA: hey Lebron, this is Paul, I heard you were intrested in swithing teams

    LBJ: well, I’m exploring my options

    PA: Well let me tell you, if you sign with us, I will go above and beyond the luxury tax to keep all of these guys around you to build a dynasty. We also have NIKE HQ up here in Portland, and I know you like hanging with my pal Warren Buffet because he’s a billionaire, but I am too and we could hang out.

    LBJ: that all sounds good, how long can I think about it? like I said I’m still exploring my options

    PA: take as long as you like, you know you’re the only guy we would ever wa…..

    KP: Mr. Allen, Paul Pierce on line 2

    PA: think it over, I’ll talk to you later

  • Dennis Castro

    This is the saddest post that I’ve seen on Dime.

  • rell

    Come Lebron and play for the greatest franchise in NBA history the Boston Celtics.

    Why you may ask?

    1. Lebron you get to play with the greatest player in the league right now 2007-2008 finals mvp Paul Pierce.
    2. We have the cap space since Ray Allen is off the books
    3. You get to play for the most intense competitor in the league today Kevin Garnett. Imagine this lineup Leborn:

  • spindlest

    Come to DC…we will make you PRESIDENT. Plus, it’s the ONLY way you’ll get anyone here to like you.

  • spindlest

    Come to DC…we will make you PRESIDENT. Plus, it’s the ONLY way you’ll get anyone here to like you after what you’ve done to the wizz.

  • Duke

    I want Lebron to just **** with everybody and sign with The OKC Thunders.

  • Mike Jones

    New York City. MSG. Nuff said.

  • http://www.family.com/Santas-list Santa
  • http://allintheeyes.com the rocket cat

    The Lakers can’t sign LeBron. They’re way over the cap until 2011. Unless they completely gut the team, trading guys away for picks or expiring contracts, LeBron is not going to the Lakers.

  • http://allintheeyes.com the rocket cat

    In fact, if the Lakers want to keep Odom, Ariza, and Farmar, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers end up with over $100 million in salaries within the next few years.

    All this Lakers talk is annoying me, because guys don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

    That said, I think the Lakers are going to be a ridiculous dynasty without LeBron. They’ve done a really good job putting that team together and they’ve got a ton of young talent that they can hold on to as long as they’re willing to spend the money. I think in 2010 a lot of teams are going to try to buy their way to a team that can compete with the Lakers, but with the current salary cap rules, I don’t think any of them are likely to have much success.

  • http://www.mrgarylee.com Gary

    “All this Lakers talk is annoying me, because guys don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.”

    Bring something better than that rocket cat

    Kobe has a player option in 2010 to opt out and take less money.

    Bynum’s contract is good through 2013 at about $15M a year and at $58M for 4 years

    Pau doesn’t come off the books til 2011 at about $17M

    Lamar’s $11.4M contract comes off the books this year and I would love to trade him for some draft picks just to have some low level salaries to take up roster spots in 2010.

    Sign Jordan up for about the league rate of $7 mil a year and Trevor at $7M a year they’re taken care of.

    Don’t forget that the CBA is up for renegotiating in 2010, so we don’t even know where the cap’s going to be by then.

    So . . add that up and the total salaries for our core group of guys would be $66M . . then you add Lebron’s $15-$20M a year and you have a $86M Payroll per year.

    This year’s Salary cap is $58.7M this year and taking into account current economic conditions and historical increases in the salary cap, I would guesstimate that the Salary cap for 2010 will be about $62M.

    So, we’ll be around $24M over the cap, but we’ll be guaranteed to be in the finals for the next 10 damn years!

    Right now, the Lakers make a league high average of about $150+M a year. With the Salary Cap Tax and total salaries, you’re looking at about $135M in Salaries alone. Imagine how much more they’d make with Lebron AND Kobe winning rings together and all the corporate sponsors lining up paying $45-$65M a year to be associated with winners.

    I know it’s far fetched, but I DO know what I’m talking about because I care about my team and I represent LA.

  • Rickdaruler

    It’s simple really Come to the United Center aka the House Mike Built. Why go to NY for marketing you’re already King James you could play in lynchabrotha Mississippi and still have endoresements. I heard legacy thrown around who has a bigger legacy the the very guy who’s the reason in which you wear your number and say phrases such as “the game of basketball”. Not to mention you’re BFF is a Chitown native and whether he says it or not he knows he dreams of playing back home. When you arrive you’ll need a floor general to steer this team and in NYC You have Chris Duhon in La you have Jordan Farmar or you can join Derrick Rose aka Young Money who’ll be in his 3rd year and only 23. Now just let that marinate for a second. D. Rose D. Wade and Lebron myself at the 4 and my mom playing in the post. We’d be 80-2 during the regular season the two losses coming because of the fine adult entertainment establishments one might encounter while on road trips to the ATL.