NBA, Video / Dec 19, 2008 / 10:31 am

Brandon Roy Goes Berserk

In a matter of hours after Brandon Roy‘s 52-point outburst, there are already a smattering of bone-chilling YouTube mixes of his performance. This clip has a couple of the great calls from Marv Albert and the crew in the Rose Garden, who insist on calling him “The Natural.”

“The Natural with 43, and Terry Porter is confused, concerned, and confounded!”

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  • Richard Wellner

    Richard Wellner rules.

    I have Wallace on my fantasy team, which sucks, because he’s not putting up close to 20 ppg this year. Hopefully he returns with his mind right and gives me a few good games. Damn. Did I tell you how I got Chris Andersen after I dropped Tyrus Thomas?? I lose 2 ppg but get a block and 10%-points in FG%. What (do) you think?

    Also, I was lucky to take Beasley off waivers! You believe that??

  • Three Stacks

    Wellner, make some friends and ask them. Stop dating your computer.

  • Richard Wellner

    I apologize for posting the above thread again.

    Brandon Roy?? He is incredible. What a joy to watch. He will be better than T-Mac, Vince, and Starbury combined because he brings a healthy mind-set and attitude.

    Check out Wojanorowski’s article on Yahoo sports, it talks about Oden being a pussy and how Roy is the leader of this team.

  • Richard Wellner

    I have lots of friends, I am just studying right now and taking little breaks. This is just some distraction.

    I have like, probably, 4 or 5 really close friends. And a beautiful girlfriend. So I’m really cool in real life. I come online to pig out.

  • Richard Wellner

    But none of my friends play fantasy hoops. So Three Stacks, you are my closest associate on this. Tell me about your team.

  • Kevin

    Refrain Three Stacks, refrain.

  • control

    What is up with Brandon Roy’s mean mugs? Guy scores a basket, he mean mugs the crowd, he gets knocked down, he mean mugs whoever helps him up, he sits on the bench and has a towel handed to him, he mean mugs the towel boy.

    Guy has to get that shit under control, might mean mug himself in the mirror, or mean mug his mom or something by mistake.

  • Richard Wellner

    Hi Kevin! How are you? David Lee RULZ

  • Richard Wellner

    I think he mean mugs because he’s so ugly. If he was good looking, he wouldn’t have to mean mug.

    How do you feel about Monta Ellis?? He is still a free agent in my league, but I don’t know who to drop for him or if he will come close to last year’s production when he comes back. I think the time to snap him up is coming soon and it could be a big reward for a big risk.

  • jzsmoove

    how in the hell did Colangelo decide to choose Bargnani over Roy? the Raptors are kicking themselves right now. i dont think Colangelo is losing his touch yet but more things are looking down than up.

  • Richard Wellner

    Bargnani will be better than Roy. Colangelo is a god.

  • Three Stacks

    It’s about time to pick up Monte, especially if you got someone like Andersen rotting on your bench.

  • Richard Wellner

    Hmm…so go for Monte over the cokehead?? I don’t know. I would lose 2.3 blocks per game…we’ll see.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    RW-There will be a fantasty post sometime today where you can indulge your fantasy, uh, fantasies.
    B-roy HAS arrived.


    Bradon roy is deserving of a 52 point outburst. Nailing every big shot for his squad was truly amazing. No one could stop him (richardson, barnes, nash, barbosa, or even a double team). Its good to see a quality player like ROY get 50 and a W (which hurts cause am a Suns fan)

    Wow! Dick you woke up a different man today?

  • calvin brodus

    That WIDE OPEN, TOTALLY UNCONTESTED, layup that Nash missed in the final seconds busted the line and cost me $25. It’s hateful to dislike a player solely because they cost me money. But I just can’t help it…F@cking
    D-Bag Nash.

  • Three Stacks

    Wellner, do as you like. I’d take Monte, though.

    Wellner reminds me of that kid in HS that no one really liked but wouldn’t shut up during class.

  • Richard Wellner

    Yea JCARR. And I wholeheartedly regret my past behaviour on these posts. Glad you took notice, though, and I am looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with dime.

    And thanks, MoxWestCoastRep, I can’t wait for the fantasy post! I’m gonna go wild!

  • Richard Wellner

    Three Stacks, I was actually very quiet in school, and still am. I have more of a brooding, stoic presence in public.

    But I have a very strong comic inclination.


    What school you go to?

  • Richard Wellner

    I can’t disclose that information. I attend a technical university in the Northeast.

  • vinny

    Dick wellner is 1 of those multiple personality people check out his post’s on the conspiracy theroy story-post’s 70 and 72.

  • Richard Wellner

    Yea I know vinny. I take medication. Please be more understanding with me, I am trying my best to fit in. Sometimes I don’t take well to criticism, so I feel offended and feel the need to defend myself. It was totally wrong and I don’t feel that way nor do I behave in that manner. I love you vinny, I love you so much.

  • vinny

    Dick-get some help,lol! your medication isnt working!

  • Three Stacks

    So you can admit you take meds, but telling us what school you go to is too personal?

    I wish Wellner and Tyrone would get in an argument, I think that’d be fun.

  • Richard Wellner

    Yes it is too personal. Admitting I take meds (only for a short-term plan) isn’t that bad. People do bad drugs, I am using them as a crutch to get myself in order so that I can lead a happy life and benefit society.


    lol dick wellner vs. “true thugs never lie”
    I wonder what wellner we will hear from tomorrow?

  • Three Stacks

    If you wanna benefit society, how about shutting the f*** up?

    He’ll probably be back to calling black folk monkeys by tomorrow.

  • Richard Wellner

    That’s not true, Three Stacks. I take offense to that. Can’t we all just get along?? Anyway, I’m off to school for my last final! YES! Good bye for now.


    Wellner is probably being held at gun point and being forced to type pleasant posts. Well only time will tell if dick had a true wake up call.

  • Desrat

    @Wellner. Good to see some civility.

    What do you study?

    B-Roy is very good. I like that he finished school. Ther eis no way that B-Roy would be this good if he went to the Raps. A lot of the poise you see in him comes from the work that Nate McSeattle has put into him. McMillian is a great coach. Is there anybody better at developing a young player than Nate?

  • Desrat

    @ everybody

    Do for Wellner what he could/would not do for you. Show the man some compasion. Don’t yall watch Starwars? Anger, fear and hate are indulgences of the weak. Only a strong perosn can show compasion to his enemy.

  • buck

    what’s up with randy foye these days mn fans? lol

  • Blazermark

    B-ROY! I loved that game last night. Brandon was busting threes right in defender’s faces. Penetrating and violating the Suns “defense” and making those turds look weak! Brandon has averaged like 36 points a game in the last 5 games.

  • Mike Jones

    Brandon Roy is serious. This is just the beginning. Twin dongs in a hater’s mouth.

  • Kevin

    Wellner, it’s not about behavior man. You need to gain a better understanding of how things work.

    Jameer Nelson for D Harris? Who’s gonna make that trade? That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    The things you said about Africa? Where are you hearing that hate propaganda? Explain where you get those ideas and people may forgive and educate you, but better behavior won’t cut it. You wanna compare numbers? The US and 17 Western countries are spending $4.1 trillion to bail out their financial institutions. AIG execs celebrated the bailout with a $440,000 trip to a luxury spa resort. We’re bailing out very greedy people who exploited a deregulated system to make themselves very rich. These people leveraged our equity at huge magnitudes to create money for themselves out of thin air. They packaged securities (morgages, debts, etc.) and sold them around the world calling them “low risk” or AAA so that this was not only a US problem, and thus fucked the globe to get rich. This is the same system, exploited by the same people, that was used to maintain the status quo and keep the poor starving. When europeans colonized and exploited Africa, and then de-colonized and exploited them more through the World Bank, IMF, and other biproducts of globalisation, they left behind a people that could not govern because they had not been allowed to do so for so long. Even people that you talk to who work for some of the best NGOs such as Oxfam will tell you that NGOs do not do their job. So many of them make decisions from their ivory towers without empowering people or consulting them. I don’t know much about all these topics, but I know enought to realise when someone has been undeservedly arrogant. Be a little more open minded and compassionate, and then you may earn the respect of people on this site. Good behavior doesn’t cut it dude. I didn’t even touch on how global warming has already started to F the ish out of Africa, heard of the conflict in Darfur? Just wait, drought and disease will be rampant and forced by our western hands unless we do something to combat global warming. Wake up wellner, wake up.

  • doug

    B.Roy is the truth, he’s the next Kobe Bryant. Where is Ian at? Ian this cat is leaps and bounds better than Joe Johnson. I think he’s better than D.Wade, he scores way easier than Wade and in more ways than D.Wade and he’s a better three point shooter and free-throw % is better

  • E$

    To bad PHX doesn’t play defense….i didn’t see a hard foul anywhere, who let’s somebody go for 50 & not even try to take him out his game?

  • E$

    Buzzer beater vs Rockets, then goes quiet for 20 games, now 50 vs PHX……how long before he does something again?

  • http://u.arizona.edu/~gmusa Glenn8Friedrice

    I think it’s pretty obvious that the only smiling, happy moments of Bayless’ life are the ones where he’s winning, on the bench or on the floor. Lol, kid’s ecstatic and not even getting burn.

  • Lady Luck

    I read the article on Yahoo re:Roy and Oden. I think that’s pretty messed up. First of all, you don’t build a championship around one guy. It takes a team effort and 2-3 upper echelon players. I think Portland is trying to build around BOTH players.

    These sportswriters seem to constantly focus on how moody Oden might be feeling, instead of letting him develop. He is 20 games into his career, he is still putting up 8pts/8 boards in less than 25 minutes, he’s still a rookie trying to adjust to adulthood, fame, fortune, and NBA level basketball, AND he’s coming off a devastating injury. I think we all need to give the young man a chance.

    Wojanorowski’s article did more bashing of Oden, instead of focusing on the exceptional performance of Brandon Roy. He had a great game. He is a really good player. Let him have his shine without trying to build a divide among teammates, creating drama.

  • Richard Wellner

    Lady Luck, I didn’t look at it like that. But I feel that Woj hits the nail on the head when comparing the two mentalities.

    And I study electrical engineering, Desrat. Thanks for taking an interest. And for you, Kevin, I want to let you in on a little secret about global warming that will warp your world. But I will save that for a later post.


  • elcherno

    Roy aint shite. Too slow, soft, he need develop sum explosiveness and killa instinct and learn from da man.

    Game 5 Eastern Conf Finals PLAYOFFS, 25 straight, 29 out of last 30 team pts including OT game winna, da 1 da only DA KING. Allz I gotta say, learn from da master, doo it on da big stage, and doo ur thing yung gun Peace. . .