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Blockbuster Night

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

When you watch multiple NBA games pretty much every single night during the regular season, you live for those times when you find yourself frantically flipping between a couple contest in simultaneous crunch-time, when you’re afraid to turn away from one game but don’t wanna miss a game-winner in the other. That’s how it was Friday with Jazz/Pistons and Lakers/Heat. At one point, Pau Gasol was stepping to the line with eight seconds left and L.A. down two, at the exact same time Utah was looking to inbound from midcourt with 1.4 seconds left in OT and the score tied … How did we get there? Like we saw in last year’s Boston series, Detroit saved themselves with some timely full-court trapping. After Rasheed hit a three to cut Utah’s lead to two with about a minute left, the Piston slapped on the press, denying Deron Williams the ball while swarming Kyle Korver and AK-47. Those two couldn’t advance the ball four feet up the court, and Rodney Stuckey turned a steal into an impossible circus layup to tie it up. Same score in the final seconds, and Deron busted Stuckey with a couple crossovers before handing him a turnaround J with 2.3 seconds left. Detroit ball, Tayshaun held it out of bounds for about 4.99 seconds until Rip Hamilton finally got open and nailed a tough shot over Korver to force OT. (That wasn’t the first time Korver got worked, either. One time Rip drove on him and scored a plus-one while Korver broke out his patented “I just saw a big-ass rat!!” defense.) … So on that aforementioned overtime play with 1.4 left, Deron (29 pts, 8 asts) got the ball and even had a step on his defender, but he dribbled one time too many and didn’t get his shot off in time. The Jazz eventually pulled away for the W in the second OT, though, after half the Pistons fouled out … When Stuckey got his sixth, he went to the bench and stopped directly in front of Kwame Brown, looking at him like, “Can I sit here?” Kwame (and Amir Johnson) pretended like he wasn’t there. Stuckey went and got his warm-up shirt and tried again, and again got stone-walled. Eventually he found a seat, but when Antonio McDyess fouled out a minute later, Kwame and Amir created a space for ‘Dyess before the whistle was done blowing. So apparently Kwame and Amir are playing petty seniority games with a kid who’s already better than both of them … Meanwhile, after Pau Gasol missed one of his free throws in the Lakers/Heat game, D-Wade missed one of his, giving the L.A. the ball with six seconds left. One guess on who got the ball, and here’s a hint: It wasn’t Josh Powell. With Shawn Marion draped on him, Kobe (28 pts) got himself a good look just inside the free throw line, but the ball went two-thirds of the way down before popping out. All Kobe could do was smile a frustrated smile, while the Heat could start breathing again … Wade had everything going for him. At the end of the third quarter he was trying to get past Trevor Ariza when Ariza dove at him and almost got a steal. Recovering from the scrum, Wade (35 pts) chucked a deep three that dropped at the buzzer. Wade even gave Ariza the cold “Take a knee” pose afterward …

Ray AllenRay Allen (photo. Jordan Brand)

Is it just us or does it seem like every time the Celtics and Bulls play in Boston lately, Chicago gets HAMMERED. Last night they gave up 126 points, lost Drew Gooden (their best big guy, believe it or not) to injury, got lit up by Kendrick Perkins inside (25 pts) and Ray Allen outside (27 pts), and were letting Tony Allen put on a dunk contest preview come garbage time … Usain Bolt was in the Boston crowd last night, after Michael Phelps took in their game the other day … Just when you thought he was losing a little bit of momentum in his All-Star campaign — some of which Rajon Rondo was outright stealing — Devin Harris went ballistic against his former squad. Devin hung 41 points and 13 assists on J-Kidd and the Mavs in a blowout, giving Kidd a Chris Paul flashback from the ’08 playoffs. Devin was so good he completely overshadowed Vince (34 pts, 10 rebs, 6 asts) and a surprisingly solid Yi “Check His I.D.” Jianlian (16 pts, 10 rebs) … Forget anything involving VC or the Denver shellacking that set the table for Sam Mitchell‘s exit, because the Raptors hit their rock-bottom yesterday by losing to the Thunder. Yeah, Kevin Durant and Jeff Green have been ballin’ as of late, and OKC gave the Mavs and Spurs some battles recently, but come on; they’d won SEVEN percent of their games going in. Green, Durant (on J.O.) and Des Mase (on everybody) were dunking all over the place as the Thunder owned the paint and the glass … Considering they were missing three starters (Danny Granger, Troy Murphy, Marquis Daniels) and starting two rookies (Brandon Rush, Roy Hibbert), you have to give the Pacers credit for hanging in there for two overtimes with the suddenly-hot Clippers. If you’re a fan of glacier-speed moves and four-inch verticals, this was your game. Zach Randolph put up 34 points and 16 boards, while Hibbert had 16, eight boards and five blocks for Indy … Apologies in case you’d happened to flip by Knicks/Bucks and thought Stephon Marbury had made his return. That wasn’t #1 Chris Duhon playing alongside #3 Steph in garbage time, that was #13 Jerome James finally getting some “run” … We’re out like Kwame and Amir …

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  • Del Griffith

    These pretzels are making me FIRSTY.

  • JBFC

    What a surprise — no mention of LeBron laying a 20-piecing on the Nuggets, in Denver. If anyone needed further proof of Dime’s institutional bias against LeBron, here it is. If this continues, I will — this is a promise — publish my explosive expose concerning Dime’s institutional bias against LeBron.

  • jayslay

    seeing as how they lakers lost to a pretty bed defensive team i think its pretty safe to say they might not have learned all that much from lest year…it might be time to pulled the trigger on a trade

  • gift of gab

    good lookin on the clipps mention…zbo makin it real easy to forget about EB…it may be ugly but it’s workin.

  • Duke

    Oh snap!! Dime forgot to mention Lebron, to the Batmobile!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    The Cavs and the Nuggets shoulda been touched on! Nuggets, at home, losing…BIG. Cleveland lit ‘em up for damn near 40 in the 1st quarter alone. They’re a problem. It’s not East and West no mo! Celts, Cavs, Magic and Hawks are legit problems. What else?? Rip and AI exploding in Denver. Even though they lost and seemed to look like they have no direction, being Chauncey-less, Detroit could be REAL nasty, given some time. The one starting line up w/ AI, Rip, Tayshaun, Stuck, and Rasheed is a matchup nightmare. Maxiel and McDeyess coulda easily been in there to bang bodies, but little guys rip, ai and stuckey had it going. Then everyone started fouling out in OT, then running outta bodies in 2OT…what else?? Quentin dropped a STINK BOMB. Really stinky one, it’s becoming common. Um, Charlotte’s new look squad morphed into Sherwin Williams b/c they OWNED the paint 2nite. I mean really, they did. Diaw and Raja seem to love gettin’ 30 plus minutes a night. They seem rejuvenated. Richardson, Okafur. They looked good. That game look way too easy to win for a team named Bobcats. And speaking of the Miami game, it seemed like it was sequence in which the Lakers had like 10 second chance opportunities and Wade negated ALL of them, by himself. It was crazy. All Defensive Squad for Flash. He’s a lock.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Not Denver, Utah.

  • Richard Wellner

    Damn, Richard Wellner is tired. I’m getting my sleep schedule down. Want to know my technique? Set a wake-up time that will be used consistently over the next few months. I chose 7 AM.
    First night of plan, go to sleep only when extremely tired, don’t force it, even if it means staying up all night. No nap the next day, stay tired. The next night, fall asleep when tired. Wake up at 7 AM sharp. No nap. Keep falling asleep only when totally tired, don’t force it, and maintain the same wake-up time. Within a week, at the most, you will have a healthy sleep schedule.

    This is what I am doing right now. I have done it before, but fell out of rhythm due to marijuana and alcohol use and stress from exams. This is a great chance to catch up.

    Yea, tonight had many great games. My favorite one of which was the 41 point thrashing Harris gave Cuban and Mavs.

  • Pioneer

    yeah, JBFC is right. Once again, no mention of LeBron, and more importantly, the Cavs. Between this and being a shill for Nike, one has to wonder if Dime has some sort of conflict of interest. They’re so blatantly anti-Cleveland that its now comical.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    ahahahaha. Yes yes yes. The great Dane come back to smak. Thanks to many people who say they miss big Jurgy when he is gone to New York City. And wow. What a great city to be. My favourite is empire building. So tall.

    And i miss so much in my time away. I cannot belive Mr Ricard Wellner. Oh wow, not many people like Jurg, but this guy can not be liked. He is gay.

    And can I say one more time, I still see so many top ten lists from great friends at dime and mr Austin Burton who is still my second favrite author at dimemag. And Big Jurgy still has his top euro team of all time to play in nba and don’t forget top 10 euro player in nba today. And lucky mr andrea bargnani is not on that list because he is not playing good for my fantasy team which comes 6 out of 12 while i am away from denmark.

    And it is good to talk to you again. and this is jurg, hi hi.

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    @ udonis haslem (wherever you are)

    make a (late game) free throw.

    @dwade, make all of yours too.

  • http://good-life-inc.blogspot.com F.L.A.S.H.

    that jerome james joke was priceless

  • John

    WADE = MVP

  • QQ

    What the fuck, Kwame? Acting like a big ass bully to Stuckey, when the kid has a ton more game than he will ever have.

    The conversation should have been like this:

    Stuckey: Can I sit there, man?
    Kwame: *Ignores Stuckey, goes on to watch the game*
    Stuckey: Hey Sheeeeeed, Kwame won’t move.
    Kwame: *Stands up, sits on the floor, then gives Stuckey a cup of Gatorade and some towels.*

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    For real, Melo and Lebron were fouling the hell out of each other all game. Throwing bows into each other chests. Pushing, grabbing on each other, one time Bron pulled Melo out of bounds after Melo displaced him to get right under the hoop. Hilarious. Lebron got a lot of star calls when he instigated Melo into slapping his arms off of him. Seriously, how do you call a foul on someone that simply removed another players arm from his jersey, like a person’s supposed to be allowed to be hugging you on D?

    RJBK–or whatever your initals are–you’re insane. Do you have any idea how much Lebron love this mag gives? It’s ridiculous, sometimes overearing on the KB24, CP3, King coverage. What other news outlets do you read? At least they didn’t mention his imminent departure.

    Seriously, Cleveland had a ton of open looks. They should’ve shot 80% for the game.

    Thanks for the sleeping cycle information. Hi Hi Jurg.

  • Craig

    QQ: awesome…that shit was funny

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    good night in the NBA last night. loved how Ak had to defend everyone from AI, to Stuckey, to Rip, to Tay, to Maxiel . . . seriously, harpring can’t do half of what AK does, why does jerry love harpring so much?

    and in other news, CJ miles continues to fall back off the face of the earth.

  • Kobeef

    Top 5 teams that need to make a Blockbuster Trade (since it is Blockbuster night)

    1. Toronto:
    Jose, Bosh, O’Neal, Bargs, Kopono and the STINK. The loss to the Thunder has got to be the final straw. I’d consider trading anyone. Even Bosh who’s early MVP self-nomination brought attention to how far he is from being an MVP candidate.

    2. Dallas:
    Dirk, Kidd, J-Ho, JET…and no chance in hell of winning the chip this year. They will have to fight to make the playoffs. The Harris trade was a massive mistake and they need to make up for it.

    3. Philly:
    There are some teams that could use Andre Miller and Dalembert but this isn’t one of them. I say trade them both to Miami for Beasley and Marion’s expiring deal. Move Speights to C and Lou Williams to PG…it couldn’t get worse.

    4. Pheonix:
    Kerr made a big mess. A huge mess. This team doesn’t work. If Nash was traded today it would make sense to me. If nothing changes it is going to be a long two years waiting for Shaq to leave.

    5. Minnesota:
    They will suck no matter what they do but you have to think they can fine some better pieces than this. There are a lot of teams that would like to have Mike Miller.



    jerome james played??????
    3xcellent night in the nba

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Yeah the Nugs/Cavs game should have been covered. Lebron completely worked over Melo, and Delonte West was brilliant. West has to be a contender for MIP. Destroying the Nugs in Denver is no easy task, but the Cavs certainly made it look that way.

    The Raptors were indescribably bad. If the Thunder suddenly played an amazing game and Durant lit up for forty, that’d be one thing. But the Raptors simply played like the worst, softest team in the NBA, and Bosh was missing layups while taking obsencely bad shots. He’s given up; so has the rest of the team. Meanwhile, O’Neal is injured again. The Thunder won because clearly they are no longer the league’s most embarassingly bad team. For some inexplicable reason that honour has gone to the Raps.

    By the way, how many times will an opposing SG light up the Lakers before we acknowledge Kobe does not deserve many of his all-NBA first team defensive awards? Kobe’s an amazing defender . . . when he wants to be. During the regular season that desire only comes in short spurts.

  • Celts Fan

    @Pioneer – dude they schill for anyone that has something worth mentioning/gives them advertising $$$. It’s called business man. It seems like it’s mostly Nike cuz Nike has the most/best kicks and endorsers but if you look on the right side of this, there’s a fuckin Adidas ad there right now!

    AND they had a huge Talkin Krazy contest w/ Reebok that promoted the fuck outta some new kicks for a few weeks (that I won. thanks again Dime! Keep doing what you’re doing, fuck the haters.)

  • Richard Wellner

    So much for that MVP talk for Bosh. My how the mighty have fallen! This is a morale problem as much as, or more than, anything else with the Dinos. What a shame.

    The Knicks, outside of that Bucks game, are outplaying them; the Raps have 2 all-stars though.

    MDA rules.

  • Phileus

    Institutional bias my ass. I don’t think that Dime has quality articles all the time, but you don’t criticize them for what they aren’t doing write. One look at this page and you can see Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour logos everywhere. If they were a Nike pawn you could be sure those last two wouldn’t be around.

    Should losing to OKC this year be an automatic reason for being put on the hot seat as a coach? I really hope KD’s career isn’t killed by his time with that miserable franchise. I can’t wait to see what happens when his rookie contract expires.

  • Phileus

    * you don’t criticize them for what they aren’t doing wrong!

  • baron von faulk

    What’s the matter, there’s no LeBron news anywhere else? Goto ESPN man, they are all about the ‘Bron.

    Quit whining, who gives a damn, get over it. There are plenty of other teams that get no mention and every day somebody has to cry and bellyache and moan that Dime didn’t cover it. This trend is getting about as old as somebody posting “First!”…

    Personally, I thank dime for sparing us from the global lovefest. Now if we could just do something about Kobe…

    On a side note, I love it when the Lakers lose almost as much as when the Spurs win! I love it when ego gets put the fuck in check.

  • baron von faulk

    I must also put it like this…

    LeBron is a basketball player, not the freakin’ messiah of mankind, he ain’t Jesus on the court (I don’t see him wearing sandals anyway). Quit “worshipping” false idols.

    Same goes for Obama and any politician for that matter, we really should not “worship” them either, or invest entirely too much “hope” – only we can save ourselves and it comes from within, not from an outside source. There is a reason Caesar said “…patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword.”

    aaaand I’m off the soapbox, sorry ’bout that

  • nao_diga

    Well, I don’t think Dime is biased against Lebron, but I do wonder why no mention of the CAvs@Nuggets game. I know it wasn’t real competitive, but the big question mark about the Cavs so far has been the soft schedule, and losses to the decent teams they played on the road.

    So you’d think beating a hot team like Denver by 20+ in their place would at least get a mention in Smack. Did the Kings-Rockets get skipped too? Maybe the games in the West finished too late–did Smack get filed early last night?


    Look at number 10!!!!!!! They call Maggate a new nickname “Bad Porn” – that is an instant classic.


  • QQ


    The Raps have 2 all stars… but have zero heart. I’d take a team of douchebags (except Damon Jones; calling him a ‘douchebag’ will be an insult to douchebags everywhere) with hustle and passion over all stars with no heart any time of the day.

  • Yoooo

    Yo I just went to nba.com to look at highlights of the OKC game and I dont understand why people arent making a big deal about how Jamario Moon got embarrassed my Desmond Mason AND Jermaine O’neal got skeeted on by Kevin Durant… Plays like that used to be glorified, now theyre ignored??? Whats going on in the world? Cats blew up Wade shoving (and then his teammate tripping) Mayo on a blah crossover, but these 2 plays just aint worth the paper plates prisoners eat pork on?? The world is backwards

  • Blue

    no mention of udonis haslem giving kobe a spalding tattoo…


  • Dank

    lakers are beginning to dissappoint me…and it looks like they wont get me the xmas wish i want


    How are the lakers dissapointing you? Just look at their record. They will pick it up again. I personally rather see them struggle now, than in the playoffs.

  • Ian

    and laker homers tell me wade shouldnt be talked about anywhere near kobe

  • K Dizzle

    @ “By the way, how many times will an opposing SG light up the Lakers before we acknowledge Kobe does not deserve many of his all-NBA first team defensive awards? Kobe’s an amazing defender . . . when he wants to be. During the regular season that desire only comes in short spurts.”

    Does this even deserve a response? Probably not. After the league’s
    top scorer goes off at home,this genius wants to say take away Kobe’s defensive awards? D Wade took and made some tough shots against both Kobe and Ariza, who are elite level defenders. A great offense beats a great defense everytime because at your defensive best, you are still anticipating and reacting. But enough with crazy statements,
    Phil Jackson takin that t at crunch time hurt and Kobe’s shot was thisclose. Losin to Miami might be a good wake up call before the Christmas day matchup.

  • Dank

    wade is to the heat what Kobe was to the Lakers in 06. hes the lone reason the heat will make the playoffs and take the #1 seed to a 7 game series. its a repeat of Lakers-Suns. i can also see wade score like 70 in one game if he keeps this up

    J-carr, they were the talk of the season to start with! the defense, bynum, the bench, the toughness. something happened, and now their D is horrendous. how do you let NATE ROBINSON drop 33 on you @ home? unnacceptable. i remember in 05-06 when Kobe was talking about “these dudes, coming in here, doing ballet in the lane, all this pretty circus stuff” and he fouled the shit out of Mike Miller to stop it. now where is that toughness? where are the fights? remember the suns-lakers playoff series? since game 1 there were flagrants! also, Kobe has missing like 12-15 shots a game. how could i not be worried?

    hes my favorite player and the BEST in the league, but if Lakers are gunna win like i said they would, they need to step up. foul the crap out of dudes, talk, get some T’s!

  • Dank

    i agree with K-Dizzle

  • RonNation

    ROFL at these bitches crying because BRON BRON doesn’t get mentioned in smack………….
    I’d say maybe HALF of Jazz games get covered. There are a lot of NBA games played esp on friday nights so the few times they don’t mention whichever trash team you follow don’t throw a hissy fit.


    PS. Milsap more like MANSAP

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @K Dizzle — Wade going off for 35 is one thing, but he might have been referring to John Salmons giving Kobe 26 or whatever it was when Sacto beat the Lakers.

  • girlybballluver

    I’m gonna need for you guys to start showing the Heat some love…Geez, wait let me guess, none of you guys actually watched that game huh?

  • BMW

    @The LeBrons
    How do you expect a blowout game to be mentioned in an article with the title “Blockbuster Night”? C’mon people be real… I know y’all fans and all but DAMN.

  • Wade’s da S..t!

    Funny how the Fakers went from headline news to barely even mentioned when they got beat last night. If they would have won and Kobe outscored Wade or hit the game winning shot that would be all anyone would be talking about. Kobe,”The Greatest Player Ever” got his ass lit up, again. Byum and the rest of that overrated, soft ass, frontline got outplayed. Wade for MVP, all day, er day hatas

  • RonNation

    @ this dumbsht above me


    Fanboy get ahold of yourself.

  • T-Dub

    Dank, gotta agree with you. I’m a kobe and lakers fan and they’re just softer now than the Celts. I mean the Celts beat squads up and are showing up even against weak teams. They have a lot of enforcers in that squad and they just bully players into wins.

    The lakers whine when calls don’t go their way. Check out miami game last night.

    And what about Phil Jackson still using the 2nd unit with 4 minutes to go in the 4th? Damn put those starters in! They were down by 7!

  • T-Dub

    And note to Lamar: I know you are trying hard to deliver but 2 missed free throws and SEVERAL of your weak lay-ups getting swatted by D-Wade ain’t cutting it!

    I mean even Gasol’s a better passing option down low than Lamar. And that’s not saying much when you think about it.

  • Wade’s da S..t!

    to stupid aka Ron Nation, if the results were different Dime would’ve given the game its own article is my point. And its the second paragraph, btw. You are obviously one of the hatas i was referring to.

  • RonNation

    Lol, you should probably consider going back to school and checking what constitutes a paragraph and what doesn’t chief.

    You are, quite obviously, the fanboy I was referring to.

  • baron von faulk

    Play nice girls, haha