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(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 12/16

Paul Millsap

Wow is Paul Millsap a beast. He might have had a career high last night with 32, but it was certainly no aberration. He’s been a double-double monster ever since Boozer went down. I will say this – the fact that Boozer is traveling with the team to Boston is not a good sign for Millsap’s value. It means that Boozer is pretty close and should at least rejoin practice soon. It will be very interesting to see what happens with Millsap’s fantasy value when Boozer returns. The Jazz have some trade value on their hands as well and could definitely use a big time off guard. Millsap had tough competition that game for the night’s MVP. Is Rajon Rondo turning into an All Star?

Boris Diaw – As soon as I saw the trade go down I picked up Diaw and got a post out to you guys to do the same (selfishly, I picked him up before posting though). Diaw is showing the old flashes and last night had his best scoring game in as long as we can remember going for 25 points. He should be a very productive forward the rest of the way.

Jameer Nelson – This really may be the break out season we’ve all been waiting for from Jameer. Jameericle has been scoring like crazy, including a solid 32 last night. His assist numbers could be a little higher, but I don’t think owners are complaining.

Marcin Gortat – I mentioned that scouts think really highly of Gortat and he showed a little something-something last night with 16 points, 13 boards and 3 blocks. Two ways that Gortat should be picked up. 1. If Dwight was seriously injured. 2. If you’re in a very deep league and own Howard, Gortat would be a good handcuff.

Marco Belinelli – 19 last night and 4 out of the last 5 in double digits. He’s not ownable yet, but in Nellie’s crazy system you have no idea who is going to be the flavor of the week. Roto owners should pay a little bit of attention because of the potential for threes.

Josh Howard – J-Ho returned last night off the bench for the Mavs and although looked a little rusty owners should just be happy to see him in uniform. JJ Barea had good numbers (12 and 9) but shot terribly from the field. Howard should be safe to start next week.

JR Smith – JR had 25 off the bench last night for the Nuggets, blah blah blah. Own/play him at your own risk.

The Kings – New coach and definitely a new substitution pattern. 10 guys played at least 17 minutes. We didn’t even know that was possible. Francisco Garcia put up the best numbers on the squad with 21 point, 5 dimes, 3 threes, and 2 blocks. We don’t love the crazy platoon though.

Kevin Love – Love had 15 boards last night in only 26 minutes. He only scored 7 points and clearly needs to adjust his offensive game a little bit to the NBA level but he has big time potential down the line and certainly in next year’s draft.

Ryan Gomes – Ouch. The minutes were still decent (25) but he scored only 1 point last night.

Craig Smith – Smith does it again, going for 17. I don’t trust him, but he is in a nice streak right now. Congrats if you’re riding it out as a 4th forward.

Nate Robinson – Nate jacked 27 shots last night and went 1-10 from behind the arc. I’m not saying don’t take the threes but let’s just say for a second he decided not to gun those 10 threes last night. He would have finished 11 for 17 for 24 points, 9 boards, 5 assists, and 3 steals. Instead he was 12 for 27.

Matt Barnes – The good news is that the Suns played Barnes 27 minutes. The bad news is that he scored just 9 points. Grant Hill can’t keep up the 30+ nights and I expect that Barnes will get his shot at starting again.

Leandro Barbosa – Barbosa had actually played 4 pretty good games in a row, but the minutes are streaky right now. Last night he scored only 6 points in 18 minutes.

Ryan Anderson – Welcome to the (Almost) Daily Fantasy Mr. Anderson. 33 minutes and 21 points deserve a hello. Now do it again… and again… and again… and then we’ll really talk about you.

Jason Kapano - I know he played 40 minutes last night. I know he hit 5 threes. Yes you should consider grabbing him if you need threes, but I guarantee this doesn’t last. If you need to or want to ride it out than go for it.

Andray Blatche –
That’s two straight games with 30 minutes. Definitely worth watching. We got you.

Paul Pierce –
Pierce went down with a knee injury late in the 4th but it looks like he’ll be okay to play the rest of the week.

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  • Mikey F Baby

    so many errors in this post yikes

  • P_Dizzle

    “Is Rajon Rondo turning into an All Star?”

    Rajon Rondo is not an all-star! Can we please put that conversation to rest!?

    The dude almost had a quadruple-double if you can’t turnovers. The last 5 minutes of the game last night do not override the previous 43 minutes of the game where he looked serviceable at best.

    He missed an open lay-up, drove the lane and kicked it out to a wide open Jazz man, got lunch and dinner served to him by AK, and made me a 15-foot bank shot look like the ugliest thing since Michael Jackson.

    Granted his last 5 minutes were good, but let’s not overlook the previous 43 minutes of that game that looked like he was a chicken with his head cut off.

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Fantasy Doctor

    In what sense?

  • P_Dizzle

    “Nate jacked 27 shots last night and went 1-10 from the field.”

    …. uh, does someone want to proofread these before they get posted? How can anyone jack up 27 shots but got 1-10 from the field?

    Oh…. 1-10 from the 3-point line.

  • Mikey F Baby

    i.e. “Nate jacked 27 shots last night and went 1-10 from the field.” 1-10 from downtown I’m assuming you meant.

    But I’m just nitpicking. I did rush and get Diaw off ur advice so ignore me lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Fantasy Doctor

    I hear you on Rondo. I’ll also add that he struggled at the beginning of the year until Doc had the aggressive talk with him. He’s an All Star on some nights and definitely not on others. He’s still developing though. Does he make an All Star game at some point? Definitely possible right?

  • Kobeef

    This is JR Smith’s career in a nutshell:

    “JR Smith – JR had 25 off the bench last night for the Nuggets, blah blah blah. Own/play him at your own risk. “

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Fantasy Doctor

    Wow – so you trashed me in the first comment about the Nate Robinson typo, when you knew what I meant, AND had picked up Diaw after I suggested it. If Diaw had punted last night I could see it, but the dude dropped 25! Love the hating. The Doc can’t win. I’ll fix the Nate thing though.

  • P_Dizzle

    Possible…. yeah. But not while the Big 3 are on the team. No way they will allow 4 Celtics on the team.

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Fantasy Doctor

    Kobeef – So frustrating. Very questionable if he’ll ever put it all together.

  • Mikey F Baby

    Think of it as constructive criticism!

    If the Jazz could roll with Millsap permenantly, iamgine the trade bait Boozer would be. They could finally find a real 2 guard perhaps.

  • http://www.k1x.com Mr. K1X

    ak47 makes more in one bi-weekly check than milsap makes all season. this is a problem the league needs to fix. the longest contract a guy can get should be 4 years

  • Motosport3


    ron artest
    tyson chandler
    travis outlaw

    in h2h league…what are their statuses for tonight?

  • The Fantasy Doctor

    Mikey F Baby,

    We were just talking about the same thing in the office. Boozer is a free agent though so the deal would have to go to a team that thinks they can win now.

    Motosport3 –

    ron artest – Practiced yesterday.
    tyson chandler – Should play.
    travis outlaw – Questionable but it was only a bruised tailbone! I bet he plays.

  • doug

    you guys touting KG is the big defensive stopper, how do you let Milsap go for 32 points on you? Not Boozer, Milsap? I stick with my arguement that he plays good team defense, you lose points for letting Milsap get buckets on you like that. I didn’t see him wagging his finger at Milsap.

  • Chait


    what do I do with maggette? should i cut my losses and get someone else or wait it out?

  • Ric Hardwood

    If the Celtics keep rolling with the best record by allstar break, with Doc Rivers as the coach, there could be 4 Celtics in the AS game. Right?

  • http://www.mrgarylee.com Gary

    Thoughts on Tyson Chandler? should i drop him for Blatche? Smith?


    Is diaw capable of putting up solid numbers? or will coach brown put him aside in the near future?

    And thanks, i got diaw too as you recommended.

  • baron von faulk

    i cut maggette for fran garcia, haha, i know


  • ws in 2010

    hey doc. just got a trade offer H2H of wade/tyson chandler/ariza for my brand/rondo/bynum. I got a lot of bigs left over nene, bogut and my guards are crap w/ iverson, hedo, stuckey. what’d u think?

  • http://www.oneseason.com IVSPORT

    The Paul Pierce IPO was finally released on the new website http://www.oneseason.com. Now Pierce is trading alongside other major sports stars on the virtual jock stock market, where you can earn real money based on your skilled trading.

  • The Fantasy Doctor

    Chait, if you’re in an 8 team league cut maggette. if it’s more, hold onto him.

    Gary – No!

    JCARR – The Diaw risk is certinly that he plays for Larry Brown. He won’t score 25 every night but if he gets minutes he’ll put up a wide variety of numbers.

    baron von faulk – short sighted but you never know how long Maggatte will be out.

    ws in 2010 – You get the best player but I think you’re giving up too much.

  • wilson

    hey doc, my team is pretty good in all the stats, but im getting frustrated by the recent production of spencer hawes randy foye and eric gordon. i have on my watch list right now hinrich, darko, and ben wallace. should i make any changes? especially with hinrich, will he be better than gordon when he comes back?

  • The Fantasy Doctor

    no need to pick up Hinrich yet. He’s a ways away. Hold onto your current crew.

  • Lady Luck

    Fantasy doc, Monta Ellis is available on the wire in my league. I dropped Outlaw for Peja who was released on waivers. Now I need to see what I can do with my lineup to make room for Ellis (or if I should)

    My roster

    Derrick Rose
    Spencer Hawes

    I was figuring either Milsap or possibly Haslem. I think Haslem may bounce back from a recent stretch of missing games. Your thoughts? Or anyone else’s thoughts?

  • Lady Luck

    ^^^^ Other notable names available on the wire:

    Kevin Love
    Eric Gordon
    Michael Finley
    Ben Wallace
    DJ Augustin

    I historically leave rookies alone, but there are some putting up good numbers

    (see my roster above)

  • andy

    Tyrus Thomas played well today after Vinny laid the law down – its only one game, but perhaps he’s worth picking up?