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Dime’s NBA Mock Draft, 12.23

Stephen CurryWhere will Steph Curry fall?

With the crazy college allegiances throughout the Dime office, NCAA hoops is always a hot topic of conversation. So we figured that we’d create our own NBA mock draft, based not only on the hours and hours of non-NBA basketball that we watch, but also upon realistic team needs. Instead of just ranking prospects 1-30, we broke down the 1st Round of the ’09 Draft in team order as if the season were to end today.

Before getting right into it, note that there are a couple of omissions. DKV Joventut’s Ricky Rubio reportedly said that he wouldn’t be entering the draft until 2010, so we don’t have him here… yet. College freshmen like Jrue Holiday and Willie Warren would probably be drafted if they declared, but at this point we have them as staying in school.

30. Minnesota * – Omri Casspi 20-year old 6-8 SF, Maccabi Tel Aviv – The Wolves could use some international flavor, especially a 6-8 shooter after Mike Miller goes to a contender either this year or next.

29. Cleveland – Terrence Williams 6-5 Sr. PG/SG/SF, Louisville – Maybe the most athletic prospect in this year’s draft isn’t a great shooter, but he’ll lock up on D and get out in transition – two things that Mike Brown likes these days.

28. LA Lakers – Tyler Hansbrough 6-9 Sr. PF, UNC – Without Ronny Turiaf, the Lakers could use someone to run around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to get loose balls and rebounds.

27. Orlando – Samardo Samuels 6-8 Fr. PF, Louisville – A brolic PF who could make for the strongest frontcourt in the NBA next to Dwight Howard.

26. New Orleans – Manny Harris 6-5 So. SG, Michigan – A two built in the mold of Jamal Crawford.

25. Sacramento – Patrick Patterson 6-9 So. PF, Kentucky – Tougher than anyone on the team right now.

24. Portland – DaJuan Summers 6-8 Jr. SF, Georgetown – Well-rounded SF is a poor man’s Caron Butler. Stockpiling talented 6-8 F seems to be Kevin Pritchard‘s idea of a good time.

23. Denver – Jonny Flynn 6-0 So. PG, Syracuse – This year’s Mario Chalmers (but better offensively) doesn’t slip to the second round. And why not unite two ‘Cuse guys?

22. Atlanta – Patty Mills 6-0 So. PG, St. Mary’s – A blur of a PG who already proved his wears on the international circuit.

21. Oklahoma City * – Jerome Jordan 7-0 Jr. C, Tulsa – Who knows what’s going to happen with Robert Swift? Petro doesn’t seem to be working out either – he’s been on the bench since Scott Brooks took over. Why not try this dude out?

20. Phoenix – Stephen Curry 6-1 Jr. PG/SG, Davidson – By the time the draft rolls around, hopefully Phoenix will have given up on their all-defense, all-the-time philosophy. And Steve Nash is the perfect guy to teach Curry how to perfect the off-balance jumper.

19. Minnesota * – Ty Lawson 5-11 Jr. PG, UNC – Supersonic PG if the Wolves aren’t really convinced that Randy Foye is the solution.

18. Detroit – Sam Young, 6-8 Sr. SF/PF, Pittsburgh – Productive small forward with sneaky athleticism.

17. Minnesota * – Leo Lyons 6-9 Sr. PF, Missouri – This year’s Jason Thompson without as good a jumper.

16. New Jersey – DeMar DeRozan 6-6 Fr. SG/SF, USC – Freak athlete with a broken ratchet could learn from Vince.

15. Chicago – Greg Monroe 6-11 Fr. SF/PF, Georgetown – 6-11 lefty who could play the three but is still very young. If his numbers stay around 13-and-6, he could fall to here. Otherwise, he’s going higher.

14. Dallas – Tyler Smith 6-7 Jr. SF, Tennessee – A versatile three who contributes right away. Best-case scenario is the next Josh Howard.

13. Milwaukee – Cole Aldrich 6-10 So. PF/C, Kansas – How can the Bucks get real help on the glass at the back-end of the lottery? KU’s Aldrich is their best bet, as he’s pulling down close to 11 boards per game in the Big XII.

12. Philadelphia – Damion James 6-7 Jr. SF, Texas – A true “basketball player” has two-guard skills in a three’s body.

11. New York – Jordan Hill 6-11 Jr. PF, Arizona – Gifted rebounder runs the floor very well. Complements David Lee, but what about LeBron?

10. Toronto – Chase Budinger 6-7 Jr. SG/SF, Arizona – One of the best pure shooters in this class is hitting just under 60% from three this season. Raptors will drool over his accuracy.

9. Indiana – Al-Farouq Aminu 6-9 Fr. SF/PF, Wake Forest – Though he’s the same height as Danny Granger, Aminu’s game is best right around the basket. He’s got good athleticism, and will be a good rebounder with more muscle.

8. Memphis – Hasheem Thabeet 7-3 Jr. C, UConn – A lot of people think he’s top three – he could go as high as No. 2, allowing Al Jefferson to slide to the PF slot. Even if the Clippers have Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman, and DeAndre Jordan on the bench, Thabeet needs some work before he’s an NBA starter.

7. Charlotte – Austin Daye 6-11 So. SF, Gonzaga – His upside merits top five consideration, but his numbers suggest he should stay in school. If he continues to give glimpses like the 22-point (8-13 FG, 2-3 3FG) performance he had against ‘Zona, he’d go higher than 7.

6. LA Clippers – Gani Lawal 6-9 So. PF, Georgia Tech – The Clips technically have a starter at every position, but they could use some young depth in the frontcourt. That’s why Lawal makes sense. He’s a super athletic, aggressive PF with freaky athleticism for 6-9 240 lbs.

5. Golden State – Earl Clark 6-9 Jr. SF/PF, Louisville – How about another three-four tweener who runs and rebounds? Nellie can’t get enough of them.

4. Sacramento – B.J. Mullens 7-0 Fr. C, Ohio State – Though Thad Matta‘s been stingy with his PT thus far, Mullens showed the damage he can do when he sees more than 20 minutes of burn: he put up 19 points, 8 boards, and 3 blocks vs. UNC Asheville. A young frontcourt of Mullens, Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson is reason to be excited.

3. Washington – Brandon Jennings 19 year-old PG, Virtus Roma – Even with Javaris Crittenton, the Wizards need a playmaking point guard. Jennings will prove to be the guy during pre-draft workouts.

2. Minnesota – James Harden So. SG, Arizona St. – The best pure scorer in the draft bar none.

1. Oklahoma City – Blake Griffin So. PF/C, Oklahoma – Simply the best overall.

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  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Yall need some grits up north!

    Really shocked you got Stephen Curry so low. He is top 10 if not top 5 I would say.

    Number 1 most def. correct.

  • Luigi

    wait wait wait.. the wizards will get number one. n get super blake. haha

  • Steve A

    This draft is beyond weak. Reminds of the year K-Mart went 1st overall. If Hansbrough was good at another sport he’d pull a Charlie Ward. When I see Griffin I see another Carlos Boozer. Boozer is good, but can you win a title if he is your main inside presence? I don’t know.

  • Steve A

    It puzzles me how some people think Curry would be a top 5-10 pick (which he will be due to hype). All Curry can do is shoot. He isn’t big, isn’t quick, and can’t guard anybody. Who is he going to guard in the NBA? A PG(Drose)? He’ll get blown by. A SG(DWade)? He’ll get physically dominated. Curry is a bench player at best. JJ Redick was a great shooter in college but gets no tick cause he isn’t good at the other assets of the game. No different than Curry. Ball don’t lie….

  • it ain’t easy being green

    @ Steve a – exactly

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Yall need some grits up north!

    I wonder why some people think Curry shouldn’t be such a high pick when their or pleeeeenty of other players who can’t guard and aren’t quick and they get plenty of tick. Guess time will tell.

    I am currently thinking to all the past guards who have done well that were short and could shoot. Interesting.

  • dagwaller

    Thabeet will be a bust, I think.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Yall need some grits up north!

    Thabeet needs to get more on the offensive end if he hopes to do anything of importance.

    On the defensive end he is aight to me. Reminds me of a low-grade Marcus Camby.

  • Chaos

    damn ya got no love for Curry. thats just hater-ism. Griffin will solidify OKC and give them a beast squad of youngins. they could make noise in the future with that lineup

  • AY

    toronto is not going to drool over chase budinger when they already have kapono. clean up in aisle 9, jj redick. price check, adam morrison. new cashier, mr. budinger.

    wtf, “brolic”? are we 8?

  • Sanpitch

    I agree with the comments about Curry. Awesome shooter but too small to play the 2-guard (will get demolished by the likes of Kobe & Wade) and isn’t polished enough to run the point. He could be a combo guard but teams are kind of steering away from the “combo” guard.

    He’s an awesome college athlete, but I would be surprised to see him go any higher than late first round. Paul and Williams would expose his lack of Defense.

    It’s tough to see him playing a major role in the NBA.

    I think you got it pretty close Dime. Don’t see it shaking up a whole lot different than what you have projected.

    This isn’t going to be a great Rookie group, but you better believe they will hype the hell out of this group come draft.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Yall need some grits up north!

    lol Curry is listed at 6-3 I think and what was Zeke like 6-1.

    I am also thinking how many teams need a guy who is a pure shooter and can straight spot up and hit and create his own shot.

    Yeaaa time will most def. tell lol.

  • Bron42 aka Thugnificant

    the places in this mock are kinda off as is their reasoning…Chase Budinger top 10? Maybe if he left before his freshman years. Hes never showed up on the college stage.and sacto drafting another pf and center? don’t they have 12?

  • hooper5013

    I would take Stephen Curry in Mo Williams roll right now, he is a better shooter way more crafty with the handle, a better finisher. Dude is not J.J. Reddick. Worst Case scenario he brings Mo Williams skill set to the table. He can play not just shoot. He will be a scoring point.

  • Celts Fan

    I see Curry best used as the first guy off the bench as a combo guard/scorer (think Eddie House, Jannero Pargo, Jason Terry, etc.) which he could excel at, but you don’t use a lottery pick on that guy (but they are vital rotation guys, so don’t sleep on it or take it as an insult to him.)

  • Kobeef

    Blake Griffin (OKC) – It’s not Lebron to Cleveland but if this happens Clay B. will be that happe to strike gold by bringing this local hero to OKC.

  • JT$

    Curry could go either way. Steve Nash sucked his first 5 or so years in the league and still cant guard a water cooler, but he manages just fine. I’m NOT comparing the two as far as skill set, but at the end of the day the dude is straight up buckets. If anything I’d put him in a Boobie Gibson type mold, someone who could excel at shooting the three if he had someone drawing doubles to drive and kick to him. He doesnt have the court vision of Jennings, but Jennings isnt half the scorer and is the also a liability defensively as far as size is concerned{albeit a little less so}. The reason he’s a better prospect than Reddick is that he can create his own shot of the dribble. And at the end of the day he has PEDIGREE.
    Out of everyone ON THIS LIST, Earl Clark easily has the most upside. That’s not to say that Jennings, DeRozan, and Harden dont have all-star caliber talent, but I dont think they will have as big of an impact as rookies.
    I agree with Steve A, Griffin isnt going to be a #1 option low post scorer, but easily be a top 5 rebounder in the league on a team like OKC.

  • Bron42 aka Thugnificant

    so is durant gonna be full time sg? cuz him or green would be playing sf with griffin playing pf and kristic at center since their about to sign him for 3 years

  • Glenn8Friedrice

    I just can’t help but wonder how beastly a Arizona squad with 3 of the top 11 players in the 09′ draft according to Dime…

  • Three Stacks

    Clay Bennett doesn’t deserve Blake Griffin.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Some team’s gonna be willing to risk a ton dough on that sweet ass stroke! All that other stuff come later, ya know better defense, more muscle, some facial hair, etc.

  • vinny

    Curry can do a lot more than shoot and will go top 5,(reminds me of abdul-rauf)
    Clark isnt going that high-he plays scared sometimes-remember the ncaa last year?
    mullens and daye and samuels better not come out!
    where’s collison? and gibson from usc?heyvelt?
    the last thing toronto needs is another soft shooter!
    minnesota takes the best big man there! washington takes harden!

  • Bondzai

    If the Magic can land Samardo Samuels that would be huge.

  • ball till i fall

    wheres my boy james johnson?!?! dude is sick and if u watch wake him and teague carry the team while aminu is still gettin used to things

  • Brown

    Chase Budinger is the LAST player the Raps should even think about drafting. Another white guy who likes to shoot from the perimeter.

  • Yoooo

    Im a Jersey dude man and I don’t see it in Earl Clark. He has NO skill just physically gifted… Samardo is gonna be a problem in the league like a slightly shorter Horford. Idk if he’s a good fit with DHO since he doesn’t have an outside game.
    Why do people keep saying Curry will get ate up by Kobe and Wade… EVERYBODY gets ate up by those 2. You trying to say he can’t stick with the Deshawn Stevensons, Courtney Lees, whatever guard on Toronto… You talking about Top tier talent in comparison to him, the whole league aint built like that. He’s skilled which is a lot more than half these dudes who only have athleticism. He gave Chalmers drugs and some of these other cats are too dumb or high to keep up with him…

    Buddinger is gonna be good too. He’s not soft, boy got heart.

    Did Jerrel McNeal fall off like that??

    What about Clark from Nova or McClinton from Miami?

    I aint doggin yall Im just throwin names of some dudes who may have been overlooked

  • Billy Sunday

    Curry has a nice college game that will have hard time translating into the league. i.e. Adam Morrison, JJ Redick

  • MC3PO

    Regarding the Celtics’s (proper noun!) victory:

    Is it not scary as SIN that there is a team out there on which Ray Allen only has to shoot the ball eight times (8!!!!!!!) and still wins by 19??????

  • Celts Fan

    That’s why we love this team man, no one (other than maybe TA) gives a shit about #s just Ws

    Thabeet has too much “PROJECT CENTER” in him for me. Those guys always seem to be on a different team than the one that drafted them before they start contributing…

  • http://dimemag.com ur brother

    man,i cant wait for rubio till 2010,was looking forward to see em in dis upcoming draft

  • wiseman

    wut about wayne ellington?? and hansbrough will defs go higher

  • muwu

    I don’t see why Demar Derozan would go so low

  • Bron42 AkA Your Moms Best Friend

    Hansbrough is a mark madesen clone…no way anyone wastes a high draft pic on a low skilled energy guy just cuz he has heart.

    Demar goes low cuz hes gerald green at best right now.

    and yooo,what has chase EVER done to show heart, or toughness, or anything outside of draft boards saying “a great volleyball player, athletic and can shoot” hes a no show the marjority of the season and mia during the tourny.

  • Al

    Curry going to be a role player in the league .

    Samardo Samules has some real bitchassness in him if you watch him play enough .

  • aaron

    experts always fuck up the draft.

    first off MJ Mullens is wack. Second you forgot Rubio.

    Thabeet is wack, a low grade Dalembert

    Demar is WAAAAYYY overrated.

    Curry is too low.

    Patterson is too low and so is Hansbrough

    Its funny to me how you can dominate one of the Major Major conferences and get overlooked. Remember Boozer? 2nd round pick after killing at Duke. Tyler deserves more credit for dominating for four straight years. Just his consistency is amazing. Not that he’ll be the next Boozer but he’ll be around longer then most these kids in the draft.

    Oh and I’m talking about big men not guards see Redick, JJ and Morrison, Adam two collegiate All Americans that are shit pros.

  • Al

    Aaron : Tyler is never going to be a starter in the NBA regardless of how hard he works .

    He only gets called for walking 30% of the time he does it and he never gets in foul trouble in college .

    That little half hook push shot he has isn’t going work as much NBA . He also has a slow release on the jumpshot

  • Bron42 AkA Your Moms Best Friend

    arron, they said in the top rubio prolly wont be in this draft..and tyler will never be any more than a energy guy..hell hes a energy guy on UNC. Hes not tall, hes not really athletic, he doesnt have a legit jump shop, doesn’t have any handle, any real post moves…Being gritty won’t really cut it in the NBA..hes carl laundry/ turiaff type. nothing more…yes he will probably be in the nba a while (you can never have enough good hearted role players, ask bo outlaw and darryl armstrong) but if your talkin lottery, your pic has to have game changer potential…Tyler ran out of that as a frosh.

  • Speedy G.

    OKC needs Griffin and no one else. Hope that happens. They’re going to have a nice young core.

  • jj

    If Iverson was selected 1st, why not Curry? Iverson is the better athlete but Curry is just a pure shooter! much better than Iverson!

    Tyler Hansbrough will go much higher…atleast top 5, too much potential for teams not to select him

    And Patty Mills will surprise alot of people!

  • Al

    ^ This guy is on crack

  • JT$

    @ Bron42

    You’re really gonna compare Hansbrough to Mark Madsen?! I’m gonna go ahead and compare you to Mark Madsen, because you are both clowns. Obviously becoming the leading scorer @ UNC qualifies him as “low skilled” LoL. I guess that makes guys Jordan, Carter, Jamison, and Worthy low skilled then too.

    @ JJ

    Iverson tore up the BIG EAST @ Georgetown bro, and is a much better slasher and leaper than Curry. SC is prob a better outside shooter at this point in his college career, but AI is a first ballot HOF. How you conclude he’s “much better than Iverson” is beyond me.

  • doc

    Curry got compared to ai and zeke on this page.Yall tripping hard.If he dont get his ballhandling skills up he will be a role player.Yall board look good except Cole Aldrich before monroe.

  • Al

    What’s funny is that it’s going to be 2009 and people are still trying to make cases for a white guy from the U.S.A to be a lottery pick

  • Phileus

    What’s even funnier is that it’s going to be 2009 and people are now trying to make a case against a white guy from the U.S.A. to be a lottery pick.

    On another note, how do teams judge Brandon Jennings now? Anyone who’s following him in the Euroleague knows he’s not getting time, and when he has he’s not been effective at all. Comparisons between him and Rubio are way off at this point; no way you can imagine the confused Virtus Roma guy doing what Rubio did against Team USA in the gold medal game.

  • Al

    What’s even funnier is that it’s going to be 2009 and people are now trying to make a case against a white guy from the U.S.A. to be a lottery pick.

    Some people got to keep learning the hard way

  • alex

    Where’s Darren Collison? He is a senior with three final fours under his belt with UCLA. His shooting percentage is off the charts and he is the quickest guard in the nation. He should be as high as Stephen Curry since Darren’s defense and ball handling are much better.

  • Bron42 aka Thugnificant

    JT$, please raise your hand when you wanna talk to the adults….first off mark madsen has a ring, so tyler shoud hope to do what hes done. Also are you dumb or just young? Comparing tyler to Jordan, Carter, Jamison, and Worthy, when he stayed all 4 years and was the teams only reliable big man. Plus EVERYONE you named were on much better unc teams. Tyler is on a UNC team with no other superstars. So consider that 90% of his points being garbage/hustle points with not one go to move…Don’t even mention him in their company,Hell I’d take same perkins when he entered the draft over tyler now. You think tyler is gonna change a lotto team? gonna come right in and average 20-10? dominate on the low post with his “variety” of moves? No, even now dude isn’t a skill player. Hes Rudy of UNC. Hes not out muscling pros, hes not out jumping or running pros, Hes not gonna kill you with tim duncan post moves as a pro…hence he isn’t lotto. Hell potential? what potential. Hes 24 and not suddenl gonna evolve into a dominant inside threat. Watch a fucking game.

  • Jim

    Mark Madsen was an All-American and lead his team to the final four, same with Ed Najera. You think guys get to the NBA by sucking? Both of those guys contributed on good NBA teams but like Bron says that’s not what you’re dropping a lottery pick for. We know what Tyler is and he would be a great asset for a contender, but he’s not anybody’s core group for a successful team and he’s not really going to help a bad team.

    I also don’t see what separates Curry from J.J. Reddick, though a lot of people on here think Reddick should be playing (not saying he shouldn’t, just saying he doesn’t).

  • JT$ aka Bron42’s mom’s pimp

    @ Bron42

    There’s no other stars on UNC? Lawson, Ellington, Green and Deon Thomson will all get drafted, and so will Ed Davis when he chooses to enter. You cant score 2k+ points in the ACC without skill, you colossal fucking moron. If he was so “low-skilled” you would think someone would figure out how to stop him, or at least contain him by now. You say he’s not athletic and then you compare him to Carl Landry and Turiaff?! That makes a lot of sense. I never said he’d be a lotto pick. Perkins was drafted 4th right behind Jordan, and is/was a 7 ft lefty with 3 pt range, and was way ahead of his time, so dont try and compare the two. If he was in this draft he’d go first overall. And Rudy was a walk on who played one game. WATCH A FUCKING GAME YOU DONKEY

  • Bron42 aka Thugnificant

    ugh the down side of blogs…Idiots have the freedom of speech..So let me educate you. lawson, green, ellington? lol your kidding…lawson and ellington will probably get drafted.And probably both befor hansbrough. Green I dunno, because hes no better than demarcus nelson was for duke. And out of all the guys u named, none of them are really studs let alone even CLOSE to old UNC teams…teams that had vince, jamison,sheed, stackhouse, haywood, etc.. all on the same team. Hell how many nba superstars did the last unc championship team produce? raymond felton who just lost his starting spot? Sean may who can’t even get burn on the bobcats? Marvin willaims who is a 6th man? Recently UNC and DUKE teams have have been less star power and more mcdonalds all americans with chemistry who leave to early. No one on this UNC squad really has star potential. And then you say someone has to stop or contain him? contain what? he has no moves, its not like hes beatin people off the dribble. Its not like hes spinning off people and dominating…he is a GLORIFIED HUSTLE PLAYER. He barrels at the basket and makes un orthodox shots. Stuff that won’t cut it in the nba. And since when were carl landry or turiaff elite level athletes? Their tall guys who can dunk if left open…and last i checked tyler didn’t have a 40 inch vert or run a 4.4 so where did I confuse you at. All 3 are low skill guys who dominanted for their team in college but didn’t have skill sets that translate. Turiaff was a fucking cheerleader for the lakers who would occasinally bang downlow and get put backs. CArl landry? Same idea. And talkin about perkins. I was pointin out, unc stat wise tyler is a better player but its not all about stats. ITs about who translates better as a pro. A 6’9 average athlete with no real skill set but a motor and tons of heart (hence the rudy comparison dumbass). What was mark madsen known for as a pro? umm..hmm…bein a tall white guy who banged with people and pretty much out hustled everyone till he got on their nerves. NEver a star, Never a key starter. Just like Psycho T. He probably won’t even go top 20. He’ll go to some contender who needs role players cuz no lotto or rebuilding team wants someone average player (look at jj reddick DUKES ALL TIME SCORER WHO SUCKS) whose ceiling at BEST is Paul Milsap. Name one skill he has that would make him a star in the nba…one.. And watching games is for non-baller and stat boys, I’ve played ACC teams buddy.

  • Bron42 aka Thugnificant

    and jim, the difference is reddick is slow and unathletic and couldnt create his own shot OR play defense. He was on a pretty stacked duke team and came off screens alot. Curry is at least someone athletic, creates his shot ala iverson and also for the most part sucks on defense but the fact that hes by himself and still puts up 30+ when teams plan just on stopping him is the difference. Not to mention if he turns out anything like his dad, he’ll have spot on someones roster as a Jannero Pargo type.

  • Andy

    Andrew Ogilvy?
    Eric Maynor?
    Darren Collison?

  • JT$ aka Bron42’s mom’s pimp

    Here’s a history lesson. Sheed and Stackhouse left the year before Vince and Jamison were on the team, get your facts straight. And Haywood and Stackhouse are superstars all the sudden? Neither one has ever made an all-star team. Not to mention a team like that only comes around once a decade. I never said anything about anyone being a lotto pick. LOL I’m sure you’ve played plenty of ACC teams in NCAA March Madness on your whackass PS2. Duke has produced three decent NBA players in their history, Brand, Hill, and Maggette, none of which will even scratch the HOF. In terms of producing NBA talent, Duke doesnt compete with UNC. I’ve played against Dwight Howard @ AAU nationals in the showcase, beat Sebastian Telfair, played weekly with Andre Iguodala and Richard McBride(UofIllinois), Jeff Viggiano(UMASS), and Justin Dentmon(UofWashington) just to name a few. So dont try and lecture me you clown. You think teams playing UNC gameplan around just leaving Hansbrough open, not doubling him in the post, not boxing him out? Probably, cuz youre an idiot. Because he just barrels into people and throws up trash and gets lucky according to you. Every skill you listed – handle, post moves, jump shot…are all lightyears ahead of Madsen @ this point, who avg’d a WEAK 10 pts and 8 rebs in college. The guy doesnt even get off the bench on the T-Wolves, one the 5 most pathetic teams in the NBA right now. Hansbrough avg’d 22 and 10 last year, and you dont think he’s gonna have a better career than Mark Madsen? You must have rode the short bus to school

  • Bron42 aka Thugnificant

    Aww AAU, thats cute lol Bet it hurts when ur career ends after high school huh? Try playin the likes of lebron or melo or daujan wagner and jr smith in high school, or going D1 in the mountain west, or goin to play pro overseas, or getting tryouts with the nets and then get at me.You gotta get up a few more levels before you can even start thinking about my leve. And I know they left, my point was NO one, on tylers team is close to as good as any of those players or as dominant. When stackhouse was drafted he was expected to be a allstar. Can’t say the same for anyone on this years unc team can you? And for duke you left off boozer,battier, deng and Jay Will (pre accident and my boy). And what talent has unc produced recently? I’m not a fan of either school but they’ve both kind of sucked lately. And learn to read between the lines slick. I never said he was a madsen clone did i? I said they had the same skill set. Both are HUSTLE GUYS…IS hansbrough better in college than madsen was? ya of course…does that mean he’ll do any better as a pro? um no..Look at marcus fizer..was expected to be dun dun dunn the next karl malone but couldnt even cut it in the nba and he had wayyy more overall talent then tyler. If i’m so wrong, explain to me how come no mock drafts (espn/nbadraft.net/hoopshype/draftexpress etc…even dime)have him going in the top 20? Cuz hes fucking 6’8, with no handle or jumpshot to speak of and wont bully guys in the nba. Hmmm whats his nbadraft.net nba comparison? “NBA Comparison: Eduardo Najera/Mark Madsen. Questionable upside due to his skill level, size and athleticism … Overpowers a lot of players on the college level to score, but wont be able to do the same on the next level …..” What about hoopshype? NBA comparison..luis scola..draft express? best cast: scola, worst case: darius songalia….ya real game changing comparisons…really worth a high pick. But again, u kno because u beat sebastian telair whose barely staying on the roster of..how’d u say it… on the T-Wolves, one the 5 most pathetic teams in the NBA right now?

  • JT$ aka Bron42’s mom’s pimp

    December 24th, 2008 at 12:55 am

    Bron42 AkA Your Moms Best Friend says:

    Hansbrough is a mark madesen clone

    I never said he was a madsen clone did i?

    You’re right you didnt say he was a Madsen clone you douche bag. If you dont think Hansbrough is going to be a better pro that just means youre a moron. And actually I played two years of JuCo. And am a good enough athlete to switch sports midway thru college even after reconstructive foot surgery and STILL get looks. You must not have made it because youre basketball IQ is the same as a 7 year old girl with down sydrome. Prob why your boys with a dumbass like Jay Williams, who never did shit in the L, accident or not. Let’s drive a motorcylce into a fucking fire hydrant. Who gave him that idea, Marcus Fizer?! You must have really played well against LeBron and Melo since Ive never fucking heard of you. I coulda played bball or soccer overseas but I didnt because I own a golf course and have more money than your whole family, hense the name fucker.

  • vh

    Ok to: “JT$ aka Bron42’s mom’s pimp” and “Bron42 aka Thugnificant”

    Are you guys fags or something?

    Please you both are washed up morons, oh i played with Lebron…oh i played with Dwight Howard…oh i gave them a handjob during a halftime game…please!

    You both are bitches becuase you are both washed up nobody’s who is dreaming of the past!!!
    I bet both were probably a couple of bench warmers or towel boys wiping shit of the ass of lebron and dwight!

    Keep dreaming of the past!!!

  • Phileus

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read on Dime.

    Also, AI, I don’t see why race has to be an issue. If Psycho T’s not good enough to be a lottery pick, it’s not because he’s white, it’s because he’s just not good enough.

    The way you say it makes it sound like you want to say that white people just naturally aren’t good at basketball. Is that what you want to say?

  • Optimus Prizime


    “oh i gave them a handjob during a halftime game…please! ”

    I think we all know who the fag is. You.

    @Bron42 AkA Your Moms Best Friend

    every post you made on this blog you contradicted yourself more and more each time, and overall come off as an idiot.

  • Seven Duece

    It took me 5 months to digest that erroneous Damion James description.