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Eric Gordon: There Were Drug Problems at IU

Eric GordonEG

There’s a chance that the ’08-09 Indiana Hoosiers could be among the worst Hoosier teams to ever play in the Big Ten. (They’ve been destroyed by every real team they’ve faced: they lost by 38 to Notre Dame, 26 to St. Joe’s, 25 to Wake, 16 to Gonzaga, and 18 to Kentucky.)

The reason behind their struggles is the firestorm of recruiting violations that got Kelvin Sampson booted from the University, which in turn, sparked a huge issue among the players last year as they refused to play for Interim Head Coach Dan Dakich. New head coach Tom Crean is still trying to pick up the pieces.

If Crean’s job wasn’t tough enough already, this could add yet another dimension to it.

“It was the guys that were doing drugs that were separate,” said Gordon. “Sometimes it felt like it wasn’t even a real basketball team because of all the turmoil that went on,” said Gordon, now a starting guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. “I was just thinking about that the other day. It was so crazy that all that stuff threw off a good season and made it a waste, basically.

“It was really tough for us to be around each other all the time off the court because we were so separate.”

Source: Indy Star via Real GM

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  • the_don_mega


  • Heckler

    does he mean narcotics (powders) or does he mean just puffing the high grade?

    HUGE difference…..

    I heard isiah thomas is trying to be the head coach at IU.
    DIME: any truth to that?

  • Richard Wellner

    It really IS a huge difference. Gordon sounds like a nerd when he says drugs. And I don’t see why it was a problem if it was just weed. Common.

    Drugs – like cocaine or..whatever, COULD be a problem. So I both hope and don’t hope he meant that.

  • stephen a



    I am sure this happens in more places than just IU

  • Jim

    Yeah, Gordon you nerd. He should have been cool and smoked out last season.

  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    IU is a garbage program and has been for a number of years, it was a VERY dicey move for Tom Crean to go there from Marquette, he was beloved at Marquette and basically could have done anything he wanted – he sure as hell carried himself with the attitude that he could have,

    Its a shame because IU has such a proud tradition, I sincerely hope that Isiah Thomas never comes anywhere near that program,

  • the black mexican


  • antonioni’s Blow Up

    Carmelo is going to drop 42-0 on the Clips. 42 blocks on Gorden and 0 points. Don’t Snitch.

  • http://yahoo.com eddy

    i agree with black mexican….Stop Snitching!!!!!

  • Steve A

    If it wasn’t for Dave Bliss at Baylor, Kelvin Sampson would be possibly the worst coach ever….

  • Raj S

    That’s not snitchin people. The Indy Star is very different from the police.

    Drugs can be a huge problem for the entire concept of team because they have a social effect. Usually, the smokers will smoke together, while the non-smokers wont be around. That creates a divide, and divides are not a good thing when it comes to teams (see Tony Romo’s relationship with Terrell Owens in comparison to with Jason Witten).

  • ATLbred

    @ Raj S

    Absolutely right…I’ve seen it first hand while playing in college…though I’m not the only to look down on people who light up, it causes a bad effect on the team, especially if y’all ain’t winning. My first year, half the team smoked, but we was killin everybody, so nobody cared. my second yr, same thing, but we lost every other game, so it was a big deal. I think that is the point EG is trying to get across…

  • wiseman

    i bet u eric smoked at least once

  • K Dizzle

    yeah, but did he inhale?????

  • Juan

    hahahaha @ K Dizzle

  • JP

    “marijuana’s not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke, now that’s an addiction”

    – Bob Saget