Smack / Dec 4, 2008 / 3:11 am

I See Three of Him

Rajon RondoRajon Rondo, Dime #39

If the upset-specialist Pacers are the NBA’s Rocky, then last night Rajon Rondo was like Ivan Drago in the early rounds of the Rocky IV main event. “It seemed like there was like three Rondos out there tonight,” KG said post-game. “I looked up and he’s passing the ball to [Pierce]; it came off the rim and he was rebounding it. Then all of a sudden I got back on defense and he had beat me back. And then Granger went to drive and he was there on the strip. And we got loose and threw it up for a layup and HE GOT THE LAYUP. I sort of had to turn around and say, ‘How many? What is this boy?'” KG pretty much summed it up perfectly: Rondo went beast-mode on the Pacers, putting up 16 points, 13 boards, 17 assists and three steals in a blowout win. Our favorite play was when KG front-rimmed a jumper and Rondo came flying in from the right side, reached around the rim and snagged the ball, then pulled it back to his side and dropped in a bucket. This all happened in mid-air, by the way … One time Marquis Daniels fired up a three, and as soon as he started his shooting motion Celtics announcer Mike Gorman said, “Daniels doesn’t hesitate.” When the shot bricked miserably, Gorman deadpanned, “He should have.” … Meanwhile, the Lakers were back at it after their upset loss to the Pacers, playing in Kobe‘s hometown against the struggling Sixers. When Andrew Bynum wasn’t dunking every chance he got, it was the Mamba Show. Kobe dropped 32 and was just humiliating Andre Iguodala, giving him drives, spins, step-backs, fadeaways, left-hand, right-hand, everything. (Remember when A.I.2 was supposed to be a Scottie Pippen-level defender?) Iguodala responded by launching bad threes and long twos that weren’t coming close. Said NBA TV’s Eric Snow during a montage of the carnage, “You can’t allow the best player in the world to just play like this without help.” … One of Philly’s announcers said none of the Lakers have played more than 40 minutes in a game yet this season. Fresh legs in June, anyone? …

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

The numbers weren’t as staggering as usual, but D-Wade (23 pts, 5 rebs, 5 asts, 4 stls) still dominated the Jazz. Example: The sequence in the first half where he swooped in on Ronnie Price and rejected his shot, forced a turnover on Price during that same possession, then dunked on Price’s head on the other end. (Ronnie needs to burn that piece of footage.) … Mario Chalmers was also big, collecting three steals and helping force Deron Williams into six turnovers. Twice in the fourth quarter Chalmers stripped Deron naked, leading to transition buckets for the Heat … We’ve been getting on Mike Dunleavy Sr. recently for his play-calling, but today we’ve gotta question his rotation. Chris Kaman was out for Clippers/Rockets, so whenever Marcus Camby couldn’t guard Yao (24 pts, 10 rebs), the job fell to Zach Randolph — who even if he wanted to play D, is too short to guard Yao AND he can’t jump. So if you’re Dunleavy, wouldn’t you use this time to see what DeAndre Jordan can do? But of course Jordan logged another DNP-CD while Paul Davis and Brian Skinner got burn … Houston’s play-by-play guy on Baron: “He’s traveling all over the place, palming the ball, doing every illegal thing imaginable.” However, he conceded, Baron’s a star and he can do that … Speaking of Yao, in continuing our “Who’s better?” series, yesterday we put Yao up against Dwight Howard. Check out the arguments and let us know your pickJosh Smith is back, putting up 14 points in a win over the Grizzlies … Do you know what happens when your team blatantly and shamelessly tanks two seasons for the chance to get a superstar free agent? Whenever your team then plays against said superstar and one of your guys gives him a hard foul, people will make jokes about how your team shouldn’t do anything that might hurt the superstar. Then everyone laughs at your team. Gotta love those Knicks … You know who’s probably the most disappointed that Sam Mitchell got fired? Vince Carter. He was making a killing off that guy … We’re out like DeAndre’s burn …

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  • Hey!!


  • Dank

    silly Rajon. the all star game is for big boys

  • http://Jdiggy.com Jdiggy

    I knew Yao wasn’t very good at basketball… but I didn’t know he couldn’t fight… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2y2DpCbLBs… haha nah but random clip of the day for you guys, just reminded me of Yao when i saw the big dude.

  • drewstar

    the only sure bet in the east for the pg position is devin harris. everyone else either plays with too many good players (rondo), is on an underachieving team (calderon), or whose team isn’t quite good enough (rose).

    in the end, i see calderon and rondo being snubbed, while rose and harris make it in.

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    I see Rajon “All Star” Rondo…

  • Phileus

    Am I crazy for thinking that the East looks better than the West this season?

  • Three Stacks

    Right now, the three best teams in the West are the Lakers, Blazers, and Nuggets. The best three in the East are Boston, Cleveland, and probably Detroit. So right now, I guess you can make the argument that the East is better.

    But if teams like Utah, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix, etc….if they all start playing like people expected them to, I still the the West is WAAAAY in front. Especially top to bottom.

  • John

    I think that at the Guards, the East go with, D-Wade and Joe Johnson.

  • that’s whats up

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the Celtics challenging 70 wins???

    It seems only the L.A. d*ckriders were doing that before the Pacers game, but Boston has a good a chance as anyone sitting at 18-2.

  • the_don_mega

    @ thant’s whats up…

    cat’s got a point…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Iverson and Wade will probably get voted in to start for the East. After that it’s between Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Rondo, Rose, Devin, Vince and Calderon.


    Ok let me explain one thing to all of the Rajon bandwagoner’s, he only seems good cause he’s playing with 3 HALL OF FAMERS count it 3. Anybody would be good if half of your team was too busy checking the big 3.

    @That’s Whats Up
    Fuq the Celtics they bought that championship just like the Yankees. They get no love from me. Detroit allday


    Calderon will never “eva, eva, eva” make the Allstar game.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I didn’t say Calderon would make it, but he’ll be discussed when the coaches have to vote.

    Come on Fed, you can’t talk about “buying” championships when your Pistons have the 9th-highest payroll in the League and are paying three guys eight figures per: Iverson ($21M), Sheed ($13M) and Rip ($10.5M). And Prince is making $9.5M.

  • OJT

    Rajon’s definitely improved from last year, but he’s no all-star. In my opinion, an all-star either:

    1. is hugely popular (re: marketable, unfortunately), which Rajon is not


    2. is a game changer. Rajon may be the difference in a game or two, but i don’t see any coach ever pulling out hair on how to stop him or gear a defense or game strategy based on him being on the court.


    I guess rondo was reading some of our comments and decided to show that he can put all-star #’s.
    J-Smoove is BACK!!!
    Calderon has a greater chance than stuckey. Pistons down. Everyone else up.


    The all-star game is based on the popularity of the player, and many times not the talent or play of that years players.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JCARR — The All-Start STARTERS are based on popularity, not the reserves. Otherwise, how would you explain David West or Mehmet Okur making it?


    You must be from Canada or Europe

    We may have the 9th Highest but thats just through rewarding our player for their loyalty not buying a championship. BTW I’ll bet the Celtics and Lakers hold the top 2 spots for highest payroll and that’s w/o goggling. lol

  • sans

    I still can’t believe Mehmet made a squad. You really have to give it up to Rose unless Rondo goes nuts on triple doubles–he is a very good rebounding point. But can you rob a HOFer in the same backcourt to get the kid in?

    D.Rose is playing well enough to warrant a spot, and Devin better not cool off or hit a losing streak. Did anyone else see everyone on Wake Forest jumping small buildings last night? Insane, it looked like a fucking And 1 Tour.

    I had no idea that UNC could score more points in Ford stadium in one game than the Lions all year.

    And, finally, Eric snow actually received a DNP_CD for last nights game–which he spent in NBA TV’s studios as an analyst, like every day this season. Are the Cavs seriously having to pay him while he does his analysis? That’s fucked. I’m out like calling my old boss to pay me while I work for someone else….

  • drew

    @ 19… U shoulda googled it. Celts and lakers are 5 and 6 for payroll.


    @Drew “The guy who wishes he was 1/2 of me”
    Naw pimpin’ i’m not a stat junkie like you. You can google how many times a cocks been in your mouf. LMAO

    YOUNGFED’S BANGER OF THE DAY: Chef, 3000, Big Boi


    This track is crazy…..FIYAH!!!!!

  • Mister Sun

    this youngfed dude is so dumb. he says something which is horribly wrong and doesn’t make any sense. then somebody corrects him, amd he gets on him for that.
    your so dumb, wow…


    Too further prove my point 3 of the top highest 15 nba paid players are on the Celtics roster.


    It’s not that he corrected me it’s how he said it. BTW i’m sorry if I offended your Homo side.

  • Kauhl

    Boy, that Iguodala guy is really bad! He’s a third banana at best, but forces everything like he’s an alpha dog. Won’t somebody tell him to get real?

  • IGP

    @ Fed

    How did he say it that pissed you off? You said that you would bet the celtics and lakers were 1st and 2nd on payroll without googling. Drew just said you should have googled cuz you were wrong. Don’t be an ass bro you usually make good points anyway.

    I live in Boston now and really the bangwagon fans here drive me nuts. It’s probably partly because I’m a laker fan, but these Boston fans are just too much sometimes man.

  • penske1

    Kobe was punking Sixers all night… He drives right, his defender flops on a no-call and falls to the ground, Kobe looks and him and WAITS for him to get back up, then drives baseline and draws a foul. The loss in Indiana really brought that spark back to his game. Pissed Kobe is fun to watch.

  • Mister Sun

    homo side? you always come up with nonsense and insults when you said some stupid or wrong things. cant you talk like a normal person? maybe guys like you cant talk civilized…

  • sans

    YOUNGFED is a young fed–that arrogant dick that can never take anyone one-upping him. And don’t get mad and start typing in ALL CAPS now. You and your mother know your a huge drama queen.

    Oh, and say “hi” to your mother for me.

  • sans

    and FED, you fixate on penis’s a lot in your retorts–what’s on your mind, son?

  • fallinup

    FED’s Detroit, sans. All they think about there is Pistons and Penis’s…sometimes Piston’s penis’s. haha

    His “Need for Sheed” goes a whole lot deeper than you’d think.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    jazz really need booz and ak back . . . they are still 10-1 vs. the west still.

    @ memo making the all-star game, far from the worst ever (ty hill anyone? magloire?), but that was the year of like 4 injury replacements — and they sure couldn’t have put deron in there (ahead of CP3), but the jazz needed to be repped so they picked memo. his stats weren’t half bad that season either. (stats means a lot for who gets picked as an all-star)

  • Ashlov

    Last night, one of the Jazz announcers noted that Haslem lost his starting job to Beasley, who then gained it back. Aren’t these guys paid to know what they’re talking about? Pathetic. ;)

  • fallinup

    Chris Gatling was a friggin All Star. Days before getting traded….again.

  • fallinup

    and again.

  • YOUNGFED…..”You Can Hate Me Now”

    Woooooooowwwwww……The Haters come out in numbers. I love it. And Sans you always acting like some broad stop the bitchassness bro. Also How did he one up me I never said I was even sure I said i’ll bet.

    Yeah we’re the 3rd most dangerous city to live in and all we think about is penis’. Yeah…..O…..K? BTW Bet you would come to the D and say that

    If you wanna see me talk like a “normal person” read my article punk. Sorry I put you and Drews BROMANCE on blast.


    There shouldn’t be a popularity contest. Does shaq still deserve to be in the all-star game? All the players should be chosen by coaches and representatives of each team. Shaq and AI can have the most poor performing season, but yet they still make it to the game???

    No im not from canada or europe. I live in Jersey. You probably want be spoon fed by sheed!!!

  • fallinup

    No FED….Detroit sucks…I wouldn’t go there. Being the 3rd most dangerous city is SUMFIN TO BE PROUD…it only helps sum up the many many many many reasons why Detroit will forever and always be the suckiest city to ever suck suckiness. Like I’ve said before, Detroit is Chicago’s crack head step sister.

    Usually the reason a city is labeled “dangerous” because the poverty level is that low. Look it up, FED…then be proud of that as well. 3rd dangerous city…4th poorest city.


  • the black mexican

    This just in…The Knicks are cutting their entire roster and not paying anyone until 2010 so they can have cap space to sign Lebron, CP3, Amare, DWade and Rasho Nesterovic. Get the banners ready for the Garden.
    Just a thought…I bet the Clippers would be a helluva lot better if DimeMag were coaching the team instead of Dunleavy, a former NBA player and a coach who has reached the NBA finals. Deandrea Jordan effing sucks balls.
    Kobe is wicked sick. 4 real he should make the all star team this year I think.
    GD I hope the Blazers bust the C’s asses friday night.
    Dime yall are busted like Ty Hill’s mug.

  • YOUNGFED…..”You Can Hate Me Now”

    Actually it’s rated by categories and poverty isn’t one of them. Also I never said I was proud of it either, why would I be. However I am proud to be from Detroit it has made me into the man I am today. “Articulant But still’ll grab a N**ga by the collar quick.” – T.I.

    Also every major city has been on the list at on point….So WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! LMAO

  • fallinup

    Sorry, I must have mistook you bringing up the poor fact that it’s the 3rd dangerous city as something you were being proud of….fine, you were just talking out of your ass.

    Detroit still sucks. WHOOO HOOOOO.


    detroit has brainwashed YOU in every way possible. Articulant?!?! idk about that!

  • YOUNGFED…..”You Can Hate Me Now”

    It may suck to you. But atleast I’ve got enuff money to leave whenever I please unlike you. I choose to be here to improve my city while it rebuilds. BTW I notice you never mention where you’re from.

  • justice(knicks fan)

    im so ashamed

  • fallinup

    ummmm…I have. And I speak from total experience when I say Detroit sucks major donkey penis. I’m on the other side of Michigan…the clean side.

    As far as you having “enuff” money to leave. Well then, it seems like a psychological disorder than anything now. haha

  • justice(knicks fan)

    i might take a shitty city with a winning record, over a great city with a losing record and horrible management right now…

  • YOUNGFED…..”You Can Hate Me Now”

    I’m glad to see people like you . The haters that hang on my every word. Like the McDonald’s commercial “I’m lovin’ it.” The reason I say this is because everyday people like you come here just to see what I’m saying waiting to slip in some lame remark. While in the meantime I never even heard of you until today. lmao

    “Haters will always hate real people” Katt Williams
    Thats why I laugh so much at yall cause no matter what at the end of the day I still got it all.

  • YOUNGFED…..”You Can Hate Me Now”

    Yeah let me quess it’s The UP and your white and your little house that you and your daddy stay in has a conferderate flag like most of them. lol

    The Truth Hurts I know. “Gotta let it burn” – usher (lmao)

    Alright i’m done Fed-Crest out.

  • fallinup

    So to sum up the rest of this convo for the future readers of this thread…it pretty much goes like this.

    FED says something nonsensical.
    Someone replies.
    FED calls em a homo.
    Others reply.
    FED says he’s better than you.

    Ladies and Gentlemen…your representative from Detroit.

  • fallinup

    And nooooo FED. I said the clean side, not the hillbilly arctic side. And just for historical purposes….the UP is a bit too far away to be reppin the confederate flag. (sheesh)

    You’re quoting Usher now. (sheesh again)

  • Phileus

    Calm down kids, calm down kids! Lordy!

    We all have pride but we all have sense too.

    And yeah, Chris Gatling was a freaking All-Star, as was Jamaal Magloire… can’t they just get rid of the positions system? If you have five all-star worthy SGs and zero PFs, the solution should be obvious.

    Also, can we get rid of the fan voting for the starters? They should make it interesting and have players vote for the starters instead.



    You dont need to hear about me. I rather it keep it that way. As you are most likely experiencing, being known isn’t always good. Look at you for example, no one seems to agree with what you say and your obsessive love for the pistons aka sheed. And i dont just come to this site to see what you write, but sometimes everybody, not just me, doesnt accept your ignorance and idiotic posts.

    You are like a comedians joke-funny!
    If you got it all than why argue?

  • fallinup


    Automated FED response:
    You’re a homo. Stop riding on my cock. Hater. Sheed…(slurp slurp slurp)


    Cause it’s fun. Also since when does everbody include 4 lames. BTW if know else loves SHEED why does he consistently go to the AllStar game. Guess theres alot of nobodies voting.

    I see you’ve never been to the UP. No point in even talking to you. (Conversation over)

  • fallinup

    I’m too gangsta to go to the UP, FED. Cause I live in a state with the 3rd most dangerous city.

  • fallinup

    get it…cause I’m “dangerous”.


  • OGN


  • Kermit the Washington

    @ Dime….

    why did you give this guy the mic….he’ll never relinquish it now…

  • mules

    I’m sure you’ve all heard this before but…fighting on the internet is like competing in the special olympics…even if you win, you’re still a retard.
    That being said…Young K-Fed’s a bigger retard in this case


    They gave it to me cause I generate a response good/bad.

  • Tom S.

    @Justice – don’t judge Cleveland unless you’ve been there.

    @sans – Cavs are going to get an insurance settlement on Snow’s contract since he can’t play because of his knee.

  • garbageman33

    You know that guy with a $4000 car and $3000 rims? That’s YoungFed. Wave next time you see him.

  • fallinup

    All the kids in the hall saying that we’re “fighting”. Haven’t been around long enough to know that we go at each other from time to time. I usually start when FED brings up the greatness that is(n’t) Detroit. haha

    Also, it’s still somewhat early, I’m still workin on my coffee….and I haven’t had my morning shit either.

    So FUCK YOU FED!!! (see the all caps…yeah, I’M ANGRY AT YOU!!!!)


    Wooowwww everytime a couple people try to get at me all the lames out. Funny keep watching me. lol Most times its usually the saying guy using different names.

    It’s obvious u don’t know me or come on this site very often. If you did you’d what i’m driving and it comes w/rims. Get your weight and stop worrying about me.

    Yeah seems like you’re really enjoying your unemployment. I’d be angry too if I was over 20 and still living with MOMMY & DADDY. LOL(X)2

  • fallinup

    Wrong again, FEDSTER. Happily dicking my morning away at work to reply to your witty and clever comebacks.

    (acronym used by high school girls to make it seem like I’m laughing out loud at my own jokes)X2

  • isotope

    Usually i’m the one messing with FED (too easy) but y’all got him. Locked and Loaded. Dag! I’m almost feeling sorry for him. ALMOST.

  • fallinup

    It’s cool, isotope. He said he chooses to live in Detroit. So you shouldn’t feel sorry for him.


    Don’t feel sorry for me I do this for the fun of it. That’s why I’m the miz-zan.

  • garbageman33

    Good comment about the Special Olympics. Although in this case, Youngfed is the only special Olympian. And even as he falls behind 32-2, he keeps jumping up and down and yelling, “I’m winning, I’m winning!”

  • chinesedespot

    Can’t help but bring to your attention that Yao wasn’t guarded by Zach Randolph one-on-one yesterday: just a glitch in your otherwise famously objective and neutral reportage on Yao…. so yes, who cares about Andre what’shisname? His team were throwing 2 or moe guys at Yao most plays, so sure, add another warm body to the mix.

    Yes, I skimmed thru your comparison between Yao n Dwight: it was too boring to read in detail, and it seemed anyway like a one-sided affair. At least Austin put up cogent arguments; Howard was repped by some incoherent chap named after a Jewish Old Testament priest, who essentially made a series of empty claims and intoned ominously at the end: “just you wait till the playoffs” (uh… ok)

    What really jumped out however was this line by Austin: “We live in an elitist, xenophobic America, and Yao isn’t one of us. Even if the bias isn’t malicious or conscious, it’s still there and it’s a reality.”

    Who’s “us”? Why “we”? When did Dime join the ranks of racist America? Yes, some sections of American society may be racist, but what do they have to do with Dime? When did you guys claim to speak for elitist, xenophobic America? What happened to your ghetto spirit? And anyway, hasn’t America proved that it has overcome racism after Obama the “post-racial” (whatever that means) president? And what happened to all the progressives who filled Dime’s pages with their endless breast-beating for the power of hope and change? Has the euphoria faded already?

  • Da Chi 23/33

    Another day of Smack entertainment…you gotta love it!

  • K Dizzle

    Damn. It’s like wakin up to grab the mornin paper and steppin into doo-dooo. Back to hoops

    Dre Iggy IS like a Scottie Pip level defender. It’s just that Kobe IS that good.
    Who’d the Pacers tick off to have to go Lakers, Celts, Cavs and Celts again? That’s murderous
    Props to Rajon Rondo for puttin up a man’s triple double. No 10, 10,10.16, 13 and 17 is real work and it don’t matter who your teammates are.
    I’m out like the Lakers losin 2 in a row…

  • fallinup

    ummmm, chinesedespot

    What I think Austin was saying was that because Yao is a chinese dude. He’d never get the type of respect that he should get if he was, say from Brooklyn and black. I think it was a compliment to Yao, saying that he’ll never get the respect he deserves. It’s just the way shit is. I agree with Austin in that respect. Yao’s always had that mark on his back. Sadly.

  • LakeShow84

    OOOOOOOO foos gettin on each others line HARD..

    Good thing there aint no females around.. Thats rough getting busted out living with your mom and pops.. I would just say i stay with my grandma who i take care of because she has emphyzema..

    Sympathy right off the bat..

    Or you just broke up with your high school sweetheart and now your back with your parents to try to build up again.. you were devastated.. Emphasize the high school sweetheart aspect and..


    lol i just want to sleep.. Obama should help his fellow african americans with sleep regulations at work.. three 20 minute naps during the work day.. and only black people can do it.. maybe some dark skinned mexicans..

  • isotope

    Chinese, I think u totally missed dude’s point. He was just stating the fact that unfortunately most NBA fans dont give Yao as much respect as they would Dwight because of the cultural and physical differences. He’s not putting on capes and screaming after every dunk. He’s not posing topless for magazine covers and trying to entertain with every interview. He’s not one of “us”. Believe me, its a good thing.

  • that’s whats up

    wow, can I post something in the FallinUpFED Forum???
    ya’ll fools is craaazy.

    Tonight we got Phoenix at Mavericks. I honestly would rather watch my son crap his diapers than watch that game.

    Then we got S.A. up in Denver. This will be a real test for both teams. two inconsistent teams that are integrating new players and currently have no identity. I hate to say it but I think the Nuggets win this one by 8-10. Spurs always struggle up there.

    The “battle” between Kidd and Nash would have been great to watch if this was 2004.

  • that’s whats up

    …but it ain’t

  • garbageman33

    Meanwhile, Devin Harris is doing great in Jersey. Nice trade, Cuban. As good decisions go, that’s right up there with insider trading.

  • that’s whats up

    Yao posing topless? WTF???

    I had to push my breakfast aside……

  • Kudabeen

    Yeah Kobe Gave Dre-I work, but he didn’t have a bad game as described. He basically was guarding Kobe on an island. The moves that Kobe was pulling out to free himself out were just ridiculous! He had this one sequence where he crossed both ways went in to a motion suggesting a fade is coming, but when Dre-I stepped up to contest the probable fade, Kobe spent back inside to his left and dipped in for a righty floater…Come on! That is just good D and Elite offense…you say humiliate I say Kobe just had a displayed why he is who he is…

    Dre I is hopefully getting his confidence and comfort back on the team…He has been playing better. If Brand misses time, that may not be the worst thing in the short-term…

  • fallinup

    Whoa. Topic has no strayed to an area where I must not go.

    Jessica Alba Topless
    Jessica Alba Topless
    Jessica Alba Topless
    Jessica Alba Topless
    Jessica Alba Topless
    Jessica Alba Topless
    Yao Topless….SHIT! Dammit guys.

  • Kudabeen

    Also remember that Kobe works out with Dre-I during off-seasons (or did before the last two years), so I’m sure Kobe knows what Dre-I is going to bite on defensively.

    Rondo is an alien…

    D Wade is a cyborg…

    Done ~

  • Brown

    I’d take Rajon Rondo on my team any day before Calderon. I like Jose, but he can’t play defense. Rondo abuses Jose everytime they match up.

  • junior

    Mike Gorman is man

  • Big V

    “Hit the one in the middle!”

  • doc

    Dre I is not the Scottie Pip of anything.And yall funny as shit.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    LMAO @ 22

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    oh shit, lmao at this too:

    His “Need for Sheed” goes a whole lot deeper than you’d think.

  • baron von faulk

    Damn I could have sworn to god somebody would have mentioned this today instead of all your pansy ass bickering….WATCH NOW, like NOOOOWWWWW


    OH LAWD!!!!!!!! That is one nasty cram

  • JD

    I love how after the “Is Rondo An All Star?” post went up and everybody freaked out and said “Hell no!”, Rondo goes out and puts up one of the craziest triple doubles in Celtics history. HE had a friggin triple double with 10:38 left in the thrid quarter! Thats insane. I have a feeling that Rondo will never get the credit he deserves, there are some dumbasses here that still say the only reason Rondo is any good is because he plays with 3 all stars. Sure, that sure as hell helps, but what people don’t understand is that Rondo makes the Big 3 go; its not the other way around. You’d have to watch Celtics games all the time to see how special Rondo is; but most people just look at his season stats and say he’s only average. Just keep on doubting people; Rondo will just keep on improving.

  • baron von faulk

    Rondo is E.T.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Hi from Jurg.

    Very busy story this one dime. Jur’s top 10 euro player in nba would be this busy.

    I still admire Mr Youngfed. He still say some bad, but he say many many good thing.

    from Jurg, hi.