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10 Best NBA Offensive “Weapons”

Kobe BryantKB24

In my argument for Al Jefferson over Amare Stoudemire last week, I said that Big Al’s baby hook is one of the 10 best “weapons” in the League right now. It’s something that he goes to multiple times a game, and it’s effective most of the time.

For a move, a skill, or a shot to count as someone’s “weapon,” it’s got to be something that they often use, and often have success with. Kareem‘s sky hook, Michael‘s fadeaway, McHale‘s up-and-under, Shaq‘s drop-step all fit into this category.

Apologies to the Diesel, but that power move would have made this list circa 2003 – not anymore. With Al leading the way among big men, what are the 10 best NBA offensive “weapons” in the League today?

*Note: LeBron isn’t on the list because it’s hard to say that he has one “move”. He basically just picks a direction and goes hard that way.

(in no particular order…)
* Paul Pierce‘s step-back
The amazing thing about the Truth is that he can do this off of his left or right foot, pushing back off of a hard dribble and rising up for a J.

* Chris Paul‘s in-and-out dribble
For someone who is as quick as CP3, it’s remarkable how “north-south” he plays. And the one move that he uses to get into the lane without wasting any time is the in-and-out.

* Tony Parker‘s floater
It’s so pretty that both 2K9 and Live ’09 have this move specially installed in their games.

* Dwyane Wade‘s pull-back jumper
O.J. knows this one.

* Manu Ginobili‘s pump-fake

* Kobe Bryant‘s jab step
The first move in Mamba’s calculation of how to beat his man is a jab. Though it forces him to choose a pivot foot, it allows Kobe to diagnose how his man is playing him.

* KG‘s dream shake
This video is pretty bad quality, but if you blow it up enough, you’ll be able to see Nene get fooled.

* Dirk‘s fadaway
If it’s hard to guard a 6-7 small forward shooting a fadeaway, it’s almost impossible to stop a 7-0 taking that same shot.

* Derrick Rose‘s stutter step
The rook really only has one move at this stage of his career. But it’s good enough to get him over 18 per game.

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  • that’s whats up

    Tony Parker’s floater.
    I’ve never seen it blocked

  • Detroit Dave

    Sheed’s post move signature!! It’s so good they put in on a shoe

  • the_don_mega

    just state it as KG shake..
    aint the dream shake…
    its not even half of the dream shake…

  • dagwaller

    TP and Dirk.

  • tim

    yeah Sheeds fadeway baseline J is sick. He also had a mean sweeping hook he busted out against Charlotte, not a weapon though…but he’s got it haha. what about Iversons pull up jumper in the paint going across the lane? I do it in NBA live and I serious miss 1 out of 20 times…


    Birdman Andersen’s sweet crystal meth pipe


    Kobe’s backdoor entry

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Duncan’s shot off the backboard.

  • Marci

    Manu’s defensive weapon: flop.

  • dagwaller

    Reggie Miller’s offensive flop.

  • karizmatic

    Does AI’s step back crossover count? And I agree with Don Mega do not call that abomination the Dream Shake, that’s KG’s turnaround move.

  • that’s whats up

    Eddy Curry’s two-handed buffet plate step back

  • srb

    Ray’s long ball anyone?

  • dapro

    melo has a mean step back

    Sheed’s across the lane two handed shot (where he starts from the block)

  • http://www.dimemag.com bullet380

    dapro beat me to it.

    Melo’s jab step/pull up and one dribble step back are not to be played with. He kills people with the jab and pull.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Talented

    lol crystal meth pipe.

    DWades crossover (thats a suspect carry.) he been doin it forever. he’ll start going to the right take a slow/long step with his right leg then swing tha ball hard to the left, switch directions, and go dunk on somebody. He does is in the josh smith highlight

  • Flip

    Your list is pretty good, however you should have included Tim Duncans bank shot

  • TL

    Yeah, where the heck is TD’s bank? Wow…completely miss that one.


    Brandon Roy top of the circle crossover drive/shot
    TD bank
    Melo jab step
    Vince fadeaway


    TMac’s sprained vagina.

  • Coach Smith




  • 2 Easy

    How was melo’s jab not here? It paralyzes everyone and either lets him get to the basket or wet in anyones face

  • weng santos

    Melo’s jab series.

    Kobe has a jab step. Melo has a series of jabs, fakes, and pivots, pull-backs, Rockers, and crossovers he uses in the same possesion, freeze you, and pull-upwithout even putting the ball on the floor.

    He never left his spot or lifted his pivot. But he’s already got you off-balanced.

  • weng santos

    TD’s bank shot- good 1. Thanks for remembering =)

  • matt

    Duncan’s bank shot has to be considered one of the best weapons in the NBA, and while it hasn’t worked cause of his injury, D-Will’s crossover

  • Ian

    get kgs crap off the list
    he does that shit a lot but he misses it alot i would love to see the percentage of times he makes the basket. just because someone does something a lot it shouldnt be on the list if i cant score over half the time.

    put duncan bank shot in there instead of kg. it has to be the surest 2 pts in the nba either that or parkers floater.

  • http://www.mrgarylee.com Gary

    Kobe’s post up-fake left- spin right fadeaway . . . the jordan J . . . how does that not make the list?

  • Chaos

    no order

    Tim Duncans Bank shot: thing is whether its with a pivot or a face up jab step, he can hit this shot from any angle, as long as he can create some separation

    Dirks fade away: he just too damn tall and accurate when he breaks it out. unblockable

    KG Shoulder Shimmy: the extra fake always throws opposing big men off

    Tony Parkers Floater: hi arching rainbow is always out of reach of any player

    D-Wade pull up jumper: quick enough to throw you off balance, can sstop on a dime and rain 15 footer

    Chris Paul In and Out: way to quick for someone to stop him from getting in the lane

    A.I.: cross over: puts you on skates and allows him to go to the rack or pull up for jumpers. work of art

    Kobe Jab Step: has used it to abuse several would defensive players. creates space for preceding endings – jumper in eye, drive and layup/kick/dunk/pull up j

    Carmelo Jap Step: possible one of the quickest first steps in the league. usually ended with trey in eye or drive and pull up j

    paul pierce step back J

    @thats whats up –

    eddy curry would never step back from off any buffect plate!

  • that’s whats up

    I meant step back with two fully loaded plates – lmao

  • caeubona

    what about timmy’s bank shot? not sexy but very effective..

    also, dwight howard’s dunk. that’s pretty much his only offensive weapon at this stage LOL.

    yeah, you forgot melo’s jab step. that one is so sick it got him 33 points in a quarter.

  • baron

    duncan bank!

  • j

    Brandon Roys through the legs step back. Shaqs clearing elbow. Duncan going glass, Lebrons 1 on 0 breakaway dunk is pretty dominant. Kg and Kobes hack your arms defense that doesnt ever get called is pretty dominant too(fucking pisses me off) watch either play defense and realistically, if brian scalabrine was doint what they are doing. 6 out of every 10 seconds they would be getting callled for a foul. Oh yeah, and sam cassell sits on the bench pretty dominantly. Joel pryzbilla has a pretty wicked goal tend too.

  • http://www.ballersnetwork.com qUeSt??

    no love to iverson’s crossover pull up J or layup?

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    duncans banker, parkers floater, bowens corner 3, manus jabstep/shot fake/traffic weave

    damn how d othe spurs lose any game? lmao

  • Isaiah

    Chauncey billups or tracy mcgrady walk up three. It’s like they’re on the warriors or something

  • wiseman

    vc fade tht all im goona say

  • willf

    What about Steve Nash’s stop on a dime pull up jumper in the lane?

  • joel blades

    Kwame Browns cake throw