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Dime #46 on sale now: Brandon Jennings is changing the game

Brandon JenningsBrandon Jennings, Dime #46

In the thick of an NBA season that we’ve already said has potential be the best ever (Dime #45), it might seem strange for us to give our December/January cover to a 19-year-old whose never seen a minute of NBA burn, and who currently resides a 10-hour plane ride away from the closest NBA city.

But as we noted in our NBA Preview, this season is one where you should keep an eye on the Euroleague, and the one player there who is changing the game on multiple levels, Brandon Jennings. From high school All-American to overseas pro, Jennings’ landmark decision to bypass the typical NCAA route to the NBA could have a lasting effect on American high school, college and pro ball as we know it. While other outlets have relayed parts of his story recently, we gave “Young Money” the camera and the keyboard and let him tell you and show you first-hand his experiences playing for Virtus Roma in Italy’s top pro league.

And don’t worry, inside the mag we’ve got the NBA well-covered, with features on Andrew Bynum, LaMarcus Aldridge, David Lee and Gerald Wallace to name a few, plus Nate Robinson in our hot-as-usual fashion spread. We also talked to the people who created the Celtics’ 2008 championship ring and give you an up-close look at what Paul Pierce, KG, Ray Allen, Rondo and Co. have stashed in their safe-deposit boxes. Earlier this week at MSG we ran the issue by a few interested parties — Nate himself and Brandon Roy — and needless to say, it got their seal of approval.

Pick up Dime #46 now on newsstands and at retailers nationwide.

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  • Kermit the Washington

    Brandon Jennings is nothing without the high-top fade!
    I thought dude was going to single-handedly bring that joint back and then he went and cut it…

    Same with Deshawn Stevenson…

  • dh

    i heard he was averaging like 4 pts a game on burn out there.

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    That is one skinny ass dude. I doubt he will cut it in the league if he doesn’t bulk up.

  • dc

    @ Kermit the Washington

    Yeah, I was waiting for the Gumbey to make the full comeback with the 3 parts on the side! LOL

  • Dime Magazine

    @ dh:

    Jennings started off slowly, but is now doing much better. He’s close to averaging double figures ad the assists are coming too.

  • Big Sia



    RESPECT DIME!!!!!!!!!

  • Kobeef

    Brandon Jennings to the Knicks!

    Knicks 2010 starting line

    PG – Jennings/Duhon
    SG – Joe Cool/Q
    SF – Wilson Chandler
    PF – STAT
    C – ?

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Soggys all day!

    Nice change of pace. I still like when dude has the gumby hi-top joint.

    Anyway time to hit the stores.

    Hey it’s Christmas how is Dime giving to the readers lol?

  • ian

    erm isnt he the third string pg over there?

    i know its harsh but whenever i see this guy flaunting his money or his under armor(lame sneaks btw) contract i jus think…



  • Kobeef


    OJ is going to Jail (Simpson..not mayo..in keeping with the going to jail confusion theme from today – Blount vs Blount)

  • PWeezy

    weez dayum looks like he’s future cop with that teflon vest he’s rocking LOL

  • Notorious

    Actually Ian, he is the 4th guard in the rotation, putting in what 14 minutes a night? Change the game, highly doubt it, he just sent a message to everyone “GO TO COLLEGE”, backing up dudes over seas ain’t cutting it. He cost himself a lot of money come draft day, might have been Top 10, now lucky to sniff the 1st round.

    Sorry Dime, waste of a cover.


    Not the best christmas spirit from Dime. How about an MJ cover?

  • joshhh..

    Wow..thats a little too early on someone who isn’t averaging double figures in any category and gets about 15 minutes a game. His team is also just hovering around .500 while he’s backing up other pgs. Seems bust written all over him.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Either way, Jennings’ decision affects the game as a whole. There are already a few top Class of ’09 high schoolers who are thinking of going to Europe instead of college, which will ultimately have the same trickle-down (or would it be trickle-up?) impact on the NCAA and the NBA. If Jennings has indeed started a trend like KG did back in 1995 — which ultimately led to the NBA’s age-limit rule and has impacted how the game is played in a lot of people’s eyes (less fundamentally-sound younger players, etc.) — then his actual production this season isn’t the larger issue.

  • Jeffco

    hey dime i renewed my subscription like almost a month and a half ago
    while you guys still had the cover with kg
    but i just wanna know by know will this issue will be at my house

    i used to have a 1yr subscription and i havent had the mag in a while
    so im a lil impatient right now haha


    @Austin Burton

    you have a point on post #15. This could be a rather harmful trend which many High schoolers will pursuit before/after HS graduation. Is the main factor money and endorsement deals?(If so, what a shame) Do most of the high schoolers even care about an education? Has there been talk in the NCAA about an age-limit rule??

    The NBA should ban the elegibility of the all high school players who choose not to attend college and instead play overseas.
    How hard is it to go to school one year, on a most likely a guranteed scholarship, and then enter the draft??

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JCARR — Then you’re getting into a situation where you’re essentially forcing elite players to go to school if they want to go to the NBA. If this were engineering and it makes sense that you have a college degree to get a job, fine. But we all know excelling at basketball has nothing to do with getting a degree. Also, one benefit of being 18 is that you don’t HAVE to go to school if you don’t want to. And finally, you’re taking away a scholarship from a player/student who truly wants to go to college.

  • doc

    This man will make more money than dudes who go to college for 8 years this year and he’s the retard.School after highschool aint for everybody and more power to the young brother for getting his.Stop hating yall.Youngin a millionaire and yall bitching about school.If my son could make millions now or go bullshit his way through school he better get that mula.Thats the only reason u go to school anyway.

  • doc

    Just because u not booksmart dont make u retarded.It different kinds of smart.If u put the smartest preppy sude from Harvard in the middle of my hood with 5 dollars and tell him to survive I doubt he’ll make it because he not street smart.He know everything in every book but dudes who didnt finish 9 grade will be calling him a dickhead.Different strokes for different folks.

  • bballinca

    Jennings will be just fine in the NBA. Europe is a different style of play. The NBA is a better fit for someone with his skills. He’ll make a positive contribution to whatever team he is one.

    I’ve seen some game footage from him and when he’s out there he looks out of the flow at times but he also looks like the most talented person out on the floor.


    @Austin Burton
    I understand that you dont HAVE to go to school once your 18, but obviously the NBA is encouraging it. Even if its not for a degree and just college bball experience, the NBA wants them to go through college. I am sure the NBA as business wants to be represented by an educated personnel. (age limit-rule was passed)

    Its not like you can get a good degree in one year… but its better to see the best high school talent compete in colleges rather than in europe.

    Immature UNSUCCESSFUL players will later regret their choices. They think of the “now”, not the future.

  • E

    Agree with doc. i think dude probably makes more than all of us on here combined so quit hatin. and yea, maybe he’s missing out on some money in the long run but maybe he’s not. that’s his decision and like it’s been said, it’s still way too early to declare him a bust. if you can ball, you can ball whether it’s europe or college. nba scouts will see and he’ll end up gettin drafted and make a few more million. from what i see, he’s every bit as good as telfair if that says anything.

  • dj ho

    hey thats a great cover story….are you guys the first mag to put him on the cover?

    He’s def gonna change the game with his move to Europe. He got his deal with underamour because he was the first to go to Europe straight from HS and they wanted to cash in on all the publicity surrounding him. I doubt other HS going to europe would pick up this kind of endorsement deal now.

    dude is a very smart young man and more power to him!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JCARR — The NBA age limit has to do with marketing, not education. By having players go to college for at least one year, you get them in front of a national audience. By the time the draft comes around, they’re something of a celebrity already, as opposed to a high schooler who’s only known by the recruiting geeks.
    Look at Kevin Durant. He wasn’t THAT famous coming out of high school, but after one year in college he was a mainstream star, and therefore more easily marketable by the NBA.

  • iLL Mago

    Judging by the cover
    Brandon Jennings = Shaun Livingston

  • douchebag

    i would love to =livingston or jennings. make more than i and most of you will in my lifetime. quit giving that old players should go to college crap. if you could make millions comin outta high school, 99.9% of us would jump at that chance. don’t kid yourself now. i still think this whole issue has to do with race. sorry fellas.

  • CK JESSe

    BIG UPS 2 JENNINGS.. He might hav skipped college but he busts ass errwhere he goes nd hes changing the game in every aspect for the better. i think if he went 2 college his numbers would be astronomical nd he will develop alot by going overseas .. it will mature him 2 b an even better player than he is now. WAY 2 GO DIME!!

  • bballinca

    #27 how does it have to do with race?


    @austin burton
    If its all about marketing and not education. The NBA is being selfish. But at the end of the day it all comes down to money, so if thats how it is thanks for telling me.

  • Sweet English

    I think this is a bad route for any sport to take.

    If Dime would have passed me the Mic I would have schooled you all on how important education is to sport.

    In the UK, only private schools have any kind of programs that contain sport. There are very few High school leagues, and college leagues in the country, and that is why our sport is so watered down and infested with foriegn atheltes. I went to regualr school. Up to the age of 18, i had two hours of sport a week and that consisted of either dodgeball or long distance running.

    We have no focus on sport (serious competition is discouraged at schools in the UK) and any one who wants to take a sport seriously has to invest extra curricular time into it. At the age of 16 i was playing for two basketball teams after school just so i could get some training time.

    If you take sport away from school, you take young athletes away from school. Our soccer players are all (often unfairly) seen as idiots and fools, because they dropped out of school at 15 or 16 to go and play for an academy, as it is the only way.

    And now, because of a lack of emphaisis on sport, our leagues are dominated by young foreign players who were encouraged at a young age. So now, our kids look at the teams like Manchester Utd and Chelsea (who i know you all know about) and see that the players are 90-95% foriegn and have no role models or motivation to spend there saturday mornings playing sport instead of there Xbox’s.

  • buffalo_baller

    Jennings should have his behind in Arizona getting an education, and if he got set up right you KNOW he could be getting paid there too-there are better games to be had in the playgrounds of NYC than the arenas of gotdamn SERBIA?!
    Waste of a cover-you could have put Waylon Jennings azz on the cover and get more burn….

  • shak

    im buyin diz 1 write away BJ game is tight cant wait 2 c him in da league

  • bballinca

    shak, is a perfect example for at least staying in school past 8th grade.